27 Facts I Need to Tell You… Solve or Listen?

Eight miles yesterday at an 8:10 pace and a double digit run up in the mountains today.  Maybe I should just throw in a marathon in the spring with all of these long runs we are doing with our ultra training ha.

Our day yesterday was pretty low key.  Skye had a bit of a cold so we played on the ground for the majority of the day until the evening when I went out on a date with Brooke.

I have so many random things to tell you and the best way to do that is through a bunch of bullet points:)

*I love trying to reenact a previous photo.  I can’t believe how much the two of them have changed over the 5.5 years since the first picture.

PicMonkey Collage 7

*I seriously have no idea what I’m doing with all of this ultra stuff.  I’m reading a lot about it and talking to as many people as possible but when you see me doing something ridiculous and not normal for the sport… please tell me:)  I’m here to learn and happy to be doing something new to me.

*The punchy lip gloss addiction starts incredibly young over here.

IMG 0520

*When I tell Andrew something I’m upset about in life he now says, ‘should I be Solve Andrew or Listen Andrew right now?’  Hahah usually I just tell him I need ‘Listen Andrew’ because I feel better just after crying for a few minutes about something that is bothering me and then I move on ha.  He likes to solve and I just like to get things off my chest.

*It isn’t actually possible for me to listen to a podcast while I run on a treadmill.  I have to have music playing but when I am running outside on my own, 99.9% of the time I am listening to a podcast.

*I listened to this episode of Emma Bates on the Lindsey Hein show and it was awesome.  Emma won CIM and finished with a 2:28 as her debut marathon.  She has so much ahead of her.  She is only 26 and it was very interesting to learn about her lifestyle/training because it is very different than most elites!

*She snuggled with me the night of her birthday for a long time.  This hasn’t happened since she was much smaller.

IMG 0885

*When I go over to my sister’s house my nephew makes sure that I give him my FULL attention as we listen to stories together on his little toy ( the toys that tells a story while you flip through the books it comes with).  If I even think of looking away, he brings it closer to my face and watches me like a hawk.

IMG 0399

*5:30-6:30 pm = Skye’s grumpy time of the day.  6:30- bedtime = her cutest and most giggly time of day.  We have determined that she knows when it’s getting close to bedtime and she puts out all of the charm to try to convince us to let her stay up.

IMG 0321

*Skye started saying DAW whenever Beretta walks into the room.  Skye is Beretta’s favorite because she feeds her at least 2 full meals a day of human food.

*There is so much truth to this.  Maybe we’ve all seen things wrong this entire time?

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*Skye is on team cake.  She wasn’t very aggressive with the cake and only ate a few bites of it but what she did eat she loved (I think).

IMG 1093

*I try not to talk poorly about people on the internet but my sister is so weird about her chocolate chip cookies.  She was sad the other night that our cookies had too much chocolate in them.  She loves cookies, she just prefers one chocolate chip per cookie.  I’ll never understand this ratio conflict.

IMG 1063

*You know you need to brush your hair more often when you find a bobbi pin in there and it’s been a long time since you last put a bobbi pin in your hair.

IMG 1064

*This little Winter Chocolate-Reindeer & Sled Kit from TJ’s was fun to do with the kids.  Our counter has crafting/art supplies on it 90% of the day.

IMG 0428

*Spaghetti is life for Skye.  We gave it to her for the first time the other night and she shoveled it in so incredibly fast.  Faster than any other food I have ever seen her eat.  Spaghetti/lasagna are my absolute favorite (with a big dose of garlic bread and add a Caesar salad to the mix and that is heaven).  I’m thrilled to see Skye agrees.  PS Andrew made four casseroles of my mom’s lasagna on Sunday so we will be eating it for leftovers all week… I am thrilled about it.

IMG 1060

*A spoon full of peanut butter is life for Andrew, Knox and Beretta.

IMG 0501

*I’m really excited to know the unknown… I think that is what made me want to do an ultra.  I have NO idea how my body is going to handle it or how I will handle that many hours mentally but that is what makes me want to try it, to know.

*I think the back-to-back long run stuff is going to be the most challenging/growing part of this whole training for me!  In two weeks we have an 18-20 miler followed by a 14-16 miler the next day.   I’m going to start taking UCAN again before my long runs because I need that slow burning fuel and my long runs feel best with it.

IMG 0257

*How long do you usually have your cell phone for before getting a new one (out of choice or out of needing to from breaking one)?  My mom had her last cell phone for TEN years.  I think that is a record.  I usually get a new one every 2-3 years except for the time I put mine in the washing machine or the time I accidentally smashed mine…

*Girls night at the theater last week.  There is just something so great about going to the movie and getting completely absorbed in the story on the screen.  And when your movie theater offers gelato, things are just that much better.  Candice, Megan and Jess.

IMG 0395

*I really think subconsciously I just love matching with people.  My sister was over one day hanging out and I went and got ready while she was with the kids and I came out in a matching outfit.  I didn’t even think about it as I was getting dressed, it just happened.

IMG 0521

*Des just announced she will be running Boston 2019.  How cool would it be if she won two years in a row?

*Why I run (Pam posted this and I loved it)… I’m addicted to feeling Runderful.

IMG 0833

*I’m not sure if this would have taken the normal person four hours to do but I was determined to organize all of my favorite things on Instagram in my highlight stories.  You can now go there to find all of my favorites things along with the links to each item if you swipe up!  I hope that makes it easier to find stuff that I’ve talked about before (and feel free to ask me anytime if you need me to find something for you)!  My IG is HERE and I’ll continue adding to each highlight.

IMG 1034

*It worked out magically that all of my siblings will be here for two days before Christmas this year.  We are going to go stay in Vernal.  I will be so fun to have everyone together.  We might even get to go on a sibling run while we are there (although it is way colder in Vernal than where I live so we will see ha).  PS this brother of mine keeps sending me pictures from Cancun while we are here shivering… a lot of his flights have been down to Cancun and he usually gets to spend a day or two there before flying back.

IMG 6656

*When Skye knows Andrew is taking her to her room for a nap…  She reaches across the room to me.

IMG 1125


Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

-No one in our family can but Skye can touch her chin with her tongue:).

Do you cry easily or not so much?

-Some weeks not a lot can bring me down and some weeks I cry over commercials and songs that give me the goosebumps.

When was the last time you got a new cell phone?  How often do you get a new one? 

When you treadmill run, what do you watch/listen to?  

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Hahaha, I’ve definitely had the bobby pin thing happen to me more than once. My hair can become such a mess!

I’m not a big cryer. I probably cry two or three times a year, which I realize isn’t super healthy, because it usually means that I’ve been bottling everything up, and then it all comes out at once in full force. I’ve never had a hangover, but usually the day after a night of a lot of crying, I have what I call a “crying hangover,” which involves puffy eyes and a MASSIVE headache. It’s exhausting.

Hope that you have a great day, Janae!


I bet you cried tears of happiness yesterday!!! Hahah I’ve definitely had the crying hangover too:) Thanks Natalie, you too.


Aaaahhhhh! That was SUCH a JOYOUS moment!!! :)


I’m sorry, but I’m on team Sis here :) I love the soft dough part of a cookie (has to be barely cooked! the dough part of the one your sister is holding looks good!) and not as many chocolate chips (but maybe more than 1). Hee


You and my sister would be good friends:) Have a wonderful day and stay warm!


I cry so much. I cry when I am happy, sad, frustrated, proud – I have a tear for everything. My first grade teacher used to give me a prize if I could go all day without crying. I was ashamed of being a crybaby for a long time but now I have just accepted it as part of me being me!

Lately when I am on the treadmill I listen to podcasts. Last night I listened to “Training for Ultra” and your interview! It was so good and I ended up running a little extra to finish it. You and Andrew are going to do awesome at Antelope Island!

It looks like Beretta’s nose is so close to Knox’s peanut butter! I am so happy for your family to have such a sweet dog!


It’s one of the wonderful things about you! “I have a tear for everything” –> I definitely feel that way sometimes. Oh I am so glad that you listened to it, it’s almost like I got to run with you last night. Thanks Jo, have a wonderful Tuesday.


* I love that photo re-creation of your niece and Brooke. It really made me smile.
* It also really made me smile to see that power fist of Skye’s in the photo of her driving her pink toy. I wonder to what she is pledging her solidarity? :)
* And Andrew, Knox and Beretta are totally right about the spoonful of PB thing…and if you add some chocolate chips on top = perfection. :)


Hahah I love that you noticed that!! I totally agree with you about adding some chocolate chips = heaven (and if it is almond butter, even better). Thanks Marilyn, have a wonderful day.


I always want to make your mom’s lasagne, but as soon as I see “I didn’t measure that”, I freak out. lol I am so not good at just throwing things together!

I CAN touch my nose with my tongue, but I can’t curl my tongue. My youngest daughter and husband can though—it’s all about that biology/recessive gene thing, right?! ha ha

Crying–I do cry easily!!! Last week when my daughter was turning 13, I kept tearing up thinking about it!!! TIME FLIES!!!!

I can’t get over how much Skye and Brooke look alike, AND I think Brooke looks kinda like Knox in a way, so it’s so neat how your little blended family has blended so perfectly :)

Happy Tuesday–I’m in survival mode for NINE more school days until Christmas vacation! OH MY. I have a workout after school today—2 up/2 at half marathon pace/3 min walk rest/5 x 3 min FAST/1 down. Hopefully I’ll finish before sundown. ha ha Daylight Savings Time needs to be abolished :)


Hahah I need her to write a more exact recipe! We will work on that:) SHE IS A TEENAGER NOW… I totally understand those tears. I totally agree with you, people say that a lot about them when they find out that we are a blended family… they get so confused ha. Nine more days (WAHOO) and let me know how your workout goes later today, you are going to do amazing (that sounds like a really fun workout that I want to try someday).


I go back and forth on whether I cry easily. I started watching A Million Little Things two weeks ago so last week I was watching that and coverage of President Bush’s funeral and the eulogies and stories = lots of tears!

We have a treadmill at home now (woooohoooo!!!) and I can NOT listen to a podcast on it. I love watching a tv show for easy runs but I’m all caught up on This Is Us and A Million Little Things so not sure what to watch now. And I can’t just run on a treadmill with music unless I’m doing hills or speed work. Conversely, I can’t watch a show while
I’m doing hills or apeedwork. Typing this makes me realize I’m very particular haha!


Yep. That show and President Bush’s funeral both made me cry a lot lately. Why does that show make me feel every emotion possible? I am SO glad that you have a treadmill now, yes! Hahah the treadmill requires us to be particular. Let me know if you find any new shows. Have a wonderful day.


My mom (also named Linda) is almost to the 12 year mark with her flip phone. They don’t make batteries for them anymore and she has already begged, borrowed and stolen all she can find, so eventually she’ll have to come out of the dark ages :)


Our moms should be best friends. Hahah let me know when she gets her smart phone (if it ever happens;). Have a wonderful day Tracy!


So here’s a weird thing. My son kept asking me to make chocolate chip cookies WITHOUT any chocolate chips (but…but…???) So finally I did and he loved them. Now when I make cookies I make a few for him without any chocolate. I thought he was insane but it’s good to know he’s not the only one!


He is definitely not alone! We don’t have to understand them haha!


Happy Belated birthday to Skye! Looks like she had a super fun birthday with you all.

I cannot touch my nose with my tongue & I bet I looked silly trying just now!
I do not cry easily or often, but when I do, it’s like the floodgates open…maybe why I try to avoid it?
My latest cell phone was just last year & it is an iPhone SE (cheaper but still works great!), though I keep them as long as possible, until they die on me.
On my treadmill run this morning I listened to the Mom Hour podcast – they have some pretty interesting/helpful conversations, that keep me distracted! Podcasts are my go-to & there are SO many great ones.

PS I enjoyed your backcountry sponsored post yesterday – I saved the lightweight hoodie as a future gift idea for my husband (he is almost always too warm for a normal sweatshirt), and the hydration vest and winter running tights to my personal wish list. :) I first learned about backcountry from their discount site steep&cheap – they have great quality stuff!


Oh yay… I’m so glad you loved it! They really do have the best stuff for great prices. How have I not heard of the Mom Hour podcast? I am going to start today… thank you so much Katie. Have a wonderful day:)


I do not cry easily, but I do have to tell my husband “I just want you to listen….don’t say anything”…sometimes he still tries to solve the problem but I will remind him “just listening, remember”…it’s very hard for him.


YES… we just need to talk about it for a second, I don’t need answers ha! I hope you have a great day:)


My dad has had the same phone since 2002. When the battery died, he replaced it instead of getting a new phone. My mom has my last flip phone from 2009 and still calls it her new phone. I never had an android phone that lasted more than 2 years but my now 4 year old iPhone 6+ is going strong. I’d kinda like to get a new phone for more storage and a better camera but the new phones are so expensive so now I’m suddenly turning into my dad.

The only way I ever get through a treadmill run is with TV. Right now I’m watching season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon


2002 and 2009… okay, that is impressive! That is always my complaint with phones… STORAGE. I don’t ever want to have to delete any pics/videos. I will have to check out that show, thank you Beckett. I hope your Tuesday is a great one.


That’s cool your family will be together for a few days. Vernal has a very nice baseball field near the school. I got to see my nephew play baseball on that field this past summer. Wave hi to my sister. She lives right outside of Vernal in a small town. Speaking of my sister I have to tell you a sad (to me) story. Out of all my sisters (there’s 5 of us girls) we’re the closest. I drove from NW MO to Utah to see her and spend a week with her and her boys this past summer. Anyway…..last Sunday the family in MO had a get-together for Christmas. Not the BIG Christmas gathering but pretty close…………so a few weeks ago I heard this DJ on the radio say flights from SLC to KC were $134 roundtrip!!! And it was for this past weekend.! That is unheard of. I had to be in a meeting for work within minutes of hearing this but wanted to call my sister and say buy these now! I text her during the meeting but she wasn’t responding……..by the time she read my text and I got out of my meeting it was too late. The price jumped to $300 or $400. I was so upset. At that price she could’ve been here with her two boys for the weekend. Her husband is in flight school over near SLC. He is gone M-F but comes home over the weekend. We carried on and had Christmas but it wasn’t the same knowing she could’ve been here.


Betsy, that is really sad. The price jump on tickets happens to us every time we try to get Brooke out to California and we get so frustrated. Come with us to Vernal and see your sis:) Having sisters is the absolute best and I am so glad you are so close to her.


I realized Andrew is a smart guy (nursing school), but now I believe he is a genius with the “Solve Andrew/Listen Andrew” question. Brilliant and so necessary.

Team CAKE FTW! :) Also, team plenty-of-chocolate-chips (sorry, sis). And team peanut butter! I share with my doggo, too. You guys do birthdays right & I’m glad Skye enjoyed hers so much!

Nobody in my family can touch their noses with their tongues, but my best friend growing up could. It cracked me up every time!

I used to cry quite a bit, usually from frustration. I do that less now, but I am pretty sappy about stuff. The kids always try to get me to look away when there is a news clip of a soldier returning from deployment and surprising their family–gets me EVERY time. I always watch. They tease and bring me tissues.

I think I got a new cell phone in the spring. My old one was always out of storage space. But the new one has so many apps that came installed (that I can’t uninstall), so I’m having the same problem. All I need is the phone, text, a couple of social media apps, and tons of photo storage. A game would be nice, I guess, but no room for that. The stores requiring apps for discounts make me nuts.


He really is so smart! Hahaha your kids sound awesome:) I agree–> That sounds like the perfect phone. I feel like I can never take videos because it takes up all of the space. Have a wonderful day Corey and I hope you get some extra chocolate chip cookies soon.


TOTALLY stealing the “solver vs. listener” thing! My husband always wants to “fix” the problem, even when I just want to vent/be irrational :)


Hahaha ‘vent/be irrational’… hahah I’m the same way! Let me know how it works for you guys. Have a wonderful day:)


Chris and I have had the same talk…….solve or listen.
I am a frustrated crier more than a sad crier. I have not cried in the past month, at least. Chris must be listening instead of solving. Ha.


Hahaha he must be doing a really good job with that:) I cry hard when I’m frustrated too. I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the traditions with Hope:)


Yes, I have a weirdly long tongue. I also have a really long neck so I’m basically a short giraffe haha.

It depends on the day for me. Sometimes I cry a lot and sometimes I can’t cry at all. But it does feel good to get it out when I need to. I cry when I’m embarrassed or when I’m trying to argue an opinion and I hate that because it makes me look weak haha so the. It makes me cry more. It’s a little ridiculous.


Hahah I’m right there with you:) Sometimes I just can’t control it! I think we are supposed to get more snow soon…. let’s drink all of the hot chocolate.


This post is making me VERY hungry! I want lasagna and some cookies!!
I agree with your sister – I like the cookie part more than the chocolate chips!
So many cute pics today! Skye looks so happy about her cake :)
I’m really bad about crying. I cry when I’m sad, angry, happy, etc.
I listen to music on the treadmill and watch TV without the sound. Sometimes I listen to a podcast, but I really prefer running to the beat of music.
Have a great day! A run in the mountains sounds AWESOME!


Maybe I’m the weird one loving all of the chocolate chips in my cookies?! I hope you get some lasagna soon and good call listening to something while watching tv. Thanks Elizabeth, have an awesome Tuesday!


I totally get the chocolate chip to cookie ratio that your sister is talking about. I would prefer maybe 2 or 3 chocolate chips per cookie. But I have been known to make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips. I also add extra salt to my cookie dough because I prefer a salty cookie over a sweet one.

I rarely cry unless someone’s dog dies. That always gets me. And how did your mom make a cell phone last 10 years?!?!? I am lucky to make it to my upgrade date. On the treadmill I usually listen to a podcast (usually Ali on the Run) and watch the TV on mute. Our gym doesn’t have a great channel selection so I just need something to distract me from watching the distance constantly.

PS: All of your ultra talk kind of makes me want to do one too…. kind of.


DO ONE DO ONE DO ONE (how’s that for peer pressure?!). You and my sis need to be friends! I need to learn from my mom… she takes such good care of her electronics. Ali’s podcast is the best. Have a wonderful day Corrinne!


Our one year old calls our dog “DAW” too!!


No way!?! I love it!!


Yes, I can touch my tongue to my nose, and my daughter is close but not there yet. I am also double jointed in my fingers and knees.
I used to not be a big crier but after having kids something kicked off and I am a bit more emotional than I used to be.
In my books the more chocolate in the cookie the better, but they have to be soft cookies. I don’t like crispy or hard cookies.


You have all sorts of party tricks.. lucky:) You just made sense of my life… kids kicked in the crying for me too! I hope you get a very soft and chocolatey cookie asap. Thanks Rachel!


I have a friend that is like the with cookies too! Weirdo ;)

I can definitely touch my tongue to my nose, chin, and actually my chest.

I have been crying so easily the last few days! Between the holidays and my youngest being off at camp, whew!


Sometimes I am a blathering fool and I can not stop crying. Other times–somehow, I am rock solid. While I know there are things that factor in like stress, exhaustion, what point I’m in for the semester, etc.–it is otherwise unpredictable. Ridiculous, but true. :)

I can not touch my tongue to my nose. Every part of me is short, even my tongue. :)

In other news I think I see the finish line for all of my end of term grading! I believe that if I did not have my part-time job and if I did not have VERY full days at the store on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of last weekend that I would totally have been done by now. But the finish line is in sight. I would love to be done by approximately 4 PM tomorrow, but if I am done by the time I go to bed on Wednesday night–well, I will take it! :)

And after seeing that image with #teamcake–I WANT CAKE. With ice cream, preferably. Pleaseandthankyou.


My one year old is just a over a month older than Skye and she also says “OOOO DAW” whenever she sees our dog. They’re best friends and it’s the cutest thing ever.

I’ve also had the bobby pin thing happen to me. ? I usually find it when I’m going to wash my hair.


I am a crier – I don’t think I am – but at sad songs – last week I cried watching a blind audition for the Voice. And my partner would say I am a crier

Last time I got a new cell phone – a month a go – because my old one died. I usually only get a new phone when the old one dies. Several years ago, a friend actually marched me into a store and insisted I get a new one because my old one was cracked and barely functional but I insisted it would do haha.

when I treadmill run, I sometimes listen to music – but sometimes I stare out the window. Our gym treadmill in the building faces the window.

And re: the back to back runs really are the toughest because you are tired and hungry. My body definitely needs a few days of recovery after long back to backs! Happy training Janae!


Before I got my current phone, I had my old one for nearly 5 years before it died. The lady that I got my new phone from was shocked that I had had a phone for that long – she just couldn’t believe it.


Okay, I love that Andrew asks you which mindset you need him to be in. That is extremely intuitive on his part. They say most men default to “solve” and most women default to “listen.” I personally love it when my husband asks “what can I do to help with this?” because I can say “i just need an active listener and a hug.” I get comfort and he gets an action task…win for all involved. :)

I go through phases on the crying. I cry pretty easily lately but that’s after years of not crying or even allowing myself to feel some hard things in life. That has caused a lot of physical health problems, so now I take the tears, haha!

Happy Tuesday, Janae! ❤️


I’m a cryer especially for when something is so moving and loving.
I just listened to the podcast on Emma! Wow she sounds so amazing.
Can you ship your moms lasagna please?!! Oh my now I’m craving it.


If you haven’t already read it, for ultra running information read The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis. I just finished it and it gives excellent advice from all the “pros”.


Thank you Kathy!! I will most definitely be getting that… have a great night!


I normally get a new cell phone when the phone company tells me they will no longer support my current model. But, right now, I have a crApple phone that may or may not make it to 3 years (and I am SO annoyed by that).

On the treadmill, I watch Netflix. Music alone isn’t enough to distract me from the terribleness of the dreadmill.


I love that Andrew asks if you need for him to solve or to listen…my Dad has always asked me the same thing and now my boyfriend does as well – although it took him awhile to figure it out ;) I’m like you – usually I just need someone to listen for a few minutes and let me cry/vent and then I’m good to go. The difference between guys and girls haha

Yes, I can touch my nose with my tongue. I used to NEVER cry like ever…but the last few years, I am the most sentimental sap haha…I cry at EVERYTHING. I got a new phone a year ago and usually get one every 2 years. I always watch Netflix when I run on the treadmill…music just doesn’t cut it for me, I need even more of a distraction ;)

Have a great week!


I’m definitely a crier. This past weekend after grocery shopping, my husband placed a box of tissues on “my side” of the couch, because he thought they would get more use there. Ha! But it is not always a bad thing. I cry over happy/sappy moments in movies or to a beautiful song. The first time I saw the Notre Dame in Paris I cried because I was blown away by how beautiful it is.
I usually listen to podcasts when I treadmill run. I’ve never been able to watch movies or tv shows. This is weird, but I get a sort of motion sickness. I can’t watch anything. However, when it is really a drag, I turn on the pump-up tunes and play around with the speed. That usually helps!
xo, Ali


This post was gold. It had me laughing at almost all of the bullet points! haha.

The whole “solve andrew” or “listen andrew” is exactly how men/women are described in the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus book! haha. And so true.

and the bobbi pin! haha!


Digby, Felicity and I used to all have our own jars of peanut butter.

I like to make my cookies so that basically it is just a handful of chocolate chips loosely held together by dough.

Skye’s little crossed toes/feet in the picture of her with her cake is too adorable. Felicity used to be the same way when she was a baby too (extra EXTRA cute before bed time). As a result, she used to stay up until Ross and I went to be a lot (and a couple of hours AFTER her siblings went to bed). I couldn’t help it. I just needed more of her cute/happiness in my life.

Evan can touch his nose with is tongue, but he is the only one in our family who can. Ross loves it if I cry (sometimes even if he is the one who caused it) because it happens to rarely, he says it is a nice reminder that I am not, in fact, a robot…..


I love the Solve Andrew vs Listen Andrew, that’s a great way to approach conversations especially with a significant other!


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