15 Things from Our DAY that We Need to Discuss

1.  I woke up yesterday feeling a lot better so I joined Andrew for a gym date.  By gym date I mean we walked in together and did our own workouts and then walked out together ha:)

2.  I walked on the treadmill for a mile, did a few strength training moves and then finished up with another mile walk.  It was exactly what I needed…  a little movement but just the right amount.  My glutes are going to feel nice and sore today from the Jane Fonda’s with an extra 5 lb weight:)  I haven’t been to the gym in forever!

IMG 3973

3.  I broke my headphones and I’ve lost every other pair of headphones that I have ever owned (someday I’ll be responsible with things that I continue to lose over and over again) so I grabbed a pair of Andrew’s wireless headphones.  They were the Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds and they reminded me how nice wireless headphones are.  I can’t wait to try running with these.

IMG 3976

4. Clearly an amazing way to refuel after a workout:)  Aebleskivers… one cinnamon sugar, one with fresh peaches, two with raspberry jam and one with caramel.

IMG 3979

5.  We decided to take full advantage of the farmer’s market because it will only be going on for a few more weeks!

IMG 3987

6.  We walked around for a while, Knox asked every dog owner there if he could pet there dog and he also made some friends along the way too:)  He is the friendliest.

IMG 3997

7.  Besides the aebleskivers and a fancy rock that Knox picked up we left with a huge bag of peaches and the best salsa (it is pineapple salsa… I’m all about fruit in my salsa) I’ve ever had.

IMG 3999

8.  While we were there we ran into one of our friends that is a big time foodie (he also ran a 100 miler last month!!!).  We asked him to tell us what he thinks is the best Mexican restaurant in our area and he sent us to Doña Mary Mexican Grill for the burritos.  We called up my parents because we wanted them to experience this goodness with us and my dad said his California burrito was the best burrito of his life.  I had the shrimp and steak burrito and our friend was right, it was beyond good.

IMG 4009

9.  After lunch we stopped by Mer’s house (my grandma) to catch up on everything, play with her dogs and watch the BYU game.

IMG 4011

10.  From there I went straight into resting mode for the rest of the day.  I took a 90 minute nap… it was one of those naps that when you wake up you swear it is morning time and that you just slept for 8 hours.  It was a good nap.

A picture of Andrew and Knox watching Michael Jackson music videos.  We’ve been listening to MJ non-stop around here.

IMG 4018

11.  Dinner.  I need to eat some vegetables today.

IMG 4021

12.  Just a little reading from Remarkably Average Parenting.  12 Ways that Pregnant Women are like Toddlers.

IMG 4023

13.  Monica’s post yesterday made me laugh so hard… I’ve purposely tried to not go to Target as often as I used to go to save $200 each time;)

IMG 4022

14.  Brooke is having a great weekend with her dad!  They are celebrating her birthday this weekend… nothing like a month long bday celebration.  Just how it should be in my opinion:)

IMG 4015

15.  My niece had her very first cross-country race!  It was two miles and I wish I could have been there cheering her on.  She’s got a great running future ahead!

IMG 3971


Who uses wireless headphones?!  Which ones do you use?  What are your thoughts on them?

How often do you go to Target?

How often do you go to a gym?  How has that changed over the years?

-I used to be at the gym six days a week and now I sometimes go a month in between visits but during the winter I am there usually 1-2 times a week!

Who did cross-country in jr. high or high school?  

-I didn’t but I wish that I did!

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I have wireless headphones but I can’t remember the brand…………I love them, except I never remember to charge them up before I need them and usually end up using the regular ones.
I love target. I could spend all day in there!
I don’t go to a gym…..I did in college but now I use my hand weights at home.
And I ran in both middle school and high school on the cross country team……….I was the slowest usually, but we had so much fun! Our coach was the best and he made being on the team so fun. I think it’s important to make exercise fun and not all about winning when you are at that young age………….so impressionable. I was one of 2 girls to be the first 4year runners at our high school! (The team was created our freshman year). I remember so many trips to meets on the bus singing out loud and stopping at Wendy’s afterwards to watch the boys team have a frosty drinking contest and get brain freezes. And some of the best memories were made during those meets!

Have a great weekend!


When Target was in Canada I would go every week (if not more). Now I go maybe once a year. Probably a good thing because I spent quite a few dollars when I was there a few weeks ago ;-)

I joined the XC team for one day in high school. Did a 4KM workout with the team and cried/complained the entire time lol. I never went back.


I’m getting ready to go to Target today, luckily my boyfriend is coming to get socks since he won’t let me buy things I don’t need. It’s great to hear you are feeling better! I don’t belong to a gym since I need to pay some student loans first instead of the luxury of a gym, but I do wish I had some small dumbbells for at home workouts.
My hometown is huge in running, there’s actually a documentary about the boys team at my high school. So I did cross country then but it was more for fun and I didn’t care all that much. Which is funny because I love to run now and am contemplating signing up for a marathon.

Have a great Sunday :)


Are there a lot of guys in SLC that ran a 100 mile race last month or do you know Brody Leven?!


HEY LYNN!!! My friend is Austin Baird! There must be a few of them here that did it:) I hope you have a great day!


When I listen to music, which is maybe 5% of the time, I use wireless beats. They aren’t the best quality that I’ve had but I like that they don’t fully block out noise bc I need to hear traffic when I am running outside.

I’m at Target about once a week :) It’s definitely my happy place! I have a decent gym set up at home so I don’t have a membership to a gym, but during the off season (from marathon training) I like to do boot camp.

I didn’t run cross country, but I coach it and it was so fun to see so many kids run their very first races this week!


Wireless Headphones:
Apple AirPods all the way! They are so much more compact than other wirelesss headphones, have seamless installation with the iPhone, and last for a week or two of runs (thanks to the case that recharges them) before the case needs to be charged. Love love love!

Target: usually 2 or 3 times a year (when we are living in the USA), but then again I do most of my shopping, outside of perishables, online.

Gym: I used to work at the YMCA and worked out daily. Then I didn’t and stopped working out other than running. Then we joined the YMCA and usually went on weekends (at that point our favorite one was 30 minutes away). I had a gym membership my first year in Bulgaria and went twice a week mostly to swim and shower after my run). Now none….we plan on joining the YMCA again once we return to the USA, and for the first 2.5 months will go A LOT (then our son will start Kindergarten), and I plan to have found a job by then so probably back to the weekend.

Cross country: I ran track in High School, was kind of intimidated by the dedication of cross country runners, and never tried XC. But I would have LOVED it if I’d been brave enough to try!


I did cross country in high school. I am really glad that I did! But I wish I would have been a better listener then because I would have done a lot better in it if I would have listened to my body and my coaches better. So many injuries!


So glad you’re feeling better! I go to the gym almost every morning now – I love zoning out on the elliptical, bike, or tread!

And I was on the XC team in middle school :) those were the glory days!

Have a great Sunday, Janae.


I use to go to Target a lot but since I have discovered how much cheaper our Sam’s Club is I tend to go there for everything. Especially since my kiddos are older now; I feel I ran to Target more for toys, kid clothes, diapers etc…. so it made sense to pick up groceries…kind of opposite of what others go there for but since I don’t need any of that stuff any more I skip it.

Brooke’s dress looks adorable too…


Thank you for reminding me how amazing pineapple salsa is!!!
I have a pair of wireless headphones somewhere, but the battery life is only about 3 hours, which is somewhat annoying.
I am on a Target diet, because it kind of became m happy place last year and that made my bank account sad. I used to go probably once a week, now I am pushing myself to only go once a month.
I go to the gym pretty often- probably 4-6 days a week. In past years, when I was running outside more, i went to the gym a little less.
I never ran cross country (because I grew up in the city, cross country wasn’t really a thing.), but I was a 1 and 2 mile runner on my high school indoor and outdoor track teams.
Have a great Sunday, Janae! Glad you’re feeling better!!


First, I’m SO glad you’re feeling better and that everything is ok with you and baby girl. ❤
I love my Jaybirds!! I won them in a drawing you did at my first She Runs retreat and I’ve been so grateful ever since!!
I don’t go to Target TOO often…
I got rid of my gym pass a few months ago but I’ve kind of been missing it. I might get it again for the winter. I just never go in the summer.
I was on cross-country in 8th, 10th and 11th grade. I didn’t always love it but I’m grateful for the introduction to running and racing. Now it’s a part of my soul and I can’t imagine my life without running.


I just started using AirPods but my worry is that they are not waterproof and what if I get caught in the rain with them? Then I’m out $160. They are great sound and they stay in my ears great, but I am wondering if anyone makes wireless headphones that are at least water resistant or waterproof??


I went to the gym in college and early 20’s, but since then have relied on a mix of outdoor recreation (running, mountain biking, skiing) and studio classes (yoga, barre, HIIT). I do have an elliptical at home that I use when it’s icy in the winter, and hand weights that I need to use more (oops). Good for you for getting some strength training in!


I’ve taken a lot of my shopping online because I don’t waste so much when I shop inside…always a target issue LOL. I know I’m in the minority but I’ve always done well with the standard iphone headphones LOL.

I just got into cross country in college believe it or not. I don’t think I regret not doing it earlier because I probably would be burnt out like I am with swimming.


I had to google Aebleskivers. They sound delicious and now I want some!

My wireless headphones are from Jabra. They are over the ear. I really like them!

I go to Target way too often. I try to only go unless I really can’t get what I need from somewhere else. I spend way too much time and money there. I just went Friday night. And overspent.

I work out at a small boutique gym two mornings a week with a trainer. I quit the large box/chain gym a few months after I started with the trainer. I absolutely love my sessions with the trainer! It’s a small group setting. Anywhere from just me in the session to up to 4 others. Our sessions are usually HIIT format and totally kicks my butt in the best possible way.

I didn’t run track or cross country in high school, but I really wish I had! My youngest ran both during middle school and I really enjoyed watching her! I wish she still did both now, but her focus year-round is tennis. I’ve learn to love it.


I have the Yurbuds Inspire 500 and love them! They stay in and not having to deal cords is awesome! I just switched this year and am really glad I did. Especially when I get caught in a downpour while running in Hawaii – my phone is safely in my fuel belt with no cords hanging out.

I go to Target a couple times a month at least. I have the Red Card debit card which is an automatic 5% savings on all purchases, which justifies too many impulse purchases ;)


I’ve been considering getting wireless earphones for the last week or so. There’s so many to pick from, it gets a bit overwhelming.

Target only lasted a few years here in Canada. One less store to shop at, and therefore save my money.


I can’t stop laughing at the indecisive eating during pregnancy! It’s so true. I was starving last night and my husband made us Mexican pizzas. Once he put the plate down in front of me, I started at it for a couple minutes and decided I’d rather have Cheerios.
Right now I’m not going to the gym at all. I’m at Jazzercise about 3 times a week though (it’s its own center, not in a gym). After the baby, I’m hoping I’ll be able to add a couple classes at the gym back in to my routine and get back to running, probably on the treadmill since it’ll be winter.
I was never bad about spending money at Target until I got pregnant. Now I can’t seem to leave without a baby outfit! BTW, my Target is having a big maternity sale right now. I got a top, workout pants, and a dress all for $30. I’m not sure if it’s at all Targets but it might be worth checking out if you need some more clothes.


My parents forced me to run cross country in 6th grade and then forced me into marching band from 7-9th grades because they were friends with the band director. When there weren’t enough people for a marching band, they forced me back onto the cross country team in 10th grade because they were friends with that coach and the team needed people. It was one of the best things they ever made me do because I’ve been running ever since (almost 30 years!).
I saw Monica’s post yesterday, too. I’ve been trying to limit target to once a month in order to limit my spending but I’ve been there at least once a week over the last month. I got a cute sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sweater yesteady. I had a bunch of gift cards from taking advantage of their buy so many things, get a free gift card and I used my red card. That counts for something, right?
I use iblast audo wireless headphones. I think they are supposed to be similar to beats headphones but only cost half as much. They poped up as an amazon deal of the day about a week before my very first half marathon last year. I really like them. They have ear clips and don’t fall out which is a problem I was having with several others i’ve tried.
I’m glad you’re feeling better. December will be here before you know it!


I have the plantronics back beat (I think that’s the name). Got them at Costco. I LOVE THEM! I will never go back to wired headphones. These are great for running, don’t budge at all, I can take a call while wearing them. Just awesome.

I go to Target maybe once a week.


I use Jaybirds wireless headphones! I love having wireless headphones bc then i don’t have to worry about cords and accidently pull on them and drop my phone when on the treadmill. It’s also nice to do things like jumping jacks without having to hold my phone. The only con is sometimes i get really sweaty… like when i’m running in the gym or it’s raining hard outside my left ear pod doesn’t stay in… probably bc the fit isn’t perfect, but since i usually run outside, it doesn’t bother me too much.

I ran XC in high school. To be honest, i didn’t really know what i was signing myself up for. I just agreed to join… but then I made the most amazing friends and felt so accomplished finishing even if i was in the back. The camaraderie was so fun that I stayed all 4 years. Fast forward a few years… and i’ve ran 9 half marathons and now i’m training for the full marathon! It’s something that I’ve definitely come to love!

No gym for me! In high school I worked at the Y, so I had a free gym, and in college i had the most amazing rec center. Then i moved to Denver and had a gym for a bit, but moved to a different area and quit since it wasn’t close. Then I was travelling back and forth m-th for 2.5 years for work in a small town that didn’t have any big gyms. Now I travel a bit still, but not as much and i’m taking classpass. Which is nice to have since they are available in most bigger cities! I do love gyms, but I love the efficiency and variety of those boutique gym classes.


I ran cross country all four years of high school and it is, by far, my absolute FAVORITE memory from high school. Not so much the races as the team practices, the sleepovers, and the pasta parties the night before races where we would eat everything from lasagna and mac and cheese to 7-layer bars and cheesecake. These days (7 years later), the team still gets together, but usually just for the pasta parties (+alcohol ;) ).


i’ve never heard of a aebleskivers before! Looks yummy!


I love wireless headphones and have a small collection. I love the Powerbeats 2 and still use those for everyday (non-running) use, but went through about 2 sets during training cycles. I have the Plantronics BackBeat FIT, which are more water/sweat resistant than the Powerbeats. I love that they “hook” over the ear (like the Powerbeats) and have soft-ish tips that go in the year (like Powerbets and YurBuds).


major gym rat here! love the atmosphere and classes and energy and people. I’ve also got some unknown health issues going on that are preventing me from running long outside :/ at least i can still do something!
btw…the art under #6 at the farmers market is so adorable! would love that little strawberry painting.

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