19 Facts I Need to Tell You.

7.6 miles @ 8:25 pace for me and then it was off to getting the girls up and going.

Skye was not very happy about Brooke going back to school after getting four days straight without her leaving.

IMG 5123

Twenty one miles for Andrew.  He said that he could have kept going once he was finished.  The training is working!  <— This was his longest training run ever.  It really is amazing what these training plans build us up to do… just take a day at a time and don’t look too far ahead on the schedule (to avoid freaking out).

That little ledge makes for the perfect nutrition holder.

Andrew started at a ridiculously early hour so he could get done and start studying for the NCLEX.  I remember in college I would go to a paper store and have them turn my textbooks into a spiral bound book so that I could study while on the elliptical or treadmill ha.  <— It actually worked really well.

We aren’t able to fit in a run together this week but I did convince Josse to run crazy early with me for one of my long runs this week.

IMG 5117

Skye and I clearly have some pretty funny conversations.

IMG 5142

Knox and I went together on a few errands later on…

IMG 5156

Andrew’s step count at around 5 pm!

IMG 5160

We made burgers again for lunch and then cooked up some brinner for dinner!  I hope your Thursday is a great one.

IMG 5159


I have 19 things to talk to you about today:

*I want to take the kids to Instacare when they have a sniffle and Andrew on the other hand is a lot like the mother below….

Image 1

*Brooke told Andrew the other day on their date that she really wants a pet snake, as long as it isn’t a cobra.  Thinking about a snake living in the room next to mine makes me hyperventilate a bit.  I think he is going to just take her to the BYU museum that has snake shows often instead.

*I started shaving my arms in junior high because all of my friends did it.  Twenty plus years later of doing this and I don’t think the hair on my arms grow anymore?  It’s very strange… I wish my legs followed suit.

*Brooke’s memory is absolutely better than mine on a lot of topics.  The other day I was talking about a present that I was sure I gave one of my nieces a year ago and Brooke said, “No mom, you actually gave her ____.”  And Brooke was right.

*For about 6 weeks leading up to the 50 miler I am going to refrain from listening to new episodes of podcasts with guests I know I’m going to love.   I’m going to save them for the last few hours of the ultra to get me through the hard part.   I love podcasts so much so this is going to really be a temptation for me to try to save them up.

*Only at our house would you find chocolate in the cup holder of the treadmill.   We need to dust our treadmill.

IMG 3336

*I had a dream that I ran a 2:35 at the Phoenix Marathon. I woke up in the best mood ha.  That was a very fun dream to have.

*This is my friend.  I see him a few times a week when I am out running in different spots around my neighborhood.  I swear he wiggles his nose every time he sees me to say hello.

IMG 2713

*We keep wondering when we get a bunch of snow why we are training for an ultra during the winter rather than the summer and then we remember our 4 main reasons:  1) The big kids are in school now which makes it easier than trying to do this training during the summer.  2) Mountain biking is a lot harder to do in the winter here… Andrew will be mountain biking this summer so why not do all of the running now?  3) Andrew overheats in the warm weather so this is perfect for his internal thermostat.  4) I LOVE MARATHON TRAINING IN THE SUMMER/FALL so this is perfect for winter… PS I keep reading about how trail running makes us faster for the marathon so this might be the perfect formula for this fall.

IMG 2853

*Getting Skye in the carseat has officially turned into a total body workout.  She has gotten strong.

*I asked Andrew how many and what feelings he experiences each day.  He replied, ‘Three. Hungry, happy and irritated.’  I am pretty sure I feel close to 1494 feelings a day.

*I feel exactly how my niece feels every time I see chocolate too.  Flashback to 7 years ago:

DSC 23101

*The Ghost 11s.  I’ve worn them off and on over the years but with this ultra training I have really fallen in love with them for the second long run of the week because of the cushioning and they support in all the right places for me.

IMG 2748

*Running Snacks reached out to me to try out one of their boxes and I wanted to because I love the idea.  Life is busy for everyone so they make awesome snacks for your pre-run and post-run that are easy to grab on the go.  Convenience is my love language.  I need some great easy options for before and after the run!

IMG 2779

*I think to balance out my extreme consistency with running over the last 20 years my body has to have zero consistency in other areas of my life like strength training or washing my hair.

IMG 2592

*Have you seen the previews for the new Lion King and Aladdin?  I cannot wait to take the kids to these.

*Our grocery bill has gone up a large amount with both of us ultra training.

*Isn’t it the best feeling when you wake up randomly and then look at the clock and realize you still have two more hours to sleep… the best.

*I learned this from my brother yesterday—>. “There is a placed called the Arctic Pole of Inaccessibility that has never been reached by man.  It is the furthest point in the Arctic Ocean from any actual land mass.  Believe it or not there is another expedition next month headed there to try and become the first ones.  Many have tried and failed.  There is a very real possibility that we put a man on mars before a man reaches the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility!”  <— Crazy, right?


Please share any facts that you need to tell me!

What is your run or workout today?

Do you track your steps each day?

What’s your breakfast today?

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Run was 5 miles @ 8:06 pace!

Bkfast will be cottage cheese and grapes thanks to your rec. Delicious. Sorry you can no longer have grapes, the worst.



I am so glad that others get to enjoy that wonderful combination… keep loving it. Thanks Mallory and awesome run. I hope your day is a great one so far!


I don’t track my steps, but I bet most days I get at least 10, 000, especially if I run. On rest days, maybe half that or less, ha!
Today’s breakfast was an egg croissant and some much needed coffee. It’s cold, and windy. Ugh.
Today I plan for 6-8 miles at lunch. Depends on the wind intensity. It will only be low 30’s and we are right on the river, so I am not sure how long I can stand headwinds.

Random fact: Emperor penguins can hold their breath for dives of 10 minutes sometimes. They slow their resting heart rate from 72 bpm to as low as 3 or 6 bpm while deep diving, then increase it to 250 bpm when surfacing to flush out carbon dioxide and bring oxygen back to their tissues. Scientists strapped a heart rate monitor to the birds to get this info. I figured you & Andrew might find this interesting, I sure did!


Oh my goodness, it has been so windy where I am too! I ran yesterday outside and I felt like I was on a treadmill! it was a full body workout for sure. Good luck on your run today!


Breakfast was Kodiak pancakes- I’ve started making more “fun” breakfasts during the week before work and it’s been so nice! My routine is something quick like smoothies or pre-made egg bites, but I’m enjoying the change.

Random fact- Jesse McCartney is still touring and I am going to see his concert tonight. Teenage me is super excited :)


Y’all are doing so awesome on your ultra training! Can’t wait to see you crush it on race day!! And please frame that pic of you and Skye laughing. IT IS SO ADORABLE!!!!

Breakfast will be my usual Nature Valley Granola Crunch Maple Brown Sugar with banana slices and Wheat Thins. :) And a fact that I need to share is that I’m getting really excited because I only have a few more chapters to write in my book. I can’t wait to start the publication process!


Happy Thursday!
A local running store has a “frozen feet” challenge right now so I am participating in that. At least a mile a day outside for 8 weeks and you get a cool pair of socks and a party. I really will do anything for a good pair of socks!
-Oatmeal with berries and apple for breakfast.
-we have had some avalanches in the back country of Montana, but nothing like Provo! Whoa! https://www.ksl.com/article/46471120/provo-canyon-remains-closed-after-avalanche-classes-canceled-in-carbon-school-district
Have a great day!


Oh I love that challenge that your running store is doing, I should ask ours to copy:) . Stay safe and seriously… it is nuts here this winter. We barely had any snow last winter and this winter it isn’t stopping. Thanks, you too Jenny!


My husband and I were looking at a sunset in California a couple of weeks ago and I asked him what he was thinking about- he said “how long the pier is.” I was thinking about the people on the pier, how long they had been standing there, wondering what they were thinking about as they looked at the sunset, if they were visiting or locals.” Yeah…very different things going on in our brains!


BAHAHA YES YES YES… this is so us too:) . Thanks for sharing Melissa and you are making me crave a California sunset. Have a wonderful day.


What are the summer/fall temps like where you are? I am in Florida trying to get in as many races before like May comes…..then its a death March until October-ish. I really would like to keep in half marathon shape over the summer but it is so dang hot here. Any tips? Any tips from Andrew since his body seems to react worse to heat? Any nutrition changes?? Thank you!!!

My run today is 3 miles recovery pace (HR oatmeal, almond milk, 2 scoops collagen (Vital Proteins), and blueberries!


I hope you are just loving this time of year and enjoy all of the races. In the summer it gets up to about 100 but usually 85-90 but it is a dry heat which I find so much easier to run in than humidity. Do you mind the treadmill, that might be a great tool when it gets really bad there. In the summer Andrew doesn’t run this much (probably 1/3-1/2 as much). More water, more electrolytes and I love to dump cold water on my head when I am running in the hotter temps. I also love to wear a visor to keep the sun off of my face! Your body acclimates to these crazy temperatures so I believe in you:) . Oh I love Vital Proteins. Sounds delicious and have a great day Eleanor.


That is so cool about the pole of inaccessibility–it sounds like something from a fantasy novel!

I only track my steps if my phone is on me, and normally at work I leave it on my desk–but after a run or something I usually check it! Thinking about getting a Garmin watch or similar but haven’t decided. That is crazy how many steps you guys have . . . I would be like a koala, sleeping 20 hours a day.

P.S.: I am also SO excited to see the new Lion King and Aladdin–because I think I may be the only adult alive who’s never seen the animated ones and has no idea what will happen!!


AHHHH You are really going to love the movies then… let me know what you think. I forgot that the iphone tracks our steps. Hahah we kind of feel like koalas lately:) . I hope you have an amazing day Kristin!


Here’s a random fun fact: the frisbee was invented by college students throwing an empty pie tin and yelling “frisbie” at each other. The first plastic one was mad 62 years ago yesterday :)

I did a treadmill run this morning and felt pretty good!

Have a good day!


I love that fact and can’t wait to tell it to the kids (they are really into frisbie right now… hence the sore on top of Brooke’s lip;) . I’m so glad you had a great run. Thanks, you too Jenny!


That is a good idea on the podcasts. I try to do that for long runs too and (let’s be honest!) to get myself to clean.

I received a Garmin for Christmas that tracks my steps — of course, I hit 10,000 no problem on run days, but I learned that I am extremely sedentary on rest days. Breakfast today was a smoothie with frozen tropical fruit, vega protein powder, coconut water, chia seeds, and almond butter. Delicious!

xo, Ali


I am right there with you on my days off… I don’t walk very much at all. Ummm that smoothie sounds amazing! I need to use podcasts to motivate me to clean too! Have a beautiful day Ali!


When I wake up in the middle of the night, I play a game of trying to guess the time (and will it to be at least 2-3 more hours of sleep). Honestly, I get a little psyched when it’s only about 1:47 :)
Headed to the gym today for a 30-minute workout of 400m running mixed with ab and kettlebell work.
I don’t have a step/fitness tracker. I used to use a phone app, but I didn’t transfer it over to my phone when I got a new one–not sure why.
Breakfast was an easy Pure Protein bar (chocolate peanut butter). I’m already looking forward to my lovely big salad with tons of grilled chicken and other goodies for lunch!
You guys are killing it over there with the ultra training! You should be ready for anything when race day finally arrives.
Weird fact: I am halfway considering a marathon on a tiny loop course (1 or 2 miles repeated as needed), or a double out-and-back on the C&O canal towpath. Those would sure be mental tests, as well as physical.


Bahaha I love playing that game and I hate it when I am off and have to get up way soon then I was guessing. Sounds like you had a killer workout. I think you should go for that goal… I want to hear all about it! Enjoy your salad today and thank you so much Corey.


I am sick (again!) so a short 2 miler this morning. I ran last night too so I am trying to run out this cold! Half marathon training starts second week of February. Ooof! :)

I do track my steps with my Alta fitbit. My breakfast this morning was steel cut oats I made Sunday in the slow cooker with chia seeds, apples, flax and milk, topped with maple syrup. Have a great day!


Oh no… get better soon April! I’m excited for your half marathon training and you are going to keep me updated with how you are doing. Thanks, you too and send me some of your breakfast;)


Skye’s little blue boots–I just can’t. Way too cute.

A fact: A year ago from today (calendar date today but day-of-the-week-day yesterday…) I hopped on the spin bike for the first time to co-teach a class AS A LES MILLS RPM INSTRUCTOR with my friend Kristin who was also my trainer for certification.

Another fact: right now I am listening to one of my dearest mentor’s voices on a video of her reading a poem at her sister’s wedding and crying because I miss her so terribly (she died last March). I wish so much I could be back in Boston and at the house where she held her private poetry workshops and I could ask her about all of the scary things in my professional life. But I needed to just hear her voice even if for a brief moment, so I went through her sister’s facebook page until I found this video. This woman taught me a lot. She taught me to be brave and to take risks in my writing and in my life and she taught me that it’s ok to have a messy, imperfect life and to own it–not out of pride or apology but just in a matter of fact way–AND to also believe that you deserve good things and are capable of putting so much good in the world. Messy lives don’t negate that.

Another fact: whether I have a protein smoothie (frozen cherry/half a banana/spinach/raw almond butter/chocolate whey protein/unsweetened almond milk) or my favorite oatmeal, breakfast is 560483756% tastier when I have it in one of my 12 oz Healthy Human tumblers (plus theyre just PRETTY…I used this one this morning: https://healthyhumanlife.com/collections/cruiser-tumblers/products/12-oz-cruiser-tumbler?variant=21113866911826)

A happy fact: while I may not be productive AT ALL when my cat is sitting on my lap and I am trying to do work, life is 405,404,586,924 times happier with the sound and feel of a purring cat nearby.


Happy one year of spin teaching, that is awesome! That tumblr is adorable and enjoy your time with your cat close by:)

I am so sorry that you are missing her so much, she sounds like an incredible woman that has really impacted your life… I’m sorry.


Today is my “This Is Is” treadmill run. Tomorrow is my “A Million Little Things” treadmill run ha! Too many super cold days = no jogging stroller so my treadmill game has needed to be picked up a bit (my husband travels for work) these last couple of weeks. Which also means I need more shows to watch. I LOVE podcasts, too (and have gotten a ton of good ones from your blog so thanks for those!!!) and listen exclusively to those for the bulk of my outdoor long runs but I don’t seem to focus well on them on the treadmill.

I don’t really track my steps. I have an Apple Watch and my move goal is 700 (I made it high enough that I can’t hit it without working out) so I do watch that to see how much higher I can get. My training plan for my spring marathon starts this week so it’ll be a piece of cake most days now. I struggle with cross training when I have running goals so I think I need to give myself a weekly move goal from other stuff. And then I have to post that goal on IG because otherwise I won’t do it. Thinking even just one person will know if I slack off really works for helping to keep myself on track with the stuff I’m less pumped about. Happy Thursday! :)


AHHH I watched This Is Us on the treadmill this morning too and I think I might have to watch A Million Little Things from my couch tonight. Thank goodness for all of the good shows to fuel our treadmill runs:) . I was just thinking today about how I can’t wait to get out with the stroller for my runs in a f ew months. Let me know if you find any great podcasts!
WHICH MARATHON ARE YOU DOING?! I’m so excited for you!


I LOVE stroller miles. My absolute favorite thing when the weather is better is walking my son to school then running an hour or so with my daughter. Best days :)
I am doing the Athens (Ohio) Marathon. I graduated from OU so I’m excited to go back but am also excited for a nice flat course. I’ve done a lot of half marathons but only one other full and it was a mess on every front so I’m excited to get a good one under my belt -fingers crossed!!!


Our grocery bill goes up like crazy too when our mileage is high! I’m currently running 60+ miles per week and my husband is super active cross country skiing, so we are spending a lot on food right now. I tell myself it’s totally worth it to support our dreams and passions. Today’s breakfast was overnight oats. Even in the winter, I love having it all set and ready when I finish my run so I don’t have to prep anything. This morning I had 9 easy miles. Hope you have a great day :)


I’m not alone with the $$$ grocery bills right now and what you said about it being totally worth it to support our goals, YES. Way to go on all of the running and I bet cross country skiing makes your husband so hungry. Thanks Jenny, you too!


Ha! Even worse than having a dad that is a nurse is having a dad that is a nurse anesthetist. People that put others to sleep for a living are adverse to their loved ones going under OR getting pain meds. My impacted wisdom teeth were taken out with novacaine only. When I had hand surgery in high school, I had an arm block with no sedation. And he took the pain pill prescription away from me. And it has impacted how I parent. The first time my kids got a filling and the dental assistant asked what flavor of happy gas they wanted, I freaked! No happy gas for my kiddos! I am soooo mean.

Today’s run was once again with Millie. The wind was a consistant 25 mph this morning with gusts at 40. To the gym later for a 25 minute ab workout. I coach twice a week so I get the workout in advance. Sometimes that is NOT a good thing…


BAHAH that is WAY worse. You and your kids are tough as nails though (I’m a wuss when it comes to pain). Way to go on getting out in all of that wind and enjoy that ab workout later (you are inspiring me). Thanks Jackie!


I love your fact, who knew!! I always think of the Jerry Mcgwire movie when it comes to facts, when the cute little boy says “Did you know that the human head weighs 8 lbs.” It is a running joke in our family when anyone quotes facts. HAHA!!

As far as snakes go my daughter also wanted one at about the same age as Brooke. She never got one, I just kept thinking, “What if it gets out?” I would really freak and would be worried about it too much, haha. So I feel your pain!!

As far as leg hair goes, I have never been super hairy but now that I am older i hardly have any hair on my arms or legs. My 21 year old daughter is jealous. Unfortunately I have a tiny mole on my chin that grows a single hair but not all the time so I have to keep my eye on that, sorry if that is too much TMI. Haha!!

I do love the idea of chocolate on the treadmill. I don’t have one but I do have a spinning bike and elliptical so that might not be a bad idea for those either. I did my first and so far only ultra two years ago (55k) and want to do another one so it is interesting and very informational to see how you two are training for yours. I love your blog and you have the sweetest family!!


Bahaha I love it! Yep, that is exactly why I can’t have a pet snake. Your comment is making me so happy today, I get one hair on my chin too! Congrats on your 55k… do another and fill me in on all of your training:) . Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day Shirley!


Quick random question: What window covering do you have on the window next to your treadmill? We have two windows in our rec room about the size of yours and I want to cover them but be able to remove it to open the window. We had neighbors move in about 5 months ago and they haven’t hung up any window coverings so when I open my kitchen blinds upstairs I find her and her kids staring at us from kitchen to kitchen. When we are in our rec room she stares from her kitchen to our basement. Kind of unnerving.


Hey Betsy! That isn’t actually a window… it’s a crawl space! Ummmm that is really really weird. Can anyone help Betsy with a good option?!?


Yikes on the creepy neighbor! Have you seen these on Amazon? I found them while looking for kid safe blinds Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shades, 22W x 36H, Espresso, Any Size 19-72 Wide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YHZQVS4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_IEIsCbB1X5BAE
They have a lot of different types if you search “cordless blinds” and you can spend a small fortune or not much. You may have already looked into these, but they go inside the window, which is what I thought I saw when I saw the treadmill picture, too, so thought I’d share it just in case you haven’t come across these. I like the ones in the link to let some light in without anyone being able to see in. Good luck!!


Thanks Jenny! I’m going to look it up right now.


My dogs woke me up an hour before I needed to be up (3:30am) so I just got up and had coffee and read… 2 hours would’ve been more sleep but for some reason one hour just was not enough.

Today’s run was 5 miles of hills with friends. A lot of us are running a local 1/2 marathon on Sat, so we’re cutting a bit back for that.

I sort of track my steps. I mean I can see it on my watch, but honestly with running I hit my step goal most days.

Today’s breakfast was a protein bar and water. Not super exciting, but with running before work and teaching at 7:30, I do what I can.


OH NO… I hope you get to bed early tonight! Good luck on Saturday, let me know how it goes. That is my breakfast many mornings too, they are just so convenient. Have a beautiful day Marissa!


Today’s run will be around 4 miles with my brother and one of my cross country/track girls.

I wear a FitBit each day and that tracks my steps. I’m not obsessed over my steps all the time but it’s always good to make sure I keep around the same amount each day unless I have a longer than normal run.

Breakfast today was Quaker Dinosaur oatmeal. Yes this is intended for children but I am a firm believer that it’s the best out there. Plus it keeps me fuller longer than anything else.


Well now I need to go pick up some of that oatmeal to try it! Have an awesome run with your brother and one of the girls you coach! Have a wonderful day Sloan.


I made my son’s favorite breakfast for both of us: Malt o Meal with Nutella and banana slices.

Workouts: Body Flow this morning and a run at noon. My half marathon training starts next week, so I think I will run over to the track and re-introduce my legs to the idea of speedwork.

I’m with Andrew on the mountain biking. I prefer to do spring half marathons so I do my running training during the winter, so I don’t “have” to do any long runs during the summer when I would rather be biking.


I feel for Andrew studying for the NCLEX. I made a big decision and at 44 have returned to college for a Social Work degree! I’m relearning how to study-oh my goodness. My other concern, besides a full time job, was how my running would suffer. Maybe I’ll steal your idea to get my books spiral bound. So far I’m keeping up but not able to make any big running goal plans right now.


My right leg is completely out of whack these days. I did something to the back of my knee a few weeks ago and it hurts like crazy after just a couple miles. Then I walk differently and my ankle that I sprained last year starts hurting. I really need to figure this out!

I did a 20 minute upper body workout this morning. On January 1st Les said he wants to do 25 sit-ups everyday this year. It’s currently my only fitness goal and I’m now up to over 100 a day!

I had coffee, Greek yogurt and an English muffin for breakfast. I used Lilikoi butter on the muffin and it is so amazing! We can only find it here in Hawaii and I could eat it by the spoonful!


My breakfast was a piece of multigrain toast with peanut butter, apple sauce, and vanilla yogurt. It’s my go to breakfast!


Double check that your race allows headphones as a lot of ultra trail races do not!

I ran this morning before work – it was 28 degrees when I left at 5:20am, and 10 minutes in it started snowing – 25 minutes in and the wind showed up at 20 mph (I checked when I got home) and it was blizzard like! Now it is sunny out. Crazy.

Breakfast was greek yogurt with blueberries. And decaf Creme Brulee coffee.


I find your fact for the day fascinating! I am surprised I have not heard of this before. I will have to ask my husband, he watches a lot of documentaries and always seems to know about things the general population doesn’t.

The weather has been crazy and icy in Michigan this week. I have gotten a couple of good runs in and plan to tomorrow, but hitting the gym on other days. Tonight I am planning to go to Ballet Barre. The woman there is crazy, in a good way and my quads are always screaming! And I never track my steps. As a runner and a teacher I am pretty sure I get them in every day.

Breakfast this morning was an over easy egg, spinach, avocado and a little cheese.


Question: it looks like Andrew is heel-striking in that treadmill photo. Is that something you or he try to avoid or do you just not worry about it? I’ve heard that heel-striking is totally fine for some people but I would be interested to hear your take.

Gym instead of running for me today, which is a bit of a shame because it’s perfect weather today and it’s going to get cold again before my run tomorrow.


HEY GRANT!! For some reason he does more so on the treadmill than outside (I love to watch for those types of things). I don’t think heel striking is a problem if your body naturally goes towards doing that but I do think it is a problem if your foot is landing in front of your body… the goal is to land right below your body and I think there are some injuries that are definitely caused from landing in front of it. I hope you get to sit outside for a minute and soak in some sunshine! Have a great run tomorrow!


Hi. Late comment but I just wanted to say ‘hi.’ I’m in Australia and read your blog from the day before everyday before my morning run- love it. It’s super hot here at the moment with a lot of days getting to 40 degrees Celsius which means we need to run very early morning or on the treadmill. I am so impressed with your commitment to running in the snow.


I LOVE YOUR NAME:) . Thank you so much for your comment today and saying hi. Andrew and I hope to travel to Australia someday and you’ll have to take me on a run. Good luck on your early morning runs and maybe have a popsicle after your next hot one. Have a wonderful day Skye.


Tonight is a spin bike night for me as I gear up for a long run this weekend for marathon training!
I am so impressed you can guys can do that many miles on the treadmill!!


I obsessively track my steps each day. I do NOT like to take a step without my apple watch on. — That’s strange right?!!?
I’ve run the Phoenix Marathon event EVERY year they’ve had it. I absolutely love it. (I’ve only done the full once when I hadn’t trained AT ALL. — It’s a long story that didn’t end well, but I finished.) Maybe I’ll see you there someday! I’m keeping an eye out for your brother this year. I’m still doing the half, but I may see him…
Have a wonderful Thursday! <3


Love that the dog ran a half haha! Also your boots are awesome :) Glad you got them early!

Weekend plans include running with friends and errands. Got in just under 9 miles this morning – it was cold but not as cold as Utah probably because no snow!

Current book I am ready is called Boy Erased. I also have a Jodi Piccault book I haven’t started yet.

We did make bread back when we had a bread machine – turned out really well but will have to make bread from scratch some time.

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend Janae!

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