Marathon Training Summary for the week!

Happy Sunday!

The temperatures were perfect (40 degrees is just heaven for me… gloves + shorts + tank), the people were the best and the views were gorgeous.

IMG 5619

I sort of had a mini taper leading into this workout so I was very excited to get MOVING again after dropping down my mileage.  I woke up at 5:45 and ate my UCAN and a banana and then I got ready and met the team at 6:30.  We did a 2.25 mile warm-up nice and easy and then started our 6.2 mile workout.  I was really hoping that my calf would stay happy during that first mile and I’m so happy to say that I didn’t feel a thing the entire run.

I felt in control of the pace and Emilee and I ran right next to each other pretty much the entire time.  We averaged a 6:01 pace for the 6.2 mile workout and with the amount of hills, turns and jumping on and off sidewalks, I am very happy about that.  It was quite a confidence builder.  We were very lucky with the stoplights etc because we never had to stop once.

And then we did a cool-down all together for a few miles.   The rest of our day was spent celebrating Knox’s bday (we don’t have him this year on his bday) and I’ll share that all on Monday.  I hope your weekend has been great so far.

PS I have been off caffeine for a while now and I took some yesterday before my run and BOOM… I felt it.   Caffeine helps me out so much more during a run if I don’t have it for a while!

IMG 5658

Well, I really went crazy with the tapering this week but rest is what my body needed and some extra rest is what I gave it!

Monday:  8 miles @ 8:17 average with Emilee.

Tuesday:  Decided to take a few days off from running because of how my calf felt Monday after my run but I did some strength training at the gym instead.

Wednesday:  I jumped in the pool for 30 minutes to pool run.  I’m telling ya, pool running is a workout!  I was breathing heavy and definitely tired (physically and mentally;) after 30 minutes.   PS I just used my AirPods while I was pool running and that was really nice to be able to listen to a podcast while I was in the pool.

IMG 5410

This video is the best way to show how to pool run (it’s kind of old but it’s so important to do this right).

Thursday:  7 miles @ 7:57 average with a big smile because my body felt good again.

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:22 average in the rain

Saturday:   15.58 miles total @ 7:11 average with 6.2 miles fast @ 6:01 average.

IMG 5650

Sunday:  Off!!!

38.58 miles for the week!  One more BIG workout and two smaller sharpening workouts and then the race will be here.  I’m going to be sad to see this training cycle end because it has by far been the most fun I’ve ever had training for a race.


What was your best run last week?  Worst run?

What do you have going on today?

Ever tried out pool running?  What are your thoughts on it?

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Yes I pool run and swim, especially when not running as much and I don’t run as many days as you anyways so this is a good substitute. Wish the gym was closer, I’d do it more. And really wish I had ear pods like you mentioned because pool running is extremely boring. I usually do intervals of hard and easy to keep from being so bored. And I’m hungrier after pool stuff than running


Intervals really help me to fight boredom in the pool too… because you are right, it gets boring! I TOTALLY agree with you on the hunger post pool, it’s even stronger than after a run! Hope your Sunday has been really great so far Mary!


Best run = EZ run with 100m strides including a PR of 15.97 seconds
Worst run = yesterday’s, in which I acquired quite a few blisters :(

I’ve never tried pool running. But I will keep it in my mind for next time I have an injury. It’s good to be prepared. :)


WAY TO GO on that 100m PR… that is SO fast!! Boo to the blisters, I got a new one yesterday too. Let me know if you ever try it and enjoy the rest of your day Zaraya (I love your name)!


You took a couple days off running – not a few!! LOL. Question: were you worried about losing your airpods in the water? I’d love to do that, it would so much less boring but always worry about them getting wet or falling out (though I could wear a headband maybe around my ears to tuck them in). What do you do with your phone though?? Do the pods work if your phone is elsewhere?


Bahaha true but it FELT like at least ten days off;) . I actually wasn’t worried about losing my airpods because they never fall out of my ears when I’m running! They did get a few drops of water on them from a splash nearby etc but I’ve put mine through the washing machine and they survived so a few drops didn’t bother them. BRILLIANT idea about the headband… that would really help too. I just set it in the corner in my bag so it was close enough to me but not too close that it was going to fall in. Let me know if you try it out and I hope your Sunday has been great so far!


I meant to say this a few days ago, but thanks for being a good example of when to back off during training if things are feeling off or extra tired. You listening to your body helps others do the same! Missing a few workouts is SO worth it if it gets you to the start line. Thanks! :)


Thank you SO much Alyssa! That means a lot to me and you are so so right… so worth it. I hope you are having a fabulous and relaxing Sunday!

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