It’s tough being a kid.

We have to spend our summer days in swimsuits and high heels.

IMG 7821

We have to give Janae foot massages…. (I promise it really was her idea….pinky promise ((and those are very sacred to me, I have never broken a pinky promise)).

IMG 7826

Sometimes we get splashed by Charlie trying to shake off his water…

IMG 7843

and then he makes us wait to get a drink until after he has fully hydrated himself….

IMG 7862

When we go on a family walk we have to take 3 steps for every one adult step.

IMG 7863

It is our job to go outside and pick the best oranges from the tree and

IMG 7866

then help arrange them on the plate while standing on a step ladder so that we are tall enough.

IMG 7868

it is tough work being the taste tester (I think she ate a total of 3  full oranges herself……no chance for scurvy with this little girl.

IMG 7877

and Charlie steals food right from our hands while Janae takes a picture instead of stopping him…..

IMG 7873

The hardest part about being a little kid……Aunt Janae is constantly wanting to hang out with us and take weird pictures with our food together.

IMG 7879

(PS my nephew HATES bread and that is why he has no hot dog buns!)


What fruit are you loving right now because it is in season where you live?

-The oranges are AMAZING.  They taste like candy (almost).

What was the toughest part of being a kid for you?

-Going to bed EARLIER than my older siblings.  Um, Mom I totally should have been able to stay up as late as my brother that is 13 years older than me.

How often do you wear heels?

-Sunday.  That is it.  I am a flip flop and toms girl.


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I used to be a heels girls but not now! Maybe once a month… probably not even that much! I am currently wearing my Birkenstocks and Toms exclusively!

No matter how busy I am in the day I always make time for your blog. It is so unique and you are such a positive person. Yours is the only blog I HAVE to read each day! Keep it up girl!


I wear heels sporadically. My husband and I are the same height, so usually I wear flats so we stay that way. :)


Love this :) Happy Sunday, Janae!
P.S. I am totally wearing sneakers to church this morning. Heals are no good to me.


you have a beautiful family!!

fruit I am loving now, watermelon!!

i love heels! <3 but dont wear them that often..


Strawberries and kiwi! I can’t get enough of either of them.


Blueberries and Blackberries. Summer fruits and vegetables are the ONLY reason to live in New Jersey!


I HAVE to try Toms. I am a heels girl…er, except in Singapore where I currently live. I burned through my heels in a week of walking on the cobblestone here… crap. They’re obsessed with croc’s here and I don’t like em’ so I think I’ll have to check out Toms….

I’m in a pineapple phase at the moment and we have them in abundance, lucky me!!!

toughest part of being a kid…running out of energy BEFORE I ran out of playing ideas. I fell asleep in random places all the time, outside, the dinner table, the floor…

I love my heels but I’m slowly falling in love with my flip flops more…


Strawberries! They are so sweet and juicy right now.
I wear heels 3-4 days a week to work, I prefer flats but sometimes heels justr look better plus I am short!


Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes! They’re my current obsession, but they definitely are NOT local. Is anything local to Kansas City? (Other than beef.) We do love our BBQ though….maybe I should try BBQ’ing a mango.

I was an only child, and while it seemed normal to me growing up, I can see now how having siblings would’ve been so much better.

Heels. Meh. I think they look hot, but I’m too old and lazy for that.


Loving cantaloupe and watermelon! yum! I hated having a curfew. And I only wear hills on Sunday, otherwise I wear Chaco’s, in the winter I wear Uggs. I’m getting a pretty wicked Chaco tan on my feet!


You’re the one with the barins here. I’m watching for your posts.


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Love strawberries, galia melons and apples (addicted!). I never wear heals, I’m just too lazy and I hate not being able to walk as long as I want to in them. I just wear them for festivities or the like.
When I was a child it was sometimes tough to find the chocolate and candy my mom was hiding from me (If she wouldn’t have done, I ate everything flat, haha!)
PS: L.O.V.E. your blog! You are gorgeous!! Have a good time with you fam!


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of somone hating bread! I can’t even imagine!

Heels are only a work thing for me as in only when I need to see clients, otherwise flip flops or flats please :)


You and Billy need to do Paris. All those romantic cliches are true and I know you would just love to be there with him!!!

They had fruit vendors on so many corners there, and their nectarines were delish.

Toughest part of being a kid was my grandmother would not let us snack between meals or have sugar…….you can imagine those visits seeing as though I am just like you in that way.

Heals……summmer….once a week would be pushing it.


I love watermelon, peaches and mangoes during summer. I esp. love mangoes right now! :)

Toughest part of being a kid…probably going 2 bed early also and curfews!! :) The curfew part I understand though because now I have a 14 y/o daughter. But, an 8:00 bedtime was too early!! :)

Heels are 4 Vegas :) ! When I’m home I like to wear wedges, flip-flops.

Have a great Sunday!

p.s.- your nieces and nephews are so adorable!!


Cute pics girl — love them! Looks like you have been having a great weekend! Hardest part of being a kid was being the youngest — my sister always picked on me, got a later bedtime, seem to have more fun… I’m making up for it now though LOL I love/live in my flip flops…even before I moved to an island! However — there’s something about putting on a killer pair of heels — it can really make you feel sexy!! Happy Sunday!


Apples, strawberries and melon! I love fruit and I feel healthy all day if I eat it for breakfast for some reason.

If I’m in heels it’s either Sunday at church or a wedding. If I’m not in running shoes I’m in my toms, chaco’s or flops.


I wore high heels last night! 1st time in ages. It was actually sort of fun! Except my feet hurt by the end of the night. I’m loving oranges, too. And berries!


never wear heels…my boyfriend is like an inch taller than me so i dont wear them lol and i am perfectly fine with that!
i hated when i was little that no one ever took me seriously!!
lovingg some watermelon right nowww


This is so cute!!

I am actually on a huge orange kick although they are never in season here. I alos love raspberries and they are super cheap right now ehich is great!!


Seriously. I am babysitting right now SECOND DAY IN A ROW and these kids got it good. Hahahah I have NEVER seen a dog do that before!!! My day has just been made :)


Haha such a cute post!

I think the toughest part of being a kid is doing things because adults “say so”.

I am loving peaches right now and I wear heels when I go out and want to dress up!


Wait a minute, are saying I am not supposed to be walking around all day in my bathing suit and heels? I thought that was the norm! I need to go reevaluate my life….


I am loving berries right now. I can’t seem to buy enough. And my little Chinese grandmother down the block introduced me to the wild blackberries hiding along my running trail. It was adorable, because she doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese, but we have this amazing connection. She literally opened my mouth and threw a berry in. It tastes like little bits of pure joy.


Ahh, so many of my life problems would be solved if I didn’t like bread. I wish I had your nephew’s secret.

As for me…heels are a very occasional thing. I have lingering issues from a back injury years ago so the vast majority of the time it is cute flats for me!


I’m visiting Florida right now, and the cherries are delicious!! Big, plump, and super flavorful!

I wear heels when I have to… frequently for work, going out to nice dinners, church… but I prefer flats and sneakers. ;)


I’m loving cherries right now from Costco..yummo!

PS Did you know todays is NATIONAL ICECREAM DAY????? :)


wow, you sure do know how to torture those kids – disneyland, pancakes, pool time, super sweet oranges…kids have it rough these days ;)
rainbows, toms, or running shoes for me, I’m classy like that!


Right now I am in LOVE with peaches–I live in Georgia so it’s only natural.
Heel are basically a never ever shoe for me. I suffered from PF and heels aggravate it, so flats it is! Running without pain > being 3 inches taller!


oh man, all stone fruit is in season up here in the mtns and valley…i can’t seem to get enough peaches and nectarines!! and the berries…oh the berries! so many of them!

and i never wear heels. even one inch ones…i fall over. hah!


Your energy level so matches those cute kiddos! Seems like you can tire them out first! Thank you for continuing to include Charlie…love him. All around, captured some fabulous shots!!

I am loving cantaloupe and strawberries (not together). :)

I rarely wear heels–maybe to work on occasion if my pants call for it.


I only wear heels…ummm….never! :-) I usually wear wedges (which totally don’t count) , flats, flip flops, biker boots, Toms, Uggs, converse trainers…anything but heels, lol! I like to be able to skip, run and jump! :-P Your pictures of you and the kiddies are so cute! :-D xyx


PS: I am loving bananas and apples…because they are always cheap. And blueberries and strawberries, because they are in season! :-D xyx


Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and peaches!!!

Having a bedtime was definitely the worst for me – I am a complete night owl!

I wear heels all the time, except when working out. :) I’m only 4’11” (it’s okay to laugh), and I have a shoe fetish. I love my heels!


ohmygosh Charlie is drinking from the water fountain. So cute. Also those kids are stinking adorable.

I HATED having to go to bed before my older brothers and sisters. I totally always thought I was missing something.

Also I am eating so many blueberries that I may as well be turning blue!


I actually love wearing heels so I try to wear them as much as possible. When I was pregnant I still wore them. :)
I had an awesome childhood but I always wanted to be older. Now that I am, I wonder what I was thinking!?!


I just got back from Costa Rica and everyday we got to eat at an all you can eat buffett, they had so much freash fruit it was amazing. I fell in love with their Mangos with salt on them…I could live there alone just for their Mangos.
I HATE wearing hills, if I wear them they are off in less then 20 minutes. I am so much more casual when it comes to my footwear, cute flats are perfect for me.


I love this post! Janae I seriously can’t wait until we come to California in 10 DAYS!! It looks like you guys are having a ton of fun! We want to go to the beach every single day, or at least every other day– let’s make it happen!


I’m totally with your nephew — bread is gross! I will only eat it toasted, which is why I’m so glad Subway finally got with the program.


Watermelon! I live in Texas but my parents live in Nebraska. I am at home visiting them for a couple weeks and they always keep their fridge fully stocked with fresh fruit from the local farmer’s markets. I am going to have a hard time going back to Texas with out my parents “forcing” me to eat fresh strawberries and watermelon all the time!

When I was a kid I always wished I was an adult. I would pretend I was a teacher all the time. Now I am a teacher and sort of an adult… kind of wish I could be a kid again!

Maybe once a month. Everyone at work makes a huge deal out of me wearing heels since it happens so rarely!


Super informative wrintig; keep it up.


A good many vlauabels you’ve given me.


Wow, that’s a really clever way of tnhiinkg about it!

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