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Katie taught me the coolest trick to determine the sex of my baby.  Take a hair (from your own head) and dangle your ring from it, if it spins then you are having a girl and if it stays straight you are having a boy.  Looks like I am having a girl because this test is clearly 100% accurate.

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Janae’s top google searches the last 5 months always have the words pregnant and running in them.  I was stoked when THIS article from Runner’s World popped up because it has some great tips!

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I really need to find a good belt soon!

Other awesome tips from the article for pregnant runners and for moms:

1.  Plan your route. Make sure there are lots of bathrooms along your route.

2.  Take it easy.  Listen to your body, go slow and ALWAYS have water.  Lori Vickerman (an Olympic marathoner) ALWAYS erred on the side of caution.

3.  Feed the baby.  “Nurse or pump before you go so that you won’t leak and you don’t have to worry about hurrying home to a hungry baby.”  Malina Larson, who has four kids!

4.  Buddy up to run.  Meeting someone to run always makes it easier to motivate yourself to run.  Plus your friends will help you keep sane!  If you live wherever we end up moving in the fall will you promise to be my running buddy?

5.  Tag-team.  “When the weather was too harsh to take my son out in the stroller, a friend and I took turns watching each other’s kids while the other went running.” Lisa DeliAquila

6.  Treadmill Baby.  My child will find the sound of my treadmill to be incredibly soothing:)

7.  Call in the pros.  Get a babysitter for a few hours to get out for your runs every now and then.  Endorphin are totally worth the $15 for a babysitter.

8.  Do it for you.

9.  Keep your passengers happy.  Snacks, toys, whatever it takes to let them let you finish your run.


Some advice that I have because I clearly am beyond wise in this topic;)

1.  Don’t compare yourself.  For me, Daily Mile made me compare myself to other runners which is no bueno and so I stopped using Daily Mile.   All I need to focus on right now is keeping my baby healthy and enjoying my running not how I compare to other runners.  Be proud that you are out there doing your thing instead of thinking about your previous fitness levels/times.

2.  Be extra careful when running outside.  Don’t assume drivers are going to see you and make sure you are running with someone or you have your phone with you.

3.  Be selfish.  Tell your running partner your needs whether it is to slow down, walk, go to the bathroom or go home, they will understand.  Don’t just try to push through it, you’ve got to listen to your body!

4.  Refuel like a champ.  This helps me to prevent nausea (when my stomach gets empty I feel nauseated) and you and your baby NEED calories!


What is your advice for PREGNANT RUNNERS?!?! What did you learn about running when you were pregnant?

Who wore a maternity belt during their pregnancy?  Where did you get it from?

Who watches your kids when you go run?  Do you bring them with you?

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I have 3 boys ages 4, 2 and 10 months. I ran through all three pregnancies and loved it, with my 3rd I ran 3 miles the day he was born. Some days running was easy and I hardly felt pregnant. Other days it was hard and made me feel so out of shape. I really had to learn to appreciate the good runs and be thankful that I could run while pregnant. I never wore a running belt but I think I might get one if I can convince my husband to have one more:).

To get my runs in I have a couple different options, I get up really early and run on my treadmill while everyone sleeps, I also have a double bob stroller so if I only have 2 of the kids then I can push them and run (I actually enjoy running with my kiddos, they are so fun), on weekends Ill get up early enough so I can run in the light and go outside. Plus I’m a teacher (part time math teacher) too so I’m really looking forward to early morning summer runs before the hubs leaves for work. Basically running and working out makes me a much happier mommy so I really try to make sure my runs are planned out the night before so I know it will happen

Are you going to teach or stay home next year when your baby is born? I did that baby trick with all three of my kids, it was right one and wrong twice:).

Have a good evening!


The preggy belt is a good idea. I always wanted one when I was preggy because that kid gets heavy! But I never got one. The next time around that would be my first purchase :-)


When I had one daughter she always got excited when I got the jogging stroller out for a run. She was so fun to run with. After having daughter #2 I’ve decided it’s much easier to get up and run while my girls and my husband are still sleeping or to go in the afternoons when my husband gets home. Although he just bought me a treadmill so now I can run whenever I want but I still prefer the early morning hours and I love getting outside as much as possible.


Good advice here… Personally, I’ve never worn the preggo belt but if it was given to me I probably would have tried it. I only ran consistently with my last one (baby #4) and it was relatively “easy” (I use the term loosely) until the last 10 weeks and it just got plain HARD. Basically it feels like a heavy basketball bouncing on your bladder ever. single. step. But I felt awesome for being able to still run. Looking back I am SO glad I stayed with it- even when it got tough. I recommend routes near restrooms and don’t worry about pace or distance. Watch your footing. I once fell at 24 weeks but fortunately caught myself. Landed on my palms and knees. Fortunately, my belly (more specifically my baby) was completely fine.

Probably the most challenging phase is nursing new baby/ running part. It is definitely doable but requires a lot more effort and determination! It’s an exciting new world and I’m sure you’ll do great!


Yes! I agree with the nursing/running. Invest in LilyPadz. They are the best :)


I don’t know anything about anything about anything about this. But I really like you, and I can’t wait to see you soon! :)

Glad to know we should start brainstorming girl’s names now! Haha


I opted for a support band (similar to the belly band that lets you wear your pants longer with the button undone) instead of a belt. It covers my belly and I just felt it would be more comfortable than a belt – so far so good! My advice is to always have an open mind when you head out for a run. Some days it will feel great, other days you will have to walk or call it quits all together. I take it one run at a time, one mile at a time. And now is the time to get over any fears of peeing on the side of a trail :)

I agree with not comparing yourself to others because I’m not nearly as fast as you when I’m not pregnant let along with Another Runner on Board :)


When I was pregnant with my daughter (she is 10mo old) my husband and I googled old wives tales to help us figure out the gender. Every single one said we were having a boy and we had a girl. Guess they were wrong or we did them wrong.

It will be super exciting when you find out the sex of your baby. Let the shopping begin when you do. :)


I really liked my maternity belt. I didn’t have it for the first two pregnancies and felt so bummed when I ‘discovered’ them during my third. I got this very heavy-duty one that did some weird double velcro action. I also swear by thigh-high compression stockings.

Drink lots of water…even if it makes you have to pee a lot. Remember that your blood volume is increasing dramatically and that you are cycling through amniotic fluid like you cannot believe. And don’t freak if you come to a point in your pregnancy where running just isn’t working for you. It isn’t a contest to see who can run pregnant the farthest past her due date.

My husband watches them. Or I do it when they are in school. I tried a jogging stroller with my first and I swear that it is what screwed up my hip so super badly. I know every body is different, but I think that for MY body it was a bad match.


My kids are 20 months apart. And I loved my jogging stroller. And they loved. Some of my best memories are with that thing. Isn’t it called interval training when you do speed work from one park to the next? Each kid had their own Nathan bottle for the stroller. They’re way to big for it now. Now I’m homesick for those days. :)


i do NOT bring the kids with me – they are who i’m running FROM!! ha ha! kidding, kidding. But seriously,that’s my me time.
Another gender trick is pay attention to what that baby’s heartbeat has been at dr visits…the slower it is (150’s) earlier on in the pregnancy, means boy and faster (180’s) means girl! okay, i tried to get the dr’s to agree with me on this one and they would not, but it is at least SOMEtimes true…


Congrats on your baby girl! ;) Kidding, kidding. But I can’t wait to officially hear what the sex is! :)


I run solely on the treadmill. Babysitters here get $15 an hour. I don’t have that kind of money.


Take it day by day – both during pregnancy and after. Some days you’ll feel terrible and tired, other days you’ll have the best run. Don’t get discouraged or let your mood be determined by how good (or bad) your run was. Just be happy you got out there. And have lots of grace for yourself!


Great tips! I couldn’t run while I was pregnant (bedrest!) but as soon as my son was born and old enough, I bought a jogging stroller. He’s five now and I still sometimes put him in it. (he’s a skinny-minnie and is light).


I learned just when you think your running days are over–they aren’t. I think I almost threw in the towel on running 20x’s while pregnant, but just take a day or 2 of rest and try it again. BUT, if you are feeling pain/uncomfortable–don’t feel bad about not being able to run–listen to your body. I was only able to run until 34 weeks and then I started to have lower ab pain and had to switch to x-training.

A jogging stroller was the best investment we made! I use it all the time (besides winters).


My best friend is greek and her family has passed down the ring thing for generations! she does the ring thing on our friends… (she doesnt use hair, she uses a necklace). She is 3 for 3 with sex of the baby, and she also can tell you how many kids you will have! Its crazy weird.

Dont have any pregnant advice even though sometimes i eat for 2…or 5. Whatever. :)


Janae – I used the Medela support band with my 1st and found that it was perfect. Even if it was all mental, I felt that it kept my belly up and provided the support I was looking for so that my belly wasn’t bouncing up and down =)

When my son was 1st born, we were in an apt complex with a gym so I was able to head down and run when my husband was around. We recently purchased our 1st treadmill and I run every morning when he naps. Now that the days are getting brighter, earlier, I am going to start running in the AM – before the hubs goes to work. =)


I am not pregnant nor plan to be pregnant for a few years but I find it sad when I read other women’s blogs who were so passionate for running before pregnancy and have now lost their running and identity because of the baby. I understand that the baby should and will always come first but I also think it’s important to continue to do the things you love as well and sometimes you just need to be selfish and get away for yourself. Running has become my “therapy” and I couldn’t imagine giving that up once a baby comes along. I guess it’s about finding a happy medium and paying 15$ for a babysitter would definitely be worth it :)


I rarely ran with a jogging stroller–it just compromised my form and, honestly, I ran for the little bit of peace and quiet and internal focus that seems to get sucked away when you have little kids. I often tag-teamed with my husband (and still do). I would go for a long morning run on weekends, or a short run after he came home from work, if possible, then he could go do a mtn bike ride or run. Now, we frequently tag team with another couple–the ladies go run together while the guys watch the kids, then we swap so they can go do a bike ride together and all the kids get to play with some friends. Win-win-win!


Get the shorts not the belt. Funny Tia (above comment) and I went to college together at a small Christian school in AR. ! I love it. e


I got a belt from Motherhood Maternity
I used the treadmill until she started to get an established wake-up time. Now I run outside at 530 before she wakes up.
I havent run much with her yet because it’s too windy here during the spring.


1) My mother in law swears by the ring on a string method. Totally said I was going to have to girls, then a boy, then another girl – we are almost ready to pop with our first BOY. She’s crazy but that’s another story…

2) I love running and I absolutely miss it. I purchased a belt around 20 wks and found it sort of magnified the belly bouncing for me. I’ve been carrying low so it just moved it all up and made it more uncomfortable, so I haven’t really been into running since then, I got 6 more weeks (and then some for recovery) but I can’t wait to get back on the roads!! We just went on a holiday where last year I did daily runs and I was so envious of all the runners, I almost cried.


I didn’t run while pregnant only because lifting my pinky finger was exhausting let alone running! But now I take my babies in the jogging stroller but only if it’s 60 degrees or warmer. And not windy.
One baby is sort of a fussy, grumpy little guy so I have to cover him in toys just in case. I always worry that I’ll get to the furthest point from home and he’ll have a meltdown! I just figure that if it happens, I’ll just stop and take him out and sit and play for a few minutes until we can continue.
Also, like someone else mentioned, the jogging stroller really messes with my form. So my ‘real’ runs are on the weekend when my hubs can watch the babies.


My mom told me about the hair/ring trick… except she used a needle and thread! However, she also said she’s pretty sure it’s the opposite if you do the trick WHILE you’re pregnant… so, you may be having a boy! :)


Hahah that test reminded me of how when I was a ki, we thought if you pressed this spot on the inside of your palm, the amount of bumps that appeared on your wrist were the number of children you would have one day. Totally legit.


I saw an adorable pregnant runner when I ran Boston on Monday! She was AT LEAST 7 months pregnant. She definitely was taking care to walk when she needed and it looked like she had her husband there with her to make sure she was okay. I wonder if she finished! I cheered for her when I went by!


I learned not to compare pregnant self to my pre-pregnant self. Of course I am going to be slower and have discomfort, I am pregnant!! Don’t be ashamed to take walk breaks and to slow down.

I am going on 33 weeks and have never worn a support belt.

My son is 14 so he can stay home alone. I will run the baby in a jogging stroller once i get the OK from our doctor. Also, my gym offers free child care so i can drop her off there while i run the treadmill too.


You are being so smart and healthy thru this pregnancy! Ryleigh is 15 months old and I either take her with me in the Bob stroller or she stays home with Daddy. Most Saturday mornings I take off for a longer run or out on trails where I can’t take her so he stays with her and they have fun time together. If he gets home from work before me he will come get her (she’s at work with me) so I can go for a run right after work. This one has been hard to schedule but we are trying to find the groove.


Thanks for all the great advice! Now the trick is to stop being so competitive with myself and extend myself some grace while growing this little blessing.

I am so blessed, my husband watches my kids while I run. I usually go in the afternoon, but as it get hotter, I think I’m going to have to change up my schedule and get those runs in, in the the morning.


I used to run with my baby all the time! But with my wrist injuries, I’m taking a break from it :(

I didn’t wear a belt but I wore this maternity band, and it seemed to really help!


I have definitely learned to listen to my body more, not just with running, but with exercising in general. I worked out really hard last week after work and I felt really shakey and crappy afterwards. I knew I pushed it too hard. Its just not worth it. I have learned when to give myself a rest and I have slowed down my running, how much weight I use to workout, and on the elliptical a lot. But I’m okay with it :).

The ring trick AND the chinese calendar (you can google it) both were right for me :). I have heard to put the ring on a necklace chain and have someone else do it over your hand. I’m sure it makes a huge difference in accuracy if you do it correctly haha.


soooo i was supposed to run boston this past monday and ended up was so hard but im 5 months pregnant now and that heat just seemed way too risky. so i definitely think that if/when you’re pregnant and running…give yourself and body a break! dont compare yourself to your old times or whatever…your baby depends on you to make the right decisions not only for you but for him or her so don’t feel the need to push yourself. there will always be another race after baby…mine is boston a year from now! :)


Well, if you don’t feel good comparing yourself with others on daily mile, you should compare with me. I am soooo bad at running, you must feel good about yourself :D You’d probably still be faster a week before giving birth ;)


When I was pregnant, I ran with another pregnant friend and another friend that acted as our EMT. My other pregnant friend would sometimes feel dizzy. So she’d have to run back to the park and get her car for us.

We always ran with a cell phone. Oh and tissues…

Your #6 is right on the nose. Lili loves the sound of my treadmill. She just sits there, sometimes falls right asleep. I was pregnant during most of the winter — so I def ran on tread most of the time. I’m so clumsy, I’d slip even if it wasn’t on ice. LOL


I am currently pregnant with #3 – 12 1/2 weeks. I am running a half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. I ran pretty consistently with #2, but certainly didn’t race. Looking forward to the race because I can put all expectations for speed and PR behind me. It will be a nice break from my usual MO.

Anyway, found your blog on Pinterest and can’t wait to follow along.

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