Silentish Saturday!

On Thursday our coach told us to take Friday off because we were clearly tired (based on our runs this week) so I slept in and cuddled up with kids!

Andrew got out to mountain bike!

IMG 9623 2

Then we went to meet my good friend Jess (she is in town) for lunch!

IMG 9631 2

Andrew was holding her baby and when Skye saw that she said, “THAT’S MY DADA.”

IMG 9643

Haven’t been here in a very long time!

IMG 9639

Some days you just really need an extra chocolatey cookie.

IMG 9653

Brooke had parent-teacher conference.

IMG 9657

She is very proud of her new Christmas socks.

IMG 9660

IMG 9666

IMG 9668

Leftovers and toast at the counter while Andrew and I talked about race plans (less than a month now) wahoo.

IMG 9670

Never too early IMO;)

IMG 9673

Let’s DO THIS.

IMG 9671


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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I bet your legs will feel great today after a rest day! Three things I am doing today are clean house, go for a trail run and watch college football!


Jo, I hope your trail run was perfect this morning! Enjoy the rewards of cleaning and have the best time at your game! Thanks so much:)


Please tell me where you got your block sweater from?! I love it and I’ve been looking for one just like that!


Here is the link… I want to wear it daily! Have a great weekend:


A day-off is sometimes a good thing !
Today is a day-off for me too because I went to bed to late yesterday and I was not energic enough this morning to go outside for a run. Three things I’m doing today : cooking a chocolate mousse, thinking about future sewing projects, and reading a book. Those three things don’t request too much energy ! :)
I was wondering : Do you just leave your house and start to run ? Or do you need to take your car to find great places to run ?
And what time do you start to run in the morning ? Do your children still sleep when you go back home ?


ENJOY the rest day… sounds like the perfect day to me! Sometimes we drive somewhere and sometimes we start from our house. Our coach is in the area so he has exact places for us. I start at all different times running throughout the week! Most of the time they are still asleep wahoo. Have the best day Ingrid and enjoy the relaxation!


3 things: treadmill run/walk, target (without kids), raking leavings (it’s only 33 degrees)
Do you know any good quad stretches /exercises? It didn’t hurt while running but it hurts intermittently while doing other stuff and lunges.
I hope you enjoyed your day off and stay warm on your run this morning!


Oh Lee, I am SO sorry about your quad right now… I would definitely take time off until it is feeling good again. Please keep me updated on how it is feeling!


Hi Janae! I didn’t know you can mountain bike when it’s icy! That sounds like a different level of scary!

My three things are: going to a friend’s birthday brunch, yoga, and rewatching as much of The Office as I can before it leaves Netflix in a year. Hope you have a great weekend!


THE OFFICE IS LEAVING?!! WHAT???? NOOOO! Sounds like the perfect day, enjoy every single second!


I had a 6 mile run this morning. I’m meeting Les on the North Shore in a few hours – our plan is shrimp from a shrimp truck, gelato,and a little beach time.


I took a spin class at my gym.
Then we chopped some wood for our wood stove and built a cozy fire.
Now we are headed to walk around a cute town near us and grab an early dinner.

Enjoy your day!!


Random question. Do you have your lasagna recipe for just one casserole dish? Or do you always make 2 pans? If you have it adapted for just one pan I’d love to get it! Thanks. :)


Hey Ashley! We haven’t ever done that yet! I’ll totally post it if we ever do though. I hope you have the best day!


Those stripey shorts are so cute!

I ran NYC marathon last weekend so today I’m *not* getting handheld water bottles ready, but having hot coffee in a mug, I’m *not* having a bar or any chews for breakfast, but having breakfast on a plate, and I’m totally missing going for a scamper but am keeping tame about it and will be so happy to have the rest!

Basically I”m catching up on all the things I’ve put off due to marathon training and the travel involved (I live in Europe and flew to NYC for a whirlwind!)

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Awww, I love Brooke’s Christmas socks and Skye’s Christmas pj’s. Is that a Cafe Rio salad? We are FINALLY getting one sort of near us!

Three things about my day: 1. I ran and biked this morning 2. a friend came to visit this afternoon 3. my son and his girlfriend are visiting so we can go out tonight to celebrate my birthday a few days early!


Long run (2nd good workout this week, woohoo)
Costco (needed stuff for church event and XC banquet)
Rake leaves (and leaves, and leaves, and more leaves)


I really like your shoes. Are they comfortable? I’ve been lookin for a similar pair but there are just so many out there. Thank you!


Tell me about your sneakers! I need a comfy pair that I can wear to teach in after running all the miles before school. But I also want them to be cute to wear with sweaters!

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