Friday Favorites + Some Good News (in my opinion because I’m a little dramatic;)

I went to bed on Wednesday night thinking that I was going to switch my schedule and get up early and go for my 22 miler.  When I woke up I looked out the window and we had some more new snow.  Running in the dark on that didn’t sound like a great idea and I don’t have Andrew’s treadmill endurance right now so I went for 7 miles @ 8:50 pace instead.  We aren’t supposed to get any new snow today so 22 miles here I come.

What made the treadmill run pretty fabulous= a new episode of This Is Us.  The latest episode made me cry so if you are planning on watching it, bring some tissues.   After I got off, Andrew jumped on for his second long run of 10 miles.  <— He did 31 miles in two days on the treadmill.

IMG 5165

Off to school and even our car was sliding around on the roads.

IMG 5189

Andrew brought home steak salads from 180 tacos for lunch.

IMG 5194

And Skye resembled this baby polar bear for most of the day…

IMG 5212

She was quite attached to me.

IMG 5219

Millions of toys around but she just wanted me to be her jungle gym.

IMG 5224

Outside of the normal life stuff yesterday I had one goal and that was to make the bread that I drooled over when I saw it on IG.  A Bountiful Kitchen is one of my favorite recipe blogs and her Classic White Bread Recipe is amazing.  We polished off the loaf in about 10 minutes.

IMG 5235

We bought Skye a new carseat and she felt pretty excited about the ordeal… she is growing up fast.

IMG 5231

And my good news that is kind of silly… Andrew found out last night that he won’t be working on my birthday which means that operation ‘run the years I am turning in miles’ can happen on my actual birthday.   I made the official route last night and at mile 10 there will be Kneader’s French Toast and mile 20 glazed donuts (and huma gels along the way too)… feel free to come join me.   He will also be doing day shifts for his capstone which will make it easier with his ultra training and seeing us:).


Time for a few Friday Favorites (affiliate links included)!

*A great article about what we were talking about the other day…  I wanted to highlight the entire thing.

Screen Shot 2019 01 24 at 10 29 19 AM

*I opened my birthday present almost a month early;). Andrew gave them to me early so that I could get some good use out of them this winter.  I’ve wanted these wedge boots (quarry) for a long time and they are now helping me get through this winter;).

IMG 4867

*Megan told me that the soft-serve at JCW’s is incredible and she is very correct.  Ever since Costco stopped selling their soft-serve we’ve been trying to find something else we love as much and now we have found it.

IMG 5068

*Megan also told me about this book and I read it so fast because I needed ANSWERS.  It was creepy and a great thriller.

IMG 5192 2

*This dog accidentally ran a half-marathon and did it in 1:32:56.  That is pretty impressive.  I think Beretta really wants to try now to see if she can beat Ludivine’s time.

Screen Shot 2019 01 21 at 12 15 09 PM


What are your weekend plans?

If you have a dog… if they were let loose to run as far as they wanted, how far do you think they would go?

-I bet Beretta could run a half-marathon right now and maybe even up to 20 miles.

Do you ever make bread?  Have a good recipe?

What are you currently reading?

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My Golden Doodle knows when I’m going for a run and insists on coming. She is a great running companion especially in the dark. She has run 16 miles with me! I bring a separate water bottle for her and will drink from it so she stays hydrated too.
Enjoy your 22 miles!


I love Golden Doodles so much… I want to meet yours. 16 miles–> . She is on fire. Thanks Diane and I hope you have a wonderful day!


That bread looks so delicious! Send some my way, please. :) And sign me up for a few miles on your bday!! That’s so awesome that you’re going to run your age and that it will fit in with your ultra training!

I’ve been reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst as part of a book study with a group of my friends, and it’s an incredible book. I also recommend Remember God by Annie Downs and Everybody, Always by Bob Goff. Have a great weekend, Janae, and go OWN those 22 miles today!!


Thank you for the recommendations, I cannot wait to check them out. I’ll ship some bread the next time I make it. Thanks Natalie, have a wonderful weekend!


Aw that is great news about Andrew being able to do the “run age in miles” on your birthday! What a fun way to celebrate and so great he can join you.

BTW this morning during my bike trainer workout my lips were super dry and I had no chapstick or lipgloss and I was like “I should be like Janae and put it in my bento box” haha


BAHAHA YOU REALLY SHOULD… It will save you:) . I’m sorry you experienced that this morning, I do not like that feeling. Thanks Victoria and have a wonderful day!


I live for news about dogs being awesome.


Dogs are the best. I hope you have a great day Nina!


Weekend plans are kid’s basketball game, renovating our drop zone area, and church. And a run, of course.
I love to make bread! Yours looks delicious!
I just finished Martian. There is some language but it is really, really good. Now I’m reading the next book in the Maggie Hope series.


Good luck with the renovating and enjoy church, the games and the running! I’ve heard that one is really good… adding it to my list. Thanks Ali, have a wonderful day!


I make the recipe that you make. I printed it when you posted it in 2017. i make it half whole wheat and half white flour. it’s really good. i love it with runny egg yolks on it. delicious! thank you for posting it. it’s also the reason i got a kitchen aid stand mixer. it hurt my arms so bad to make it by hand.
my dog would not run a half marathon. she sprints for a hundred feet after squirrels and chipmunks but she’s not fast. she’s never caught them.
enjoy your long run! i won’t be doing that any time soon. the doctor put me on steroids for a week and then some anti-inflammatories for another three weeks with instructions to start back slow and every other day. let’s hope stress doesn’t cause me to make bad decisions and irritate my knee so that it swells up again.
have a great weekend!


That bread looks amazing!!!

And YAY for Andrew’s work shift on your birthday making your special run possible. Good things come in packages of all shapes, sizes, etc. and they should always be celebrated. No matter what. Even when that good thing means “oh dang I had no time to make breakfast and I had to stop on the way to work because I was getting hangry and the best-looking thing in that whole carry out was actually a sour cream donut…and oh my goodness it was actually amazing.” Even the amazingness of a sour cream donut deserves celebration. #totallymethismorning

This weekend I am off to Augusta! I hate that I am going alone, and I leave right after work (yay for rush hour traffic…in the greater Atlanta area…), but I am going to Augusta State University as part of their annual writers weekend. Tomorrow morning I am giving a craft talk on literary translation and in the afternoon I am giving a poetry reading. I wonder if anyone will buy copies of my book? Oh I hope so…that’d be nice. I brought my iPad and yoga clothes and even though it’s a quick and busy trip–not even 48 hours–I can easily unroll my yoga mat for a small 20-ish minute yoga session, right? I have that 19 Min Yoga app that my friend developed and I have the YouTube app on my phone and can open a “Yoga with Adriene” video if need be. And when I get home on Sunday it’s time to run. :)

When I was a kid I used to think “dang my life is boring” and think that was a bad thing. Now–as an adult–honestly, if things seem super boring and like I am plugging along doing what I should be doing, I sort of want to do a happy dance (Carlton Banks-style is an optional idea…)


Hey Janae! What kinda device is that you’re reading on??

My current reading is kind of a lot, but you asked….->overcoming amenorrhea, becoming Michelle Obama, counseling the culturally diverse, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, the endurance diet, modern psychopathologies. Kind of a lot but I’m reading them alll depending on what mood I’m in. biographies, informational about counseling, inforomational about running, or light-hearted YA fiction!

To continue our chat from yesterday about treadmill running->I think I need a setup like yours and then I will be set! :)

My weekend plans->8 mile run; my friend’s wedding; then homemade pizza and homemade ice cream date at my boyfriends house! Hope you have a lovely weekend Janae.


LOVE your boots. Super cute with your whole outfit!

I am pretty sure my dog Angel could run forever :) Inside he is so calm and gentle and snuggly but off-leash in the woods he will just run and run. I know that is different than running extended time but I also have gone up to 6 mile walks with him and he is not phased at all… Until we get inside and he immediately curls up to take a nap :) So… he’s all or nothing (like most dogs I guess). I put no limits on his abilities (yeah, I could have a blog just on my dog. I LOVE him! Hee).

My book group is currently reading the Nightingale (SO good, by Kristin Hannah. It has been pretty popular). We only read a certain portion per week and then we meet every Saturday morning to discuss (rather than like some book groups that read a whole book and then discuss). So I always have another book going on my own and that one right now is a little fun mystery called Murder with Peacocks. I read pretty much anything so it’s not always a mystery. I tend to like cozy books too set in England or little towns. Ha. The previous 2 books I read were Miss Buncle’s book – set in an English village. Before that was Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop of Dreams – very fun, easy.

Sorry for the VERY long comment! I love book talk.


I’ll come run some of your birthday run if my knee is happy, but I’m sure I’ll slow you down haha.

I love home made bread and my mom has an amazing recipe. For years I tried to make it and it never turned out. So I finally called her and went over each ingredient, turns out I’ve been using too little milk for the last 6 years and when I made it this time it was amazing.

Right now I’m reading the orphan keeper!


Awe Janae I so understand your excitement about Andrew being off on your bday!!! HOw awesome you can do your birthday miles run together. My husband and I both do shift work and it makes our days off together really special! I love your Friday favorites post. I think I’m going to need to read that book. That is amazing about the pup that ran a half!! My yellow lab would run for her life for .25 miles then flop over and nap lol :)


Hope your 22 goes well!
My weekend plans include a belated Christmas dinner party and a 19 miler on Sunday!
And that bread looks so so yummy-give me all the carbs when running high mileage!


I saw that bread on your Instagram and it looked SO good. I need to make it.

I lead a trail running group for women here in Springfield, MO, so we have that Saturday morning, then I’m throwing my sister a baby shower – I can’t wait to be a niece!

I hope your long run is enjoyable tomorrow! Be careful! :)

I read about that dog running that half it was crazy. I have a Yorkie who loves to run. She has done 6 miles with me! I got worried, though, and won’t let her do that again. After she runs with me, she always sleeps. Me, being the worrier that I am, constantly checks to make sure she’s still breathing. HA!

Have a great weekend!


That polar bear picture is soooo cute. Skye needs a polar bear onesie! Friday night is Pizza night – Saturday we have basketball and I have the Zoo Run Run.

We have a GSP and he does this thing they call clovering, where he’ll run up ahead, leave the trail and go into the woods, then a few minutes later come sprinting up the trail from behind us. He has gone on my 20 milers with me but he clearly did at least 30 miles on those runs. He needs a GPS for bragging rights. However, if we just let him loose in the yard, he’ll go about a quarter mile to the next to next door neighbor’s house, and get another meal, then head back home.

I haven’t made read in a couple of years – Ill have to revisit that!

Currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale


I don’t think your good news is dramatic. You are a birthday girl through and through. I remember that about you since first reading your blog. If I lived in Utah I would certainly join in for some fun.


That is very true… My mom spoiled us with birthdays and it has just carried on:) . One of these years I really hope you can come join. Have an amazing day Erica!


My dog would run exactly as far as the first aid station and then stay there and devour all the treats. Hope your 22 is great!


Bahaha I like your dog… sounds like one that just wants to hang out on the couch together and snack all day:) . Thank you Michelle and I hope you have a great weekend!


When I did my 55k there was a dog that ran the whole thing. It was an out an back so he rested and got some snacks at the turn around and ran back. I am not sure what time he received but they gave him a some bread and soup at the end.


No way… that is AWESOME. I wonder what kind of dog it was… I bet the dog looked like he was smiling and in heaven the whole way. Have a wonderful day Shirley!


Happy Friday!!!!!! This weekend, I’m getting my highlights touched up (I’m a much happier person with the blonder, the better hair :) and meeting my niece’s new baby, Lincoln! It’s gonna be cold, but I’ll get some running in. I did tell my coach the other day that I’d like 2-4 weeks just to do my own thing……… would be easy to just keep training and pushing, but I know I’d regret it. I don’t even have any races on the calendar, and I’m okay with that!!!!

My husband is the only person in the family who knows how to use the bread machine. Anything I try to make with yeast FAILS. He can make pizza dough, too. I can’t!!!

I’m reading a young adult mystery right now, but it’s really good!! It’s called Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus. I”m liking the whole mystery/thriller thing, so I’ll have to check out the book you just finished!

Hope you have a happy weekend of running and with your cute family, Janae! :)


Keep enjoying these easy weeks after your awesome race and enjoy meeting LINCOLN.
I’ll have to read that one next… thanks Jen and have an awesome weekend (stay warm)!


The She Was Gone sounds so good! I put it on hold at my library.

My weekend will be spent at yoga teacher training. At the end of yoga teacher training weekends I’m always tired and hungry, but I end up learning so much and falling in love with yoga a bit more – totally worth it.


Let me know what you think of it:) . I want to come to one of your classes once you are teaching. I can’t imagine how hard those weekends must be! Enjoy and eat and sleep a lot once it is over!


I have a Great Dane and she has logged a lot of miles with me up to 13-14 ish miles, she was diagnosed with A-Fib not too long ago so no more running BUT she is always there to curl up with me after my long runs :)

I love making bread- but haven’t had a recipe that I am absolutely in love with yet.


Your grate dane would do 13-14 miles… that is incredible. I’m glad you still get to snuggle with her after. Try out this bread… it was delicious. Have an amazing weekend Alicia!


I think my sheepadoodle would literally run until she dropped, and I think she could run a at least a couple hours. She has crazy energy levels.

I’m reading The War That Saved My Life–it’s a middle grade chapter book about a crippled girl in London during WWII whose mother abuses her because of her clubfoot, but when the kids get evacuated to the country, she discovers how much more there is for her, even though she has trouble getting used to it. So good and a good reminder of how resilient people can be.

I wonder if Andrew is as happy he can do your 33-mile birthday run with you . . . ? I love that plan!


Bahaha your right… he probably wanted to work that day;) He’ll probably just do part of it though . If he wasn’t there to take care of Skye I wouldn’t be able to do it:) .

I would love to read that book… thank you for sharing.

Your sheepadoodle sounds amazing! Have a beautiful weekend Kristin!


I know what I am doing this weekend – making fresh bread!! I bet my two year old could even help with the ingredient dumping. And I know what my next book is going to be now too (Then She Was Gone)…I need to figure out how to run (on the treadmill) and read at the same time because I LOVED listening to the Cold podcast while running & this seems similarly addicting. Currently I am listening to an audio book on my commutes about how exercise helps your brain (called Spark).
We will also be doing super fun grocery shopping this weekend. And I am going to search for a new magazine to have delivered, because I need a reason to go get the mail from the end of our block.:)


So for your birthday run, you should totally make up something so we can run with you virtually. I have no idea how that stuff works, but if we are no where near you, we can still “join” you. If you plan to start at X time, we can figure out what time that is locally for us and head out during the hours you’ll be out. Then you’ll know you’ve got a whole crowd of people running “with” you!! :)
Anywho, weekend plans include the gym and relaxing..also hoping to get out for 6 miles but don’t want to stress my sore hip so it might be less.
I’ve never had a dog that was a good running partner, the ones I’ve had are too stubborn and would rather do their own thing than run with me. However. I think they’d go pretty far on their own if left to their own devices!
I don’t have much luck with making my own bread, but my brother’s girlfriend is AMAZING at it.


I LOVE THIS IDEA SO SO MUCH!!! Time to start brainstorming… thanks Laura! I hope she makes you some bread asap:) . Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your hip gets feeling better quick.


We’re headed to the North Shore tomorrow. Coconut Shrimp from Fumi’s and possibly a shave ice are on the agenda. Gotta get some vitamin D.

I have a bread maker that I haven’t used in ages. My favorite recipe was homemade blueberry bread – it was purple!!


Nothing going on this weekend in my world which I’m pretty excited about! :) Netflix and running are on my to-do list which sounds perfect! HA!

Gosh, I have 2 little grandpa dogs that are both over 10 years old SO if they ran off they’d probably make it .25 miles before they tired out! They’re lazy pups and I love them for it!

That bread looks DELICIOUS!!! Checking out that recipe NOW! YUM!

I’m SO excited for your birthday run!! That’s such exciting news!! YAY!!!

Have a great day Janae!!


But why would you get soft serve when you could be eating one of their amazing shakes?! ;)
Of all the things I cook and bake, I never make bread. So I will just come to you. A peanut butter and jelly toast on homemade bread sounds amaInh right now. Speaking of amazing, I am so impressed you run 22mikes before your kids go to school. Seriously you are super human.
I am so excited that your birthday run is going to happen ON your birthday. You better be willing to slow down and run 5 of those miles with me. :)


French toast is like my favorite breakfast food ever. It’s also in my top 5 list of favorite foods (which is a fun but hard list to make, you should try it!). That Kneader’s french toast makes me drool. I need to try it.


RELAXING after starting school and a new job in the same week. Exhausted is an understatement.

Oh my goodness my dog is a crazy girl and could totally run a full marathon. With no water breaks.

I make a lot of quick breads… my go to banana bread recipe is amazing!!

Reading: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. OBSESSED with this author. So much suspense and you will always stay up way to late because you just have to know what comes next!!


Those boots look adorable on you- love them!!


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