Silentish Saturday Seattle

I’m back to Utah and getting in one of my last long runs before the marathon this morning.

Let’s talk about yesterday!

10.31 miles @ 8:40 average pace for the day with Gina, Jen, Jes, Natalie, Jen, Noelle and Sarah.

LOVED my conversation with Jen and I am so grateful for the people that running has brought me.

IMG 5128

Brooks always feeds us delicious meals.

IMG 5135

IMG 0590

IMG 5161

Our day was spent learning about some AMAZING new things coming next year from Brooks… get REALLY excited for these!

IMG 5155

And then I was off to the airport to head back home and grabbed some pizza.

IMG 5167

Followed by falling asleep on a chair when my flight was delayed.

IMG 5168

Andrew and the girls spent their Friday at the park and getting in some quality time.

IMG 5163

IMG 5162

Time to get in some miles with the team!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Wow why does that pizza look soooooo good?! Crispy, cheesy and just slightly brown on top, yummmmm! Hoping you kill it with your long run today!


Glad you had a good time in Seattle! I’m excited to see the glute video you’re planning on posting.
No run for me today….on anti-inflammatory medicine for my knee. Doc said I should be good to go in a week or two. I can’t wait to hit the pavement again!
Enjoy your long run!


Bike ride
Soccer spectating
Preparing for house guests tonight.


Ran 3 miles with strength training in between ( meaning I ran to the Y to lift and ran home!!), coaching a soccer game, and enjoying 2 hours to myself while my girls are at a birthday party!

I have a 10 K in 2 weeks and my knee picked this week to started bothering me. I have bursitis as part of my knee issue and so I did other things this week and tested it out today. Luckily I am big on cross training anyway. I actually thought I would need to take the weekend completely off but it seems to be better ( not perfect). After the race I plan to give myself a good week of no leg workouts! Planning a 6 miler on Tues/Wed and hoping things are good! It’s been such a balance, increase miles back off, etc.


OOh I’m excited to see what Brooks has up their sleeve :)
Today I’m writing cover letters and applying for jobs! I just finished my OT degree and I’m looking for my first real job. Excited but terrified.
I’m also going to do some baking to cope. I know your love for the Superhero muffin runs deeps, so I thought you might appreciate this…I made a variation last weekend that turned out delicious! I wanted to make the pumpkin version but didn’t have any pumpkin :( so I subbed banana and added a ton of chocolate chips and it was a very good idea!

2 cups almond meal
1 1/2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
2-3 ripe mashed bananas
6 tablespoons butter, melted
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
chocolate chips (I probably added like 1 1/2 cups haha)

Have a great weekend!


That looks so good (and healthy!). I’m going to try your version!


I cannot wait to try out your variation! Thank you so much! Gooooooood luck with your job hunt, I am so excited for you!


Spin class, soccer and baseball. REPEAT tomorrow.
I’m so tired from meal prepping last night, but we will have some good options after all the kids games. Turkey chili, chicken burritos ready to be heated up!
Those muffins sound delicious.


Way to go getting your meals all ready to go! It makes the week so much easier. I hope your day is the best Lauren.


Hi! Happy Saturday! Three things for today?
1. I ran my furthest I’ve ever done before this morning – 17.2 miles! I’m training for my first full in November. Indianapolis Monumental Marathon :) Anyone else running that one? I feel great after and felt like I could run a bit more – so I think that’s a good place to be at.
2. Because of point #1 – I’m so excited for tacos tonight!
3. My oldest two kids have birthday parties to attend today – so basically playing taxi to and from parties! :)


Sarah!!!! Ahhh huge congrats… a new personal distance record! My good friend tawny is running that race… the course is awesome (I did part of it:)! So thrilled for you! Enjoy those tacos!


Working on essay for my college course
Getting in a rowing work out
Tiring my 1 year old out today so after he goes to bed tonight I can study for my exam on Monday (Medical terminology)!
I don’t think I could sleep in an airport chair so good for you for getting in some zzzz’s !


Ahhhh good luck on Monday! You’ve got this Gillian!


Do you like your silicone ring? When do you usually wear it?


Hey! I’m actually loving it… I haven’t worn my real ring since I got it! I’ll probably just wear my real one for fancy occasions/church etc! So easy to wear with running and kids. Have a great night!


Watching my son’s high school cross country meet.
Watching my daughter’s middle school cross country meet.
Shopping at Trader Joes.


I am visiting my daughter who lives in West Jordan and soaking in your beautiful state! We ran the 1/2 marathon in Big Cottonwood Canyon this morning and it was the prettiest run I have ever done. Hanging out with my granddogs now and planning to watch college football this evening.


Ahhh no way! I am so so happy you are here! That canyon is unreal, so happy you guys did that together! Enjoy every second:)

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