Silentish Saturday!!

We all stayed up late on Thursday night and luckily everyone slept in too!

I convinced them all to go on a run with me.

IMG 8267

IMG 8272

Brooke and Knox on their electric scooters and Skye in the stroller (Andrew pushed her).  5 miles @ 8:55 average.

IMG 8322

Flower from Brooke.

IMG 8328

Came home to eat breakfast burritos.

IMG 8340

Went swimming with friends.

IMG 8352

IMG 8357

She is becoming a little book worm.

IMG 8369

Burger on a cheddar bagel with guac, lettuce and tomato.

IMG 8368

Followed by more guac.

IMG 8365

IMG 8371

Super comfortable evening;)

IMG 8383

Brooke was picked up for her weekend and then Andrew and I caught up on our shows.

IMG 8390


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Cooking/meal prep for the work week ahead. Not my favorite tasks, but it has to be done. I usually start my Saturday with an early morning walk. But I’m taking a break today. I walked a total of 12.5 miles yesterday. 3.5 early morning, the other 9 with my walking partner Connie in the afternoon. We’re training all summer for our 25k trail race in September. I felt really good after all those miles, but was hot, sweaty and SO ready for a shower. :)
I was exhausted last night and could hardly keep my eyes open all evening. BUT once I crawled in bed I was wide awake.
SO frustrating. Therefore, I got very little sleep last night.
It’s all okay, though. I’ll get my Saturday work done, then relax with a good book and a cup of coffee. I LOVE Saturdays!


WOW!! You walked so much yesterday, way to go! Please keep me updated with your 25k trail race training and how the race goes. You are already rocking your training. Oh I hate when that happens… I feel dead at 3 pm and then get in bed and I’m ready to hang out at night haha. I hope tonight you sleep really well. Thanks Susan, hope your day is wonderful!


That guacamole looks amazing!!
My day is a busy one. I came up to my parents farm to celebrate Father’s Day. Unfortunately, it’s raining but still tons to do and lots of baby calves to see! Aside from that: I hope to get a run in and drink a few cups of coffee!

Hope your fam has a beautiful day!


Thanks Julie! It’s the guac from the Run Fast. Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Enjoy the time with your family and I hope the rain clears out for a bit. Thanks Julie, you too!


I would never think to eat a burger on a bagel?! Interesting!! Was that on purpose or just cause you didn’t have a bun? Lol… today I am hanging with my 2 year old nephew and my 3 year old daughter (every time I have them both it reminds me why one kid is the perfect number for me) LOL, making a cheesecake for my grandmothers 90th tomorrow annnnnd probably cleaning the house!! Exciting Saturday ;)


It was on purpose… my sister told me to try it out so I did and it is SO so good. Let me know if you try it please. Oh what a fun day… hahaha that is so tough because they are both at HARD ages. I hope you have all of the energy for this:) . Happy bday to your grandmother, that is so exciting. Thanks Andrea!


That guacamole looks so good! Did you make it? Today I’m at Parade of Homes, father’s day shopping, & getting both teen girls back from girls camp. Have a great weekend Janae. Let’s walk next week!


Yes!! I did make it, it’s Shalane recipe from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. It is amazing girl and enjoy Parade of Homes and cannot wait for our walk:) . Hope you have a beautiful day!


Yes, that guacamole looks so good! I’m going to have to make some today!
Today will start with a run of some sort. I am really loving not having a training plan to follow these days. I run how and for how long I feel. It is really good for my mind and soul right now ?
Then, it’s off to take care of my neighbor’s chickens while they are away for a couple of weeks. Then hanging out at the pool and having a really great relaxing day. Summer really is the best!
Have a great Saturday Janae ?


YES… make Shalane’s recipe, it is heavenly. Oh it is so so nice to not be on a plan every now and then. Enjoy the pool Wendy and I fully agree… nothing is better than summer!


Today I am…eating a breakfast burrito! Yours looks better though, I need to get some bacon when I go to Costco later. Then going to a BBQ and a pre-Father’s day date with my dad. Hope you have an amazing day! Also, I just wanted to thank you for the ongoing motivation to fuel my body properly. I am recovered from anorexia, but somedays it is still a real challenge. I really admire how you are teaching your kids and role-modelling such a healthy relationship with food and movement :)

Have a fantastic weekend!


Rachel, congratulations on recovering from anorexia… you. are. incredible. Your strength is unreal and please keep me updated with how you are doing. Thank you so much… that’s my goal! Enjoy the bbq and thanks so much!


Where did you get your necklace? Today we went to the zoo and splash pad :))


Hey Megan! I got it here and love it:

Oh have the best time!


So envious of those beautiful trails! Looks like a lot of fun. That’s great she’s a bookworm! :) Does she have her own library card?


No… but that is a really great idea! We will go get her her own this next week. Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great evening!


Hi! I have a completely unrelated question for you. I saw that your home treadmill is a Nordic track incline trainer. My previous sole treadmill gave out disappointingly quickly and I’m now looking to replace it. I’m intrigued by the idea of an incline trainer as my husband will likely also use it (for incline training), but am wondering how it is for running. Is it too short? It appears to be very squishy, does that make running harder? Do you find it any different from treadmills?

Thanks in advance for your insight!


Hey Kelly! It is absolutely amazing… I don’t feel like it is too short at all (that thought hasn’t even crossed my mind). Andrew has gone up to 25 miles (in one run) on it and I have put in a lot of miles with it too. Let me know what you end up getting and boooo to your sole treadmill!


1. Picking up my daughters bestie from out of stay to stay with us for awhile !
2. Grocery shopping because extra kids means extra food.
3. Getting ready for the trampoline park tomorrow.
Great pic of Knox going down that water slide !!


What a great picture of Knox!

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