Silentish Saturday

Christmas break has made it so much easier to meet up with friends for runs because of everyone’s break from school and work!

The hardest part of this run was the last 9 miles… yesterday was hard!

IMG 3762

Stretching buddies.

IMG 3774

Huevos rancheros from HERE

IMG 8728

We are really taking advantage of Christmas break before these two leave for a week and went skiing again… they had ski school for part of it.

IMG 3814

IMG 8738

IMG 8733

Skye is excited to join us today on the bunny hill.

IMG 3837

Finished up the day with a snickers and brownie shake.

IMG 3845

We aren’t ready to give up Christmas books yet.

IMG 3847


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!!

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What kind of snow gear do you all use? How do you dress the kids and yourself to stay warm?


Hey Mary! I’ll write a post about it this next week with all of the details! Great idea! Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Yay for Christmas break!
We made it home from Colorado last night…. I-15 was an absolute nightmare from Vegas to San Bernardino! But we made it safely! So, today is all about laundry and grocery shopping. Heading out for a run now, but with 2 days of being in the car and not running much this last week…. it may feel hard this morning! Mental toughness training, right?
Have a great Saturday and enjoy your time with Brooke and Knox before they leave. We have our oldest for 2 more weeks before he has to go back, yay!


YOU ARE HOME! Oh we have been stuck in that traffic in that spot before and IT IS THE WORST! I hope your run was great and you are DEFINITELY mentally tough. Thank you SO much and I hope these next two weeks are perfect for you!


Hi Janae! I love this time between Christmas and New Year’s where work is less busy for most people and everyone focused on hanging out with friends and family. It’s really the best. Today I’m snowshoeing, playing board games, and eating lots of food! Happy Saturday to you!!


I totally agree! It really is such a great time of year! Sounds like the perfect weekend and you are inspiring me to go snowshoeing! Hope you get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, Amy!


Strength workout, swimming for the oldest, and then off to a local amusement park for their winter wonderland!

Our schools all go back Thursday, no 2 weeks off around here. Well I am a teacher but because I am in early intervention ( preschool level) and we are year round I have 2 weeks off!!


Way to get that strength in! That amusement park sounds like a blast, we want to go:) . I am SO happy that you get the full 2 weeks off! Keep enjoying and sleep in as much as possible! Thanks Carrie!


It’s just so great that you live that close to the ski slope!!! It must make it such a less of an ordeal to go skiing with the kiddos-plus if they get tired you don’t have to dread a long drive! I learned to downhill ski when I was 4. My dad was on ski patrol at Mt. Hood in Oregon when he was in HS and College. I don’t downhill ski anymore but I love cross country skiing A LOT!!


Thanks Kelly and I totally agree, today Skye was done quicker than normal so we just left . SO SO cool that your dad taught you to ski at 4! I need to get out and cross country ski, such a fun workout! Hope you are having a great weekend.


? wow!! The skiing looks super fun!

I totally expected you to be drinking hot cocoa after skiing but that milkshake looks out of this world ?

Happy New Year to you and your family! ? ?

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