‘Janae is HERE’ + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!

HEY!! Sorry I was absent yesterday!  Back to normal programming over here and making you hang out with me each day for a new post:).

Not only did I get to run with my sister yesterday but I also got to see the sun for the first time in a week.  It felt so good to get in some social time and some fresh air.

8 miles @ 8:27 pace.

This last week has been a cutback week! A cutback week was needed because of the back to back long runs the week before have made me so tired!  This next week we have an 18 miler followed by an 8-10 miler and I’m crossing all of my fingers that those miles can be done outside (and on the trails!) because I am not as mentally strong as Andrew when it comes to doing the long run on the treadmill… I think I would rather do the long runs on an indoor track if it is too icy to run outside!

When my nephews know I am coming over they wait by the window watching for me and then this is their reaction when they see me. It makes me feel cool ha:

I came home and did my push ups (following this schedule for that) and practiced handstands with the kids.

They can both get up to the wall now and I’m guessing they will be able to balance on their own in a few more weeks.  There is a yoga for kids class at the studio I am going to that they want to go to soon!

IMG 3613

Homemade lunchables are their current favorite lunches.

IMG 3614

Andrew brought home my favorite salad from Kneaders for lunch.  More toppings than lettuce = the perfect salad.

IMG 3615

We stuck around our house for the majority of the day and Skye yelled at her giraffe.

IMG 3620

It was warm enough to go on a mini walk around our neighborhood with the kids.  While we were out we saw a bald eagle and it was pretty close to us.  It was gorgeous.

IMG 3629

We are going through the Magnolia Cookbook and trying out new recipes so we tried out Joanna’s chocolate chip cookies!

IMG 3635

Verdict—> Very good and thick but this recipe is still my favorite.

IMG 3638

We put the kids to bed early (time to get back on routine for this next week) and watched our Netflix addiction right now—>  Cold Justice.

IMG 3642

Oh and on Friday night we went to the Monster Jam.  This picture was taken before it started.  We put on our protective ear gear once it started and had a blast.

IMG 3598

While we were in Salt Lake City I had the best ice cream cone of my entire life at Normal Club.  I’ll just dream about this ice cream cone in between each time we go there.

IMG 3584


We didn’t have any long runs this week and ALL of my miles were on the treadmill except for Saturday because of the single digit temperatures in the mornings.

Excited for a long run this week with Andrew.

IMG 3407

Monday:  3 miles @ 8:12 average.

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 8:27 average.

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 7:50 average.

Thursday:  7.2 miles + Yoga!

Friday: 7 miles @ 8:20 average.

Saturday: OUTSIDE AND IT WAS GLORIOUS—> 8.15 miles @ 8:27 average pace.

Sunday:  Off!


**My brother has a blog post for tomorrow that is incredible… He talks about everything from when he was PARALYZED and almost died to life with 7 kids to being a pilot for Southwest.  He is pretty incredible.

What was your best run last week?

Would you rather do a long run on the treadmill or an indoor track?

Tell me three things that you are doing today?

Any shows on Netflix that you are hooked on right now?

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Happy Sunday!!

Three things I’m doing doing:
-Quick shakeout run
-Teaching two yoga classes! One “yoga for runners” class at my local running studio and then one at my regular studio!
-Hopefully grocery shopping because I haven’t had time to do that in so long and really need to get my life back together after the holidays!

Best run of the week – 12 miler on Friday at a 7:48 pace!! I was really proud of my splits on this one!


I need to come to your yoga for runners class! You rocked that 12 miler… speedster! Enjoy your Sunday Arthi!


Happy Sunday! If you’re into chocolate chip cookies, you HAVE to try Bon Appetit’s brown butter and chocolate chip cookie recipe. They’re a lot less intimidating than they sound, and the only extra ingredient you need (compared to most recipes) would be skor! So, so good!


I will be making her recipe! Thank you Katelin! I’ll grab some skor tomorrow! I hope your Sunday is relaxing!


I absolutely LOVE how excited your nephews got and especially the one that was off camera and sort of did the monster growl JANAAAAAE!

My best run last week was New Year’s Day because it was the first time I had run ALL YEAR!!!

I would have said indoor track a few years ago, because the treadmill had me totally psyched out, but going around 12 times for a mile can get pretty monotonous. I think I would rather be able to watch a movie on the treadmill.

Getting 24 balloons filled with helium, picking up the cake, and having Baxton’s 6th Birthday Party!


Happy birthday Baxton! I hope the day and party are perfect. Hahaha your comment about your first time having time to run a year hahaha! Eat some cake for me today and 12 times around for a mile.. that would make me so dizzy! Ours is 5 times around for a mile luckily ha.


I would rather treadmill a long run because I could watch a movie or read while I ran. I am into When Calls the Heart (total Hallmark cheesiness) and we love Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime (totally not Hallmark cheesiness). I am cooking my way through Magnolia Table cookbook too! So far the brownie pie has been the biggest hit and is now my oldest child’s #1 favorite food.


Okay, I was wondering about the brownie pie! We will try that one ASAP and I need to watch that cheesy show.. my favorite. Good point about watching a movie or reading on the long run:) Have a beautiful day Ali!


I think indoor runs both sound like terrible long run ideas, but they have to happen sometimes. When the iron cowboy was doing his thing, Trevon and I were going to run with him for his last marathon. So I did a lot of training then and i ended up having to run 15 miles on a treadmill one day and I had to have so many distractions to keep me going haha. Running buddies came for part of it, movies, music… we didn’t end up running the marathon though because about a week or two before Trevon hurt his ankle. We did so the last 5k.

2hour church today. This’ll be different.


I’m so excited about the change because of Skye ha… three hours goes into her nap time:) 15 miles on the treadmill is no joke! That is awesome you guys joined him for the last 5k! Have a beautiful day Jenny!


Kudos to you for enduring so much treadmill running. We had some hot weather here in Florida this week but today it’s finally gotten cold again. I had a few pretty good runs outside but I was sweating!

When I’m in Alaska I often accidentally get too close to eagles… they’re a bit scary but they just fly away haha.

Today my mom is visiting to celebrate her birthday! It’s also my last day of break before my last semester starts, womp womp.


Enjoy your time with your mom today and your last day of the break… I hope this semester is a great one! I miss sweating during a run in the sun hahah! Enjoy that for me! Thanks Grant!


Oh my gosh, running on an indoor track?! I agree that the treadmill is rough, but I can’t imagine. The tracks I have access to are like 10 or 11 laps per mile. I can’t imagine running 80 circles for one of your 8 mile runs! You are a beast! I am sure I’d get dizzy and have to sit down in no time :)


Hi Janae! Off topic but awhile ago you recommended the Bissell spot carpet cleaner. Do you still love it? I want to buy one.


Yes we do still love it! It has saved our couches and rugs from many stains! I hope you love it too!


Glad you’re back today! :)
I took a break from my lifting program and went for a run yesterday – just 4 miles but it was an absolutely beautiful day here in Iowa. It was over 50 degrees and sunny here yesterday!! How do you not run in that?!
Three things – finally taking down my Christmas decorations, working on the baby blanket I’m crocheting, and meal prepping for this week!
My treadmill will be here tomorrow – but I’ve never been able to run more than 8 miles on a treadmill without feeling like I’m losing my mind! I guess I’ll see if that changes since I’d be running in my own house…


Wow–what a teaser! I’m looking forward to reading your brother’s guest post!
Both treadmill and track sound tough to me, but if I had to choose, I’d take long run on the treadmill. Making turns in the same direction for a long time would be mentally tough. Maybe if every mile could be in the opposite direction? :)
1) being lazy with a book, 2) hosting a playdate for my son (IF he does his chore that he’s putting off, 3) grocery shopping
I’m going to check out Tidying Up on Netflix soon, but I can’t say I’m hooked yet.


Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

I finally bought the Tuff Mutt hands-free leash for my dog, and we had our best run together ever yesterday. I was worried it wouldn’t give me enough control, but that did not end up being a problem. Definitely recommend.

My husband and I just finished a show called “Instant Hotel” on Netflix. It takes place in Australia. Couples compete to be named the best Instant Hotel, which is similar to Air BNB. Super fun to watch.


I’d probably take the TM over indoor track, because at least you can watch something/read and have a big fan blowing on you on the treadmill.

Addicted to Narcos on Netflix. So interesting!!

Have a great Sunday!


I might be the only one Team Track…in the past, I would’ve said the treadmill for sure. But it does get hot and loud and monotonous…in the gym I go to, also crowded at times. We have an indoor track here and I used it once (thought I’d hate it, but it actually not bad – it was quiet, not many people, and cooler. I felt I could relax more and enjoy the run and really move them be boxed in a treadmill. Sometimes it’s ‘easier’ to pick the treadmill…because of the distractions. BUT our track isn’t standard so more laps/mile. If you have a standard track and only 5 laps/mile, that’s awesome!


Best run was yesterday….6.5 miles outside!
I would move my long run until a day I could go outside. The treadmill isn’t something I can handle for very long at all, and we don’t have access to an indoor track.
3 things: work, run, (day 98 of my 100 day streak!), and dinner with my husband and brother in law.
And on Netflix I like Alexa and Katie. It’s a teenie show, but I love it! There are 2 seasons up now, and the mom of one of the girls is Tiffani Thiessen from Saved by the Bell!

Have a great weekend!


I won’t lie, I was a little concerned when you didn’t post yesterday! I’m glad you’re Ok ?

My best run last week – even though I didn’t feel this way at the time – was my 12 x 400s on Friday. It has been too long since I have done speedwork and I was super happy to have hit my paces! Of course, I SO wanted to quit after the 9th interval, but reminded myself of that amazing feeling I get after accomplishing something hard! Since I had to tweak my running schedule b/c of my internship, I had to schedule my 12 miler for the next day (yesterday) but I took it at an easy pace and actually felt great. I won’t do that with my 18 miler next wknd tho. Lol.

Hmmm, both sound terrible but if I had to choose I would go with indoor track!

Three things I am doing today: stretch, foam roll, hang with my sis and the munchkins ?

My husband and I are currently addicted to Designated Survivor with Keifer Sutherland… SO GOOD!!

Have a fantastic day, Janae!


Oh my goodness- the excitement of your nephews gave me all the feels? So adorable! I am looking forward to reading your brother’s post. Hope your Sunday is great Janae!


Treadmill if I am solo. If my side kick is showing me a million things, having me put on a show, needing a snack……you get the idea…….indoor track!!


Treadmill and indoor track sound equally challenging but for some reason I can never run my regular easy pace on a treadmill, so I would pick the track. My latest Netflix binges have been The Innocent Man and Seven Days Out (although the space one was lame, unfortunately). I hope they make some more – a Boston or NYC marathon episode would be awesome!


Not sure of the reason why, but I just want to applaud you for taking a day off. You deserve it!


Thank you Alyssa!! It felt weird but so nice… I might have to do it every now and then:). I hope your Sunday has been great so far!


Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix!


That ice cream cone! Is it dipped in peanut butter shell?


It was actually a caramel/white chocolate and it was pure heaven!!! You must go if you are ever in Salt Lake City! Have a great evening!


Are those special running sunglasses??


HEY!! I’ve been wearing them for running and for the rest of the day too:). They are the Electric Encelia Sunglasses and I got them on Backcountry! I hope you are having a great Sunday!


The pants in the headstand photo- where are they from? Can’t wait to read your brothers post! That sounds crazy!! Oohh and still waiting on the post if he wants to write it about fear of flying :)


Here is the link to them… they are some of my favorites: https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/brooks-formation-crop-womens/221296.html
OH YES… he needs to write that one next!! Have a great night!


Your recipe is sooo good! Chocolate chips cookies are my favorite! (maybe you can ask everyone to submit their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and ask if it is chewy or crunchy?!) Anyways, I hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great upcoming week!


That is such a good idea!!! Chewy 100% for me! Thank you Amber, you too!


You know we worry something terrible happened when you don’t post! Just don’t pull a skinny runner and stop with no warning that was terrible. Glad you are ok


I love homemade lunchables. My boys wanted the real ones and I kept explaining they’re gross. Finally bought them one and they did not like them! That salad looks so good.


Indoor track all the way! I once did 12 miles around a track that was 9 laps per mile. Ouff! But way better than the treadmill!


I was worried about you!! Glad you are okay. ? And your nephews!! So dang cute!


I definitely prefer an indoor track to the treadmill. Of course, outdoors is best, weather permitting.

Three things I’m doing today:
1. yoga
2. work
3. get a massage

Have a great day!


Young and Hungry is a Netflix silly show that I put on for some light fun. I know you asked specifically for Netflix but… Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime (do you get that?) is sooo awesome. I am working my way through it now. It took me 2 episodes to really get hooked.

I was just curious – do some of the sponsored posts require that you keep them up for a certain number of hours? Thanks!


Hi Janae! So sorry if you already mentioned this and I missed it, but what training plan are you following? I am hoping to run my first ultra this fall and am researching plans now. Thanks! :)


Went to climb a local mountain yesterday in search of snow :).

Oh, definitely have a tv addiction – right now we are watching a series on Amazon Prime (also on netflix), called Line of Duty. A co worker told me about it. It is a British Police drama – about a police unit that investigates allegations of corruption among their own. I am hooked.. I think I got through 2 seasons alone this weekend (usually 5 episodes a season). I like it so much because it is so intelligently written, always so many twists and turns.

Have a great day Janae!


Love those sunglasses you are wearing in the running pic with your sis! Who makes them?


I would definitely choose long run on the treadmill. I think the going around in circles might eventually make me crazy. Plus, I feel like you can zone out better on the treadmill. Outside is best, of course. ;)

I think I am late to the party, but my husband and I have been watching a lot of The Great British Bake Off. We love it. I love how charming and kind everyone is — you start to cheer for every contestant. It is definitely heartwarming.
xo, Ali

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