Pain is why we change & The Brooks BEASTS Strength Workout!!

I HAVE A NEW SKYE UPDATE—>  7 Months & Why I Stopped Breastfeeding… I probably overshare, like usual.

It was so humid (for Utah at least… it was double what it normally is in July yesterday morning) that my running photos all turned out blurry because I don’t think my phone knows how to handle any moisture in the air;)

8 miles @ 8:33 average pace and a speedy workout on the schedule for today.

IMG 5620

This podcast.  So good.  I listened to it during my run yesterday.  Finding Mastery had Des on and the conversation was so much different than I was expecting and very different from anything I’ve heard with Des.  I felt like I was sitting in her therapy session listening in on everything.

A few quotes that I loved:

“Remember your why, when things get hard you have the decision to bail or you can tap into your why.  In can be a million different things… think about the things you sacrificed to get there and remember why you signed up.  Use that to fuel you.”

“Pain is why we change and uncomfortableness is why we grow.” <— seriously love this so much and I will be thinking about this during my fast 1000m repeats today.  The hard/uncomfortable stuff is the refiner’s fire and it takes us to who we want to be and what we want to accomplish.

“The thing I understand the most is… myself.”

Save this episode for your next long run or something where you really need something good to listen to!

Screen Shot 2018 07 09 at 8 08 57 AM

I took out a pair of the PureCadence 7s for a spin.  Lightweight + supportive = yes, please.  I’m going to try them out for my long run this weekend which includes a few miles at threshold.  Is it weird to already be excited for my workout on Saturday?  I love threshold pace (now to just learn to do this pace for 26.2 miles right;)!

IMG 5577

Yep, that postpartum hair is coming back in again…

IMG 5575

Remember Andrew’s brother that we visited in Hawaii 1.5 years ago?  They are moving (wouldn’t it be so hard to move from Hawaii?) and are here in Utah for a few days so we went straight to go hang out with them!

IMG 5659

This was my first time at Top Golf and it was so fun.  I have no idea what I’m doing but I loved pretending like I did.

IMG 5683

Brooke got in some sweet shots while we were out.

IMG 5677

PS this activity made me realize I need to get my eyes checked because I could not see the ball out there!

IMG 5690

My in-laws ordered the good stuff for everyone= nachos and chicken & waffles (complete with syrup and gravy)!

IMG 5688

We will be back.

IMG 5672

Why crawl to get something when you can put all of your effort into reaching for something?!

IMG 5708

Flautas (from Costco), snap peas and watermelon for lunch.

IMG 5701

Brooke has horse-back riding lessons today so we picked up her first helmet.  PS for stuff like this Brooke has upped her chore list and helping out around the house.  That is how I know she is really obsessed with doing this—>  she is working for it.

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For dinner we got together with my family that is in town.  These girls are just three months apart and I’m so excited they will have each other.

IMG 5736

My sister made her heavenly bbq chicken pizza.  The only pizza I love that isn’t just plain cheese.  Her recipe is HERE and it is so easy and SO cheap to make.

IMG 5732

Lots of cousin time over here.

IMG 5739


Remember how I did a workout in Seattle with the Brooks Beasts (their professional middle distance runners)?  Well, they are sharing their strength workout with you!  It is HARD but clearly… super effective and great to help us to get faster.  This workout is from the Brooks Beasts Head Coach Danny Mackey!  Let me know if you try it out!

All moves consist of 3 sets of 10 repeats (except for Push Press= 3 x 3 & Lateral Band Holds 2 x 45 seconds).


Workout 2


Another reminder about my latest update on Skyester—>  HERE!


How is your eyesight?  Do you have contacts or glasses?  

Have you moved a lot in your life?  What has been the hardest move for you?

Golf—>  ever played?  

Who has speed today?  What are you doing for your workout today?  Let’s cheer each other on!

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Thank you for the Finding Mastery podcast suggestion. I loved your comment about how it is different from other podcasts you have heard with Des. I feel like a lot of the podcasts I listen to have the same guests ( it makes sense because I mostly listen to running ones. ha ) and it is often the same conversation over and over and I tend to skip them. I will try out Finding Mastery! I has never heard of it and already downloaded a few others. Will listen to Des on the lunchtime walk!

Thanks and I hope you have a great day :)


YES YES YES… you are going to love it. Let me know what you think of it. I hope you have a great day too Amanda!


I feel like I haven’t seen Beretta in forever. Is she ok? She’s like my long-distance dog family. I miss her! :)


She is doing amazing!! I actually have a really cute picture of her I am putting in tomorrow’s post with Skye. She is just as loved as ever but for some reason my camera has taken a million pictures of Skye;) Have a great day Alyssa!


LOVE that quote about growing when let ourselves be uncomfortable. It’s SO true! And that BBQ chicken pizza looks amazing! I normally don’t like pizza because I don’t like marinara sauce, but I think I would love that!

Just finished a speed workout! Did some repeat 2-minute intervals followed by a tempo mile. It was tough, but I feel great now! :) Have a great Tuesday, Janae!




I’ve lived in the same town my whole life. That might be why I really struggle with any idea of moving haha. It’s not a big deal to most people but I couldn’t move or if state unless i took my whole family with me. If I knew I was coming back it would be hard but moving for a job or something wouldn’t be easy for me. I’m too attached maybe?


I’m the same way, Jenny. Lived in the same area my entire life, and never want to move. My family has farmed around here for generations, so I’m really attached to the land/area. Whenever I hear people talk about moving when they retire I’m like “no thanks…Ohio is great!”


Poor eyesight right here! -5.75 in my right eye, -5.5 in my left. Been wearing contacts since the 7th grade. I remember the feeling when I first started wearing contacts and could see without wearing glasses – it was like magic.

I’m so jealous of people who have good eyesight and don’t need corrective lenses. My optician told me she feels like all of the increased screen time these days is taking a toll on kids’ eyes. I feel like that is the case – kids are on screens more at school/home, and outside less. My husband and I set boundaries with electronics at home, not only to help their eyes, but also because we all know that can be bad for kids in other ways. My oldest has been in glasses since 1st grade, my youngest still somehow has perfect vision. Hopefully she will continue taking after her dad who wears contacts, but his vision is much better than mine.


Amanda, I am so sorry that you have had to deal with poor eyesight for so long. Thank goodness for contacts/glasses. I didn’t even think of that with kids… that must be very hard on kids’ eyes. We are just like you with screen time at home…. it is RARE if there is any screen time during the day but at night we usually watch a show/movie together. I hope you have a beautiful day!


how often do the beasts recommend doing strength training? Do you know how many days a week they run?

And, random question…How’s the air in Utah? We have had so much fire smoke in Colorado. I cannot run right now. :(


I will send an email on over to ask… I think they told me they do 2 or 3 days a week but I will triple check! OH NO about the air there… last Friday I woke up and thought there was a fire in our house but it was from outside. It only lasted about one day but now we are good. I am so sorry, can you run on the treadmill?


No speed today – two easy runs planned, one done this morning, one tonight with the high school team. Yesterday was warmup/4 mile tempo way faster than I’ve done in 20 years/cool down.

I moved a lot as a kid and once as an adult. My two hardest moves were from Missouri to Colorado as a kid and from Colorado to California as an adult. (My easiest move was back to Colorado from California – it is heaven to be back “home”.)

And totally unrelated…I’m eating cherries and cottage cheese right now. You should try it. ;)


Enjoy your easy run tonight with the high school team… AND OH MY GOODNESS about your run yesterday. You are absolutely incredible. What a huge accomplishment. Okay, I think you solved my problem of missing grapes/cc. Off to try cherries, thank you so much! So happy you are back home. Nothing like home.


My daughter is taking riding lessons also (just started a couple months ago!). We just bought her her own helmet also and she loves it :) She cried one week when lessons were cancelled because it was too hot for the horses. I’ve never seen her cry over a cancelled gymnastics practice ;)

I am loving threshold pace also! I had a good 6 miles at marathon pace today and it just felt right. But agree on now just doing that for 20 more miles HAHA.


Oh our girls would totally be best friends… that is so Brooke. She cried when she found out it was only once a week! How old is she? KILLER WORKOUT YESTERDAY MEG!!! Way to go!


OMG yes! My daughter asked if she could go more than once a week! She’s 8, will be 9 in August, so we are getting a later start on it than you are with Brooke! Horses scare me so I am amazed at the little ones with no fear!


That pizza looks so amazing. I haven’t had breakfast yet. Send it my way so I can get it in my belly right now!!! ;)

I *have* moved around a lot. Here’s the short of it: Ohio–>NJ–>NY–>PA–>MA–>FL–>MA–>MO–>KS–>GA (first Savannah and now Atlanta) And starting with my move to NY, everything from then on was really for school or work. I think the hardest move to adjust to was Missouri–I went from Boston (big city) to Columbia MO (midwestern college town that’s pretty isolated). It took 2.5 years to adjust to being there and I miss it to this day. I think the hardest decision to make was my move from Savannah to Atlanta–I didn’t know that TOm was a couple weeks from proposing to me, and I had to choose between A) moving back to Missouri for a permanent teaching job (and being someplace where Tom would have a hard time finding work) and B) moving to Atlanta–and giving Tom time to live in a city he wanted to always live in–for a *temporary* teaching job but for us to be able to take a step forward in our relationship. PRofessionally the last couple of years have been a bit tough, but my personal life–amazing. I have to trust that the RIGHT professional situation, rather than the one that seems convenient and like it’s for the taking, will come my way and just enjoy what I have in the meantime.

My workout was this morning–I taught an RPM class and I kicked pretty major butt (…after teaching a class at 6:45 PM last night…I was sore!!!). I used a ocuple of songs whose choreography I learned just for my classes this week and was unsure how it would all go over. But somehow I killed it. Glad I got my workout in–this evening I am giving a poetry reading through a local poetry series. It’s the first one I am giving since my book was published a month and a half ago!

I hope you and your squad have an AMAZING day out there, Janae! I love how much family–beyond you/andrew/knox/brooke/skye–is around right now! What a great summer!!!


Stephanie, you have moved SO much! That would have definitely been a big adjustment. Keep on trusting that… I totally agree with you. So happy your personal life is exactly what is right for you too! That is huge! Umm yeah, I would be crazy sore.. way to go on your RPM class this morning. Enjoy tonight, I wish I could come. Thank you so much!


I have had glasses or contacts since i was about 7. Even had 2 eye surgeries when i was 10. So blind without my contacts or glasses, ha! We moved a lot growing up but i was young so i adjusted ok.
I play mini golf. Me and the husband are super competitive!


Two eye surgeries… wow Loribeth! Thank goodness for contacts/glasses! Haha I need to take Andrew for some mini golf, I’m sure we would be competitive too!


We love topgolf over here! It’s such a fun activity even if you aren’t good at golf… like me. My husband and I have moved 4 times in the last 8 years (Utah, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee), which has been hard. We have been lucky and have been close to family and friends for most of the moves which makes it a bit easier. Have a great day!!! xoxoxo


Haha yes, I’m terrible at golf so it was perfect. You guys have moved SO much! Thank goodness for family:) Thanks Taylor and I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


my eyesight is terrible! i’m pretty close to legally blind. i wear both contacts and glasses, but prefer glasses.

no i’ve not moved a lot in life – i try not to move b/c moving is a pain!

big fan of playing golf! i’ve gone to see an event called the Barclays in New Jersey. it was pretty great to see the famous golfers.

i had a short-ish recovery run today and it was pretty nice!


Thank goodness for contacts and glasses! I’m so glad that you had a great recovery run today and that you loved that podcast too! I hope you have an amazing day!


listened to that podcast too! i also learned quite a bit from it, there’s a lot discussed that isn’t really covered elsewhere…!

thanks for sharing the workout. totally want to go try it!


Thanks for the podcast recommendation. Have been listening to more podcasts this year on running recovery (walking) days especially. I love golfing! It’s the only sport I’ve found that is even remotely as addicting as running is. Figure I can do it when I’m ninety too. Haha One book recommendation I have for you is The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware. Know you like the mysteries too and it is excellent!


I LOVE MYSTERIES!!! I am going to download this right now. Thank you April! Seriously, aren’t podcasts the best. I hope you get in some great golfing asap and you are so right that you can keep doing it forever!


I do too!! Hopefully you love this one as much as I did. ?


I have never tried top golf but so many people love it maybe I need to check it out!

I’ve moved a few times but my hardest was moving from Nebraska to England. Sad and exciting at the same time because, exciting, I was moving to live in the same country as my husband (been long distance for a loooooong time) but, sad, leaving my family and friends and a place I loved and knew well.

My workout today consisted on getting up at 5am for my run! Usually an after work runner but started a new job where the commute it too long and tiring to try and run when I get home. But I loved it this morning and felt so energised the rest of the day! May be my normal now!


My eyesight is horrible. I had lasik that lasted about 8-10 years and my sight has been slowly getting bad again. Omg, I just counted since you asked and I’ve moved 18 times in my life before setting down in our house we bought after marriage. :) Have a great day, Janae!

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