PROGRESSION + Training this Week!

Happy Father’s Day to the amazing men in my life.. I am so grateful for my dad, the dad Andrew is to our kids and my father-in-law!  I am so lucky to have these examples that work so hard and love so intensely.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures with my dad.  I can’t believe Brooke and Knox used to be so little.

16 miles for my Saturday morning!  For some reason I was thinking we would be running 10-12 but ignorance is bliss, right?

IMG 8402

There was about 7 of us total.  We did a 6.5 mile warm-up and then got into the progression miles.

IMG 8396

3 miles @ 6:16, 5:58 and 5:48 without stopping!  The goal was 6:15, 6:00 and 6:45 so we were pretty close.  The first mile was a tiny bit up, the second mile was pretty flat and the last mile included some down which made it a little easier to truly get faster with each mile.  It was a gorgeous morning and it was a little chilly which is perfect for a hard run!

The progression miles were really tough.  I was still sore from our mile repeats on Wednesday and we stayed up too late the night before.   I got through the miles by trying to find things around me to be grateful for when I was hurting.  Gratitude cures any type of pain… but sometimes during the run you just have to keep thinking of new things to be grateful for quickly to avoid quitting ha.  I must have come up with a list of about 100 things during those three miles.

IMG 8395

This is the longest distance I have run since April!  Excited for our half-marathon next weekend.

IMG 8399

Because I thought our run would be shorter I didn’t bring any fuel but luckily one of my running partners had an extra gel.  I actually really liked this one… a lot.  I’m going to buy some for myself and switch around between these and Huma.  It was a little thicker than Huma but I loved the flavor.

IMG 8406

I went straight from my run (ate a protein bar in the car) to the grocery store to get our meals for next week and things for Father’s Day!  Glad I had the kid’s Indiana pen in the car:)

IMG 8405

And then it was time for this.  Andrew and I were going to go out on a date at night but that turned into going out for breakfast and then putting the kids to bed at night and having a date.

That syrup is half butter and it tastes like heaven.

IMG 8411

Knox played really well!

IMG 8408

Knox earned enough jelly beans (our form of allowance/reward for doing great thing) to get the fox that he has wanted for a very long time.

IMG 8428

We walked over to my sister’s house, had a bop it competition and made sandwiches for dinner!

IMG 8442


Here is how this week of training looked:

Monday:  8.21 miles @ 7:59 average

Tuesday: 8.18 miles @ 7:59

Wednesday:  13.2 miles with 6 x 1 mile (mostly downhill for those reps) @ 5:49 average.

Thursday: 10 miles of trails and 1300 ft gain @ 9:28 average pace.

Friday:  5 miles @ 8:55 average with Andrew and the kids.

IMG 8325

Saturday: 16 miles @ 7:26 average w/3 mile progression mixed into the middle.

Sunday:  Off!

60.59 miles for the week!

I have a half on Saturday but it’s not a goal race so there won’t be any tapering (probably a lot easier on Thursday/Friday) and I’ll continue to train right through it.


What are your plans today?

Tried any new to you fuel for your runs lately?  How was it?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

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My daughter recently got a Bob It. I don’t know what is happening at our house, but the competition is real !!!! I suck the most, my husband hung on to the high score for about a week, then my daughter just passed his 79 with 108 !! We’ll have to put it away for Fathers Day or it’s gonna get ugly.
I hope you enjoy your day today !!


Hahaha tell your daughter congrats! I totally understand what you are saying… the bop it brings out the competition over here too. I hope your Sunday is a great one Michele!


Impressive training week! You are so inspiring! :) I use Clif gels and LOVE them!! The vanilla is my absolute favorite – tastes like vanilla icing. I highly recommend it. Did you feel like you needed a second gel or was one enough for the 16 miles?


Thank you so much Jenny… oh absolutely wished I had a second gel. I just need to bring a bunch with me for every group run so I don’t get into the pickle I was in yesterday. I need to try the vanilla. Thanks so much and I hope your Sunday is a great one!


I did an interval run this morning–my first intervals in a while, and it felt hard but good! One of them I did keeping pace with a runner who passed me–she was running much faster than I usually do, but I kept pace with her for the interval time, which made me realize I can run faster than I thought, even if it’s hard. Love moments like that.

Today I’m making the Thai Quinoa Salad from Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow! I’m excited to try it and have yummy lunches to look forward to this week. Will probably also make a fresh batch of superhero muffins . . . the best. Have a beautiful Sunday!


WAY TO GO ON YOUR INTERVALS THIS MORNING. You rocked it. I totally agree with you, our brains hold us back so much and you just proved to yourself this morning how fast you are. Oh I love that salad… I just made the recovery quinoa salad. Thanks Kristin, you too!


I hope your Dad and Andrew have an awesome Father’s Day! Today I will be remembering my sweet Dad who passed away in 2006. I was lucky to have him for 39 years. I smashed my fingers in a utensil drawer today so icing them is on my agenda today?‍♀️


Kimberly, I am so so sorry that you lost your father, that breaks my heart. I’m so glad you have so many great memories with him. I hope your fingers feel better asap!


Amazing progression!! Happy Father’S Day to Andrew! I think my hardest run this week was last night when I had to get my long run in. I did 400s (14) on Wednesday, easy hills Thursday and a three mile fast fast tempo Friday and my legs were shot!! I usually don’t do so much close together but that’s just the way it worked this week. ? I am ready for a rest day today! I’m going to try that fuel! I need something to mix it up with the Huma gels also! Question, do you still like the recovery huma gels? What flavor would you recommend? Have a great day!


14 400s?! Wowzers Mollie… that sounds tough. You had a really great week of training Mollie, way to go. I feel you with the need of a rest day today. I do like the recovery huma gels and probably have one a week. The mango banana are my favorite! I hope you have a wonderful day!


I started my day with a bike ride that turned into a memorial ride, thinking about my Dad who taught me how to ride a bike. He even bought an old, used, beat up tandem so my brother with hemophilia could ride. We had the best times riding around in our own family peloton!

I just have one question for Knox. “What does the fox say?” (Sorry, now we’ll both have that silly song stuck in our heads all day!)


Your dad must be so so proud of you. I’m so glad that you were able to spend some time thinking about your memories with your dad… he sounds like he was an amazing father.

Bahaha and I officially have that song in my head;) Thanks Kathy haha!


We drove to get donuts this morning and saw five foxes (or is the plural just fox??) together! I have seen a few around here but always alone so it was cool.

How would you rate clif gels compared to shot bloks? I want to like gels but haven’t gotten there yet


NO WAY!! I don’t think I have ever seen a fox outside of a zoo… that is awesome (and so are the donuts;). I like the gels better because it is harder for me to chew while I run. The gels are delicious before I start a run/race though. Try the citrus flavor, I was surprised by how good it was. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Hi Janae,
I did my first relay on June 8th. It was the Sawtooth Relay, with 12 legs going from Stanley to Ketchum, ID (63 miles) Our team was named Missoulapalouza made up of 4 other women runners, one guy and his fiancé as our volunteer.

We made plans to stay overnight Friday and Saturday because we didn’t have our start time given to us until 2 weeks before. Luckily our estimated pace allowed us to start at 6:15 am. Some teams started at 2 am and one guy did it solo (midnight start time!). It started at about 5500 feet elevation so we ran into some snow and frost at our start!

I can’t explain how fun it was to be in a van with a bunch of other runners, cheering, eating, strategizing, and just loving the moment! The race was so well put together with the exchange points and pull outs for transportation. Early on we decided to try and take down a high school cross country all girls team. They ended up finishing a minute ahead of us, but it was fun to leap frog with them every leg!

The most intense portion was climbing and descending Galena Pass. 1500 feet across 6 miles. Luckily a team mate loves climbing, so he took that one. I had the decent. The air was thin, the pace was strong and the views were epic. I really recommend this race to anyone! We got 4th co-ed, 24/174 overall. Such fun!


HUGE HUGE congrats on your first relay Jenny… that sounds amazing! One guy did it solo? There was snow? Ahhhh! I am so happy you had such a fabulous time and you and the other 4 women and man on your team are STRONG. 1500 ft in 6 miles?! CONGRATS to all of you!!


Don’t forget to try the Science In Sport gels. They are great because you don’t have to follow them up with water. I love them because they are not so thick that you feel like you might choke! haha


Wow congrats on the awesome run! That sounds hard but very productive.

Not for running, but for biking, I recently started making my own Clif bars. They are pretty tasty!


Happy Father’s Day to Andrew AND all the amazing dads in your lives!



When I see people post that they hiked to the “Y” is that where they’re going (the “Y” in the picture on the side of the mountain)? We lived for a couple of years looking at that “Y”. I never knew you could hike to it. My memories are only of a 3 block radius around our apartment. This wasn’t the most easy years for my mom and step-dad. They had just remarried and we instantly moved to Utah so my step-dad could go to BYU. Within a year of remarrying my mom had a special needs baby and spent a lot of time at Primary Children’s hospital with her. This was my sixth grade year and I learned to grocery shop and cook supper for me and my sisters. Thinking back to this time it is such a blur. I know my mom and step-dad were in survival mode every single day and I’m sure if things were different we would’ve done outdoor things. I’m glad during those short 2 years we lived there I had a few good friends and wonderful church leaders who took me under their wing.

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