Tangents & It’s really hard to not…..

MEET-UP PLANS!!! —>  Let’s meet at the Boston Public Garden on Sunday (4/14) in front of the George Washington Statue at 10 am!  It will be easy to meet there and if we want move over to an area with more benches we can do that too.  We will be there from 10 to about 11 (or longer because let’s be honest I do chatter).  I’m going to try to bring some donuts so let me know if you have any requests:). Can’t wait to meet anyone that can come!


I have a new Skye update (16 months?!) along with her daily schedule HERE in case you want to check it out.


It felt very good to be back running with my friends.  There were four of us and like usual when running with friends, the miles flew by because of the conversations.  Josse is currently in the thick of Ironman training and I am so impressed by her training for swimming, biking AND running each week.  Triathletes are tough.

IMG 1615

Allison told me about this new glowing bike path and I was wishing our bike path had the same glow during our run yesterday.

IMG 1559

The people and the view below make setting an alarm for a little before 5 in the morning completely worth it.

IMG 1611

8 miles and I think I’ll do a 5 miler and a few 3 milers before the race on Monday.

IMG 1613

After my run I went to see Dr Bennett to get everything adjusted and ready to do a marathon again.  I do not know how I ran injury free before I started going to him… oh wait, I was RARELY injury free back then.

IMG 3929

Andrew was very proud of the fact he did Skye’s hair yesterday.

Work starts for him on May 7th.  His schedule until then involves the to-do list he made and has been wanting to get done very badly for a few months and relaxing without thinking about studying all of the time.  It’s weird to see him without his NCLEX books within arms length of him at all times.

IMG 1617

We had cross-country practice and it went really well.  At each practice the kids can earn beads for their necklace and that was VERY motivating to Brooke.  She probably ran about 1.5 miles and earned 2 beads.  They did warm-up drills too… it was adorable.

She’s already been asking how many days until the next practice.

IMG 1633

Followed by soccer practice for Knox!  That kid is on fire on the soccer field!

IMG 1653

Grilling season is here!  Steak and sweet potato fries for the win.

IMG 1669

And let’s finish off today with a few tangents because it is Tuesday:

*We leave on Friday so I’ve started to pack.  I’ve decided I am going to pack 4 different race outfits because I want to be prepared!

IMG 1622

*The forecast is currently saying it is going to rain so a hat and braid will definitely be happening to avoid the snarls that happened at the Ogden 1/2 Marathon.  I am hoping that my recent good luck charm of good weather on race day (my last two races have had perfect weather) is going to come through for everyone on Monday.   While running in the rain isn’t my favorite, it is a million times better than running in the heat!

IMG 0903

*The other day Brooke told me, “It’s really hard to not smile when you’re going really fast.”  I completely agree with her on this.  She also told Andrew, “I’m so glad bikes were invented.”  That melted his heart.

IMG 1573

*The blossoms are showing off on the trees around here right now.  WE MADE IT!!

IMG 1543

*Thanks to Meredith’s recommendation, I have a book to read on the plane to Boston that I’m very excited about.

IMG 1629

*I loved this post from Sarah Bishop.  My Garmin predicts my race times to be WAY faster than what they really are:). Maybe Garmin is trying to boost our confidence so we shoot for big dreams?!

IMG 1642


Another reminder that I have a new Skye update here!


Have you ever done a triathlon?  Which one(s)?  Do you have any desire to do them?

Please rank from easiest to hardest for you:  

Run in the rain, run in a blizzard, run in a crazy headwind, run in the heat, run in the humidity.

What were the last things that you snacked on?

What’s your run/workout today?

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That glowing bike path is so cool!! And so pretty, too! It would be really neat to run on that.

I did a sprint triathlon once, and I’m a one-and-done girl on that. Swimming just isn’t my thing, and that part of the race was a hug struggle for me. I wanted to quit, but my dad yelled at me when he saw me starting to swim toward the dock to get out of the water: “You’re a Merrill! Turn over on your back, and do the backstroke!” (I was already not doing well with freestyle and the breast stroke at that point. Ha!) I definitely respect swimmers a heck of a lot more now!


Right?! I think every city needs one now! Way to get out of your comfort zone and do the triathlon when swimming isn’t your thing. I agree, swimmers are incredible. I hope Texas is wonderful today!


I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make the meet up Sunday morning – have fun! I will keep my eyes peeled for you when I’m at the expo and at the start though :-)
I have three very different options for Monday depending on the weather!


I really hope I get to meet you somewhere this next weekend. We will be prepared for whatever weather shows up:) . Have a wonderful day Carol!


Is Brooke’s cross country through the city or her school? I’m considering finding a team for my girls.

We made it to spring!! We do have a random snow storm coming but hopefully it won’t stick.


It’s through her school! I had no idea that elementary schools did this… I’ve heard of a handful now in our area that do. Enjoy a gorgeous Spring day!


Crazy Headwind (I HATE running in the wind. At least running during a blizzard, even though there is wind, there is also snow, so you feel like a superhero for getting out there!)


I’m with you Amanda… crazy headwind is the absolute worst! Haha true about the blizzard too. Have a beautiful day Amanda.


That is so cool Brooke loves running! My daughter is already signed up for two kids runs this year and a third as soon as I remember to register. I ask her if she wants to do them and she always says yes! Get them young, haha. :)

Last snack was cheese and almonds. I have 3 miles to do today… not too bad, it’s going to be 54!

Have a great day. :D


Oh I love that your daughter has 3 kids runs coming up! Enjoy those perfect temperatures. Have a beautiful day April!


My run this morning was 4 miles with my sweet dog! She’s my favorite running buddy.


THE BEST! I bet those miles together are just the greatest. Have a wonderful day Kelli.


I have no experience with running in a blizzard so I’ll say probably the same order as yours even though I’m from Florida so 90% of my runs are heat and humidity. This whole last week of runs have felt miserable and are making me question why the heck am I running another marathon??? How can you run 26.2 when 5 is trying to kill you?! ?
I will plan to do my shakeout run Sunday morning and stop by to meet at the meet up. Have safe travels!


Don’t you worry… we allllllll ask ourselves those same questions during the taper. I remember quitting my mile repeats and feeling like I can’t even do three miles at marathon pace and I want to do 26 at that pace?! You are not alone feeling that way. You’ve got this Donna! I cannot imagine running in that heat/humidity that you do! CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!


I live in Mississippi. Give me heat and humidity. It is what I’m used to! (Oh and give me all the flat surfaces, I’m also used to sea level!)


I don’t know how you do the heat and humidity, you deserve extra credit for running in that. I hope your next race is plat as a pancake!


I can’t deal with running in heat and humidity at all! I would take a blizzard over that any day. And I love my rainy runs (at least if they’re short lol).

I love the flower blossoms where you are! It’s still too cold here for flowers. Getting worried for an upcoming race in a warmer place in a few weeks…it could end up being my first warm weather run of the season–yikes!

I hope you have a great time in Boston!


I’m with you… heat and humidity kill me off! I hope that your race coming up will be cooler than expected with a slight breeze. Thank you so much Isla and I hope your flower blossoms come soon:)


Ohhhhh I wish I were going to be there for the meetup! If you are going to be bringing treats, stop by Flour Bakery – they have crazy good sticky buns.

That sunrise pic from your run is amazing!


I so wish you could be there too! Someday it will happen:) . We are going to Flour on Saturday ahhhh. I cannot wait for their sticky buns. Thanks Victoria, have a beautiful day!


The comment about Garmin made me wonder whether scientifically we are able to run those paces and it’s similar to when in a race if you look down and see you’re going “too fast” you slow yourself down even if you were doing fine at that pace….hmm!!

I’ve never done a triathlon and don’t really have the desire to. I love to be in water but not actively swim;) And open water is terrifying to me. Also I love how you said….triathletes are tough. Haha….says Mrs. 50 miler;)

I would run in the rain first. Then probably a blizzard. Then heat. Then humidity. But living in Florida I should be a pro at the last two but it never gets easier.

No run today, because this dang plantar/tendinitis is keeping me sidelined! But, I have a stationary bike workout today. 10 min warmup, 4 x (30 sec hard, 60 sec easy, 4 min easy pedaling), 10 min cool down.

Have a great day!


I’m freaked out by open water too… I’ve only down pool triathlons! Hahaha! That is an interesting thought about our Garmins! I wonder! I don’t know how you guys run in that heat and humidity for a major chunk of the year, you deserve bonus points. I hope your bike workout is great and that your plantar gets figured out! Good luck Eleanor!


So does this mean Andrew is an NP now?


That will be his next round of schooling starting in about 1-2 years. He is now an RN! Thanks so much Stacey:)


That glowing path is amazing!
My hubby did the Santa Rosa Ironman last May. What an incredible day! It was so inspiring to watch all those people all day. And being at the finish line was absolutely incredible! Hearing the announcer announce my husband’s name as he came in was one of the proudest and most emotional moments of our lives! Triathletes are amazing!
I don’t have a ton of crazy weather to deal with, but I would probably rank the weather like this: rain, heat, crazy wind, humidity, blizzard. Although, running in a blizzard, just once, might be sort of fun!
Today will be a cross training/strength day for me, followed by a good long walk with the dog ?


Aww…love that little Cindy Lou Who ponytail :)
Biking on the road and swimming in open water both scare me. I don’t think triathlons are for me. If I ever tried one (with a pool swim and bike path), I would not be racing it, just finding a groove near the back :)
Please rank from easiest to hardest for you:
1. run in the heat
2. run in a blizzard
3. run in the humidity
4. run in the rain
5. run in a crazy headwind
I actually prefer running on the warmer side and don’t mind hot training runs. I only put blizzard in 2nd because it’s so lovely to run seeing snow all around…an actual blizzard?? might be a different story!
Last night after dinner, my snack was a Dove Promise: dark chocolate with peanut butter.
It’s warm and partly sunny/overcast in Maryland today; I might do a 3-mile neighborhood loop to enjoy the flowers.


OMG that glowing bike path. I want to research that. I need to obsess myself with that, along with a couple of other things I found online and opened up articles for that I need to find the free time to read. I think I have my Friday night fun reading plans now.

So my workout today–I have been going to barre classes on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays. Because of my piriformis problems and because my shoulders have been ESPECIALLY jacked up over the last couple of months (how is my body NOT a compilation of broken bits?!?!?!? How does it function?!?!?!?), I have taken the concept of ‘strength training’ away from big muscle group-related work and towards barre since PART of barre is focusing on smaller muscle groups and working on the body in ways that borrow from physical therapy. I can HARDLY afford barre, to be honest, but I need it right now if I will have any strength training at all. ALSO, it’s the only thing I can really do right now where I am someone else’s student. It’s the only space in my life where I am not the one who is holding space for others (the clients in the psychologist’s office where I work, or my students at the university, or my spin and Body Flow students, or people who come to me to get the right pair of running shoes to start running again/commit to a healthier lifestyle/ETC…). I need to be the one who someone else holds space for so badly right now.

So that’s before I go to campus, and then this evening I teach spin. I love teaching spin so much that even with me on the mend from a really bad stomach bug that had me down for about 4 days (while going to every single one of my jobs because I can’t afford to ‘be sick’), yesterday morning–even as ‘my stomach bug did its thing’ five minutes before yesterday morning’s 5:30 AM class, even feeling not even 50%, I delivered a really good class (no one was able to sub for me–my group fitness manager was helping me try to find a sub until 10:30 Sunday night to no avail, so I did what I do. I showed up.).

OK so I think 4 outfits for Boston–because who knwos the weather–is a really good idea. And a hat and a braid is another good idea! But if the weather is AMAZING don’t rule out your power bun that brought on ALL THE GOOD LUCK in St. George!!! I wish I still lived in Boston so I could go to the meetup. I miss Boston so dang much.

I wish Brooks made kids shoes. I wish I could see Brooke rock out a kids version of Ghosts or Launches for her cross country.

And YAY that Andrew has a start date that’s about a month out. School and then licensure exams can be a really intense and tough hall on its own–then you add parenting, a beautiful baby, being the #1 cheerleader for a kickass runner wife, moving houses, and a whole lotta LIFE into the mix, and the intensity gets ratcheted up. He needs time to just chill. What a gift that he has it!!!

I hope you all have a great day!!! :) And YAY for grilling weather!!!


Wow, 1.5 miles!! Way to go Brooke!!! That’s impressive. Skye is so cute <3 I WANT TO COME TO BOSTON AND BE YOUR FRIEND IRL!!! Although I wouldn't be able to run a marathon… my 6.5 K yesterday felt super hard. But I used your techniques and I thought to myself "just keep putting one foot in front of the other and concentrate on how you feel right NOW not how far you have left to go". And I did it! I've got a 10K scheduled for May 12 (mothers day) which is my first race in over a year … and I am SUPER PUMPED!!!


I’m excited for you running Boston Janae and I know you’ll do great. I feel the same way about going to see my chiro. I had a lot of injuries in my early 20s but since stepping back and getting things adjusted when I need them, I’ve been more healthy.

PS: The Haunted Half Marathon Gloves…the greatest 5k ever right??!?! ;)

I think headwind is the hardest. You just can’t outrun headwind. Rain and blizzards you can always dress for. Heat…I don’t love…but I like it more than headwind.


I should be there, I am not running Monday so I am running the letters of “Boston” at 7 am Sunday with Zoom Multisport if anyone wants to join, looks fun.

Wind last, always last, then heat, then humidity.

Pack lots of ziplocs for your gear, weather is looking not too awful right now, fingers crossed.


That sunrise looks amazing! I can’t wait for earlier sunrises! It reminds me I need to move closer to the mountains! And yay for running with friends! Especially ones that are so inspirational!
I’m not sure I would ever do a triathlon; I’m not a strong swimmer and I don’t have any desire to become stronger! Unless, of course, my kids challenge me then i’ll have to step it up! Ha! Duathalon’s (sp??) intrigue me though.
Rain – heat – headwind – blizzard – humidity. I think. It rains a lot in WA so I’ve become quite accustomed. There are even some days I wish it would rain just so I could run in in! Not this morning though! It was raining too heavy … I’m glad I had cross training on the agenda! We don’t get a lot of wind but I dislike it. Unless it’s a tailwind which it usually never is! How does that even happen! Lol! I’ve never ran in a blizzard but I’ve hiked in blizzard like conditions for just a few moments at the summit of a mountain. We stayed long enough to get a decent enough selfie and ducked back into the trees. Priorities! Ha! I’ve never ran in humidity but I imagine I wouldn’t like it! I heat up the second I start to run so being hot + not being able to breath = no fun!
I just ate homemade PB&J overnight oats. So good! Bonus is it’s filled with protein :). Almond milk + oats + PB + protein powder + homemade mixed berry & chia seed jam. Soooo good!
Workout today: 45 min cycle + 30 minutes of legs and glutes + stretching.
Have a great day!


Utah is gorgeous. Every time I see one of your pictures, I have major views envy.

Living in Arizona, I either run in the heat or in perfect temperatures.

I’m hoping to work in a run outside today. It’s starting to be in the 90s outside, so I see many treadmill runs in my future.


I would be interested in reading the particulars of how Andrew balanced it all….


I will have him write a bit about that soon! Great idea Cheryl. I will say he is an EXCELLENT late night studier (which I am the opposite). He got a lot done once the kids were all asleep! Have a wonderful day!


I started out running and then tried a triathlon on a whim. Turned out I liked training for them more because the different exercises meant I didn’t get so sore pounding the pavement. I think I’ve done around 10 triathlons, mostly sprint distance with a couple Olympic distance. I did an open water triathlon in Hawaii once which was awesome! I was just doing it for fun and so when I swam by a sea turtle I stopped and looked around to see if others were seeing the turtle. Apparently everyone else was racing and way more focused than me! I participated in a local beloved all women tri last year but I haven’t been training for a while.

Skye is growing so fast! My son is almost two and I just scheduled his first haircut ?. I still call him my baby!

Good luck in Boston!


Gah! I’m going to miss you in Boston by about 30 hours :( I arrive Monday night. Almost! You’re going to have a blast!

1. Run in the rain, 5. run in a blizzard, 4. run in a crazy headwind, 3. run in the heat, 2. run in the humidity.

Today’s snack is carrots with buffalo hummus (so good!!)

Today’s run was a slow 7 miles, like maybe the slowest I’ve ever run 7 miles but considering I’m coming back from an injury, it was perfect. At about 5.25, the top of my ankle really felt like it needed to pop. I’m wondering if maybe it’s just the brace that I’m wearing..?


I always feel like I SHOULD want to do a triathlon, since I used to be a swimmer and now I’m a runner, but . . . the whole idea of having to change clothes and have everything so coordinated baffles me! Also, open-water distance swimming does not sound like my thing. :-)

I’d rather run in snow! I’ve done it before and I will do it again, although I’ve learned that 10 degrees is probably my cutoff temp. Running in 6 degree weather was rough.

Ha ha, my lunch is basically snacks today since I haven’t cooked in a while! Hummus, carrots, bread, cheese. Delicious, though.


You keep doing the things that you love to do… no SHOULDS:) . I’m with you on the 10 degree cutoff–> That is when I go to the treadmill. Enjoy those snacks today, that all sounds great. Thanks Kristin!


We rode a bike path in the Netherlands inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry night that is super cool

I have done a lot of triathlons from sprint to Ironman. All of them in Colorado except Ironman Arizona in Tempe. I would LOVE to do more Ironman races but it has gotten so ridiculously expensive that I can’t afford it with two kids in multiple competitive sports.

Humidity, rain, heat, blizzard, crazy headwind .

Raspberries and blackberries.

I ran 5 miles this morning before work and I will be climbing tonight!


THAT. IS. AMAZING. I bet that was so so cool Jennifer. Huge congrats on all of your amazing triathlon accomplishments (IRONMAN!!). I can’t believe the prices for them either… hopefully some cheaper ones will open up at some point. Enjoy your climbing tonight!


Janae, what kind of shoes are you wearing??!? I love the color!!!


Hey Courtney! These are the Ricochet from Brooks! I LOVE THEM! Have a great day!


I mean what kind of running shoes lol.


First of all, congrats on Andrew passing his NCLEX test. And fun post today! :-)

My husband will be starting his 2nd semester (of 5) in just a few weeks (early May). He’s in a 20 month program in nursing school. I’m just wondering (so I can tell him), what study guide did Andrew use to study? Also, if he were to talk with my husband, what would be some tips to think about when he studies and takes the NCLEX? Same with interviewing for his nursing job. What things should my husband do/say/etc… during his (grant it, he has 15+ months now before he starts interviewing for RN jobs, but it never hurts to prepare early.


Great questions… I’m so excited for you guys! I’ll have answer reply when he gets home! Have a beautiful day Amy!


Thank you. Did you ever find out which workbook, or website he used to study?


Hi Amy!!
Those are some good questions. So my school purchased a thing called Hurst review. https://www.hurstreview.com/nclex-rn . That was a HUGE help and helped me determine the content that I needed to focus on. Other than that I used:

AND this one was the BEST!!! This helped me really practice questions, this helped me a ton!!!

My suggestions would be make sure to get the core content of stuff, that which is focused on in Hurst and then do TONS of practice questions. Get used to the questions that are similar to what you will get on the test. You can’t memorize everything, don’t try.

For interviews just focus on what sets you apart and make sure you have a few experiences about patients that shows what kind of nurse you are and what work ethic you have.

I hope this helps!


Where are you getting donuts from?? Looking forward to meeting you Sunday morning!


I cannot wait to meet you!!! People keep telling me Kanes or blackbird… so many hard choices!!


Kane’s are wayyyyy better in my opinion!!


Triathlons were my favorite from age 14-34! haha. I did two Ironmans between baby 3 and 4, then things got a bit busier! The swim is my favorite part. A lot of times when I get tired or worn out during a run or race I think back to what I’ve done and how awesome it is to look back and think “I conquered that and I’m going to conquer this!”

Your kids are awesome-they have such a look of glee when they’re being active!
Worst to less worse: Humidity, Heat, headwind, blizzard, rain.
Snacking on natur cashews right this second.

Take some exam gloves to Boston (or get them there) and put over your regular gloves to keep them dry. I saw this last year on people’s pictures and thought it was so smart!


TWO IRONMANS… you are incredible Kelly! Seriously, that is amazing and you now know how incredibly strong you are. That is such a good idea, packing them now. Thanks Kelly!


Sadly I won’t make the Boston meet up but great donuts places include Kanes, Blackbird Bakery to name a few! If you need any Boston advice (been living here for 9 years), definitely ask away!


I totally will! Thank you so much Caroline, those were the two I was thinking about!!


Did I miss what kind of nursing unit Andrew will be working in?? I am an RN too and I always am interested where people end up after school. I hope it goes well for him!


I ran Boston once but these days I do revolutionary war reenactments for Patriots Day and we have a whole bunch of events on Sunday so sad to miss you!! Hope you have a good run!!


Darn I won’t be arriving in Boston til a little later that day so will miss seeing you! I am so worried about the weather, I don’t like the rain so I am really not sure what I’m going to wear? Any ideas?


I think a triatholon would be such a great challenge, I’m just so scared of the swimming

Please rank from easiest to hardest for you: Humidity, heat, headwind, blizzard, rain
last snack was pirates booty.
4 miles today – it wasn’t a good run, but its done :)


For me, because of living in the South, what’s easiest is rain, heat, humidity, wind, then blizzard. I’ve never run in a blizzard…..that doesn’t happen here…..we hardly even get snow here.

I love Skye’s snack choice! Chocolate chip teddy grahams are what I snacked on today!

Today’s workout was 7 miles followed by hanging out with my 1 year old niece and getting free Ben and Jerry’s!


Just FYI- your meetup date says Sunday 4/13, but 4/13 is a Saturday. ?

Good luck in your race!


Oops!!! Thank you for finding that! Have a great day Bailey!


I live in central coast of CA so we don’t get blizzards or humidity BUT man do I loathe the wind! I did run in Nashville humidity once and I felt like I was suffocating. But wind worst for me. If there’s a Blizzard I’m heading to the movies and not running;)

Off topic if you’re looking for a great gift for Andrew get a Traeger grill! The meat comes out perfection! And you can get the wood chips at Costco. We even take ours camping!


I do triathlon & I recommend it to everyone ? I was incredibly afraid of open water and deep water so I challenged that fear & decided to blog about it. The best decision ever. Happy 40th to me! I’m super glad I have triathlon now as I fractured my hip & after surgery I cant run for at least a year, I now have swimming and biking to restore my sanity & im so grateful for that. I would have been completely devestated if I only had running so I’m grayegul to my new sport.

1 run in the rain
2 run in a blizzard
3 run in a head wind
4 run in humidity
5 run in the heat (it’s zaps me, but running in Ireland I don’t have to worry about the heat too much ?)

Lady think I snacked on was the best lemon drizzle cake ever. So good.

No run today ? but I’ve got a 3,000 metre pool session waiting. My arms will feel it. No legs, just pulling. 6 weeks post op ??

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