What We’ve Been Doing This Week + Friday Favorites!!!

Well, I definitely have not been running!  I do not know what we were sick with but I guess it is a blessing in disguise because I had zero temptations to start running this week because each time I stood up I felt like I was going to pass out for about 48 hours there.  But outside of that, here are a few things that have been happening:

Who do you think got dressed first?  I did and then Andrew got dressed and he said he didn’t do it on purpose…. We are really thinking alike these days.

Found a screenshot of this on Andrew’s phone the other day… I caught him!

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 at 2 51 44 PM

Brooke and I got in a few minutes of yoga together the other morning.

IMG 2423

I really like the CIM shirts this year and Ill be using this one often!

IMG 2429

Megan D knows my love for Sour Patch Watermelon and she gave these to me after my race because in her opinion, they are much better.  And once again her opinion about food is 1000% correct.  Not sure I can go back to the Sour Patch variety after these.

IMG 2431

Finishing up raking before we have another snow storm this weekend!

IMG 2490

This is random but I found it hard to find the exact gain and loss for CIM online anywhere leading up to the race so I thought I would share what my watch said that I did:Screen Shot 2019 12 10 at 9 00 49 AM

I loved the rolling hills for the first 16 miles and kept thinking about how much fun it would have been to be feeling normal and take the ups conservative and then bomb down all of those downhills like we’ve been practicing this year!  Should we all plan a year to meet there together?

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 at 9 01 44 AM


I have a few Friday favorites to share today!

*This episode from Rich Roll with Scott Fauble was AMAZING.  I hope you get a chance to listen to it… Scott had so many awesome mental tips, stories and a great sense of humor.  I am rooting for him and Jared Ward for the men at the Olympic Trials big time.

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 at 3 05 16 PM

*Brooke, my niece and I watched Noelle on Disney+ and WE LOVED IT.  If  you need a fun Christmas movie to watch with this age group, we all highly recommend this one.  PS Where have I been?  I just found out about the Lizzie McGuire reboot coming out soon?  The Lizzie McGuire show was one of my favorite shows growing up.  I can’t wait to watch this with Brooke (whenever she is old enough for it to be age appropriate:).

IMG 2019

*This sweater from Gap is only $20!  It is super soft, comes in a lot of different colors and I bought a medium!  I want to live in it.   My other current favorite sweater right now is 40% off (it was sold out last week but I was wearing it for Skye’s bday party:)!

When you are holding your number upside down haha…

IMG 2088

*I went to Target looking for a book filled with drama or a mystery and then this book instantly caught my eye.  I am REALLY trying to rush less, plan less, keep things simple because while I want to get faster with running, I definitely feel like I need to slow down the rest of life.  This book is amazing and it includes so many great real life ideas on how to simplify and avoid burnout.  Less screens, more rest, less rush and more connection!

IMG 2441

*Andrew gave me an early Christmas present because he couldn’t wait any longer.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to you but I really love hot chocolate;). This milk frother heats it right up and gives you at least an inch of delicious froth.  I pour the milk and froth into a mug with my hot chocolate powder in and stir.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving daily for me:)

IMG 2452

*The Melting Snowman hahah.  Our kids love it.  They build a snowman and then it melts about 30 minutes later and then they build it again.

IMG 2495

*I just started this podcast and I’m hooked already.

IMG 2510


What are your weekend plans?  Anything fun coming up?

Any podcasts you are hooked on right now?

What are you currently reading?

Last candy that you ate?

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Janae, great job chasing those goals and not giving up. I loved your mom’s advice about running as a sport. She’s a smarty!

Weekend plans: an ugly sweater 5k with my family AND my runner partner I moved away from 3 months ago. Yeah! Basketball game to end the season and then a “Holidate” with my son.

Podcasts: Dr. Death…so creepy and awful. But a really good short documentary podcast.

Reading: just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”. It was
such an interesting look at the variables that create

Candy: my secret Santa at work got me Swedish Fish, yum yum!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Thank you so much and I agree, my mom just knows the truth! Ugly sweater 5k… that sounds like a blast and especially to be able to reunite with your running buddy. Holidate… can I please copy that word with my family? I love it. Oh i listened to that one too and was hooked… INSANE! That book sounds like something I would really love. Thank you and now you have me needing Swedish Fish! I hope your weekend is a great one too Jenny!


I love it when a race gives me a long sleeve tech shirt. They are my favorite! I am so intrigued by your milk frother–if you ever feel like making a video on insta stories of it, I will watch it. :-)

I’m reading Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky–really good middle grade fiction that ties in African mythology. I’m halfway through and can’t wait to finish!


Oh I totally will Kristin, that’s a great idea… it’s AMAZING! Expect it in the next week or so! Have the absolute best weekend Kristin!


When Less Becomes more is a great read! Emily Ley is a great one to follow as well!


I need to find her on IG! Thanks Sarah and I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!


That snowman!! My sessions with my students are 30 minutes. Most of the time I am pushing into the classroom ( I am a preschool special ed itinerant teacher) but I do have students I see at my office and that I pull in groups. In any case I set a timer to indicate when we are done but if this thing melts in 30 min that would be an AMAZING transition tool!!! My students that I see in my office never want to leave.


I can see why they never want you to leave, they LOVE YOU:) . The snowman isn’t exact on timing but it sure is fun for kids and keeps their little hands busy! I hope you have a great weekend Carrie!


My son flys home tonight from SLC that snow better hold off until his plane takes off!!! Can’t wait to spend a whole month with him! I follow MTB Enthusiasts of Utah as well they post some pretty funny stuff. Podcast right now I love listening to is Work Play Love. In between books, need a new one and last candy was a peppermint lifesaver.


AHHHH I hope you have the best month ever with your son, a whole month! Hahaha they really do and Andrew is always so entertained by them. That podcast is the best and I hope you find a really great book to read next. Happy MONTH!


I will have to try those Haribo Watermelon, they sound amazing!! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

I will have to check out that book you mentioned. One I recommend that I am currently reading (instead of “fear of missing out” ;)) is called “Joy of Missing Out: Living More by Doing Less” by Tonya Dalton. It is so good so far, I definitely recommend you pick that one up if you’re looking to slow down and be able to enjoy family more and kids ages and such. I think its so hard especially with social media these days to feel like we have to do it ALL or we’re missing out on something, and then we end up missing out on the important things because we’re pulled in 100 directions.

Weekend plans->race a 10k tomorrow :) And then probably wrap christmas presents and just relax. Also me and my husband started a christmas puzzle so I’m sure we’ll work on that:)

Haven’t eaten any candy this week with the 10k coming up, but my boss gave me dark chocolate and milk chocolate truffles yesterday for Christmas so I’ll definitely be eating those post-race;)

Have a great weekend Janae, and keep feeling better!


Okay, I need to check out that book too! I totally agree with you about social media and I really think that makes it hard on everyone feeling like they aren’t doing enough or with enough people. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW and let me know how it goes, I’m cheering for you! Enjoy those chocolates! Thanks Eleanor!


I am also cheering for Scott and Jared!! (First names like we’re friends…ha). They both are great to follow and have awesome attitudes.
I am really hooked on The Illuminate podcast right now. I started listening just a couple of weeks ago, so I am doing my best catching up. So many inspiring conversations!
This weekend will be all about finishing Christmas shopping, a couple of good runs, and just enjoying some downtime.
Glad to see you’re feeling better! Have a great Friday!


Glad you guys are feeling better!
My weekend will be filled with cleaning so that I can finish decorating for Christmas and start baking.
I’m currently working my way through the Outlander series of books. It will take me a while, even though I love to read–they are all several hundred pages, and there are 9 in the series!
Last candy I ate was a Hershey kiss (OK, 2 of them) wrapped in Santa foil, which makes them taste even better :)
Happy Friday!


Hello! I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts; your positive energy is contagious and I appreciate that! I am a runner in Colorado, so I understand the altitude/snow/ice/lack of humidity struggle. I have the socks you are are wearing in your yoga picture, love them!

This weekend we will be going to Denver to hear Christmas music outside, played by the Denver Brass Band and I will do a long run (9 miles). Totally addicted to Ali on the Run for podcast. Reading instructional stuff for work…and I ate Sweet Tarts Chews as my last candy.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Keep that positive energy flowing.


Great podcast! There is also the book Bad Blood which has more details!


Those watermelon gummies are my FAVORITE, and now that you posted them I really want some! Bad influence ;)

I’m loving a few running podcasts lately, mainly a new one from Lindsey Hein’s group called Up and Running! The host summarizes running news and also talks about her training for the Olympic trials. It’s really fun to listen to!


Hi Janae! I’ll have to check out the drop out. I’ve been listening to this podcast called Switched on Pop. They break down pop songs and interview musicians! It’s pretty cool.


If you like true crime, check out the podcast Detective Trapp! Only 5 episodes so relatively short. Very sad but a very inspiring story of the lead female detective and what she did to bring justice to the victims in Anaheim, Ca.


My weekend plans consist of going to a walk through Christmas lights display with some friends tonight, getting my hair done tomorrow early, a new client prospect phone consult and maybe a double date night with my step son and his girlfriend tomorrow night if they are lucky.


I loved the Drop Out, so good! I recently listed to Culpable podcast. It’s by the same producer as Up and Vanished (which I think I heard about from you) and it totally sucked me in. And currently reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty (she wrote Big Little Lies). It’s a perfect entertaining read for this busy month. Also recently read The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead which was certainly heavier but so so good.


Oh my gosh… I have that exact same milk frother and I LOOOVE it! And I even thought that I needed to comment sometime that you should get one because it makes hot chocolate so much fun. I even traveled with it recently because I’m so obsessed. lol. Ok I just had to geek out over that.

And yes that podcast is amazing I listened to it nonstop. And I was Elizabeth Holmes for Halloween this year but it was next to impossible to imitate her voice haha.

Have a great weekend!


That’s awesome about dressing up as her and wanting to imitate her voice! Haha


I just finished that podcast — it’s crazy!

If you like it, you may also like The Dream (first season in MLMs.. second season is crystals and oils and stuff) and Gangster Capitalism about the college admission scandal. Tricky stuff!


This weekend I’m taking my grandson to my work holiday party for kids. I am so excited!
Right now I’m reading “how to make disease disappear”. The author, Rangan Chatterjee also has a podcast. I’m trying to find the best healthy me as I get (gulp) older. But the book “the wife between us” was so good and weird!
So proud of how well your running is!


This evening the Christmas tree on our market square was lit for the first time, the houses around the square and the town hall are all lit with candles, because candles are a typical Gouda product (cheese and stroopwafels are too). The Mayor reads the bible and there is music. It’s really beautiful, and for me it is the real beginning of the Christmas season. I always go there with my friend, we went to the Christmas market in a church, drank hot chocolate and looked at the lights. https://goudabijkaarslicht.com/about-gouda-by-candlelight/over-de-kerstboom
Tomorrow morning we’re leaving for a weekend in London, I’ve never been there, so I’m excited. I hope to run there too!
I’m glad you are all feeling better again!


I hope you’re feeling better.
I have a very similar milk frother and it’s amazing! If you like coconut milk try the So Delicious brand French vanilla creamer When you froth it on the warm setting it tastes like warm marshmallows ?


Where did you get that pink sweater you are wearing in the first picture? It looks so cozy!


Hey Christine! I got it from Gap 5 years ago! They need to bring it back! Have a great weekend.


Oh! That podcast reminds me something! ?

You gotta watch “ The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley” it’s a Documentary on HBO!

Synopsis :

With a new invention that promised to revolutionize blood testing, Elizabeth Holmes became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, heralded as the next Steve Jobs. Then, just two years later, her multibillion-dollar company was dissolved. ? ?

My husband and I watched this and we could not believe what we were watching was real. Seriously! What the heck?!?! ??‍♀️

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