Focus on ANYTHING but this + Marathon Training This Week!

17 miles done and done.  22 next week and then we are entering taper territory.

My morning started off with Beretta (you are welcome for such a high quality photo;) and she is doing really well now staying right next to me during the run.  It took a little work but she is a great running partner for me… EXCEPT for when a cat ran across the street yesterday.  Beretta went full steam towards the cat.

IMG 2453

Another really great photo for you but this is a large hill.  You climb up about 180 feet to get from the bottom to the top so I went up and down it 3 times starting at about mile 7 to replicate that part of the St. George course.  The rest of the run was pretty flat but I’m glad I got in some hill practice.

Lately during hills I’ve really focused on paying attention to everything around me but the hill as I’m climbing.  The trees, the lyrics to a song, the weather, the cars… anything.  This way I’m not thinking so much about the burning and keeping my brain elsewhere.  I like to focus on the running when going fast but when going up, I just need to focus on anything but going up;)

IMG 2454

Look who joined me for the last five miles of my run.  I only stopped once during the run (when dropping off Beretta to get her back inside).  Andrew was waiting for me outside to get there to start together.  I want my body to get used to running non-stop for the race so I need to practice it on the long run too.  The girls did great and it was so fun to have them there and talk to them and Andrew during the final miles.

My long run didn’t include a workout (like the previous weeks) so I really just had to split it up mentally—>  Beretta (7 miles), podcast/alone (5 miles), family (5 miles) and that worked out well.

IMG 2483

My coaches instructions were to take it easy and to be able to talk during the entire run which is what I did (during the three big uphills I was breathing heavier).

Screen Shot 2018 09 08 at 1 41 39 PM

7:45 average felt really comfortable and I wouldn’t hate if marathon race pace was a minute per mile faster than this;)

IMG 2485

The world’s fastest shower + grabbed some food to eat in the car and then Brooke and I went to go and cheer on CANDICE during her marathon.  She did absolutely amazing and BQed by 9 minutes!

IMG 2487

The best way to get really excited (and nervous when you are at mile 19 and then mile 22 of a marathon;) to do your race is to spectate another one right before.

IMG 2491

It even put Brooke in the running mood.

IMG 2496

Knox had a soccer game and we went to go cheer him on (he is not with us this weekend… that’s why he didn’t join the bike trailer fun;)!

IMG 2511

And then my mom showed up to our house with donuts.  She’s a good one.  That apple fritter was everything.

IMG 2514

Followed by a soccer game for Brooke.  She really went after it yesterday at her game.

IMG 2519

We hung out at my sister’s house for a bit.

IMG 2526

Sometimes Skye has a fascination with my nose when I feed her a bottle.

IMG 2530

A nap didn’t happen but an early bed time did.  We had Cafe Rio take-out and watched the BYU football game and I fell asleep 2.3 seconds after climbing into bed.  It was marvelous.

IMG 2536


27 days until the marathon!  Here is what training looked like last week and bring on the peak week this week!

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:51 average

Tuesday:  8 miles @ 8:45 average

Wednesday:  13.1 miles @ 7:07 average.  2 mile w/u (8:27 average), 3 x 3 miles with 3 minute jogging breaks ((6:47, 6:59, 6:45)(6:43, 6:40, 6:37)(6:32, 6:31, 6:24)), 1 mile c/d.

Thursday:  7.25 miles @ 9:05

Friday:  8 miles @ 8:17 pace

Saturday:  17 miles @ 7:44 average.

Sunday: OFF!

59.35 miles for the week—>  so close to 60!

Next week is peak week and there is two monster workouts, I can’t wait.


What was the last race that you were a spectator?

What are your Sunday plans?

Favorite take-out restaurant?

Tell me about your best run this last week?

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What a lovely day, and an awesome training week!

Sunday plans = lesson plans. Lol boooo.

Marathon training is so incredibly tough — mentally, physically and emotionally (we all know how worth it it all was after we cross the finish line). I ain’t tryin’ to jinx anything, but after reading/seeing you go through several cycles and races (all of those ups and downs!), it feels like you really have a really good grip on all of it. Fingers and toes crossed and all of the happy thoughts going into next week, and the taper!<3


Good luck with all of the lesson planning Tiffany! Thank you SO much Tiffany for everything you said. I think this training cycle is feeling pretty special. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and that you get some time to relax!


I wish I could tell you about my best run–I’ve started to have some dizzy spells, so I took the week off. I can however tell you that on Friday I got out of work a bit early, took two glorious naps in the afternoon, and then slept 10.5 hours that night. It was amazing. And for the first time in a while, I was tired but felt a little bit of energy inside me instead of feeling entirely, all-out exhausted.

My favorite take-out restaurant is a fast-casual chain called Zoe’s Kitchen. I had never heard of it until I moved to GA–it’s definitely a thing down here. They sell a lot of Mediterranean-inspired food (…which makes a Greek girl like me so happy), and my favorite menu item there is these salmon & zucchini kebobs. They’re so good! SO SO SO good!

Your takeout food bowl looks yummy. I just had breakfast, but that looks yummy enough for me to want some of it now! ;) On Friday night, Tom and I made this recipe and it’s the EASIEST THING EVER. And because it wasn’t oily and greasy like the fajitas when I go to a tex mex restaurant, I am declaring this my most favorite fajitas I have had anywhere in the United States:

I hope your rest day today is amazing! :)


Stephanie, I am SO sorry about those dizzy spells! I am so glad that you have been getting in some more sleep, hopefully that will help with the dizzy stuff. I want to try Zoe’s Kitchen, that sounds delicious! I will be making those sheet pan fajitas! THANK YOU!!


Congrats on the run!!

Best run last week: Yesterday!! I did 21 miles solo (which was the longest training run I’ve ever done totally alone) and I ran an 8:29 average pace which I was happy about!
Sunday plans: Might go for a light run to shakeout the legs and then teaching a special yoga for runners class this evening!

Happy Sunday!!


21 miles solo… you are a rockstar! Seriously, you nailed it Arthi! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


I love that Andrew and the girls got to join you for part of your run! So sweet!
My husband and I flew into Denver yesterday and staying with my parents for a couple of days. So, this morning we get to do 9 miles on my favorite trail ? The altitude will be a good little “extra” for my training! Plus, it’s only 56°!!!
Then, we’re off to the Denver Broncos game!
We love Chipotle for take out!! I think it’s very similar to Cafe Rio. I just love the rice bowls!!
Best run this week was my easy 3. I felt awesome and finished with a pace way faster than what my typical easy runs are. Hoping today’s run feels the same!
Enjoy your Sunday rest day!!


I am SO glad that you are with your parents for a few days and enjoying those trails. Oh I bet that weather feels heavenly for you. Way to go on your speedy 3 this last week and I hope today’s run felt just as good.


I’ve been on a Panda Express kick but I do like a good cafe rio!

I haven’t spectated a race in a really long time. Maybe I should do that soon.


Brooke’s favorite restaurant right now is Panda. You can’t go wrong with their orange chicken. YES… let’s go spectate at one soon!


Candice, way to go on your huge BQ! And Janae, I think you’re totally on to something by going to spectate as part of your training, it does really pump you up! Best run this week was an easy 4 miles with my friend. I took a big break from running to try to heal up my plantar fasciitis and am just getting back into it, so even though those 4 were jiggly and awkward, I had a huge grin the entire time! Happy resting today!


Thank you Michelle!!!


YES… it absolutely gets you so excited… thanks Michelle! I am SO glad that you are back to running and that your plantar fasciitis isn’t keeping you away from running anymore. Keep enjoying those miles!


Sounds like a great day, I love the bike trailer! I help organize a local Triathlon so the last race I watched was that one (we also hold a Kids triathlon which is SO fun).

Today I did 2 km with my dogs, 8 km on my own, and a family 5 km ‘fun walk’ later this afternoon with my son and some friends.

I’m gluten free so take out isn’t so easy to come by but I do love the gluten free subs at Subway with Tina and lots of veggies.

I did a half marathon on labour day then took the week off until today. It was my first half so that was my favourite run this week!


HUGE CONGRATS PAM on your first half marathon, you are amazing!

Oh I bet watching those kids do the triathlon is the cutest! I didn’t know that Subway offered gluten free, that is awesome!


Seeing you twice on that hardest stretch was exactly what I needed! Thank you so so much for coming!!! I love you!!


I am so amazed by you. HUGE congrats my love and I loved being there to see you! LOVE YOU and you better be resting and refueling big time today!


I spectated my two oldest sons at field hockey today. The oldest played at 11 am, the second one played at 14.45. In between I ran from my mothers house. Our 14 year old twins came and had lunch at my mom’s. They biked home/back to the hockeyclub on their own. I really enjoyed my run, it was nice to run a different route. At first I felt I had to rush because I didn’t have a lot of time, but then I let it go, and just ran. (it was an easy run) I had a shower real quick and only missed 5 minutes of the match. Now I have to go and do some laundry and cook. Afterwards I hope to do some sewing. My best run was probably on Friday at the track. Next Friday is race day, 10 km in my home town. I’m excited!


You have had a BUSY DAY! I am so glad that you had such an enjoyable run… new routes and not rushing = the best. GOOD LUCK AT YOUR 10K and please let me know how it goes. Thanks Eva!


I start tapering this week, not that much lighter but I did my last 13 Miler yesterday in the stupid rain. I got the fuelbelt water bottle and that worked so well!!
Today we did church, my youngest got 5 inches off her hair, and they are headed to Mom Moms for the evening and morning since they have off from school tomorrow.


I am SO glad that you loved the water bottle… it’s the best. Way to go on the 13 miler in the rain and enjoy the taper. Sounds like a perfect day! Please let me know how your race goes!


You are really just crushing this training cycle! I’m so pumped to see what you do at St. George!


I am really getting itchy about everyone who is doing a fall marathon! But I am starting to look at some spring ones when I’m all nicely healed! I am going to be cheering and spectating at St. George, which I am pretty excited about. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and this time I get to be his!

Sunday was church online with the littles because we had some stomach aches and lack of sleep, followed by football and dinner with the fam.

We have a local Acai place and I’m pretty sure they have my order memorized ;)

My best run last week was my first real run in 7 weeks!! It was the slowest I’ve probably ever run, but it was continuous, with no pain, and on the beach so it was fabulous!!


How did the sandwich/back to bed thing work out? I’m dying to know!

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