What I’ve Been Eating & How Things Have Changed.

Yesterday’s run felt much harder than usual and I’m guessing it is because I went out when it was already hot and I climbed 2200ish feet the day before in the mountains.  Or maybe the run was miserable just because that is how running goes and some days just feel like that.

I’m very happy that I have every drinking fountain in our county memorized so that I can stop as much as I want to for water during my easy runs.

IMG 9690

10 miles @ 8:26 average and then straight to a bowl of cold watermelon.

IMG 9736

Our next stop was to take Brooke to her craft club that she goes to each week.

IMG 9732

Afterwards when Brooke heard that my brother and his family (the pilot and his wife with their seven kids) were on the way to visit us, she asked if she could make cupcakes for them.  She made them from start to finish (it was a mix) and I just helped her to frost them.  I still can’t believe she is going to be 7 next month.

IMG 9742

We then had 16 of my nieces and nephews over (along with all of their parents too) and so I don’t have too many more pictures from the day.

IMG 9755

I did find Brooke picking enough cherries from our tree for everyone here:)

IMG 9749

IMG 9752

The other day while I was eating dinner I was thinking about the biggest thing that has changed in the way I eat since my early twenties. The biggest change over the last ten years has been the amount of fat I each day!  Ten years ago I reached for anything that said Fat-Free on the label and now I love having fat with every meal and most of my snacks.  I feel SO much better, my body recovers better from workouts and I run better when I eat more fat.  Thank goodness we’ve all finally realized how vital fat is in our lives.  I’d love to hear some of the biggest ways that your eating has changed over the years in the comments.

IMG 9216

While we are talking about food… here are some of the things we have been eating over here lately!

Please buy these chips at Costco if you see them.  The combination of these and homemade guac is life-changing.

IMG 9238

I tried out Cook Once, Eat all Week and we love it!   The goal with it is to do all of the prep one day and enjoy just throwing the meals together FAST throughout the week!  For example, for these three meals below I prepped the corn, chicken, kale, peppers and bacon on Sunday and then for three meals that week it took me a few minutes to get everything ready.

IMG 9199

IMG 9254

Added one of our homemade frozen bfast burrito to this salad because I was very hungry.

IMG 9315

I will say that the Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook is still my favorite cookbook so far—>  My kids like those recipes more and each recipe makes more food (which means we get leftovers:).  What I love with the Cook Once cookbook—>  it makes it SO easy to get dinner together fast (as long as you can dedicate a good chunk of time to prep everything) and Andrew and I have loved the taste of each meal.  Excited to try another week out soon.

PS I am pretty sure the Superhero Muffins have become the base of our families food guide pyramid, we go through these fast.

IMG 9197


Favorite brand/flavor of chips?

How has your eating changed over the years?

What are some things that you’ve been eating lately?

Whats your run today!?  Anyone running a race on the 4th?

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How awesome that Brooke has become such a baker! Love the pic of her smile with the bag of cherries and proof of her sampling them :)
Oooh! I haven’t seen the Late July jalapeno lime, but I’ll be on the lookout! My favorite is their sea salt & lime–I need to put a reasonable amount in a dish, so I don’t just polish off most of the bag at once!
I used to eat almost entirely carbs: salad, pasta, bread, bagels. Now I make a big effort to eat more protein, and I don’t worry so much about fat (especially avocado, nut, olive oil).
I’ve been eating lots of banana bread this week, since my bananas got very ripe very quickly! The loaf with the walnuts was better than the one without. Yum!


Hahaha I think she must have had 30 of them yesterday:) . TRY THE CHIPS and now I need to try the sea salt and lime. Send me your favorite banana bread recipe, that sounds so good right now! Have a great day Corey!


I actually recently thought about how my eating has changed as well since we were just out of town.
I used to be super weird about my road trip meals. Like if we stopped for lunch I would have to find a Subway or grocery store. Now if someone in the car is like “totally Wendy’s, this exit, lets go”…….Wendy’s it is!


I swear we are the same people. YES, that is exactly how I used to be and how I feel now. Isn’t it nice to go on a trip and not even think about the food part (besides the delicious foods we want to try)! Have a great day Erica.


Ha ha, i like those cupcake decorations!


She is very into it:) . Thanks Jenny and I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


Love all the chips, favorites include Ms. Vickies Honey Dijon and Sea Salt and Pepper. Workout today was 2k warm up, then 2 sets of: 1 mile @ threshold, 800m @ Fartlek, 400m @ 5k, with 2 min rest between each. It was actually really good, got out before the sun came out. Loving superhero muffins, just like the Barons, and making Turkey trot meatballs each week now to have in the fridge. Just ran the Epic Canadian Run for Canada on Canada Day (July 1st), did the double in a day, 10k then the 5k! Enjoy your 4th of July!


KILLER WORKOUT JENNIFER… you rocked it and I want to try that workout. Oh I need to start making the meatballs for the fridge each week. Those things are so so good. Congrats on the double on Canada Day! That is so much fun!


I love seeing all the cooking/at home meals you’ve been doing! It’s inspiring me to get back to meal prep next week.


Oh glad! Let me know what you prep next week so I can get ideas from you:) . Have a fabulous day Allison!


I love how you have such a big family! How fun!!!!

I ran 2.5 miles and I need to swim for 10 minutes–I am training for my first sprint triathlon. I am also going out on the SUP.

Mainly, I stress less about what I eat. We are on a family vacation and before I would have such bad anxiety over what I would eat. Now I bring some food (fruits and vegetables), but only because grocery prices here are more expensive than at home and we eat a lot. Plus, it’s always nice to have some fruit and vegetables to balance out all the cookies we brought as well;-) I have also noticed, my training has become more relaxed. In the past a 2.5 mile run would have not been “enough” for vacation mode. I don’t need to run endless miles to be able to relax (as much as I can with 3 kids). It felt good to sleep in, go for a quick run and get back for breakfast with the family…of donuts and fruit.


BECKY!!! I am so so happy with where you are at now. Isn’t it amazing when we finally get to enjoy vacation because we have let go of food/exercise rules. Keep on enjoying your trip with your three kids and we just had donuts too:) . SO excited for your first sprint tri!


I’ve had those chips, and I couldn’t agree more!! They are also a good option for using in a taco salad!
It’s kind of funny that you posted about food changes, because I was actually thinking about that on my run this morning – I went through phases of various “diets” – weight watchers, intermittent fasting, low carb, low fat, you name it. Now, I find if I just try to follow that basic principle of 80/20 – 80% “good” and 20% “fun” (I don’t like to call food bad – french fries, for example, aren’t inherently bad. You just have to moderate yourself with them – therefore, they’re fun!). I recently started logging my food on My Fitness Pal again, more so just to see a balance of my protein/fat/carbs (less about calories) and it’s amazing how much LESS I eat now when I eat real, whole food, versus all that substitute, sugar free, fat free, whatever. I try to think of food as 80% fuel to keep me going, 20% food that pleases my taste buds!
I might have to check out that Cook Once book! I do love both of the Run Fast cook books. I should take advantage of this 4 day weekend I have and make some good food from them! :)


Now I need to try them in a taco salad… yummy! So happy you are done with the diet stage of life, doesn’t it feel great?! You are rocking it Rhiannon and let me know if you try out the cook once cookbook! Have a great day!


Ha ha… I also know where all the drinking fountains are on my running routes ?. They definitely help!
My eating habits have definitely changed over the years! I too, was totally obsessed with everything fat free. I now realize that fats are important to our health. I now eat/prepare meals that have good proteins, lots of nutrients, lots of flavor, and do not worry about the fat content. And it really does make you feel so much better!
How fun to have lots of family over! It really is the best ?


It’s so nice to know exactly when you are going to get your next drink! Umm your meals sound delicious… maybe I’ll come over one night ha:) Thanks so much Wendy and I hope you are having a great day!


I’ve been meaning to add Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow to my cookbook shelf for a while now. Finally bit the bullet and also added Cook once Eat All Week. I lovvve not having to do too much prep/cook work for weekday dinners, so this seems right up my alley!



YESSSS it really is so great for that. Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous day Laura!


I love how run friendly your city is! I mean, I’m just assuming the water fountains were put there with runners in mind! We’re lucky to have (working) fountains at our parks!
I hope you’re sitting down for this … I’m not a chip fan! I never really had them growing up and even now I only occasionally, like maybe once a month, have just a handful or so. If I crave salty food, I go for fries. Curly, crinkly, steak etc … I’m not too picky!
As of a few months ago I’ve increased my protein intake and I love how I’ve responded to it! I’m eating all varieties of protein and feeling lighter after a big meal and feel fuller longer. Like fries, I’m not to picky with how I get it and thanks to Pinterest I’ve come to realize just how many foods contain protein. For example, I made Kung Pao chickpeas in the crockpot and everyone has commented on how good it smells (even though there’s no meat in it)! Ha!
My run today was an easy 45 min before hitting up the gym for strength training. My paces on the flats and downs were easy but I made sure to get in 3 good sized hills that gave me a combined total of over 400ft of gain. When I first started running I would avoid all hills at all costs and now I plan routes to include all of them!
Have a great day!


Oh I think they definitely put the water fountains in for runners! Luckily, I am sitting down haha! No I totally am with you on that… if I have guac then I choose chips but if not, fries always win! So glad that you are feeling so great with your increase of protein. Ummm I need those chickpeas. Way to get in those hills! They make us so strong. Thanks Jenny, you too!


I love lime flavored chips. I’m especially fond of lime seasoned plantain chips. That’s maybe kind of a Miami thing. Watermelon has been on sale here and I just think it is the best snack before and after a hot workout. Just the best. That is so fun that you can go cherry picking. I love cherries.


Well now I need to get some lime seasoned plantain chips! Seriously… watermelon is just the best summer food. I’ll ship over some of those cherries. Have a great day Amy!


Oh Wow – is that a casserole recipe from the “Cook once” cookbook?? It looks really yummy!! Enough to make me want to buy the cook book! I really want some healthy casserole recipes (beyond just noodles/rice and cream of Campbells soup)


Hahaha YES! It is from the cook once cookbook and so good! I think the base for that was avocado mayo rather than cream soup. It really was so good! I hope you like it and have a great day Melly!


Just like you, I feared fat 10 years ago, and now I embrace it. I eat a higher percentage of fat than I do carbs for the past few years, and it makes me feel so much better.


HOW DID WE LIVE WITHOUT IT?! We must have felt awful! I hope you have a great day Tracy and enjoy the most perfect avocado!


I just signed up to run a 5 mile race tomorrow in my town. Its hilly and will be hot and I might be regretting this decision already. But I do have an epic USA tank with a detectable flag cape I found at Target to wear. I am just hoping to make it to the finish line alive.

We have had to introduce a low sodium/low potassium/low phosphorus diet into our household for my husband. So we have been eating lots and lots of veggies. If anyone out there has recipe ideas for a renal diet I would love to hear them.


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW CORRINNE! That tank and cape are going to make you feel so good on those hills. Let me know how it goes!

Can anyone help with the renal diet?

Have a great day Corrinne!


I’m the exact same way with water fountains – I know all the spots in every city and neighborhood I’ve ever lived in!
Honestly, I was one of those lucky women who never had to watch or consider what they ate, especially when I was running a lot. I always was really ok with how I looked and never felt like I needed to lose weight. But now that I’m in my 40s, if I want to stay lean and avoid inflammation, I have to avoid sugar and processed starches. The inflammation thing was affecting my ability to recover from injuries, it was exacerbating my migraines, and it was interfering with my fertility, so I try my best not to feed it through poor food choices. That aside, my diet tends to be rich in fresh vegetables, varied proteins, and definitely a healthy dose of fats – including butter and olive oil! It’s been interesting seeing what my 15-month old daughter gravitates towards foodwise these days. She loves loves loves eggs fried in butter! And high-fat Greek yogurt, and milk. And berries of all kinds. I think their little brains must really need fat and protein in large amounts when they’re this age.


I got that cookbook from the library today (run fast cook fast eat slow)! Excited to try it out. Oh and a side note I just want to say I love Andrews posts. He seriously makes me laugh out loud!


Really on the fence with buying the Run Fast, Eat slow cook books. Have had them for 3 weeks from the library and my girls love the muffins and a few other things. I also have loved the breakfast cookies. I have that other book on hold to try out.

Thank you and the other person who replied to me about my current struggle with eating and needing to gain weight. I 100% am grabbing for fat items since I didn’t intend on losing weight. 10 years ago that would not have happened. But if I am hungry I am grabbing almonds or a scoop of almond butter! Fat is good.

We had thin turkey burgers with apple slices and bacon tonight. My oldest daughter picked that out from a cookbook.. I think everyone is a fan! Taco Tuesdays are big here and we try to have it meatless 3 out of 4 Tuesday’s.


Those chips are SO good! The Costco size bag at my house though is just dangerous!


Also LOVE the cook once, eat all week book. SO amazing! Three questions – I love the tank and shorts in this post – they look so loose and flowy for summer running! Where did you get them? Also, love your cookbook stand with the clips – I’m already looking on Amazon for one! Have a great day!

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