An INSTANT SOLUTION for Your Running & Random Things

5 degrees so inside for my 3rd run of the week on the treadmill.

Something that sometimes happens to me when I am running (and I’ve shared this a bit before but it is something I constantly have to remind myself):

*I start thinking about how in the world I’m going to be able to run another XX amount of miles during my long run or how I will be able to do 5 more intervals at a speed that kind of scares me.


*When I’m on the treadmill every now and then I catch myself thinking about how in the world I am going to be finish up another XX more minutes on the hamster wheel.

I’m probably not alone with having these thoughts but for me there is an INSTANT solution.

I tell myself, “All that matters is that I’m doing it NOW.  I feel great now so why even think about the future because all I need to think about is how I’m left foot, right foot, left footing it right this moment.  I can’t predict how I’ll feel in 10 miles or even in 1 mile so why think about it?  Just pay attention to how the NOW is going and as of right now I’m doing what I set out to do.”

I really learned this lesson during my last marathon training cycle and luckily it is carrying over to this ultra training cycle.  There is no point in stressing out if I am capable of continuing for X amount of miles or how I am going to be able to complete my THIRTY ONE MILE training run (followed the next day by a ten miler) in a few weeks.  All I need to think about is what I’m doing in that moment in life because thinking about the future too much brings me anxiety and calmness/happiness/confidence/enjoyment sweeps over me when I’m just taking it a stride at a time.

We are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to cope so we can get faster and stronger.  Those coping tools helps us to cope with real life stuff too.

IMG 3473


Also, 50 pushups here I come!  Kate gave me a great schedule and I’m going to go for it.  Thanks Kate!  Day one… complete.

Screen Shot 2019 01 02 at 8 03 04 AM

Skye had her very first ponytail yesterday.  It took about 10 minutes because she is so wiggly but it happened.

IMG 3417

I gave Andrew this RUN hat for Christmas and I think I’m going to have to start borrowing it for me to wear too.

IMG 3461

The gas station attendants know me as the hot chocolate girl.  It really is how I survive winter in Utah.

IMG 3463

Skye survives by snuggling in on us as much as possible.

IMG 3464

The kids were excited to go to Costco but then we were all let down by the fact that they only had one sample?!?!

IMG 3467

Salsa Verde Honey Lime Chicken taco salad for dinner (one of my favorite meals at home… + bonus points for leftovers the next day).

IMG 3475

Knox’s current love of life= magic tricks so the kids made us tickets for their magic show last night.

IMG 3477

And then Skye crawled all over us before bed.  No wonder she sleeps 13 hours at night uninterrupted… she doesn’t stop moving all day long (besides her nap).

IMG 3484

4 Random things to discuss:

*Andrew got a gift card for Christmas and used it to buy little kid Hydroflasks for Brooke and Knox because I mean… have you seen anything cuter?  Brooke takes hers EVERYWHERE with her and her water drinking is reminding me to drink more water.

IMG 3369

*I keep seeing people using these… anyone have one?  What are your thoughts on these air fryers?

IMG 3470

*I put this picture on my IG story but wanted to post it here too… Brooke is killing it in the big sister department.  One of Brooke’s aunts on her dad’s side of the family messaged me the other day to tell me how amazing Brooke was with her little baby cousin and playing with him.  Brooke has a thing for babies these days.

Brooke is the first one into Skye’s room when she wakes up and loves playing with her so much… this 5.5 year age gap is really, really nice.  I think Skye might think that Brooke is one of her moms too:)

IMG 3383

*I’m trying to figure out my race calendar.  MY FAVORITE (Provo City) half marathon is on May 4th of this year.   Our 50 miler is on March 23rd… do I have enough time to recover and jump in for my favorite half 6 weeks after the ultra?  Those of you that have done a 50 miler, how long did it take you to recover?  Not looking for a PR during this half but I would love to do it and push myself.

Flashback to this race 5 years ago:

IMG 0880


I love hearing the amazing things you do so send them in to [email protected] if you want to be featured!  (I usually post them on Friday but this week I am posting one today:)


Kelly!!!  “I have always wanted to run a half marathon, my partner and I have a running joke of “is this going to be the year you run a half marathon” because I used to say it every year.  This is going to be the year.  Well this year was, 2018 I ran my first.  2:31.  I was really happy with the time as I just wanted to finish it.  2019 marathon here I come.”



Have any problems with your running lately?  How do you solve them?

Are you getting back into your normal routine after the holidays or still all over the place?

-I think we are going to still be all over the place until the kids start school next week.

Last kitchen gadget/tool/machine that you bought… what are your thoughts on it?  Anyone have an air fryer?

How many races are you wanting to do this year?  Have you signed up for any yet?

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Okay so this is just a random thing, but when you ran your marathon and hit your sub 3 it was three days before my 20 week ultra sound where we found out the sex of our baby. My due date is March 18th and your ultra is March 23rd. It’s just really funny because I was counting down until the 20 week appt and you were counting down to the marathon. Now you’re counting down to the ultra and I’m counting down until the birth ? it just makes me laugh and I had to share!!

Also the air fryer – I’ve had one for about a year. It cooks chicken nuggets, fries, frozen foods insanely fast and makes them crispy. As for other foods I still use the oven. To make your own homemade chicken wings they are delish and not fried so that’s good. Only meat I’ve cooked in there is pork chops but it’s messy. I just like how it crisps up the fat but keeps the pork chop juicy. So it’s something you can def live without but if it’s super cheap or gifted I would def get it.


NO WAY! Our important days are just lining up together but yours is WAY more important. I am SO excited for your little one to get here! Please keep me updated and I can’t wait to hear about when you have your little one:) . That is good to know about the air fryer… we will try to find a really cheap one if we get one! Thanks Caitlin and I hope you are feeling well!


I read your blog because you are such an inspirational runner, but I love your RECIPES!! Keep ‘em coming!! ;)


OH I am SO glad! We have a few new ones we are excited to try out and I’ll blog about them. Have a wonderful day Kimberley!


I tried out my daughter’s air fryer and I wasn’t impressed. The basket is small and you want everything spaced out and not smooshed together so it’s cooked evenly. She told me what to set the temp on and how long to cook it and we ended up running it twice as it wasn’t as crispy as I wanted. Overall it would have taken about the same time in the oven. Plus you’re able to cook more volume wise in the oven so I’ll just stick with that. It was also kind of loud and smelled a bit funky but that may have been because it was still fairly new when I tried it. The air fryer is definitely not a new gadget that I need. I’m glad I was able to try it before buying it.


Good to know about it being too small because WE NEED VOLUME over here. Thanks Lisa for taking the time to tell me this! Have a beautiful Thursday!


Totally do your favorite half, but run to it, from it, and however long after to get your long training run that day :)

Getting back into the routine after the holidays.

Last kitchen gadget I bought was this squenching thing to make my own version of uncruatables. I apparently put too much filling but I think as I lighten up on that it will work better!

I want to do at least 6 but no more than 12 races this year. I have not signed up for any, but have my eyes on several.


Oh that is a fun idea! Our kids would LOVE that gadget… I need to find it! I am so excited for your races this year… didn’t you get into Flying Pig or was that last year?! Hope you have a great day Tonya!


It is from Pampered Chef and is called the cut and seal. I got into the Flying Monkey last year but got injured :(. I did run the Flying Pig the year I ran a marathon every month (2009)! Ironically that was also the year of the Swine.


OH that pic of Brooke and Skye MELTS MY HEART!! SO precious!

And I love the perspective of focusing on the NOW. It’s the way to run and the way to live. If we’re constantly focusing on the future and worrying about things that don’t even exist yet, we’re only going to produce more anxiety. It’s so important to find joy in the moment, because each moment is one that you’ll never get back.

Have a wonderful day, Janae! STAY WARM!!!


Yes yes yes… life is so much better in the moment! Thanks Natalie and go get some froyo today (that sounds so good to me at 8 in the morning ha)!


I LOVE that idea! (Also, it places were open this early, I’d eat froyo for breakfast FOR SURE.) :)


This is great timing—I was saying yesterday that I need to work on my mental game! I took my dog on a .75 mile run (we’re building up the mileage over here) and for some reason found it challenging…then I turned off my run tracker, walked a tiny bit, and then we started running again and just had fun. Something about turning off my GPS was SO freeing…and I loved watching my dog have fun. I have a half in March and a 10-miler in April, so this is something I want to focus on!


OH KRISTIN… I LOVE that you did that. Yes yes yes! Beretta always reminds me to have fun with running too. I am so excited for your half and 10 miler! Keep me in the loop on how your training is going. Have a wonderful day!


Okay, her little pony is the cutest thing ever!

That push-up challenge is such a good idea — I really need to start doing something like that in addition to my regular workouts!


Girl, not sure if my comment on your blog worked but I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU and your bump is the absolute cutest thing ever! He is so lucky to have you to be his mama!


I just got the Crockpot Express (kind of like the Instant Pot) and am looking forward to experimenting with it. Does anyone have one?

I’ve read that air fryers are basically really small convection ovens, and I already have a great convection toaster oven. It’s hands down my favorite kitchen gadget and I use it every single day. Of course, we’re a two person (and one cat) household, so maybe you need a full-sized oven if you have a larger family. But it’s great for snacks, lunches, and baked goods in the summer when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. And it heats up way way faster than the big oven.

I also have a bread maker that I use every week. Starting a sourdough starter keeps me on track with baking rather than buying bread.


I have never heard of the Crockpot Express but now I need to go read all about it… sounds awesome! See I think our family would actually really love a toaster oven… especially for quick lunches for the kids. I used to have a bread machine and absolutely LOVED IT. I should get a new one. Thanks Emily and I hope your Thursday is a great one.


Okay, I don’t really understand the concept of an air fryer. I don’t have room for any new gadgets in my house, so no air fryers or instant pots coming my way. ha ha

I LOVE the “NOW” mantra!!!!!!! It’s a powerful word and thought. I fall into that trap too often, too. Saturday I had some longer speed intervals–miles. Now, for shorter segments, I’m pretty good at knowing I can gut them out. The longer stuff scares me. I did it, but it wasn’t enjoyable because I just felt stressed, BUT I did it, and that’s what I need to remember. Might as well RELAX and ENJOY it. And, ya know, if I sometimes I don’t meet the time, it’s OKAY. Sometimes we place this “LIfe or death” sentence on our running, and it doesn’t make sense to do that.

Sunday I took a New Year’s yoga class, and the teacher made us do 2 minutes of crunches at one point. It did get hard, but he was saying, “Get out of your mind. Just listen to my voice…your body is loving what you’re giving it.”, and I did it. Tuesday I had 12 x 400 at the track. When it got hard, I thought of his voice over and over saying, “Just listen to my voice….” and it helped so so much. Oh, the mind tricks we play. It’s such a good feeling when we can “best” our minds though, isn’t it?!

Have the BEST Thursday, Janae! Almost the weekend!! Woot woot!


Jen! It’s so good to hear from you! I hope your holiday break has been amazing (and when do you go back to school)! Way to go on those long speed intervals… those are ROUGH and I love what you said! The effort is there! Oh that yoga teacher sounds great and I’m going to use that on my next workout, thank you. Have a beautiful day!


Trying to get back into the normal routine, but it hasn’t been easy!

We (husband/2 little ones) just bought a waffle maker and we are obsessed and wondered why we didn’t buy it a lot sooner. It was such a random purchase (basically walking around target and ended up in the kitchen appliance section and tossed it into the cart). Air fryer, don’t have one, but I am def. interested in getting one..

My goal/plan is to sign up for two half marathons. I have signed up for one in May (little nervous, its my first half after having my two kids (3 and 1 year old)) But I feel stronger since I had the kids, I always see you post that and I feel like that as well. I did run a 10k over thanksgiving and PR by 12 mins?? So the half should be interesting.

Longest response ever, but I recently became obsessed with hot chocolate?? I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough and it always reminds me of you.


Oh I am so glad you bought a waffle maker, they are the best and now you have me craving waffles (I know what I’m going to have for breakfast:). You are BUSY with your two little ones and I know you are going to have an amazing half in May. HUGE congrats on your 12 minute PR for the 10k (that’s like 2 minutes faster per mile), that is huge. These babies really do make us stronger (and train faster because we have to hurry and get home to them). Enjoy your hot chocolate today, it’s the best. Keep me updated with everything Kelli.


So, I love what you said about being in the moment and not thinking about the future. Ever since you broke 3 and mentioned this in what you did different, I’ve used it in my training. It’s my 2019 goal for life too, to live in the moment more without worrying about the future.

Also, one thing I discovered/told myself in my hard speed workout lasnight was “the regret I will feel at the end of this run if I give in now will feel a LOT worse than the temporary uncomfortableness of this workout.” And it REALLY WORKED. The regret is such an ugly feeling when you’ve stopped mid workout and then realized you couldve pushed. So I realized this is what I will remind myself on race day. because if I give it my all and don’t meet my #1 goal = no regrets!

I love Knox magic show thing. Me and my sister used to do that exact thing and make tickets and make our parents sit down and give their tickets to watch the show.

I think after yesterday I started getting back in my routine and I’m so thankful! the holidays were great but I love being in routine.

I’m signed up for a half in 10 days, then a 15k two weeks after that (whoops). I have another half on my radar in March but I may take some more time to recover/rest and go for a later half! Thats it for now!


YES YES YES… such a great goal for this year. Oh I totally know what you mean about that regret. I love that you are finding your coping tools! 10 days… let me know how both the half and 15k go. Thanks Eleanor!


Skye’s ponytail — AAAHHH!!! So cute.
I think that if you rest really well after the 50 miler, you’ll be able to do the halfer. It might be fun to switch gears again, anyway. I had a couple years of doing a 50 miler in early October, and then a 50k mid November. Both were slow and relaxed, but I was able to get both done without injury. Just be mindful of any pain that crops up, and you’ll be fine.


This is good to hear, thank you Stacey (I was really hoping you would share your thoughts today:). 50 miler + 50k 5 weeks later… you are a machine. Thank you so much and I hope you have a beautiful day (and how is your little guy doing?!).


I am still doing my 100 day streak, but runs are shorter for now. My training for my next half starts next week!!


AHHHH this is so awesome Loribeth! I am cheering you on… 100 day streak is amazing!


Am I the only mom who’s sad that the break is almost over? I’m sure I’ll be saying different things by bed time tonight, but I love watching my kids play together and school takes that away from them. I’d never be able to home school though! So I know that going back will be good haha.


I am too. Really sad especially since we are finally all together now! Hopefully these last few days don’t go by too quickly. Have a great day Jenny!


We are so all over the place with schedules! I’m usually better but we all got sick over the holidays and I’m working from home in my busiest season. So I’m just letting whatever happens happen and sleeping as late as possible. Next week won’t be fun.


Oh I am so sorry that you all got sick and it’s your busiest season… good luck next week! Have a wonderful day Kristen.


Was your sentence “I’m loving the 5.5 year age gap” written specifically for me!???!! I was/am recently struggling this past week with feeling like the age gap will be “too big” before we end up trying for a second (my girl is 3 and I don’t feel ready just yet so it will probably be 5 years at least .. if it even happens) so THANK YOU!! All my friends with 3 year olds already have a second so that was very encouraging to me – I hope there’s no such thing as an age gap that is “too big!” …. and also I really hope one day I can have another girl cause the sister bond is just too sweet !!


Andrea. Oh my goodness gracious. I want to call you up to talk to you about this. I’m now worried about having a smaller age gap in the future if that is what happens for us because I LOVE this big age gap so much. Brooke is so involved with everything and there is no jealousy because she just loves Skye so much. They both help so much and love all of Skye’s new tricks etc. Seriously, I love it and wish I could do it with all of my kids. Keep me updated with how you are doing!


Truly, speaking from experience, any age gap can work out well…it’s all in the attitude and the love. I have 2-1/2 yrs and 12 yrs…my mom’s gaps ranged from 11 months to 4 yrs…my SIL has 13 months, 10 years, and 2-1/2 yrs…husband’s co-worker has two 11 yr gaps. Seriously, if you love them, whatever you choose works.

Our schedule is still all over the place. Hubby and oldest have gone back to work but still no school (or seminary!) for middle and youngest. Next Wednesday may be a rude awakening…!

I am not one for kitchen gadgets. I have a few I use all the time (stand mixer, blender, toaster, slow cooker, dough cutter/scraper) and kind of regret having the ones I rarely use (food processor, pastry blender, waffle iron) take up space. I rarely, rarely buy any new gadgets.


That is soooo true! All of the different gaps can work out so well and it’s what makes each family unique and fun! I’m with you… next week is going to hurt getting going again ha! Have a beautiful day:)


I can chime in on the age gap, my brother and I are 7 1/2 years apart (he is older) and honestly I felt like an only child growing up because he was gone away to college when I was like 10, and when I was little and wanted to play he was in high school and didn’t have time/desire to hang out with me. Not meaning to discourage you at all, but just another point of view.


Oh that must have been hard! 7.5 years is a really big gap! I hope you have a great day!


I had major muscle soreness after my half marathon on Monday – I’ve been using Hammer Nutrition’s Tissue Rejuvenator ( and it really has helped. I also started using their Perpetuem Solids ( for my long run fueling. They’re kind of chalky, but I cut them in half and eat one every 15-20 minutes (they recommend 1-4 an hour) and I have had zero stomach issues. I put them in a little baggy and don’t have to worry about the mess of gels. I have learned over the years that my stomach doesn’t care for any sugar or sugar alcohols (Xylitol, Sorbitol, etc.) while I’m on the run.

I finally put my Christmas decorations away yesterday. My house always feels a little empty, but really clean when I do.

We had an emergency appliance purchase yesterday – our refrigerator conked out! We had a wonderful repairman come over who told us honestly that it would be more expensive to fix it then to replace it (Les bought it when he moved to California in 1987!!!) So we spent several hours last night going to Lowe’s, Best Buy, Home Depot and Costco. They all had the same model (GE Side by Side) for about the same price. Home Depot won because they can deliver it to us by Saturday. For now we’re living out of ice chests.

I’m currently only signed up for one race this year – a March marathon. I’d like to do a few more races but haven’t looked at the calendar yet. A lot of it depends on our travel schedule.


Oh no about your refrigerator! I am glad that Home Depot can get you one by Saturday! Good luck with the ice chests! I’m so happy you are doing a marathon in just a few months and I need to look into those perpetuem solids.. they sound great!


I haven’t tried that air fryer but I’ve been wanting to! I just already have more kitchen gadgets than I have space for. The last kitchen thing I got was a spiralizer.

I’m just trying to plan my race year and signed up for Fat Dog 120 here in British Columbia in August. It looks beautiful- so keep it in mind if you ever decide to come race in Canada ?
Oh and you will probably feel like you recover fully within a week after the 50 miler. It always takes me less time to recover from ultras than marathons. So I bet you can train for your fave half!!


You are my hero. I just looked up your race… it’s almost as much gain as Everest? Point to point 120 miles.. the pictures look amazing! Please fill me in on your training and everything along the way. So so cool! And that is great to hear about recovery! Thanks!


Love that Knox is into magic. I’m a working magician here in Las Vegas!

Question: I’ve only run on a treadmill twice (usually I’m outside), do you pick your speed ahead of time and then run? Or do you set the speed as you run by feel?


That is awesome that you usually go outside wahoo! On easy runs I just usually start at 7.0 and stay there or play around with the speed according to how my body feels. On speed days I know what pace I want to do before and set it to that! Okay I have to tell Knox about you… he will be sooooo excited!


It would be so awesome if you did Provo City half. I’m currently signed up and hoping I’ll be able to stay healthy (I got mono last summer and it’s been tricky staying healthy with 3 kids). My current race schedule is Provo City, Hobble Creek or Mt Nebo and then train for my first marathon, I’m hoping to BQ at the Phoenix marathon.


I am very excited about your race schedule wahoo! I’ll see you at Provo city and I can’t wait for your first marathon! I hope you stay healthy:)


My biggest problem has been not taking it easy enough after the NYC Marathon. I had a terrible race, but felt fine afterwards and jumped right back in. By December I was starting to do speed workouts again and now my hip flexor is not happy. I am forcing myself to rest this week (I tried to push through it over the holidays, why are runners like this?!) and see how it feels. I am signed up for a half in April so I need to give it time now. Any tips on healing a tight/sore hip flexor? I can’t say it really HURTS but its barking and I don’t want to risk a for-real injury.

I am starting to get back into my routine…back to work this week! But the hardest part is getting back to eating right – no more treats and extra snacks, or saying “oh what the heck, it’s the holidays!” haha

So I am super far behind with any sort of appliance but just got the Ninja blender. Haven’t used it yet but am excited to! My old blender died and it was almost 30 years old! My mom had it when I was a kid.

I’d like to do 6-10. Right now I am signed up for a spring half, and hoping I stay injury-free enough to do a marathon and ultra this fall, plus smaller 5-10k’s locally. Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Thursday/almost weekend!


Laura, I’ve totally done that before! I think that since I didn’t go my fastest or perform my best then I can get back to it after a marathon! You are being very smart taking a break to rest this week! Try yoga to get those hip flexors happy again! I’ve also had mine scraped before and that really helped! I hope your day at work is going well and keep me updated with all of your training, so excited for you!


Because of Tom’s job in appliances at Best Buy, he researched all of the air fryer models and learned a lot about them before we went ahead and bought one. The Bella brand–which is often on sale at Macy’s–apparently works well at first but once it starts to break, it really breaks (apparently it’s made cheaply). The Gourmia brand is a lot better, especially if you want a smaller sized air fryer (about 5-ish quarts) that can just take permanent residence on your kitchen counter. We have the gourmia. ALSO good knowing, just for pricecomparison: the INSIGNIA brand that’s in-house/generic to Best Buy is the exact same as the Gourmia brand–same parts, same ocnstruction, etc.–just branded for Best Buy as “insignia.”

We LOVE our air fryer. We roast vegetables and potatoes, and we make turkey meatloaf in it. We have had it since right around THanksgiving and we have used it at least 2-3 times per week. We love it so much that we got a slightly smaller sized one–about 3.5-4 quarts–for all of the parents for Christmas gifts this year (which is perfect ot roast vegetables for 2 people for dinner, for instance).

I am adding that salsa verde chicken into our weekly meals rotation. I don’t think it’s possible to have too much Tex-Mex in one’s meal prep or meal rotations! In fact, tonight’s dinner features this recipe, which is pretty much the best ever for easy “make it and look like a brilliant genius chef while putting in as little effort as possible”:

As for races–my first 10K of the year is January 19, and I went ahead and signed up for March’s 5K. There’s a race I want to run in February, but do I do the smart thing and stick to my goals–meaning that I just sign up for the 5K–or do I go for broke and sign up for the 10K even though that’s moving BEYOND my goals? We shall see. I’ve identified a 10K for APril’s race, but I have yet to sign up. I’m nervous about the cost of it all since our financial landscape has changed a bit, but maybe I should just go for it and sign up already and manifest whatever it will take to get me there?

That same RUN trucker hat you got for Andrew has been on my ‘wishlist’ on my Pinterest boards since pretty much as soon as I saw it on the Brooks website. I look at it longingly every single time I am on the Brooks website. I’m so weird. But all purchases from my wishlist are on hold until I have the exact outfit I want ot run my first 10K of the year together! Am I weird because when I start a new goal–or when I celebrate a monumental point in a current goal–I want not a “reward meal” but instead a reward OUTFIT to celebrate it? Maybe I am. Maybe not. I don’t know.

As far as being back on the bandwagon–I am so totally there! During the couple of weeks around the holidays I subbed a good deal, so while I fell off the FOOD bandwagon I was exercising a good deal. Right now I am getting both stomach AND muscles in gear. TOday is a bit of overdrive–yoga at home tonight to stretch out, but since I didn’t have to work at the store this morning I subbed for someone’s spin class and tonight I have one of my regularly scheduled spin classes. So that’s two 45 minute segments of intense Les Mills-choreographed spin classes. If I don’t do some yoga at home tonight, my hip flexors will be so overwhelmingly tight that I will not calm down!

ANYHOW–this is a lot of rambling. Moving on! BUT: GET AN AIR FRYER IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! And have the BEST day. :)


Does Knox have a magic kit? If so, what kind? My son is almost 6 and I wonder if he’d be interested in something like that.
Is 31 mile training run the longest you do? Holy cow! Can you walk some or you run it all? You will be able to do it though, you’ve got grit!


I’ve never ran a race longer than a marathon so I’m not sure how long you’ll need to recover from a 50 miler, but I’m getting married on May 4th so I say run the race!! :)


Ooh! I need to make that chicken salsa verde recipe soon! It looks so good (can you tell I am hungry right now, haha!) I am making jambalaya for dinner and am so excited to get home and eat it but have a late night for dance practice. I got my 5 miles in this am though! We have had good weather so far in Illinois so hopefully by typing this I don’t jinx it. I do need some new running gloves and would love any opinions you have on ones you like to wear!


We use our air fryer at least 3 times a week and even more in the summer when it’s hot and we don’t want to turn the oven on. Some of my favorite things to cook are breaded chicken thighs or drumsticks – soak in milk and then bread with italian seasoned regular or panko bread crumbs. The air fryer cooks them quickly and nothing dries out. The only issue I have with ours is I wish it were bigger, so I’d say if you’re getting one, get a big one!!


Brooke is so sweet with Skye. My sister and I are 5.5 years apart and I begged for a sister. Little did I know how much babies cry and poop. I would hit my sister a lot too and I was old enough to know better. I guess we were just opposites, but now that my sister just graduated college and is entering “the real world” we have bonded more despite being miles apart. I do love having a sister though and am so glad I got one.
Also I love your mental shift to focus on the NOW. I need to do this as well. I get so stressed thinking of the future all the time and forget about focusing on the now and present. That 30 day push up challenge looks fun too.


I’ve been running on the treadmill a ton lately but I’d much rather do that than freeze in the cold! :) You guys are doing amazing with your long distance training runs the treadmill though! The furthest I’ve ever made it is 8 miles on it! Anything longer has always been outside!

Thank goodness our routine is FINALLY back to normal post-holiday!

I’ve heard nothing but good things about those air fryers! They sound AWESOME!

No races have been signed up for on my end just yet, but I’m hoping to cross a 5k, 10k, and half marathon off my list before Summer comes!

Have a great Thursday Janae!!


It was fun saying hello to you at church Sunday. I’m sure if I lived in town Luke, Brooke, and Knox would be besties. I just know it. :)
I bought an Instant Pot last Summer. I use it all the time. It’s always nice to have yummy food fast, but I especially love it in the Summer. Texas is hot and who wants to have an oven on all day?
And I’m running Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon in April provided the knee that hurts after skiing last week isn’t really hurt.


Two thoughts: when running on a treadmill, I get freaked out, too. I think I use a variant of your mental reminder. I tell myself that every minute I’m running is progress. Whether it feels good or bad, it all counts.

My second thought is regarding your half: as you know, everyone recovers differently from races. My piddly little experience with ultras is that I don’t have another gear for over a month after the ultra. I can run, but there is no kick. It takes a while for me to get back any speed. I’d have no problem completing the half, but it sure wouldn’t be a goal race for me.


So funny, just tonight my Husband and I were at Costco contemplating getting the Airfryer. Going to research some recipes before making the plunge in to getting one more appliance.
Today was my first full day back at work and it was long, but I had enough work to get me through and back ito the swing of things.


Do you have a particular treadmill you recommend? I have been considering getting one. Thanks!

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