Skye 16 month update + Day in the Life!

Sixteen months is here!  The other day my sister reminded me that when her 4th was 16 months old, she also had a 4 month old.  I can’t even imagine because Skye is keeping us on our toes over here.  I feel like she is officially out of the baby stage and is a complete toddler at this point.

*She loves stuffed animals a lot lately and usually has one in the car with her whenever we go somewhere.

IMG 9334

*Skye HATES IT so so bad when we try to wipe her nose so I started just handing her the wipe.  She is much happier doing it herself.

IMG 9292

*I don’t have anything to say about this picture besides how much I love it when Andrew sends me a selfie with them.

IMG 3211

*It is a proven fact that if a person starts laughing really hard then Skye will join in laughing as hard as she can too.

IMG 0009

*We are at the soccer fields a lot this season.  I had no idea how Skye was going to do at the games but I’m happy to report she is either climbing on me or Andrew the whole time or

IMG 0034

Very invested in every move that Brooke or Knox makes.

IMG 0049

*This girl could eat string cheese for a living…

IMG 9999

*Along with breakfast burritos.  The below breakfast burrito was actually Andrew’s but Skye took his over once she finished hers.

IMG 0030

*Ranch is another huge favorite for her.  She will find something to dip into ranch and just eat the ranch off of the object and dip it again.

IMG 9765

*She has started to want to snuggle a lot more often these days…

IMG 9962

*Andrew and I are both soaking those in.

IMG 9630

*Whenever the big kids are playing with Skye she will make sure to sit right on their laps or in front of them to ensure that they will not leave.  Even if they scoot over, Skye will reposition herself to be directly in front of them.

IMG 0101

*Why talk when you can just point to everything that you want and have your wish granted?  We need to work on that.

IMG 0336

*Many mornings when I go into her room to get her she has pulled one or two arms out of her pajamas.  All four corners of her blanket are usually soaking wet too from her sucking on the corners each morning.

IMG 0346

*Her little facial expressions each day make me so happy.

IMG 0350

*If Skye can see a park then she will be pointing and yelling ‘go’ the entire time until we get to the park for her to play.

IMG 0496

*It is her favorite place in the world.

IMG 0498

*Flashback to hiking with Skye last summer…  PS we bought this pack and we still love it so so much!

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 8714

I’ve had a few requests for a day in the life of Skye type post so here is a little glimpse into what her schedule looks like:

*8:00 am wake-up.  She usually starts moving around at this time and our camera tells us that she is awake once she is moving.  She rolls around for a few minutes and then once she sits up one of us gets her (Brooke and Knox love to get her in the mornings so if they are home then they are the ones to get her).

*8:15 am breakfast.  She loves oatmeal, yogurt and fruit most mornings but anytime we are making something like eggs/bacon/bfast burritos then she goes crazy for that.

*8:30-11:00ish am play time.  She is either crawling around, going on errands with us or just playing with toys/crawling on us/reading with us.  Sometimes we will go to bootcamp or on a walk during this time too.

*11:00ish am snack and then nap.  She will usually have a string cheese and some crackers and then she goes down for her one nap of the day that is usually 3 hours.  Skye goes down very easy for naps as long as she is tired, she has her blanket and pacifier, the room is very dark and her sound machine is on.

*2:00ish pm she wakes up and then she has lunch!  She usually has a sandwich or leftovers from the night before.

*2:30-5:30ish we pick up the kids from school, do their homework, run them around to soccer games etc.  Skye is happy to join in on whatever the big kids are doing.

*5:30-7 pm is dinner, bath time (sometimes this happens earlier depending on how messy she gets), scripture study (each night we read scriptures together), play some games or watch a show while Skye climbs up and down her slide for a while.  She goes to bed at 7 and that is when we pick up the house a bit and get everything ready for the next day.  I work whenever she is asleep and I’m hoping this three hour nap thing lasts for a long time.

Please note we did nothing to get her to sleep so well… this girl loves sleep and she loves a schedule.  I’m learning that these little humans come down with certain characteristics and habits outside of anything their parents do.  We did have her cry it out starting at around 9 months old (we just let her cry until she fell back asleep when she would wake up at night for a few nights) and ever since then she has slept through the night.


I would love to hear a day in the life of your little ones (as detailed or not detailed as you want)!

Those of you with more than one child, do you see a lot of similarities, differences or both between your kids?

When did your kids stop taking naps?  My sister was telling me many of her kids stopped taking naps when they turned ONE?!?

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Every one of my kids are different with somethings. They definitely come with their own personalities. They don’t learn that, but then they are similar with other things like schedules.

She’s getting so big. It’s fun to see her personality come out.


It really is so interesting to me how different kids come to us… and I love seeing their differences and similarities. Thanks Jenny! Have a great night and so excited for your training to start this weekend!


My kids are 2y7m apart. She stopped napping the day he came home from the hospital (this caused about 2 weeks of post-partum weeping on my part). It took me almost 3 years to figure out that it had nothing (or very little) to do with him bring around and everything to do with her last binky being broken and this she was binkiless. If I could do it all over I’d let her keep the binky a while longer (the binky fairy had to come for him on his 3rd birthday because he was obsessed and because his teeth were already showing signs of sticking out). He was never a good napper – from early on he was the infant that if he fell asleep in the car on the morning he’d not nap for the rest of the day – he was okay napping but mom and dad weren’t – we already had 1 who wasn’t napping and we needed a break! I think he stopped napping all together at home at about 18 months but he was in daycare so he had to take a nap and from 2 1/2 until 5 if he napped he wouldn’t go to bed until 10 pm. The good news is both my kids have been fantastic sleepers once they do go to sleep.


WAIT WHAT?! Oh Jessey, that must have been so so hard! That is interesting about what you said about the binky… we keep wondering how long Skye should have them. He wouldn’t nap again after the car nap, that is rough! I am so glad that both are amazing sleepers once they do fall asleep! PS we are thinking around a 2.5- 3 year gap with Skye and the next (if we get to have more kiddos)! Thanks for sharing Jessey and have a great night.


Hope takes after me and still takes a quick nap after lunch if we are home. I think she could do this till she goes to full day school.


I love that she does that… and that you do that. That sounds like the best way to refresh and liven up for the rest of the day. I’m going to try to copy you two tomorrow:) . I hope you have a great evening Erica.


My little one isn’t so little anymore, she’s 11. But she used to be a great napper. She loved them, and I loved that she loved them. But when she started preschool, it was right smack dab during nap time. And boy did we go through a not so fun stage !!! She wouldn’t take a morning nap at age 4, she’d miss it in the afternoon for preschool, then she was ready to crash at 3:30 pm, which was not great because she wouldn’t be ready for bed them. So I allowed cat naps (half hour) and it was so so, so very hard to wake her up. But eventually it resulted in going to bed earlier and sleeping later to compensate for that missed nap. So she was 4 when she stopped napping, but if it wasn’t for school I’m certain she’d still be napping (age 11) lol. Which is funny because I am not a napper, never have been. I’ve tried, I want to be, I just can’t sleep during the day. Weird.


Oh that must have been so so hard… I remember that pre-school kind of messed up Brooke’s whole rhythm too! That was very smart to have cat naps to help with the situation. I’m like your daughter, napper for life if I could:) . Have a beautiful day and tell your daughter hi for us:) . Thanks Michele!


My 17 month old sleeps from 7-7 at night but naps are horrid. She will go down at 10am and sleep for 1.5 hours but then sometimes has trouble napping in the afternoon. We have to pick up big sister from preschool so if I were to drop her to one nap it would start until 1pm (and Shea definitely ready for one by 11). Also her naps are 2 hours max but usually 1.5 which doesn’t seem like enough. How would you work that schedule out? I keep going back and forth with 1 vs 2 naps which in sure isn’t helping the situation!


HEY JENN! Yay for a good night of sleep all night, that is awesome! Some days (like Sundays with church) we do have to push back Skye’s nap until 1 or 2 and personally I like one nap a day better because it doesn’t keep us tied up at home as much. It gives us a little more room to do errands or do pick-ups etc. I’m guessing Skye would take two naps if I planned it out that way but I just like one because then we have a little more freedom (and her one nap is a larger chunk) that way. I hope that makes sense… GOOD LUCK and let me know what you choose!


Thank you!! If you put her down later does she still sleep the 3 hours?


That’s a tough question because when she is going down later like that it means the big kids are home and they are loud so she ends up not sleeping quite as long. I wonder if she would still sleep three hours?!? When they are gone at school = 3 hours usually! I’ll have to run an experiment to see if she would sleep 3 hours later on In the day one day when they are both with their other parents!


I just love her so much!!

My girls both took naps until kindergarten. Ellie even took some afternoon naps when she would get home from kindergarten!


I knew your girls and I had a lot in common… naps are the best! SEE YOU SOON (IN BOSTON)!


She’s so adorable! I like reading about her schedule, and imagining some months down the road when I can get my lil one on a schedule.


Good luck Jenny! The schedule is coming! We did that too… those first 6ish months we just fed on demand and knew that there was a light up ahead with a more regular schedule. You are doing awesome!


Omg Skye is so cute! I’m jealous of her little top ponytail! My daughter had zero hair for forever! Both of mine quit napping soon after turning one. Not cool.


Andrew told me Knox didn’t have hair for the first two years and now he has the thickest hair of all of us! STOPPED NAPPING AT ONE… NOOOO! Have a great day:)


My 18 month old was sleeping 11 hours at night but we just hit a bump. I think we figured out she doesn’t like her crib anymore. She will sleep all night on her floor with a blanket! (we figured this out when this pregnant mama, I’m 22 weeks, just laid down on the floor finally and she did too and went to sleep). So moving her to a full mattress and going to see how that goes.
She’s a great napper though. About 2-2.5 hours every afternoon. She loves her little cot and cot cover at daycare and seems to like that better than napping in her crib at home. So hoping the move to a full mattress on the floor helps home naps too. And hoping we make it through this transition before we move to our new house in 5 weeks and this baby comes in August!


No to the bump (and dealing with that while pregnant.. you are a superhero)! I hope that the mattress solves this for you guys! Let me know. Good luck with your new house and the new baby, so many exciting things going on for you guys!


I LOVED reading this. Thank you for sharing about her schedule!


Of course! Thank you Amanda and have a beautiful day!


Skye sounds like a bundle of sweet energy! Maybe one reason she sleeps well? Love how she’s so affectionate with your family.
My oldest (now 20) was a terrible sleeper. My 16-y.o. got much better at sleeping when she started sucking her thumb at 6 weeks. Neither of them (both girls) napped well, and both had to be near the preschool teachers during nap time because they would just not nap there. My youngest (almost 11 now) was probably the best sleeper of them all and did better with naps–he’s also a super-high-energy kid, so he would wear himself out :) Overall, I’d say each kid has their own personality, likes, and needs, and it’s kinda cool to see the similarities and differences.


Haha I’m guessing that is exactly why she sleeps well. Oh that is so interesting about how much sucking her thumb helped her to sleep! It really is so interesting to see how similar and different they all come down to us:)! Have a wonderful day Corey and it sounds like you are in some really fun stages with your kids now!


She is so adorable! This is such a fun, rascally age :)
Everything *clicked* with walking for my little guy this past weekend. I’m so proud of him, but wow has it thrown him off! He is up at 5am, and naps have been very challenging. He just wants to go, go, go! I can’t say that I blame him.
Before this little bit of excitement, he was in bed from 7p-7a or 8a (on the weekends). Naps were from noon to 2ish. I’m sure we’ll get back to that. Everything ebbs and flows.
I really like that hiking pack! We may need to invest in one.


5 AM!?!? WHAT? He is an early riser and ready to take on the day! Just like his mama:) . Seriously, the pack is awesome… I hope you love it too if you get it. Tell him atta boy for us for rocking his walking!


I have a 6 year old and almost 17 month old too. Here’s our toddler’s schedule. Wake her up at 8:00 on weekdays (she sleep until whenever she wants on weekends—usually like 9!). Milk, get sister ready for school, play. Take sister to school and home by 9 ish for breakfast (she loves green smoothie muffins and banana oat pancakes). 10:30 1st nap, no longer than an hour. Lunch is at 12. 2nd nap is at 1:30. Wake her up again at 3:40 to pick up sister from school. Snack when we get home from pick up. Dinner 6:30. Bedtime 7:15. My kid LOVES sleep too. Her weekend schedule looks way different because we let her sleep however long she wants! So different from my first!


Any chance you could send me your green smoothie muffins recipe? I’m intrigued by that… and also those pancakes. YAY for kids that love to sleep (it saves my sanity haha). Have a beautiful day Jamie!


Just sent it to you. :). Enjoy.


OH MY GOSH seeing that picture of Skye in her hiking pack from last year made me realize how big she’s gotten!! Why do babies grow so fast?! I have a 7 month old and I wish I could freeze time! My 3.5 year old still takes a 2 hour nap every day and sleeps 11 hours at night! She loves her sleep. My son is the 7 month old and he’s an awful napper. He won’t nap longer than 40 minutes but he sleeps about 11 hours at night too. He still gets up to eat once during the night usually. When you started letting Skye cry it out do you remember how long she cried during the night? I feel like we are going to have to do the cry it out thing soon.


It really does go by so so fast. So good to hear that your 3.5 year old loves to nap/sleep so much still! I hope your son starts taking a bit longer naps. I think there were a few times it was about 30 minutes… it was SO hard but now she knows, night time is for sleeping and she will get plenty of delicious foods/milk to drink in the morning:) . Good luck!


Man she is a good sleeper. I’m more jealous about sleeping until 8 than the naptime. My kids are such earlier risers! And She sounds like a good eater! Mine are so picky even at that age! And enjoy that naptime! My friend has a little girl who is almost two and still naps 3 hours. So maybe you’ve got some more time!


Early risers… that is hard! I don’t think I would have been able to do this ultra training if it wasn’t for Skye sleeping in! Skye definitely has her picky days too. Thanks Mary and have a great day:)


How many ounces of milk is she drinking? Also, any tips on getting them to drink from a sippy cup, not a bottle. I feel like we are behind in this! One more question – when she cried it out – did she stand in her crib and cry…that is what ours does and we wait about 5 minutes before in there…but he is so stubborn he just won’t stop. We would love to avoid the one wake up in the middle of the night!


I HAVE NO IDEA (I should be better with tracking that…). She usually has one with each meal and before bed/naps too (so probably a lot). We just have to be stubborn with the sippy cup. Each time you give up with them they remember and throw a bigger fit the next time because they know we will give in because we have before. That is SO hard. Yes, she was standing and so mad at us and it is so hard to not go in but healthy sleep for them is so important and once they learn they aren’t going to get a milkshake (haha that’s what we called it for Skye) in the middle of the night, they learn. They are so much smarter than we think (in my opinion). Setting boundaries from early on (those first 6-8ish months I truly think they ARE hungry though and need to be fed) will help create a good routine. Don’t give up… I felt so bad letting Skye cry it out (she would for like 30 minutes before falling asleep) but the reward is she is getting the sleep she needs which is so good for her growing body and everyone’s sanity in the house! Good luck Kelly, you can do this!


Hey Janae, how long did you let her cry it out at night? I have an 11 month old and he still doesn’t sleep through the night. I feel like I’ve tried soo much. Just curious?



Hey Laurie! Our goal was 45 minutes max and luckily she fell back asleep by then each time so we never had to go back in and get her. I think they are so smart so each time we do go in to get them when they are crying during this process they learn they just need to cry for long enough for us to come. I think the key is filling them up at night too with a lot of food so they aren’t actually hungry so they can fall back to sleep. IT’S SO HARD but so worth it. Their brains need the sleep so when you are feeling bad remember how good healthy sleeping is for them:) . Keep me updated!


Also, do you guys use a sound machine for your little one? We forgot ours one time on a trip and she woke up a million times that night. We can’t live without her sound machine!


It would be so fun to get Skye and my daughter Adelynne together. They are the same age and doing a lot of the same things.

Our schedule is:
7-8am wake up and play
8am first breakfast, something small like crackers and yogurt
8-10am play quietly (husband works night shift and sleeps in)
10-1pm eat second breakfast with dad, play, sometimes lunch or small snack, then nap
1-4 nap, a 3 hour nap is the best! Husband leaves for work
4-7pm play, dinner, bath, then bed. She sleeps through the night mostly too!


Ahhhh, she is so cute! I loved reading about her day :)

My son is almost 3 and still naps most days (sometimes he skips but he is tired those days!)


I have two boys … an almost 6 month old and an almost 2 year old!

I am the queen of the nighttime routine (dinner at 6, bath time, play time in room, stories, BED) and my boys thrive off of it. My oldest will even be like “Night Night” and point to his crib before we finish our books. It come in handy when we travel or have grandparents watch them because as long as you follow their routine, they are happy.

Naps for my toddler are consistent from 12-2 but honestly, I give all the credit to daycare. They don’t have an option to not nap at school so we just follow through with that on the weekends. I am riding that nap wave for as long a possible because he is GRUMPY if he misses it. Lordddddd!

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