Silentish Saturday!!!

I left my house thinking I was being smart by wearing a short sleeve shirt instead of a tank top…

And then about 5 minutes into the run it started pouring rain and it was 44 degrees so Emilee and I were FROZEN by the end.  I couldn’t feel my fingers!

IMG 5568

On instagram a few of you told me to put conditioner in my hair first for a minute, rinse it and then brush it before washing it and that was a brilliant way to get out my run snarls…

IMG 5575

Skye is wearing jeans and that just makes me feel like she is 10.

IMG 5578

Andrew was home with Skye and I went to lunch!  Steak & rice bowl from 180 Tacos.

IMG 5595

And the best cinnamon roll for dessert!

IMG 5597

After school we spent a good amount of time getting the decorations up for Halloween.

IMG 5612

IMG 5609

Spaghetti for dinner (I promise Knox liked it) plus a few more pieces of garlic bread:). PS we just made a bunch of this sauce and froze them in baggies so we can just take one out and thaw it for our dinners.

IMG 5607

I’m going to need these today….

IMG 5615

Just two more weeks until the race!

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5294


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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I can’t believe how fast the weather has changed for you guys! But I must say, I am a little jealous! It’s still very warm/hot here.
Three things for today: longish run on my favorite trail, cleaning house and getting all the fall decor up, having dinner with just my youngest!
2 weeks to go until your race!! You are so ready for this marathon!! You’ll be amazing!
Happy Saturday Janae ?


It really has dropped quickly… come visit Utah and do a few runs with me and I’ll get you some gloves;) . So glad you had a great run on your favorite trail and enjoy dinner tonight. LOVE it when the fall decor is up… it’s the best. Thanks Wendy and I hope your weekend is fabulous.


How is already winter?! Lol! I’ve already worn long sleeves while running and have been tempted to wear gloves. I’m not ready! Lol!
I love that your kids eat the same dinner as you; there’s usually 2-3 different meals at my house!
Today I’m running my mama around town to take care of errands. Not “fun” but it’ll good to have one on one time with her :)
If I find motivation I might attempt making fruit roll ups for the kids….. ehh… who am I kidding; they’re for me! Ha!
Have a great day!


I wore gloves today… SO COLD! Well, maybe I’m the one eating kid meals hahah and that’s why we all eat the same thing. SO cool you make your own fruit roll ups, I bet they are amazing. Thanks so much Jenny, you too!


Today I’m volunteering at a 24 hour charity run. I’m 10 weeks into my (first real) injury and I think I miss runners as much as I miss running. Well, almost…


Oh Liz, I am so so sorry about the fact that you are not running right now and I hope you are healed up and ready to run again asap. I’m so glad you are able to be around other runners today…. so cool of you to go do that. Keep me updated with how you are doing!


I’ve never commented before but I’ve been reading for a long time. I’m training for the NYC marathon which is in 6 weeks. I’ve run 2 marathons before (slowly!) but I was younger and in better shape. I upped my mileage a lot this week (according to my training plan) and yesterday was an off day so I was excited about my 10 mile run today. I only made it 1.8 miles and it’s just hotter than I expected and I’m so much more sore than I expected. I feel completely fine walking but as soon as I start to run I cannot make my legs move. Any advice or motivation? I’m so scared I’m going to be undertrained for this race and not complete the NYC marathon which has been on my bucket list for 10 years. I hope with rest I’ll be ok and regroup for this next week and next weekend’s 18 miler.



ERIN!!! YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE WITH THIS. This has absolutely happened to me during a marathon training cycle and I ended up having a fabulous race. Your body needed the rest today (and heat will kill us off!) and I’m glad you listened to your body. You were smart and you will absolutely be able to rock NYC. One of my elite runner friends said today, “I’d rather show up to a race 20% undertrained than 1% overtrained” and I loved that. You were smart, give your body the rest it needs and next weekend’s 18 miler will be amazing and I better get to hear about it. I’m here for you Erin and cheering you on big time!


Thanks for the response!! I know my comment came out of nowhere but I thought “who would get what I’m feeling right now” and I thought of you! Good luck with the last few weeks of marathon training. I really have been rooting for you for years and I hope that you do great!


Where did you get the t shirt you are wearing? It’s adorable!


Oh I love this shirt and I hope you do too!


Haha I am marathon training here in Alaska and experienced the same thing this morning… weather seemed fine at first (in the low 50s and cloudy) so I went out in just a t-shirt then it started pouring rain and I was cold.

I did 18 miles today, almost all done with my long runs before my marathon in 4 weeks! Hope the taper treats us both well.

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