Our Lucky Year & Be Prepared to Be Hungry!

Good morning friends!  

Today’s post is sponsored by Blue Apron (be prepared for these pictures to make you hungry!) and they are offering an awesome deal for you today.  The first 50 people to sign up (you can skip or cancel at any time) will get $60 off over their first 3 weeks of Blue Apron.  Click HERE to get the deal!

It’s the busiest time of year!  Sometimes I get nervous even looking at my to-do list but I have to because otherwise I will 100% forget the really important things I need to do.  During this crazy time of year the temperatures are dropping which means the only thing I want to go outside for are my runs or to ski.  Lately, I am really searching for things that I can cut out to make more time for the people I really want to enjoy this time of year with.  PS Andrew, Skye and I are thrilled that we will have Brooke and Knox for Christmas this year.  We switch off every year so this is our ‘lucky’ year:).  The celebrating will be top notch!

One of my favorite things to cut out is the grocery store…  Especially the grocery store with Skye because somehow a quick trip with Skye to the store turns into an hour event that leaves me more tired than a 20 miler haha!  I love that Blue Apron delivers right to our front door everything we need in a refrigerated box for some amazing meals.  The ingredients have been fresh for us 100% of the time over the years and they send all of the right proportions so you don’t waste any food.  


For our latest delivery we started things off with the Sesame-Sweet Chili Wonton Noodles w/Chicken and it was so so good.  


I had this the night before a big workout and it was just what I needed.  I have never made a meal like this at home so I felt pretty cool.


The kids loved it too.  Blue Apron offers a 2-Person Plan or a 4-Person Family Plan.  We go with the family plan most of the time and it feeds us all so well.  I’ll even have leftovers for lunch the next day sometimes too.


The meals from Blue Apron take 40 minutes or less to prepare and some even take 20 minutes!  I love having new and fun recipes to try at home because eating out at a restaurant isn’t something we want to do often with three kids.  

PS I was making this meal at about 4 pm and it was already getting dark outside 

IMG 0210

Brooke was very excited to help me with the Chicken & Black Bean Enchilada with Creamy Cilantro Sauce.  

IMG 0231

I am always so excited for the new recipes that Blue Apron has for us to try. Each week they offer 16 recipes to choose from.  It’s sometimes really hard to narrow down to just a few when I want them all!

IMG 0237

I hope that this time of year is going well for you.  I hope you are able to get the things done that you need to along with spending time each day doing something that you love to do.  Stay warm and keep me updated with how your training is going this time of year. 


Don’t forget that the first 50 people to sign up (first time meal plan subscribers with Blue Apron only) will get $60 off their first three weeks with Blue Apron!


Anyone reading with a blended family?  How do you share the holidays?

When cooking—> do you clean as you go or clean after you are done?

-I’m all about cleaning as you go and Andrew prefers to do it all at the end so when we cook together we try to meet somewhere in the middle on this!

Do you keep a to-do list, use a day-planner or use your phone to keep track of things?

What time of day does it start to get dark out where you live?

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The noodles seem so so good !
But i’m not sure Blue Apron deliver in France :)
Here, the sun goes down around 5pm these days.
I also have to write everything, or else I forgot things. I have so much to do ! Ha !
I have a weekly planner, AND a to do list for the day.
Without my lists, i’m lost :)


BOOOOO…. they need to start shipping there next:) . You would love it and I wish you could come have some of these noodles with us! Good luck with those to do lists…. they are never-ending ha. Hopefully you get in some relaxation or me-time today too. Have a beautiful day Ingrid!


Hi Janae — Can I ask: Where is your gray sweater from? So cute!


Yes of course! I bought it at Gap last year and I wish I would have bought more colors because it is so soft. I keep checking to see if they have similar ones again but no luck but if they do, I will absolutely send you the link. Have the best day Betsy!


I need that salad! Yum!


Wish I could bring it over to you right now Jenn!


I love Blue Apron! They make dinner time very easy, especially with a family! I really dislike cleaning so I try to cook as I go to make it easier.


Sarah, I love that you love them too! I’m with you on the cleaning… might as well just get it over with. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


I clean as a I go. I hate to sit down for dinner with lots of pans and dishes sitting around!

My tracker is my bullet journal. It’s a training log, calendar, to do list, scheduler, priorities, all in one magic tool. Have been using this system for a year and a half and as long as I write it down, it gets done!

It starts to get dark around 5:00 p.m. now….short days!!


Oh I am with you… I can’t enjoy my meal if there are dishes everywhere. I need one of those bullet journals, that sounds perfect! At least the short days make me feel a little less lame about getting into bed so early! Hope you have a beautiful day Tonya!


My husband and I use Blue Apron too and love it! It’s been teaching me how to cook haha :) It’s also been getting dark early here… sometimes around 4:30. I miss the long summer days already! Hope you have a great day!


ME TOO!! It’s so nice to get better at cooking with Blue Apron. 4:30…. NOOO that is just too early but at least it gives us an excuse to climb into bed early:)


I tend to clean as I go. But if my husband is around, he’s in full clean mode as I go. Maybe a little too much (like, didn’t I just have that spoon, or wait, I’m not done with that knife yet) but I can’t really complain. He’s a kitchen angel!

And I saw your post from yesterday. I live at 6,500 ft and am on vacation at sea level this week. I have the biggest grin on every run from all the oxygen and had to double check my garmin to confirm I was really runni g that fast. You are going to fly at CIM!


I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to tell me this! Can’t wait to feel all of that oxygen. Enjoy your vacation Michelle and thanks again… great confidence booster!


I am all about cleaning as I go, which my family loves because they are usually the ones to clean up after me :)

I keep a to-do list for work on my desk, I use Google Keep on my phone and computer for home and coaching things, and my family shares a Google Calendar. We have 3 kiddos and 2 are in high school with sports and tons of activities and this helps us all so much!

It gets dark here around 4:45, so sad!


Grocery shopping with very young kids is a challenge! Unless you get those carts that look like cars. My husband started doing the grocery shopping now and I do miss a trip to the store! I use Cozi on my phone and computer. It’s the best to keep my family organized and grocery lists!


I am a clean as I go cook, I like having the kitchen cleaned up so I just just relax after dinner!

I have a day planner but I started to just use my phone since I never had my planner with me to write down what I needed!

Now it starts to get dark by 4:30 ?

Hope you have a great day!!


Okay I am going to try Blue Apron now! Looks fun and delicious! I was hesitant but your favs have never let me down ???

How long does it take from start to finish to prepare a meal in general? Do you have favorite recipes you recommend or any tips to help a newbie? ?

I HAVE to clean as I go!! Otherwise I am constantly thinking about the mess. My husband is also the opposite. He thinks it’s faster and more efficient to leave everything until the end. Maybe saving everything until the end is faster? But it’l seriously stresses me out!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! And best of luck to you with your marathon!! You got this!!! I do have one idea.. maybe run like Phoebe when the race is over, you know, as a cool down lol.. ??

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