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Eat what you want.

Well, my favorite little munchkins went home today. I guess some people in this world actually have lives to get back to and can’t bum off of their in-laws for a whole summer. I know it sounds silly but this morning it was incredibly fun to help get them ready and feed them breakfast. I … Continue Reading

It’s tough being a kid.

We have to spend our summer days in swimsuits and high heels. We have to give Janae foot massages…. (I promise it really was her idea….pinky promise ((and those are very sacred to me, I have never broken a pinky promise)). Sometimes we get splashed by Charlie trying to shake off his water… and then … Continue Reading

More donut talk.

Very tough decision…… My favorite donut today had to be my glazed butter cream donut….dense yet it still melted in my mouth. Isn’t that the cutest belly in the whole wide world? Who know’s what I am looking at…. I love that smile. ———————————————————————- HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY!!!