Silentish Saturday!!

8 miles @ 8:17 pace while listening to Ali’s podcast with the VP of Everything at Goodr:)

Felt pretty stylin’ with my Kara glasses on.

IMG 2372

Went on a walk with my sister… the kids were all thrilled about this activity;)

IMG 2382

My goal is to have a mini library in front of my house like this one by the end of the year.

IMG 2385

My sister had some very beautiful shoes on.

IMG 2387 2

Turkey burger, avocado, spinach, bacon sandwich for lunch.

IMG 2393

Lots of floor time of course.

IMG 2397

I think I might have changed my mind and I will wear the Ricochet (they come out in October) for the marathon.  Testing them out again today.

IMG 2433

Nutrition all set.

IMG 2434

Practicing my night before the race meal—>  Spaghetti with grilled chicken.

IMG 2436

Spirit watching.

IMG 2429

My mom came over (Skye was asleep) and Andrew and I went on a little date.

IMG 2437

IMG E2449

Oh and I’m going to try something new… wake up and eat my sandwich and then go back to sleep about 1.5 hours before I wake up to go run.

IMG 2435


Tell me three things that you are doing today?

-17 miles, soccer games, naps (yes, plural… one nap won’t be enough;).

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Good luck with the long run!
I didn’t hit my mileage this week, boo! But I got in my long run and two other shorter runs so I did something at least!
3 things: 1/2 day work, Nashville for a show, pizza!


Thank you Loribeth!! WAY TO GO getting in the long run… I think that is the most important one of the week. Enjoy the show and pizza…. that sounds perfect!


Enjoy your long run! What is the maroon plastic bag looking object in the photo?
I will often put my pre-run breakfast by my bed, too! It helps, especially waking up and having it. That’s the real key to success!!

Run 10miles
grocery shop
walk with a neighbor and their dog

in between all that is laundry and chores and a lot of procrastinating!!


Kelly! Thank you so much:) Oh that is a pick-up bag for Beretta… I took her for the first hour of my run:) WAY to god on the 10 miles and have the best time on the walk. I need to do laundry too…

Have a wonderful weekend.



Radically changing my hair color from brownish red to dark brown and magenta.

Getting a mani/pedi. I want dark purple for this.

Reading/naps (plural for me too).

Resting up for my long run Sunday – St Petersburg half marathon in November.


YES for plural naps… I’m counting down the minutes! AHHHHH WAHOOOOO for the hair change, I want to see pictures! Good luck tomorrow and please let me know how it goes!


RIght now I am grading papers, and soon I will teach Body Flow and then work at the store all afternoon/evening! (And I will come home to grade more papers…and to begin pulling things together and preparing for the poetry workshop I am teaching at Louisville Literary Arts next weekend–I get to go on a little road trip! Yay!).

I am envious of your Ricochets. I seriously might need to buy myself a pair even though Tom thinks i already have “too many shoes.” They’re beautiful. I hope they felt great for 17 miles!

And I hope you enjoy ALL OF YOUR NAPS! You deserve them. And I am envious of them all. :)


You have a busy day! We loved Louisville… this sounds awesome Stephanie. Thank you so much and I hope you get some Ricochets eventually:)


My nephews baptism, my nieces birthday party, and some relaxing for me! It’s been such a busy week haha!


Enjoy all of the celebrating! Get in some good relaxing too!


I’m interested to hear how it goes waking up early to eat and then go back to sleep. That doesn’t sound like fun to me. I’m afraid I’d have a hard time going back to sleep and waste my precious sleep time. But it is a good idea to get in calories early.
Also, do those glasses make everything look rose colored? I’m not sure if I’d like that look.


It actually worked really well… I’m usually pretty good at falling back to sleep. They do:) Have a wonderful day Mary!


I ran the Revel Big Cottonwood half this morning and got a new half PR! I beat my old time by 9 seconds and it was hard but I’m so glad I sprinted to the finish for a PR! It’s such a beautiful course!


AHHHH LAURA YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You rocked it. I was up there watching my friend, it really is so gorgeous. You better celebrate your PR all day long!


Actually… all week long!!! Or all month:)


5 miles with my run/read group. I was laughing b/c I reset my watch and when I finished it said 5.01 miles – a new record!
I thought of you coming back after Skye and your suggestion to reset the watch. It is so sad that I felt like a rock star from the kudos my WATCH gave me. Hee :)

Then a hike with dog, friend and her dog. Friends came over b/c they got last minute tickets to the Boston College Football game (2 miles from my house) and wanted to visit me. So I got to see all of them and they got to play with my dog (drive him crazy! ha! ). I dropped my friends at the game so they could avoid traffic AND I got to see the excitement of the game and not have to go in :) I went to BC so it’s always fun to see the school in full swing (I’m usually running by at 6 in the morning). Now I’m at work ( I love how on a Friday a client sends something at the end of the day that they need on Monday morning :) ) and then off to see friends’ kids’ cross country race in 30 minutes! Um, okay sorry to blab. I’m waiting for something to run on the computer so had extra time to bore you.

Hope the 17 went well!


YOU BETTER FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR!! Way to go… I love it when that pops up (even by accident haha)! Oh that is so fun that you got to see your friends! Enjoy the race, it sounds like a great day Amanda! How is your hip?


Today consisted of 9 miles – of hills. My legs feel like jello. Then off to some trails near the beach to let the dogs run. Then probably house cleaning! I am really enjoying your training for your marathon as I am in my half-marathon training. I especially am interested in the nutrition part. I remember when you used to eat the honey stingers – what do you use instead of them? Thank you for reviewing everything!


HEY ANNE!! I’m working on a detailed nutrition post for this week wahoo! So I am not using the honey stingers before long runs/races right now and focusing more on liquid nutrition for the 30 minutes before the run etc. My stomach is handling it much better this way. PLEASE keep me updated with your training… you are going to rock your half marathon!


Today started with being able to sleep in in a little?. A short pace run…(longer run for me tomorrow but not 17 miles!). Continued with cleaning bathrooms, and ordering a pair of Goodr’s!

Thank you so much for showing your nutrition. Do you have it spelled out anywhere of what you do and when? I know everyone is different and needs different things, but I love to see what products people use and when!
I see you are doing the sandwhich and then back to sleep(love the idea!) When do you do the UCan, tailwind and gel? I did read your post from this past Friday where I think you talked about it a bit more. I will check it out again. I love the UCan (only used twice) and have the tailwind with caffeine but not sure I need the caffeine or if it is just in my head! Trying to work on some gut issues…ugh.
Way to go on the the 17! Cannot wait to see how the race goes…and I definitely have to watch for the ricochets! I have the levitate 2 right now for longish runs.
Love your blog!
Best, Katie


HEY YOU!! Oh I am so glad you love the UCAN too! I will write a detailed post of exactly what I am going to do and the times etc. Sorry, I am kind of all over the place as I piece it all together. Thank you SO SO MUCH!! Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I love that you are loving the Levitate 2. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Love your blog!! I read it daily! Just curious what your pink watch-looking device is?


Hey Colleen! Thank you SO much! It is the Run Angel… it is a safety device and it is amazing! Check it out:


Festival with my mom, football, grading papers


“Long” run (not so long due to race 3 weeks ago – still in recovery mode).
Date with hubby (driving around to see if we can find a particular mountain edge we can see from our deck).


One of my favorite running peeps (frp – instead of bff) got up a couple hours before her marathon and ate an entire meal. Then she went back to bed fully dressed so when she got up all she had to do was put on her shoes. I thought that was genius! It worked out nicely for her.
Good luck!!!

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