Boston Day #2!! I MET HER!

TOMORROW IS THE DAY and I cannot wait!  I’ll be getting my bib today and I’ll share my number on IG and in my post tomorrow morning if you want to track me!

Let’s talk about yesterday!

Many of my runs involve listening to Ali’s podcast but yesterday I got the chance to run with Ali!  We’ve met once about 8 years ago and text a lot so it was fun to see her again!

We did 3.2 miles and while we were on the trail next to the Charles River we saw Sarah Sellers and I almost fated I was so excited.  I get really excited about seeing the elites, they are big celebrities to me.

There was a little bit of rain but overall it felt so so nice out.  We made it back to see the BAA 5k and cheered them on for a bit.

IMG 2060

We then went back to Ali’s hotel to talk for a while.  It is so fun for me to see stuff like this everywhere.  We also got to meet Ali’s baby and dog yesterday morning!

IMG 2073

The women’s Invitational 1 mile… these women go by in a blur because they are so fast.  UNREAL speed:

IMG 4085

I met Deena Kastor.  I have always loved her and then when I read her book last year she became one of my biggest heroes.  I’ll share more of what she talked about next week but like usual, her words inspired me big time.

IMG 2088

Andrew said that our lunch was the best meal of his entire life.  We went to a place called Carmelina’s and we will be back each time we come to Boston.

IMG 2097

We started with the meatballs and they were unreal.

IMG 2098

I had the carbonara and Andrew had the Crazy Alfredo… both were amazing.  We will be dreaming about this meal for awhile.

IMG 2102

IMG 2101

After lunch we walked around for a very long time stopping at graveyards, churches and the public market.

IMG 2110

Followed by Copley Square!

IMG 2119

We hung out with the Almond Breeze people and picked up my tank for the race!

IMG 2126

I’ve been looking forward to my favorite podcasters all combining forces!   Ali, Lindsey, Tina and Carrie!

IMG 2156

We loved hearing them answer questions rather than just being the ones to ask other people questions!

IMG 2154

Another person that I was extremely excited to meet yesterday—>  MARY.  She was my incredible coach from last year training for St. George.  I am so thankful for how much she has helped me with my running.

IMG 2162

Skye is loving life with cousins and grandparents:)

IMG 2183

One more sleep!

PS don’t forget if you are in the area today we are meeting at 10 am at the Public Garden in front of the George Washington Statue!


Any spectator tips for Andrew on Monday?!

What is your Sunday filled with?

What is your favorite pasta dish?

Met any elite runners?

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Good luck! I have followed Ali forever! Looks like an exciting day.


Good luck Janae!!! Looks like you and Andrew are having a great trip so far!! Spending the day watching my oldest play volleyball. Ps- is your black jacket lulu?


It was so great to actually meet you at the UCAN talk, Janae! I couldn’t believe I woke up to having my picture on your blog! Thanks for adding that excitement to my first Boston experience. I love following your journey because there’s so much I can relate to. We are a family obsessed with running so after meeting you last night, the rest of the family are now your followers, too. #TeamCorbyRuns are officially your fans and friends now!!


Good luck tomorrow, and have fun!!!

Seeing the elites is so much fun. Jordan Hasay used to run by my parents house almost every day. And in high school my cross country team competed against Galen Rupp! He was crazy fast even as a high schooler.


Michael Johnson gave me a high-five at the Drake Relays right after his race because I was on the track for my 4×400. It was awesome!

Good luck tomorrow. Enjoy the day!


You look so happy! Totally in your element. Best wishes for tomorrow!
Also, your hair looks fantastic.


I’m so sorry I won’t get to meet you today. My injury is not good and I need to avoid walking as much as possible. Did get to meet Ryan Libden, Kathrine Switzer and Yuki Kawauchi. Have a wonderful run Janae! If you happen to be down near the Aquarium let me know!


I really enjoyed reading this article:

As an operating room RN who used to work at the hospital she currently works at, this article did a great job looking into her daily life with her running life.


Elite runners are total celebrities to me too!!
And how awesome that you got to meet Ali!! I love her show and listen weekly! Super sweet that you got to meet her daughter and dog too!
I can’t wait to hear about Dena, and the 4 great podcasters! Lindsey is another favorite that I listen to weekly.
Looks like you and Andrew are having a great time!
Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy every moment!!


wow and ah-mazing. enjoy every second!!


Your skin looks amazing lately Janae! The colour – are you using a new makeup?


Ahh love that picture! My two favorite running bloggers!
Good luck tomorrow!


Ooh, spectator tips. Take the train and get off a stop before the finish. My sister did this when she spectated a few years ago. The finish line was too hard to watch it. I think this stop was added specifically for race day…around mile 25ish? Just follow the other spectators. And have fun!

Today, maybe an easy few miles because I got talked into 20 miles on the trails yesterday in the pouring rain by one of best girl friends. I really enjoyed it even though by the end we were drowned rats because it never really let up. Today, relaxing with the other half and soaking in Sunday.

I haven’t met any elite road runners, but last year at a trail race I saw Courtney Deuwalter – she is an incredible ultra runner – she won western states, set a course record at the 50 miler. Super humble.

Have fun tomorrow!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


Sorry to have missed the meet up this morning. We were running late. I did get to see Jordan Hasay running down Boylston street this morning which was awesome! Wishing you a wonderful race day!!!


I advise Andrew find a nice café where he can watch most of the race while sipping a cappuccino. Don’t work so hard! Use this as a mini-vacay :)

Today I vacuumed, made pancakes, and am not prepping for a campaign strategy meeting this afternoon…

Favorite pasta dish is baked ziti, lasagna, or any other dish that is smothered in cheese and then cooked until it bubbles on top!

I have met Kara and Lauren a few times each. I would love meet Deena too!

Sky is so brave to stay without you guys! She’s almost all grown up!


Good luck tomorrow!!! You got this!!

I met Stephanie Bruce last year after she spoke at an event before the NYC marathon, she was so down to earth and nice!! I’ve also met Bart Yasso, which was great even though his workouts are killer ? it’s fun meeting all the runners that inspire you!


I met Deena last September and it was everything and more! So sweet. So patient to talk. So genuine.
I also met Steph Bruce along with Deena. Amazing to chat with.
And same for Kara Goucher last year. She was ready to chat and was totally engaged.
I am dying to meet Allie Kieffer now. And Shelby Houlihan. And Emma Coburn.
Have fun!!


Wow so exciting! Looks like the perfect day! Really want to listen to Ali’s podcast somehow here in CA and I love listening to her!
Can’t wait to watch Boston, cheering all you runners on from afar!


So exciting…!! Good luck for tomorrow!


Have fun tomorrow!!! The weekend looks like a whirlwind!!!

I’d spectate near a coffee shop with an awning for ducking in and out of.

Enjoy your experience! After your 50 miler training/racing , you’ll think “hot dog, I only have to run 13 more miles” when you get halfway. Will it feel weird to not be grabbing pbj’s at the aid stations?


Good luck tomorrow! I’m running for the 7th time and am really looking forward to it!

For Andrew: he needs to pick a place and stick to it. Stake out real estate early and then plan to stay put (so, clearly somewhere with food nearly!) It gets crazy very early with people fighting for prime spots.

I’m about to walk across the street to pick up pasta from Maggiano’s, a Boston staple and my favorite pre race meal (spaghetti and a huge giant meatball!)

On Tuesday morning go to the Paramount for Brunch. There’s nothing like it, and nothing better post race.


Good luck tomorrow!

That pasta looked amazing! My favorite is fettuccine Alfredo

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