Silentish Saturday IN BOSTON!

We are in Boston having a blast and missing our little ones too.  Brooke and Knox are with their other parents and Skye is with Andrew’s family!

We dropped off Skye and then we were off to the airport.

IMG 1956

4ish hour flight filled with oatmeal, movies, reading and a cheese/fruit platter.

IMG 1961

Made it to our hotel.

IMG 1974

1st stop—> FOOD!

IMG 1979

Heavenly clam chowder.

IMG 1980

Crab cakes.

IMG 1982

Followed by dessert.

IMG 1984

This was so so good.

IMG 1988

Lots of walking!

IMG 2001

Andrew’s heaven:

IMG 2003

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Super excited for today and I’ll fill you in on everything on my IG stories!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Will you be at the meet up for a full hour tomorrow? I wanted to swing by the expo before your meet up, but am not sure how long to expect at the expo?


Hey! Yes we will be there for a full hour! I cannot wait to meet you!


OMG. That cannoli. Glad you made it to a Red Sox game :) enjoy Boston and good luck at the marathon, you’ve got this!!


On our way to the airport now! Looks like you guys packed in a lot for the first day! Can’t wait to get there!!!


What a great first day!
Swim lessons
Out with college friends tonight.


So excited for you! Have the best time in Boston and embrace the wind/rain on Monday! I’m sure it will make for an experience you will never forget. ? I am training for a May marathon and channeled you and Allie Kieffer with the power bun on my run today!


The Wall! Okay, I’m kind of jealous. But mostly happy for you guys. ;) That dinner and cannoli looks so yummy! Good luck on Monday! I hope you have a great weekend and a great time at the race on Monday. :)


I am so happy and excited for you!! I’m glad you are enjoying your time in Boston!!


Okay you guys are adorable <3 enjoy your weekend together!!!


Looks like you guys are having a blast! Pretty jealous you went to a baseball game. Enjoy the time away from your sweet kids. Getting away for a few days is so good for couples.


In Scottsdale, laying by the pool. Later we will eat good food and maybe shop. For now, hotel room nap!!! Vacation with my sister.


I’m so happy that you and Andrew are able to spend some time without the kids, enjoy it!!!!


I ran my one and only Boston in 2017. It was my slowest marathon by over 25 minutes. It was hot and way later than I was accustomed to starting. We are baseball people. My husband went to the Monday game with an amazing seat. He saw me at Mile 25 outside Fenway , and I lost it! He experienced me postrace like he has never seen, but so thankful he was there. A totally awesome experience, but not sure I’ll ever get back. .Best of luck to you!


Congrats on getting to run Boston again! I know you are probably just so super siked! Tomorrow is my first Half Marathon ever and I’ve got ALLL the pre race jitters! Freaking out a little (a LOT) but staying super inspired by all you Boston runners. I’ll be trying to channel all you guyses energy tomorrow morning!


So exciting!! Enjoy!!

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