Friday Favorites!

Fifteen miles for the day and I lucked out and had Andrew and Skye for a few of those miles too.

Emilee and I started the morning off with 12 in our favorite canyon… It still is the craziest thing to me that we are neighbors and we run all of the same paces!

IMG 9332

Then it was time to get the big kids to school.  Andrew and Brooke have a lot in common, one of those similarities being that I have to convince Brooke to wear pants instead of shorts year round.

Knox earned enough points at school to be able to bring a stuffed animal so his life was made by that yesterday.

IMG 9336

I got home to do three more miles and Andrew asked if he and Skye could join me… UMM YES.  I cannot believe how supportive he is of me doing all of this craziness with running right now.  I bet he is excited for me to be able to keep my eyes open for longer than 2 minutes during a movie again after all of this training haha;)

IMG 9358

The low point of the day: Skye fell off the couch.

IMG 9382

The high point of the day: My sister had us all over for my niece’s bday party and she made her amazing bbq pizza!

IMG 9615

IMG 9608

IMG 9611

Followed by these homemade Oreos!

IMG 9617

And someday I’ll remember to put my clothes on the right way before I leave the house.

IMG 9607


Here are a few of my favorite things this week (affiliate links included)!

*Harry Potter Illustrated Collection!  We bought these at Costco but you can find them here on Amazon.  Our kids are obsessed with them and we’ve been reading from them each night together.  Each page is beautiful and Andrew is in heaven watching the kids love the books too now!

IMG 8942

*The best part of winter in my opinion= beanies;). They make it so easy to do my hair and keep me so warm ha.  I also wear them for my runs on the really cold days and they save me.

This one and this one are my absolute favorites this year!

IMG 9238IMG 9234

*THIS IS WHAT WE WILL BE WEARING FOR CIM.  I love the color and the brightness and it just makes me excited to try to run fast.

IMG 9162

*I loved this article about Girma Bekele Gebre!  Loved this story about him and it’s always fun to see someone completely unexpected podium!

Screen Shot 2019 11 05 at 10 06 40 AM

*My favorite church shoes are on sale right now (they have them in a few different colors)! They are surprisingly really comfortable too (I refuse to wear anything on my feet that are not comfortable).

IMG 9242


Looking forward to anything this weekend?  Anyone running one of the Indy Monumental races this weekend?

How often do you wear heels?

What is the last chocolatey thing that you ate?

When you are with a group of people… are you usually feeling cold, hot or somewhere in the middle compared to everyone else?

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I have to ask a random question… one thing that keeps me from running long or hard in a group is that I have a little habit of spitting when things get challenging because I can’t focus on being proper, ha.

Do you/does anyone deal with this? I can do short or easy runs in a groups but I wouldn’t be comfortable putting in a hard effort because I’d be firing away at the sidewalk when the run gets intense enough!

LOVE your blog, especially your food and fashion recs!! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world, girl!


Hey Susie… GREAT QUESTION! A girl that I run with often spits a lot and honestly we don’t even notice. She just always runs on one side of the group so she can spit easily and it’s just part of the run. Luckily, runners totally get things like that so it’s totally normal! Do not feel self-conscious at all because I’m sure there are other people in the group that need to too! You’ve got this Susie and please keep in touch, I want you to go with them! Thanks so much, that means a lot!


I love the illustrated Harry Potter books. My baby shower was Harry Potter themed which my best friend threw for me. The guestbook was the 1st book (illustrated edition). Everyone signed the inside cover. I have been reading it to my son, even though he still doesn’t understand all of it. (15 months)


HARRY POTTER THEMED… I love that so much! And I love that you are reading it to him, it’s so good for their little brains at any age! Such a great idea for a guestbook. Hope you have a beautiful day Kelly!


Looking forward to going to the Titans game on Sunday! It is Baxton’s first pro football game and he is sooooooo excited!

I wear heels for most business meetings spring/summer (but they are low heels, like 1.5”). It just got cool/rainy enough here to wear booties and/or boots, which is awesome. If alshoes hurts my foot I donate them the next day.

The last chocolately I ate was a chocolate covered salted caramel by private selection.

At home I am usually cold and home and warm everywhere else.


You guys are going to have the BEST time at the game this weekend! Boots really are the absolute best and I hear ya… we don’t have time for uncomfortable shoes ha. That salted caramel sounds amazing even at 7 in the morning. Have a great weekend Tonya!


Loved that story about Gebre, gave me chills!! Thanks for posting.
Have a great weekend!


Jessica, I am so glad you loved it. It’s inspiring to know that we can do amazing things even if others don’t think we can! Hope you have a great weekend too!


Aww, poor Skye! Those lumps and bumps are tough :(
Looking forward to taking my daughter on a college tour tomorrow :O
I almost never wear heels anymore. When I worked retail in high school, I was all about them. All these years later, my feet and legs are so much happier with flatter shoes.
I ate a chocolate chip cookie last night :)
My default setting for years was being cold–I always left an “office sweater” at work so I could layer up. For the past several years, I’ve stayed more warm compared to people around me. But when I do get cold, I’m rather cranky, LOL!
Happy Friday!


COLLEGE TOUR… that is so exciting Corey! Big changes about to happen! I’m with you… once a week is all I can do heels! Bahaha being cold and/or hungry= I’m so grumpy too. Thanks Corey and have the best time with your daughter!


I’m always cold at home and warm at the office. Our house is all windows from 1984. If we could afford to replace the walls of windows, the house would probably be warmer. We live in the middle of the woods so the windows give us 360 degree views of everything. It’s beautiful……..but I dress like an eskimo from november to the end of march every year.
I normally wear heels every day at work. I’m only 5’3″. I walk on pants and skirts/dresses are too long and I don’t know how to hem so I wear heels because i’m self-conscious about it.
The treadmill repair guy was here last week; the replacement part was bad. he made it so that my treadmill is mostly flat so i can walk on it but it wouldn’t calibrate properly so the speed was running fast. he’s coming back with a replacement part for the replacement part today. wish me luck with that.
have a great weekend! Thanks for the link to those shoes……… I feel the need to buy the black and natural.


I bet your views are UNREAL!! I hope you have a space heater that you can put next to you in some areas of your house! Oh I hope the treadmill guy is able to fix it perfectly so you can get back to running on it! Have a beautiful day and if you get the shoes, I hope you love them too!


Excited to get my hair done today after work. Going to beach tomorrow to scope out possible wedding locations. Last thing chocolate I ate an m and m.


SUCH AN EXCITING WEEKEND! Courtney, I am thrilled for you and your upcoming wedding! Keep me posted on it all!


Poor Skye! But I’m sure she was back to running around like normal in no time ?… Toddlers!
We’re flying to Chicago this morning to visit our son at college and watch his last home football game!! We are so excited ? We’ve talked to him of course, but haven’t seen him since August! I can’t wait!
It’s going to be really cold, and since we live in SoCal, I’m just hoping I packed enough layers…ha!
Your sister’s pizza looks so good! I need to make that again.
You are right about only wearing shoes that are comfy. I only wear heals when we’re going some place nice, otherwise I’m in running shoes, flip flops, or flats.
Have a great Friday Janae ?


Hahah you are so right… she was right back at it a few minutes later ha. Have the BEST TIME visiting your son and watching his game. Oh I am just thrilled for you guys, I bet you have missed him so much. Drink all of the hot chocolate and I can’t wait to hear about your trip! Running shoe life is the best life:)

Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae!

Ummm…happy Friday!
Where is your headband from in your first picture? Super cute!

Enjoy your weekend!


Have a great day!


I wore a beanie yesterday to cover up the fact that I hadn’t washed or style my hair in a few days and thought of you! I felt like I had some remote solidarity :)

I’m looking forward to my long run with some threshold miles and our engagement photo shoot!!! We’re probably going to go out to the coast and the mountains so I’m hoping for good weather.


HAHAH YES… we need to start a club. ENGAGEMENT photo shoot… Jade, I am just thrilled for you! I would love to see some of the photos when you get them back and I’m crossing all of my fingers that you have good weather!


I’m running the Monumental half tomorrow (which means I’m a cranky mess today overanalyzing all of my aches and pains!). I’ve only run the marathon here before and I’ve heard the half course is really scenic, so I’m excited for that.

I totally can’t wear heels anyone since I started running more miles! I put them on the last second before I get in the car for church and sometimes have to kick them off halfway through Primary, haha!


AHHH GOOD LUCK RACHAEL!! I am cheering for you big time and I hope you have a wonderful experience tomorrow. I totally understand that cranky mess situation but it just shows you CARE! Bahaha I do the same thing for church ha. Let me know how the race goes!


What am I looking forward to this weekend??? Making chicken tortilla soup for my dad, he had knee replacement surgery and is home recuperating, also enjoying the major promotion I received at work and now I don’t have to keep it quiet, I moved from being an administrative assistant at our university to being the Executive Assistant to the President!! This is something that I wasn’t looking for but was offered to me. This is a game changer for our family!!! Another thing I’m looking forward to is teaching YW on Sunday.


CONGRATULATIONS BETSY on your promotion, that is so huge! I’m thrilled for you and your family and praying that your dad is able to recover as quickly as possible. What age group are you teaching (isn’t it weird to not be using the terms laurels, miamaids and beehives now? I’m still getting used to it ha). Have a beautiful day!


My calling is YW adviser. We have a small ward and even smaller numbers who attend regularly. 7 would be a good amount of YM 12-18 on any Sunday. I teach all of them at once. My daughter is in YW also. I keep telling her how historical it is that is part of the changes, first she moved to the Beehives in January when she was 11, new YW theme, and now not having the three classes. Thank you for the congratulations! I’m always pushing my husband to work overtime any chance he gets and I was even thinking maybe I should pick up a part-time job for the holidays then this opportunity came along. It will definitely benefit our family in many ways.


That’s so cool to have someone to run with. I tried, one day, to run with other people, mais they runned to fast for me. I finished the day with an horrible headache. I pushed too much, I felt so bad.
I have the feeling I need to improve my pace before trying again.
So cool too to have your husband coming with you for a run. Mine prefers to sleep when I wake up at 7 AM on saturdays (Haha)
I think I’m wearing heels just once a year and maybe less than that. That’s nice but so unconfortable. And I consider that a perfect day is a day I don’t think about my feet. If I think about it, it means the shoes are not good for me :)
I can tell you the next chocolatey thing I will eat : a chocolate mousse, that I will cook during the week-end. I’ll keep a portion for you ! :)
(Sorry if I make mistakes in English. I’m trying to do my best, but this is probably not perfect)
Have a nice day !


Oh bummer Ingrid! I hope you can eventually find somebody your same pace or just keep enjoying your running on your own! Your chocolate mousse sounds so so good right now. Ummmmm I only speak English and I make way more errors than you do. You are incredible Ingrid!


Where is your headband from on the opening picture?


Hey Stacey! It is here:

I hope you love it too!


I am running the Syracuse Half Marathon on Sunday with my sister and sister-in-law- we are super excited!

I usually wear heels for church on sunday…but not lately :( as our puppy has demolished pretty much all my heels

Last chocolate thing- my son shared a bite of his chocolate bar with me last night

I am always super cold. Just got out first snow and I am wearing all the layers today :D And fuzzy socks inside my boots ;-)


GOOD LUCK AMY! Please let me know how it goes, I’m so so excited for you! Oh fuzzy socks are the best and I hope you get some hot chocolate today!


I honestly have two large Tupperware bins in the basement full of high heels. After having kids I realized quite quickly you cannot chase a toddler around or climb up park stairs so easily in heels!! I wear dressy boots or uggs for winter and flip flops for all other seasons lol. And of course runners for running :)
I had Costco’s chocolate macadamia nut clusters yesterday. They are SO good. Have a good weekend! I’m jealous you guys don’t have the snow we do right now.


Coldest in the group……always.
Ate a crunch and a kit kat from Hopes Halloween stash for breakfast. (Its my not training for anything nutrition ;) . )


Literally never ever wear heels. My husband and I are about the same height flat-footed so that’s my “excuse” but also I just hate them and I’ve never quite mastered how to walk in them without looking like a newborn giraffe. I am a hazard to myself and others in them ;)

ALSO! I went to the running group last night, totally worth it. Had a great run, stayed out way too late on a school night, and got to nerd out about running for a couple of hours.

ALSO ALSO: My new running mantra that makes me smile “fast is fun!” it really helps lighten the mood when you are in the pain tunnel.

Hope you have a great day!


I am not really a huge chocolate person except when it comes to chocolate covered salted caramel or Reese’s!

I am also always the cold one. At work I keep a jacket and a blanket, because I’m always cold.

On a side note.. Have you ever done a post about SLC/the area you live? We are planning a trip for the early summer, and Utah is on our short list. We’ll most likely spend a day or two around the salt lake city area. I know restaurants and things you do randomly pop up in your daily posts, but have you ever done a like, “if you come to my city” type post with them all in one place?


Hi Janae! My Friday favorite is this book I started reading called The Passion Paradox. It’s about how you can maintain your passion and not burn out over the long haul! I really like it so far.

Hope you have an excellent weekend!!


Hi, Janae! I have a request for you! Can you do a post with your current favorite running songs and ask your readers for suggestions, too? My playlist is getting stale so I am working on updating it! My biggest running motivation is a new, fun playlist!

And to answer your questions:
I wear heels 5 days a week to work!
I had a Glucerna chocolate protein shake this morning for breakfast!
& I am HOT BLOODED! Always warmer than everyone around me.

Have a great weekend! And HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY to all the veterans out there!


My 4 year old wants to shorts and short sleeve all the time! And if I put long sleeve on him he pushes sleeves up and if I make him wear pants because we’re going somewhere and it’s cold, he changes into shorts once he’s back home!
Have you heard and read about Mary Cain’s story that came out this week? I knew you’d appreciate her being honest about that.


Happy Birthday to HRG Niece! Last chocolately thing I ate was some homemade brownies that I accidentally drastically undercooked. I froze them and they are more like a soft fudge. I personally think it’s a happy accident.

When I’m active I run really hot. I’m the one in the class or on the trail in my tank top while others are in their puffies. But when I’m sedentary I’m pretty typical and absolutely cannot sleep if I have cold feet. I will often soak my feet or run a small heating pad for me feet before I go to bed.


Hi Janae,
Question for you. What is the watch in the picture? Looks like maybe a Polar Vantage? It’s definitely not the Garmin on your Gear page. Whatever it is what do you think of it?

I have a Polar M400 that I have loved, but its battery life is declining and because it is white it doesn’t look very professional. I wear it everywhere. Thinking about getting the Vantage M as a replacement. I have a new job, same company, so an upgrade would appear nicer too.

I love expensive/vintage mechanical watches…but I’ll never wear one now that I’m a runner (and have 3 kids to feed etc.).


We are going away to the Sunshine coast in BC for the long weekend and super looking forward to that because we haven’t had a proper vacation since June. We booked a lodge/spa in Pender Harbour with a private hot tub. I am pretty excited.

I love beanies – in fact I have so many my partner threatens to throw them out haha – I promised I would get rid of some since I keep adding to my collection!

I hope Skye is ok after her tumble off the couch!

I love Harry Potter too. Last chocolatey thing I ate, was straight up chocolate. And I seldom wear heels too clumsy haha! Have a great weekend Jane!


How on earth does your sister get all those pizzas baked in one night?? I am so susceptible to all the food and recipes you post. We usually end up having it at our house not long after you mention it! Keep it up! :)


Hi, I remember reading a comment from a reader who asked about your opinion on mandatory weigh ins for high school cross country, and you said you would write a post about it sometime. Just wondering when that post is coming out. (I’m interested because I have a teenage daughter of my own.). Thanks and have a great day!



I wears heels about once a week, usually on Sundays to church.
The last chocolatey thing I ate was dark chocolate chips straight from the bag.
If I’m standing/sitting, I’m about in the middle temperature-wise. If I’m running, I’m usually one of the first ones to get hot and start stripping layers (except for my gloves…they stay on!).


I am the Indy Monumental Half today! It was pretty cold and the wind really picked up the last few miles, but the sun came out as we were walking back to our car. It’s always a great race, although this year was not my best time. I really think my body needs a running break. But, it’s SO hard to do! How do YOU know when you need a running break??

I am ALWAYS 500% of the time the one who is cold! I even have to wear ski gloves when I run in anything below 40 degrees because my hands are like ice.

The last chocolate thing I ate was a couple of tastes of the oreo cream for the cookies and cream cake I made tonight for my son’s birthday party. It is one of Cake by Courtney’s recipes and it is INSANELY good!!

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