Sentence Per Picture & Taper Side Effects


Last real run before the race (I’ll do one more really short one on the treadmill Friday because I did that before St. George last year and it was perfect).

IMG 6421

Hot chocolate is my favorite way to carb-load and hydrate all at once… PS I need to build up my cold weather tolerance because right now a 40 degree run is KILLING ME.

IMG 6432

Thanks for sending this to me Eleanor!

IMG 6433

When Skye see’s a bird she starts squealing and clenches her fists so tight from all of the excitement.

IMG 6437

We hit up the mall because she was bored of all of my recovering at home;)

IMG 6447

We love pretzel bites around here…

IMG 6454

The second part of my lunch was this pan of goodness—>  I roasted Brussel sprouts, asparagus, zucchini, red potatoes and tomatoes (I put those in with everything for the last 10 minutes) with olive oil and garlic salt.

IMG 6463

We topped it with a bunch of fresh mozarella cheese and it was heaven.

IMG 6465

We volunteered at Brooke and Knox’s Chess Club and it was so fun to see their little brains work!

IMG 6468

My niece and nephew both had huge PRs at their cross-country meet yesterday… I am obsessed with watching them run.

IMG 6505

The weather was absolutely perfect for them.

IMG 6478

My nephew was stylish….

IMG 6507

I’ve been thinking a lot about this short taper that we have been doing for this race and I really think it is perfect for where we are at with our training.  Our last big workout was 10 days before the race (10 x 1 mile fast for a total of 20 miles) and I think that is just the amount of taper we will need to peak on Saturday.  As long as we really take our recovery/sleep seriously (which I am:), I think it is just what we needed.

Through my coach’s training the last 5ish months I have been able to bounce back from hard workouts/races faster than ever (we ran to the top of Mt Timpanogos 2 days after my PR half-marathon!!) so I think any more rest would have left us feeling sluggish.  PS this is not for all training cycles, just the way that our coach has prepared us!

I’m very thankful that we only knew our workouts a day or two in advance through this training cycle because seeing what he was going to have us do over the months would have had me hiding under my bed.

IMG 6434

There have definitely been a few side effects from this taper even though it has been shorter than normal:

*If I am in the same room as someone that is sick with a cold, I INSTANTLY feel sick haha.  It’s all in my brain because germs can’t possibly spread that quickly but I get SO NERVOUS about getting sick leading up to a race.   This has caused me to wash my hands 12 times an hour.

*I have had so much extra energy yesterday and the day before that I have been deep cleaning areas in our house for the first time since we moved here!  My coach okayed cleaning during the taper ha because he guessed we would all be going crazy with the big drop in mileage.

*I have officially reviewed every single workout/race that I have done since May 1st.  I pretty much have them memorized at this point because I want to pull a few of them out in my head during the race when the pain sets in to remind myself I can do hard things.

*I can pretty much hear Deena Kastor’s voice in my head because of how many podcasts I have listened to this week with her as a guest.

*During this taper I have been thinking a lot about COMMITTING to my goal.  Not just hoping that it will magically all come together but making a commitment to myself to give all that I have on the course on Saturday.  I will have a lot of decisions to make over the course of 26.2 miles and I can’t wait to keep choosing the harder right rather than the easier wrong!


What are a few of your taper side effects that you experience leading up to a big race?

Favorite game/board game to play?  Anyone else like to play chess?

Favorite veggies to roast and what seasonings do you love to put on them?

Do you run the day before a race or do you take it off?

-Today I am going to take the least amount of steps as possible (which is tricky with kids ha) and then tomorrow do a very short run and a bit of walking at the expo and that’s it:)

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Ah congrats to your niece and nephew, that’s so cool! I bet there’s a PR gene in the family that’s activated for this week.


I love the way you think… there sure is! Hope you are having the best day Victoria (and have some ice cream with that heat out there!!)


I hear you with imagining symptoms when someone else is sick! I think it comes from a fear of catching whatever they have. I have a legit phobia of vomiting and if anyone mentions to me they or their kids, or their neighbor’s second cousin has had the stomach flu, my stomach immediately clenches and I’m sure I’ve been exposed??‍♀️ ?
Anyway, I am a firm believer in taking elderberry. It’s an immune booster that is so effective. My family takes it daily during cold and flu season and we very rarely get sick. Which is kind of amazing considering little kids in school and church being exposed to who knows what.
Good luck on your race! I will be anxiously waiting to hear how it went!


My mom always told me that that slathering yourself in sanitizer and incessant hand washing (obviously not including normal hygiene! Lol), actually lowers your immune system because it needs a little exposure to stay active and healthy. She recommended taking supplements such as zinc and vitamin C that help your immune system do what is intended to rather than attempt to sterilize your environment. I really believe this is true because I very rarely get sick, even when everyone around me seems to be!


Okay, that is very interesting! My mom brought me zinc a few days ago and I’ve been taking it. Good to know about the hand washing… gonna slow down on that now:) . Your mom is a smart woman. Hope you have the best day!


I love roasted cauliflower with garlic and roasted broccoli with parmesan!

And my favorite game to play would have to be Scattergories. I have attempted to learn to play chess, but I’m not very good at it.

The day before a race, I never run. Mostly, I try to keep my mind off tomorrow so I’m not nervous about how things will turn out.

I’m happy for your niece and nephew! My daughter (12) wants to know what your niece’s PRs are if you don’t mind sharing. She has a very competitive personality and wants to be at least as fast as every other girl her age, lol.


I forgot about Scattergories, I need to get that out! I’m not sure about all of her PRs (I can ask her after school) but yesterday she did the 1.5 miles @ 8:10 average pace and my nephew did the 1.5 miles @ 6:17 average pace. Tell your daughter good luck with her running for me! Have a beautiful day Marianne!


You have a lot of talented runners in your family and your nephew can run faster than me! I will definitely tell Amaria good luck for you, and she will be so happy to hear you responded. She is running on the high school cross country team this year, and facing a lot more competition than she did last year with all other middle schoolers. My husband and I want her to truly enjoy running and not be too focused on her times, but we also understand she can be inspired by other good runners, and overall, we think running has been a really good experience for her.


During a taper I usually feel like something hurts or is injured. It’s all in my head though.

I love all board games. Game night is one of my favorite things ever.

I think all vegetables taste better when roasted. Sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, beets…all of them! Olive oil, s&p and red chili flakes with some fresh lemon juice at the end.

I take the day before a big race off. Two days before I usually do a short shake out run.

I think this race is going to be amazing for you!


Yep… that always happens to me too during the taper. I’m right there with you… roasting them just takes it to the next level. I’m going to try your combo next. Thank you so much Carol, I can’t wait! Hope you have a great day:)


Your words about COMMITTING to your goal remind me of the Gwen Jorganson quote, “Hope is not a strategy.”
Can’t wait to watch a new PR happen for you!


Just the quote I needed… THANK YOU ERICA! Have the best Thursday and I need updates from you!


Taper madness usually includes phantom aches and pains and crankiness for me, LOL! I try to stay away from people in the last few days so I don’t accidentally bark at them :)
I really like a good game of Monopoly. When I was a teenager, backgammon was huge with my friend group. Maybe I should teach my kids to play chess?
Brussels sprouts are my favorite veggie for roasting & sometimes I add cauliflower or sweet potato chunks. Coconut oil is a nice change from olive oil, and walnuts give a nice little crunch and added flavor. Mmmm!
I don’t typically run the day before a race. Sometimes I shop in outlets, though, before my destination run each winter :)
So cool of your niece and nephew to get you pumped up for your race with their PRs! Congrats to them!


Hahaha I felt like I was about to bark yesterday over something ridiculous. I forgot about backgammon… I need to teach my kids that. Okay… trying your coconut oil and walnuts right after this marathon. Thank you so much! Thanks Corey and enjoy your day:) . PS I want to come with you outlet shopping!


I realize that this might be something that you have no control over, but when I opened your blog, the first two huge ads that I saw were for JUUL. It seems a bit incongruous for a running blog. I suspect not many of your readers are teenagers, but seems like that isn’t something you’d want to promote. Again, I suspect you don’t have much control over this.


ALLISON! THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME THIS. I will email adthrive right away. Have a beautiful day!


Ooohhh…I love roasting Brussels sprouts in the oven and then tossing them in dijon mustard once they are done. Soooo good! Also, lemon zest and coarse sea salt on roasted asparagus is pretty spectacular!


Okay, those both sound AMAZING. THANK YOU LAURIE, trying asap. Enjoy your Thursday!


Just want to say I’ve enjoyed reading about your training leading up to this race. My PR is 2:57:29, and based on your recent workouts, I definitely think you’re gonna crush that! Looking forward to reading about your result! All the best to you this weekend!


HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU on your incredible marathon time. Thank you for the confidence… it means the world to me!!!


I am so excited for you to have a great time at the Expo and Race! It will be so fun to be there with your teammates before and after. Think about the post-party celebration!

It was 49 degrees here this morning which was wonderful running temps. But I was NOT unhappy about wearing gloves (with shorts and long sleeve). My hands get so cold!! Anything under 45 degrees and I have to wear full-on mittens.

I am not a spices/seasoning person AT all. I like just plain salt and maybe some pepper :)


Oh – and I LOVE Brooke’s double hair buns. Adorable!


Thank you SO much Amanda! Yes… we have been planning some post-race celebrations already!. I am SO with you on the gloves/mittens. I don’t mind my legs being cold BUT once my hands are cold… I want to go in:) . Thanks so much Amanda and I hope your Thursday is perfect!


I use Mrs. Dash on everything lol! The “table blend” is my favourite for veggies.
My 9 year old loves chess, I am not super into it lol.


I’ll be purchasing the table blend next time I am at the store. THANKS GILLIAN! I hope you are having a great day so far!


I bet your are just the most proud aunt and mom watching all these kiddos running so much and challenging their brains so much! So cool!
I have a friend who swears by doing a speed workout 10 out from a race; every time she’s done that she’s PR’d so I have a good feeling about your race and can’t wait to hear all about it!
When I started out running and would have a hard core taper I cleaned everything I could! I had too much energy and was a spaz! I haven’t felt that way in years so maybe I haven’t been tapering right?! Ha!
We love roasting veggies w/ garlic and olive oil and also roasting red potatoes w/ olive oil, garlic and topping it off w/ parmesan cheese. So good! I don’t think I’ve ever added mozzarella … I’m going to try that!
I never used to run before a race and always had heavy legs on race day until the same friend from above (she’s so wise!) suggested a short slow shakeout the day before and those runs are magical! I swear they make all the difference.
Have a great day!


I really did feel so proud yesterday haha:) THANK YOU for telling me about your friend… just the mental boost I needed. Your roasted veggies combo is making me drool. I am just like you… just started doing the day before run last year and it is the best. Thanks Jenny, YOU TOO!


So awesome for your niece and nephew, it looked like a perfect day for Cross Country! Cauliflower or brussel sprouts we just do olive oil, salt and pepper, but for sweet potatoes or red potatoes, we love the 10-spice mix from Oh She Glows. We make up a big batch and then use it on potatoes, chicken, salmon, even to spice up eggs. And I used to love playing cribbage with my family. I need someone to teach me again!


Sometimes I run, and sometimes I don’t run the day before a race.

Pan Roasted veggies are our favourite. Salt, pepper, olive oil – and usually some cayenne pepper and my partner likes montreal smoked spice seasoning as well. Roasting spaghetti squash is one of our favourites.

Oh I haven’t played chess in a very long time. And then we like rummi cube – kind of like dominoes.

Excited for you! Enjoy your taper and have a great day!


I’m so glad your carb depletion is going well, you actually had me worried since it was your first time doing it, lol!

Your niece and nephew are doing awesome, very nice times.

Wishing you the best of luck for your race!


Ah, I can’t wait to follow along on Saturday! You’re going to crush it :) I’m running NYC in about a month and have loved following your training as I’ve been doing mine.

Out of curiosity, about how long were your tapers typically before you started working with your coach? I’ve been seeing more people doing shorter taper periods!


Hey Cassy!! Usually they were about 2 weeks so not a huge difference but I really think this 10 day one is perfect for me! GOOD LUCK next month and I want to hear all about it!!!


Janae, I love it how dedicated you are!! I know you’re gonna rock at the race, I’ll be cheering for you from Slovenia!
Running enthousiasm is husband started running after he met me, hehe, and he’s now an avid runner :).

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