5 month UPDATE!


I’m going to talk in bullet points today because like usual, my brain is all over the place and I have a lot of pictures to share from the last few weeks of Skye’s life.

*Skye is loving her new seat—> HERE.  It’s a lot like the Bumbo but I loved that it has the little toys and tray with it too.  She feels so cool hanging out and sitting up with all of us now.

IMG 7278

*Skye’s hair is continuing to grow while mine continues to fall out;)  I seriously cannot believe how much hair I lose each time I wash it… CLUMPS of hair fall out.  Not sure when this will end but hopefully soon.

IMG 7317

*She thinks she is so funny when she has a blowout.  She was laughing so hard as Andrew was carefully carrying her to her room to change her.

IMG 5991

*My sister and I were talking the other day about why we think we are so tired and we came to the conclusion that it is because at all times we are counting heads;)  It’s amazing how in a store, at the house, on a walk, wherever we are… our brains are just constantly keeping an eye on the kids and keeping track of them.

*How does it feel like this stage below was years ago when it was probably like two months ago.  PS Andrew and I still find ourselves fighting sometimes over who gets to hold her;)

IMG 8194

*Blowing bubbles is still one of her specialties.

IMG 7295

*I think one of the trickiest parts of parenting for me is scheduling.  I love a good routine.  Knowing when things are going to happen is my favorite and with parenting, I swear as soon as I start to get a schedule figured out…  Kids change and do something completely different.  And then it is back to the drawing table trying to figure it all out again.  Kids sure like to humble me and make me remember that I really have no idea what is going on.

IMG 6707

*Skye can roll from her stomach to her back now.  It’s more gravity than anything but I’m calling it an accomplishment.   I think that we still have a while until she is crawling but we have started to baby proof things around the house now.

*Her mohawk game has actually gotten stronger lately.  Her green romper is from HERE, it’s our favorite.

IMG 6829

*Funny/gross story—>  You know those little NoseFrida Snotsuckers (where you suck the tube to clean out the baby’s nose)… have any of you had the phobia that they are not going to work correctly?  Your phobia is completely rational.  Andrew experienced the tube not working correctly and yeah… I’ll leave it at that hahah.  It was so gross.   Every other time we had used them they worked perfectly but who knows what happened that one time.

*I love how much she loves her little tongue.  She loves sticking it out and trying to figure it out.

IMG 6879

*”She hates to travel.” -Andrew.  He is still getting over our trip to Vegas and the fact that Skye didn’t want to sleep while we are there.

*She did take the pacifier for the first time ever in Vegas.  We got caught in a bunch of traffic at one point and Skye was hungry so we tried the pacifier and she took it and it calmed her down for about 45 minutes!  She hasn’t wanted it since then but I am very thankful it helped because I get so much anxiety when she is crying in the car and I feel like there is nothing I can do to help her.

IMG 7530

*Andrew gets up most nights (unless he has to be at the hospital the next night or if he has a test) to feed Skye a bottle that I pump during her next feeding (around 4-6 a.m.) usually around midnight.  He thinks it is so funny because Skye is VERY picky about her bottle temperature.  She will not drink it if it is still a little bit cold so Andrew will put it back in the bottle warmer thing for a minute and then she will gulp it down.

IMG 6917

*I am REALLY savoring this time of life with Skye.  I would love to have more children but who knows if I’ll get another chance to so I take in as much as possible of her at this little stage.   Every now and then at night I just hold her while she is asleep until Andrew tells me it’s time to put her down ha.  I just really want to enjoy this because sometimes I feel like my life was too much of a mess when Brooke was this small to really take it all in.  While I say this… there are also times where it is really hard and I’m so confused on how the heck to help her:)

IMG 7438

*”I wish I had three hands.” <— Something I say to myself about 50 times a day.

IMG 7936

*She loves for us to blow on her little head.  She gets a big smile on her face and acts like it feels so refreshing.

*This five year age gap thing is pretty incredible.  Too bad I don’t have too much longer to be having babies because otherwise I would keep going with the five year age difference between having each baby.  Brooke and Knox are really great helpers and very interested in her.  I told you the other day that Brooke cries whenever Skye cries because it makes her so sad that Skye is upset… a few of you told me to try to involve Brooke in comforting Skye like getting her blanket or a book etc and that is helping the situation.  I can only handle so many tears at once.

IMG 7372

*Everything goes into her mouth—>  her blanket, her hands, her toes!

*How many of my posts are written lately:

IMG 7276

*Call us crazy but Andrew and I both feel that Skye has a little peacemaker soul in her.  She has a very sweet personality and I just see her growing up trying to brighten up everyone around her.   A few people have also said she has just a sweet little spirit about her when they are around her and we couldn’t agree more.

IMG 8058

*I love seeing her little eyes follow us around the room now.  It makes me realize that she is watching my every move ha!

IMG 8604

*One night we were all on our bed and the kids were being loud trying to wrestle Andrew and all of the sudden Skye sent out the loudest squeal possible.  It made us all pause and start to laugh so hard.  It was as though she was thinking, ‘wait a second… I want attention too.’

This little girl has a lot to say!

IMG 8234

*We are getting more laughs lately which makes our day.  Andrew may be a little upset that Skye laughs way more at what the kids are doing than at what he is doing ha.

*The other day Brooke asked me who I love more between her and Skye.  I’m guessing this is a normal reaction to a new baby coming into the family but it was just a nice reminder for me to make sure I am getting in some one-on-one time with each of the kids because that 14 lb baby can sure take over the to-do list for the day.

IMG 5817

*Sometimes Andrew will try to hold Sky like this when she is awake but after about ten seconds she doesn’t like it because she needs to be held in a way she can see everything that is going on.  She is not about to miss out on Brooke’s next cartwheel or Knox’s next jump off of the couch.  She already has a strong love for being included in all of the action going on around her.

IMG 8133

*Four random things that she currently loves a lot:  Staring in the mirror at herself, peek-a-boo (which Brooke and Knox are masters at), kicking her shoes off the second that I put them on and when Andrew rubs her foot on his beard (it gets her laughing pretty hard).

IMG 8181

That’s what is going on in Skye’s world right now, thanks for reading… it means a lot to me!


I’ve been reading about Baby LED Weaning and wanted to hear any of your thoughts on this?  What resources helped you if you did this!  Any tips for me?!

How did the transition go towards cereal/puree/solids go for you and your little one(s)?

Those of you with little ones?  Are you sleeping through the night or getting up?  If getting up, how often?

Share with me some of your little one’s world right now… I love reading these things!

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Cute Skye!

Baby led weaning as far as I understand it is basically just letting the baby eat the same thing as everyone else. That might be completely wrong. With my son we did a combination of baby food and regular food.


Hey girl! I am guessing we will probably do the same thing with Skye. Have a great night!


Ha, I just hit 5 months pregnant yesterday! :)

Happy Birthday, Skye! And congrats on making it through, mama!


CONGRATS AMY!! I am so excited for you! Are you having a boy or a girl? Thank you!


We did a hybrid of BLW and purées w my daughter. She only has rice cereal one or two times- she wasn’t super into it. I know strict BLW doesn’t allow for purees, but my daughter loves them. I bought this book on Amazon: “Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods-and Helping Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater”. It helped get us started. Good luck!!


Thank you Jessica! I am going to get that book… thank you! Have a beautiful evening!


Ohh no you’ve made me sick now! I think if we get the snot sucker I will only let my husband use it! Oh man it’s going to take me a while to get over this lol.


I AM SO SORRY!! I just had to put the warning out there ha:) Have a great day Meagan!


All the pictures are so cute, but the very fist one is absolutely precious! She’s getting so big!!


That’s my favorite one too! Thanks Cheryl and I hope you have had a great day!


Aw she’s getting so big! I know this wasn’t talked about in the post but I was wondering if yuh have figured out what you’re doing for postpartum birth control? You mentioned before the IUD didn’t work for you before. Just curious because I’m due at the end of August and I’m trying to figure out what to do in that department. Thanks!!


Ready for TMI?! We are just using condoms until I figure something out… I am just so nervous to try out anything new because of how awful I feel on any type of hormones. I’ll keep you posted on if I find something I like. GOOD LUCK! August is almost here:) Let me know what you end up using!


Be forewarned too that hormonal BC can dip your milk supply. Dr’s will tell you differently but I had a serious drop as soon as I started on a low dose BC. I went back to my lactation consultant and she pin pointed the issue right away. I stopped taking it and my milk supply went back to normal.


Thank you so much! It’s never too much info, so helpful!


I went with the copper IUD after having my daughter last fall as I was also looking for something non-hormonal. So far I’ve liked it (haven’t even noticed I have it), but I know everyone responds to BC differently!


Amazing to hear how well breastfeeding is going for you this time. I just had my first 4 months ago and unfortunately had a lot of trouble with her latching.
It was hard emotionally and physically but in the end she was fed and is a little chunky girl! Im hoping if we have another baby maybe they will take to breastfeeding right off the bat too! Skye looks like the sweetest little angel! You have a beautiful family.


Laura, CONGRATS on your first little one. SO exciting. Brooke was the same way, she just did not want to latch. That’s the thing… as long as they are fed and loved = perfect. If I have a problem with the next, I won’t even worry about it because I know now that it just happens this way with a lot of babies and either way they turn out amazing as long as they are fed and loved. You are amazing… keep me posted with how you are doing!


My daughter is 5 months this Saturday! I’m still losing tons of hair too. And mine is thin originally so I’m hoping it ends very soon.


Enjoy reading the updates! My hair loss started around 3 months and settled down around 5 months with my LO. My girl is 5.5 months now and we have started with cereal and moved on to veggie purees fairly quick. She loves trying new foods and I can already tell that she would prefer BLW so we will try that out when she gets a little older!
As for the nights…we were down to one wake up to eat until my girl started rolling on her tummy at night around 5 months. Now she wakes up ALL the time because she either wants her binky replaced into her mouth or she is hungry. I believe we have hit the 6 month sleep regression and teething which has made the nights much worse!



This lady has been successful with baby led weaning her quadruplets (she also has 3 other kids including 2 month old twins!). She has lots of info on her website and is a registered dietitian too.


Thank you SO much for letting me know about her… SHE IS AMAZING. Can’t wait to try all of her tips. Have a wonderful day Carrie!



Hi Janae! Has skye begun teething yet? Unfortunately my 3.5 month old has started early and it is the saddest thing!

I read the above article on Pinterest the other day and it really spoke to me! There have been so many times I’ve told myself “I need to bounce back”, and I never thought about the fact that I don’t need to or want to be who I was before I had my babes! For me personally, I’ve been so slow returning to running this time (third baby/second pregnancy, first were twins). I’ve actually been wondering if the consistency of my running And paces will ever be the same. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it because of your positivity about how we women/runners /moms are about our bods! Hope you like :)


Wow. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this article with me. SO SO good. It was just what I needed. I’ve been wondering the exact same thing with my running so thanks for this. You are amazing… twins and another little one. Wow. I hope you have a beautiful day Sarah and thanks for helping me out today!


I’m so interested in BLW. My little boy is 4.5 months so we have a while still. Our Ped said he doesn’t need anything but breast milk until 6 months, so we’re holding off on cereal and purées for now. He is definitely taking an interest in what we are eating though!! But, we may end up doing a combo of food/purees when the time comes.

PS. This post party’s hair loss is no joke!! I swear I’m going to be bald soon!


Doing BLW with my 9 month old son currently. I read the book and like the concept. I honestly don’t think purees would work with him even if we wanted too. He seems very picky about texture and has control issues when we do attempt to feed him. Plus it makes life a lot easier that he eats with us. The cool part is that he gets to experience more foods/flavors than if I fed him the old fashioned way. His current favorite snack is pickled asparagus.


We did baby led weaning. Now our child is a championship eater at 1.5 years old and we never had to mess with baby food. My vote- give it a go. We took a 60 minute class from a local nurse however, she suggested that if we had questions to buy the book, Baby Led Weaning.

The basics- no choking hazards (nuts, whole grapes or cherry tom), no honey (botulism risk), cut all foods in strips initially to let baby grab for them and grasp. Eventually, the pincer grasp develops around 9 m and you have a built in food/entertainment system with small foods. The suggestion is that when she starts grabbing for food off your plate, she’s ready. The more she hangs out with you guys while you are eating, the better.

She will sound like she’s gagging a lot initially (she is, but she isn’t choking). Babies have a very strong gag reflex. Just keep letting her play. After a while of gumming food and spitting it out, she’ll eventually want to swallow. Our daughter was about 2-3 weeks of putting food in mouth and spitting without swallowing any.

Good luck! As much as it is a mess, it’s so nice cooking one meal for everyone and not hassling with baby food.


What a fun post! On baby-led weaning, my two really did just let me know they had lost interest. At around 1 year they both started nursing less and for shorter times. They were already eating a lot of real food. They looked around a lot during nursing and let go and pretty much wanted to get down and play. It happened gradually enough that my supply went down at the same time, and the last feeding we dropped was the one right before bed. That one went on for a few weeks until one night they just didn’t want it. Bittersweet moments! But of course they couldn’t keep nursing forever, haha!!


OK and my kids are 13 and 14 now. After scrolling the comments, I am guessing baby led weaning means something different now. I thought it actually referred to the weaning off of breastmilk, not the adding of food! Anyway, adding food and slowly decreasing nursing is easy. Baby steps. :)


I LOVE these posts. Thank you for keeping up with them! You make me so excited to have my baby and I know looking back on these updates as our little one is that age will be so helpful. :):


Hi Janae!!

So amazing to see Skye grow through your blog. My son is almost 9-months old. We started off with cereal and other purees at 4-months but watching his 2-year old sister eat real food and trying to grab it has kind of been his thing lately so we’ve been rolling with that and he is much happier to feel like us! You might notice the same thing! I was really nervous at first because my son didn’t cut his teeth as fast as my daughter but he’s been doing awesome with more solid food. I say – be open to both and you shouldn’t be disappointed ;) Also, it’s nice to feed everyone the same thing!

Take care and have a wonderful day! xo


i love this post hearing about skye as well as the rest of the family interacting with skye :) the part about brooke crying when skye cries is so cute.

baby led weaning – we did this in part – first we tried our own puree by following recipes and using the food processor. we fed her whole soft foods at 6 months old – it would mostly be naturally mushy things like banana or avocado. she loved it. when she learned to use her hands to put stuff in her mouth we let her do that. we just gave her as much as she wanted and if she didn’t want it anymore, she didn’t eat it. she still breastfed a LOT. resources that helped were baby led weaning facebook support groups and local moms in our babywearing group who were experts :) one mom is a chef who teaches kids how to cook so she really knew her stuff. i would say reach out to your local community for sure! if you don’t have one, there are facebook support groups too.

the transition from just breastfeeding to puree/solids/etc went pretty well. we’d give her a taste here and there starting at 4 months. nothing substantial. it was simply to introduce it. then at 6 months at the pediatrician’s recommendation we started and she was ready to gobble it up. there were days she wanted more and days she just wanted breastmilk. this happened thru 15-16 months old but i believe every baby is different.

my little one is not so little! she’s 7 years old. we just visited my friend who had a baby in Nov – we visited them on Sunday and they were starting to introduce solids to their baby. they said they remembered coming over to our place when our LO was 6 months old and seeing us constantly puree mixes of food for her. we did have a solid rotation in for quite some time. and we’d offer both puree’s and real food that happened to be mushy so she could gum it. one of her favorite things were blueberries and frozen blueberries b/c she was teething and the freeze i guess helped alleviate teething discomfort. for grapes we had to halve them before giving it to her. her first tooth popped in at 6 months old and the rest followed soon after…!


Do you follow Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life? She has soooo many posts on BLW from when her daughters were little, including tips and meal ideas. She’s a wealth of knowledge on BLW. The first time we tried it, it didn’t work well for us. So we went to pouches and purees for a bit and then came back to it, and now it’s working great! She eats nearly everything, including foods that I didn’t realize were even an option for babies like raw onions, garlic hummus, salmon.. she’s so awesome and adventurous with her foods. I love it.

She does usually sleep through the night, but we just went through a rough bout of teething and it was a week straight of about 4 hours/night sleep for me. She’s a baby that gets a fever with her teeth, so she was pretty uncomfortable for a while. Last night when I laid her down I asked her nicely to please get a good night’s sleep because mama REALLY needed one, and she slept till 6!! She’s the best ;)

I just sent out invites to her 1yr birthday party next month. I have no idea where the time has gone!


I don’t know if you have tried it, but my daughter wouldn’t take a pacifier at all until we gave her dr. brown’s silicone one (she was about 4 months I think) – it was a game changer for us…
Regarding BLW we started giving her real food (not pureed) when she turned 6 months.. We let her grab whatever she wanted and feed herself, but at the same time we would giver her some in a spoon.. it worked great and she was down to nursing only twice a day in a couple months.


My husband HATED the “snot sucker.” He SWORE it was going to suck out our sons brain. LOL! Clearly that didn’t happen!


I don’t have any children, but my hair falls out in clumps when I wash it too! If you figure out a cure for this, please let me know. :)


She’s so wonderful – thanks for sharing this great update!! The pictures are to die for!! <3


Aw, such a great post. Skye is just the cutest! And so glad you are soaking up the moments with her. That can’t be easy with the chaos that is parenting, so kudos for taking the time.


I guess with my youngest I did a little bit of baby led weaning but she had some medical issues and we found out with her first foods that she had a condition called food protein entercolitis (FPIES). It complicated things and because her first foods caused horrible reactions she wanted nothing to do with eating (besides nursing) for awhile. She really started eating again at 9 months. I used the mesh baby feeder a lot and her preferred food was cantaloupe. I would give her a slice and let her suck on it, she only got what she could handle. By age 1 she was off baby food and just eating regular foods. My oldest actually was also not ready for solids at 6 months. I tried but she had a strong tongue thrust and though our pediatrician wanted me to keep trying, having that food pushed right back out at me seemed like a complete waste of time!! She rocked the eating thing around 8 months. But I always made my own baby food and it was so easy. I would freeze my homemade baby food in ice trays and then store them in labeled bags.
I loved this website for recipes and information

Baby food until age 1 is practice, they don’t need it necessarily for nutrition so have fun with it. I also was not the strongest believer in switching to regular milk once they turned 1. My oldest hated regular milk. I nursed both girls past age 1 so that also helped. My pediatrician said ” milk is a drink and it shouldn’t replace your food”. We talked about what she ate and he encouraged me to bypass regular milk. She is an awesome water drinker and an awesome veggie and fruit eater at age 10 and I often wonder if bypassing the milk actually helped her since she was not filling up on milk but rather food. If that makes sense? I did the same thing with my youngest though she does now like milk and she too is a great little eater with some aversions due to her medical history (if oats and squash used to make you projectile vomit, you might avoid them too!!).


Hi Janae! Skye is absolutely adorable. You have done an amazing job with her!
So happy for you that breastfeeding is going well. It’s not easy! And I totally agree with you that some kids just come out knowing how to eat. I really struggled with our first. She didn’t know how to latch for awhile and it was really frustrating.
But our son came out just ready to eat. I had even had a really difficult birth due to pre-eclampsia. I had zero energy after the birth, so the nurse had him nurse while I was lying down and he had no trouble. Our third child nurse for AN HOUR right after she was born! So everyone is different.
Either way, whether it’s breastfeeding, formula feeding or both, it does not matter. As long as baby is fed, mamas need to do what works best for us.
For me the transition to solids always seemed to feel long. Like I’d want the kids to be eating lots of solid food by 7/8 months, but they weren’t. Which meant more nursing than I was expecting….but then everything seems to shift pretty quickly…and of course I miss the days of lots of nursing. :-)
Good luck with everything! No matter what happens, you are doing an amazing job!


Hi Janae! Love these updates on your kiddos. I didn’t read through all the comments above, but I noticed this and thought it was cute. : ) Brooke/Skye – same thing. Ha!

BUT Brooke has turned out ridiculously amazing so far and we have a great bond so do not worry if breastfeeding isn’t working well for you.


SHe is so ADORABLE! Looks like she is a pretty happy baby. So happy for you all! Can’t wait to see your stroller runs together =)


Hi! I remember you saying in previous posts that Skye wouldn’t take a bottle, but it seems like now she does? I was wondering how you got past that? My little one started refusing the bottle around 7 weeks and is still not taking one at 11 weeks. Was previously taking one daily since 3 weeks but then all of the sudden, she hated it and preferred nursing.


YES, hallelujah she is taking one again. It just happened about two weeks ago but my friend gave me the tip to be stubborn and to work on it daily… and offer it to her when she is REALLY hungry (not just kind of hungry so it’s easy for her to refuse)… after trying for a few days she started taking it (from Andrew… I couldn’t be in the room and then after a bit of that she took one from me… although I think she was secretly mad at me ha) and it is life changing because then Andrew can feed her a bottle at night too. Congrats on your new little one and I hope you are sleeping. Sorry I didn’t have a super detailed answer for you! Good luck!


Baby led weaning is so fun! I’m a pediatric dietitian and currently doing baby led weaning with our 7 month old. I’d definitely read up a little on it or take a course before you start to make sure you know how to do it safely. One thing a lot of people also don’t realize is that breastfed babies need sources of iron once they start on solids, so you want to incorporate things like lentils, beans, meat…it can be weird to feed meat to your 6 month old but they can handle it! Last night I made meatballs and just did a couple unsalted for her before I added salt to the rest of the batch. Here are some good resources by dietitians! https://jessicacoll.com/what-is-baby-led-weaning.html http://firststepnutrition.com/best-starter-foods-for-babyled-weaning/


KACIE… thank you SO much for the resource and tip about iron! I can’t wait to learn more. Keep me updated with how you and your 7 month old are doing!


Aw Janae you made me cry and I don’t know why!! I have an 8mo old girl and just returned to work, all my feelings mirror yours, I guess it made me realise all the emotions are normal! My 7yr old always says I love the little ones more (3&8mo) I guess they just demand more!! Yes to the grocery bill, 45miles a week and breastfeeding is no joke I eat all the time! Xox


Thanks for sharing some of Skye’s outfits. I’m buying for my friend and these are ALL perfect! I love all of selections at Gap! Girls are so much fun to dress!


Janae–random, but what belly band did you use when you were pregnant for running??

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