20 Random Thoughts & the Beautiful Thing about Hard Things.

Early morning track date for me.

Here’s the beautiful thing about hard things.  The more you do them, the easier they become.  I was so nervous about going to the track those first few track workouts that I had after having Skye.  Yesterday= Not an ounce of nervousness.

I realized how different I felt leading up to the workout yesterday compared to a few months ago and it felt really good.  The workouts are getting harder but the nerves are disappearing.  The same thing goes for racing with me—>  The more I do it, the less nervous I feel!  It just takes me a few times of doing something hard like this to remember that I can do hard things and that my legs are not actually going to explode from fatigue.  I love the confidence I gain from running.  We get to prove to ourself over and over again that we can do the things we didn’t think we could do.

The workout:

Screen Shot 2018 07 10 at 8 28 41 AM

1000m (.62 miles) intervals= 3:59, 3:57, 3:58, 3:55, 3:54.  Average pace for these= 6:22

300m (.19 miles) intervals= 1:05, 1:05, 1:05, 1:02, 1:03.  Average pace for these= 5:44

I took those walking recoveries really easy.  The hardest part of the workout—>  it was 77 degrees (and humid for Utah) which is hot for me BUT whenever I started complaining to myself about how hot it was, I thought about YOU guys.  SO many of you are rocking your running in beyond crazy conditions.  Thank you for inspiring me.

PS the guy at the track doing 400m repeats didn’t know we were racing but we were…  Even though he was WAY faster than me, it helped to have someone to attempt to chase after.

IMG 5786 2

My nieces told me the night before that they wanted to go on a run with me so I took them out for my cool-down.  They did THREE miles.  I am so impressed by them.

I taught them about my trick of thinking about the things that don’t hurt when I’m feeling tired during a run.  We talked all about our elbows, earlobes, pinky toes and knee caps for that last mile:)

IMG 5791

From there it was straight to Brooke’s riding lesson.  If you live in the area and want your kids to take riding lessons you should email me and I’ll tell you more about Brooke’s instructor.  She is amazing with Brooke.  She teaches Brooke so much throughout the entire lesson and Brooke enjoys the process of brushing and getting the horse ready to ride just as much as riding Elf.

I think we have found one of Brooke’s passion in life.

IMG 5811

She was trotting around all of the cones and just loving life.

IMG 5825

We did a great job cheering (ps Skye is not sunburnt, if it is even a little bit warm outside her face goes red… it is the same with Knox).

IMG 5829

We might have to sell our car to support this passion for Brooke in the future ha;)   I have a feeling Skye is going to want to start this too in a few years.

IMG 5836

Another highlight of yesterday—>  HOUSE HUNTING FOR SOME VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE:)  Any idea who is moving here?!


I have 20 random thoughts I felt like I should talk to you about.

*It’s FREE slurpee day… you know we will be going today.  From last year:


*Real quick flashback of my sister and me.  We were in Hawaii and we went scuba diving a bit after this picture.

IMG 4368

*I saw this on IG and I don’t think I can stop thinking about it until I try it.

IMG 5011

*It takes me way too long to figure out how to spell breath ha—> I always get breath and breathe mixed up.

*Some days I feel like 88% of my day is purely picking up/wiping down/washing/putting things away… thank you running for giving me an hour or so of having nothing to put away ha.  Although, the other day I was on a run and a truck/trailer carrying HUGE boxes of nails dumped over on a turn so me and a few other runners that were out stopped to help the driver pick up all of the nails.

*My parents love Which Wich Sandwiches so much lately that they just keep a couple of the brown bags that you fill your order out on in their car so they can just walk in and have their sandwiches start to be made right away.  My parents are not only brilliant but quite efficient.

*How was this Skye just a little less than 7 months ago?!

IMG 2105

*They change way too fast.

IMG 5344

*Do you fall asleep during movies?  I fall asleep way more often than I stay awake for an entire movie

*This conversation with my mom… sorry that I said that to you mom:)  PS ward= our church group.

IMG 5840

*Andrew HATES it when people reply just—>  ‘K’ in a text message.  So of course I do it every now and then to him ha;)

*Andrew could never sneak up on anyone, his ankles crack during almost every step he takes.

*Another Andrew thing… he told me the other day that when we used to run together he would repeat over and over again ‘please turn red’ anytime we were approaching a stop light so that we could take a break without having to ask for one ha.

*Last Andrew thought—>  Another way I like to tease Andrew is by turning on the Elmo’s World song periodically throughout the day.  Our kids love that song and it always gets stuck in our head for a very long time after that so I turn it on or sing it so that it is in his head again.  That song is stuck in my head all of the time so—>  Misery loves company;)

*These two are really trying to figure each other out.

IMG 5140

*Do you overpack or underpack for trips?  Andrew has rubbed off on me and now I REALLY overpack.

*Do you remember bikes with the banana seats?  My older siblings had those growing up and I rode MANY miles on the back of those.

*I want to get in the mountains more for my runs.

IMG 2836

*Has anyone had a hydrofacial?  I’ve been hearing more and more about them and I’m wondering if they are worth the $$?

*I found a bunch of old pictures at my mom’s house and when Brooke and Knox saw these pictures of Crystal and me, they asked if they could put them in the frames in their rooms.  They have been trying really hard to convince Andrew that we need a white poodle now too.

IMG 4366


Ever been scuba diving?  

Do you get facials?  Ever tried a hydrofacial?

What is one of your biggest pet-peeves lately (like responding to Andrew via text with ‘K’)?

Share a random thought with me since I forced you to read about 20 of mine.  

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My daughter told me recently she hates it when I reply with the “thumbs up” emoji. It’s so boring I guess and I use it too often…..plus, she wants to know my feelings without guessing what exactly the thumbs up says. (And she told me this after I have used it for about a year…..ha!)

Random thought…..I feel my hubby uses too much brown sugar on his oatmeal so its not really a “healthy” option for him but he says I use too much creamer in my coffee so we are even. **My creamer is sugar free so I say I win…ha!


Thumbs up emoji… I use that one all of the time ha. We would do well texting each other! Hahaha you totally win! 100% I hope you have a great Wednesday Kathy!


I am a qualified NAUI diver.
Random thought – what’s for dinner, it is 2:35 pm were I am.


Really!?! That is awesome! I am always thinking about dinner at around that time too! I hope you have a beautiful day Almarie!


Way to go on that track workout, Janae! You OWNED it, girl!!!!

I love that you told your nieces about thinking about the things that feel great during your runs. I have a work meeting in Dallas tomorrow, AND I GET TO SEE MY NIECES briefly afterward. I am SO SO SO SO excited!! :)

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are in front of you and don’t hold the door for you but let it slam in your face, instead. They don’t have to open it for me and let me go in first, but at least hold it so that it doesn’t slam on me. What happened to common courtesy? :/


Oh thank you Natalie! YOU GET TO BE WITH YOUR NIECES… the best! haha yes, that is quite frustrating! Thanks girls and have an amazing time this week.


Janae- competitive horse showing costs seven figures a year…push her into some other passion, lol.


Hey Makena!! Well, I wasn’t thinking competitive horse showing:) We are thinking more along the lines of maybe owning our own horse/pony someday or leasing a horse or sharing a horse with a friend. When she gets older she could work in the stables to help work for lessons and time on the horse. There are many different options for Brooke to follow her love for horses if this is something she would love to follow over the years! I hope you have a great day!


Hey! Sorry, definitely never want to stifle passion for horses! (They’re really just big dogs with HUGE personalities:)). But, my dad (who by the way got me into running!!!) always cautions against getting young girls into horseback riding, LOL, because of his experience with me. I used to earn my ponies’ board and showing from running! ($5 a mile back in the 1990s…). Great way to get into running as a child and “pay” for my ponies!


You had the best of both worlds… running and a pony:) Ummm also, $5 a mile, I want to do that too! Do you still ride at all? I think we might have to do this running combo with Brooke too!


I’m in business school (Tuck at Dartmouth!) now after eight years serving in the Army (all over the world!), so I haven’t had a lot of riding time recently!!! But, I miss it everyday! Looking to get back into it soon after I graduate!


That first part of the post about building confidence resonated with me so much! I’m about three months back to running after having to take most of last year off due to exertional compartment syndrome testing and then surgery. I just finally am starting to feel like I’m getting my confidence back, not just for quality runs but for easy runs too! The heat here isn’t ideal for trying to build confidence on quality run days – a couple weeks ago I had to do my quality run in “feels like 97 degrees with 70% humidity” and thought I was going to die! But it’s all going to pay off in the fall right? :) I can’t wait to actually participate in races again this year!


Kristina… you are back and running keep letting that confidence build, you’ve got this girl It will definitely pay off in the fall. I know you can do this girl, you are so strong! Those temps aren’t going to hold you back (but they will force you to slow down a bit because that happens WITH EVERYONE)!! Come fall and you are going to feel like a million bucks!


I love that your mom remembers funny things about you as a kid. I hope I remember the funny things my kids do so I can tell them when they are older!

Trevon hates when someone answers “sure” because he thinks it shows that they don’t really want to but they will to whatever he’s asking.

Have a fun, happy day! Maybe I’ll participate in the slurpee day today….I always forget.


ME TOO… I swear my mom has the best memory. Oh I totally understand the sure thing. Except Knox says sure a lot when I ask him to do something but he says it with such a cheery tone that he makes it adorable. Thank you and GO TO 7-11!!!


Is Bangs friend moving to Utah?! My biggest pet peeve lately (and there seems to be a ton because I’m pregnant and moody) is when my husband leaves a wet sponge in the sink. WHHYY


I WISH she was. I keep hoping someday she will!

Oh yes. It made me gag a little just reading that.

Also, pregnancy = 4 million more pet peeves than I usually experience haha! Good luck and I hope you are feeling well!


My guess is your brother is moving or Bangs friend.


I think Bangs Friend needs to read the comments today to help convince her that she does indeed need to be my neighbor:) I hope your day is an amazing one Erica!


Ever been scuba diving? Only a bit for the rescue portion of my Lifeguard class. But ainhave been snorkeling a lot!

Do you get facials? I used to get facials every month when my breakouts were really bad, and then switched to every two months for the ahhhhh spaaaa experience. But since having Baxton (who is 5.5) I have had….3. So one every 22 months N ever tried a hydrofacial.

What is one of your biggest pet-peeves lately (like responding to Andrew via text with ‘K’)? I always hated that! My hubby used to always text K or NO. That’s it! My peeve is anyone saying they don’t have enough time. Like I somehow have more time than them or their time is spent more rapidly than mine. Time is issued equally to all, and it moves at the same pace for everyone. It is what we choose to do with our time of that is personal.

You and your oldest niece look IDENTICAL!!!! When I saw the pic of your mom at your age the other day I actually thought it looked like your sister. But the pic of you with your pup Crystal looks EXACTLY like your niece!!!!! Uncanny!


K and no… the worst! Oh I hear ya on the time pet peeve too! RIGHT?! My niece and I are twins… it makes me so happy! Have a wonderful day Tonya!


Your comment about breath and breathe made me laugh! I’ve SO been there. A tip that helps me remember – breathe has the E at the end, which makes it breathe – long e sound. It’s hard explain that through typing…I hope that makes sense! I literally say that to myself every time I write those words. And I am a teacher!

Your Mom’s text cracked me up!


Thank you so much for the tip. It absolutely makes sense. You’ve saved me a lot of time in the future trying to figure it out:) Have a wonderful day Chelsea and thanks for being a teacher.


I agree with Andrew, the “K” is horrible. Drives me crazy!!!!


It really is haha… My brother read this post this morning and then just sent Andrew a text that said ‘K’ haha! Have a great day Jessica!


I was in my 6th grade spelling bee and the word that got me out of the competition was breathe. I spelled it “breath.” So I understand your pain. :)

Is Bangs Friend moving close to you??


You get it… it is so hard haha! Oh I WISH! We need to tell her to get on that!


I love your tip about thinking of everything that does not hurt during a run! Great way to practice gratitude and the art of distraction haha. I’m totally going to try that on my next run!

It’s funny how we stop being nervous to do hard things! I used to get so nervous for big workouts and long runs and now I kind of look forward to them. I just know how amazing I’m going to feel after they are done and I get excited for the chance to show myself what I’ve got haha. Even if the workout doesn’t go well- I know I’ll be proud of myself for getting it done.

Love that Brooke is getting into horseback riding! I did that for a few years when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. This is making me want to go somewhere and ride a horse again!

Also- what is the name of that new recovery tool you got recently and have been posting about? I think I want to get one but surprisingly typing in “recovery tool with wheels” and “portable foam roller with wheels” into google is not doing the trick ha!


Yes, try it out… it works out so well! Oh I love that you look forward to them now. Such a fun chance compared to going into them nervous. I love what you said! Hahaha I feel like that google search should work! Here it is:


Have a beautiful day Diana!


Im saying bangs friend for sure!!!

Never have had a facial, but sounds interesting.

I think I would love scuba becausr I love all outdoor activities but it does kind of freak me out.

I have a big pet peeve about people sounding dry or mad when they text, emojis are there for a reason!! I also can not stand people walking slowly or occupying the whole street walking in a row when it is busy or blocking the escalators when you are trying to walk up them!

Random thought is I graduated uni yesterday and passed my driver’s license today so life is good. Also major kudos to you for teaching driv8ng back in the day, I could never do it!

You brighten up my day everyday, thank you Janae ❤️


No to Bangs Friend but maybe these comments will help convince her that they needs to come! I am sure texting has created all sorts of arguments/frustrations over the years because it is so hard to convey what you are really feeling sometimes… I agree, USE THE EMOJI!

HUGE CONGRATS MARIA. You are absolutely amazing. Soak in all of that accomplishment, you deserve the best. Thank you!


Okay, so many thoughts during this post:

1. I hate when people say “k” as a response, too! I’m always like I NEED MORE THAN THAT!!
2. Hahaha I’m glad you clarified that “ward” meant church group because that word usually has a totally different meaning!
3. Ah! I can’t believe how much Skye has grown!! She looks like a toddler compared to that newborn pic!
4. Won’t ever scuba dive — it just feels to claustrophobic to me and I get freaked out during snorkeling because WHAT IF SOMETHING TOUCHES ME?
5. BRILLIANT about the Which Wich bags in the car — totally going to pick up extra bags the next time we are there!

Have a great day!!!


Right, GIVE ME MORE!!! RIght?! It is crazy how fast they grow. My parents are really on to something! I hope your day is beautiful Laura!


I live in Florida and usually I run after work like a crazy person and right now it’s about 96 degrees with 90% humidity when I run. It’s sad times. I’m like Knox and Skye in that my face turns instantly red and everyone assumes I’m dying on my run;)

One of my random pet peeves is when I send someone two texts with different subjects and they just respond to the latest text;)

I’m assuming you aren’t watching the World Cup since you haven’t posted about it but I was born in England and am amazed they made it this far and can’t wait for the game today so I wore my jersey to work even though I’m a paralegal, lolol. Oops. So that’s my random thought of the day.

Have a great day!!!


AHHHH I am so excited for you and I love that you wore your jersey to work! Andrew has been watching it and fills me in on some things… he is loving watching it. I hope England takes it! You are my hero for rocking your runs in that weather, you are hardcore. Hahah yep, I totally get that pet peeve. Thanks so much Eleanor!


I’m English and am watching the match now! I’m too nervous to give it my whole attention! I love how excited everyone is, and what a decent bunch of guys the England team is! It’s coming home! ?


Your brother from Kentucky?!? Is he moving there?!? I think it’s him and his family ☺️
Never had a hydro facial and never heard of it lol but I definitely need to figure out a way to help my acne. Nothing helps ???
Will your brother who lost the weight be doing a post soon about how he lost the weight? Curious minds want to know! Haha
I also wanted to say you are amazing for making it 7 months breastfeeding and that fed and happy are best no matter what!


:) I am going to send him a text right now to start writing it! Tiffany, I really appreciate you saying that! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Thanks for sharing about the horses; we keep meaning to look it up for our daughter but keep forgetting! We don’t want to tell her until we figure out the details. Is Bang’s friend moving here? Nice cliffhanger, BTW. haha. Your parents and the Wich Wich made me laugh; they’re so cute! I have never eaten there before! Tell Andrew a “K” is better than silence. :) I don’t do K BTW, just saying. :) My husband says his dad got him a girls banana seat bike when he was younger and he didn’t even care it was girly…just that he had a bike! He and many a friends rode that bike seat together! I can’t think of a pet peeve right now but a major one for me is just when people are rude. Have a great day Janae!


I wish Bangs Friend was moving here too! I agree, much better than silence haha! I agree–> rude people, not okay! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday Marie!


Scuba diving – nope, never really appealed to me!

Facials – my skin reacts weird to some products, so facials tend to just make me nervous.

Pet peeve – I have a lot of these haha. Let’s go with a trivial but annoying one: I HATE when someone moves the seat in my car and doesn’t put it back. I feel like I can never get it where it was again. My next car needs to have an electronic memory for that or something.

Randomness – Yesterday I blew the Old Navy cashier’s mind by paying with cash. For real, I’m not sure she knew what to do and she got annoyed with me. But like, I had birthday $$ to spend! :-)


BAHAHAH your cash story made me laugh so hard. I wonder what the percentage is of people that pay with cash or checks or cards? Whenever I see someone writing a check at a store it reminds me that there are other ways to pay;) Glad you had some bday money to spend and your next car better have that electronic memory!


i haven’t had a facial in YEARS. When I lived in Boston I went to an Aveda salon near my old apartment and got one every few months. It was heaven! Aveda products are so expensive, but so many of them just smell so good. Since there is an Aveda Institute in Atlanta, I have been thinking (for literally the 2 years we have lived here) that I should get a facial with one of the student-aestheticians…at a price that’s a FRACTION of what a facial would normally cost. I need to make it my resolution to actually DO this sometime before the end of September. Maybe, since I work 3 jobs now, that’s a reasonable timeframe to actually plan this to happen?

I *love* that you get your nieces running with you…and that your “cooldown run” is basically a 5K! You should all run one together every couple of months (not necessarily to RACE but just to run…family bonding time?!?!?).

If Brooke can do some volunteer work at the horse farm maybe she can get discounted horseback riding lessons prices? When I lived in Savannah I did that with the yoga studio I went to. Otherwise, with my salary at the university and the cost of everything that was part of #adulting and my monthly budget, it wouldn’t have worked.

A couple of random thoughts:
Meatloaf is one of the most amazing foods ever to me, simply because I look at it as a template rather than a recipe. You can make meatloaf ten trillion ways! Today I am making it for meal prep for me and Tom, and it’s lean ground turkey, sweet Italian turkey sausage, a bunch of sun dried tomatoes and artichokes and roasted cippolini onions from the olive bar at the store, almond flour instead of regular flour, sugar-free pizza sauce, shredded spinach, a few plops of pesto, and small cubes of smoked mozzarella. You can mix in your favorite Indian curry flavors, or tex mex/enchilada night flavors, and SO MUCH MORE to make different kinds of meatloaf. SUPER versatile!!!

Tom and I do “gag gifts” for birthdays and Christmas with each other. Two Christmases ago, his gag gift was having ALL of his presents wrapped in bubblegum-pink My Little Pony Christmas wrapping paper. I literally woke up at 5 AM on Christmas morning to wrap his presents and put them all over the top of the spread of Christmas presents he wrapped for me and put under our little tree. When he woke up and saw our tree and presents, it was like a little ocean of bright pink-wrapped gifts. The look on his face was hilarious to watch, and then he burst out laughing and I lost if big time. I laughed so hard I fell on my butt on the floor!!!

…that’s it for now! Two random thoughts for today. I hope Utah isn’t as unseasonably humid today as it was the other day and that your run was SO GREAT this morning! :)


Three jobs.. you are amazing. I love your idea of running a 5k every few months with them! Yes yes yes… that is what Andrew and I were talking about yesterday. When she is a bit older if she can work there then she can get a discount! I love it! Can I have some of your meatloaf? That sounds so so good. I’ll be over soon;) Oh the gag gift idea is such a great idea. HAHA I love that you wrapped his paper in that, you are hilarious! Thank you so much! Have an amazing day!


I am dying (and so jealous) that you think 77 is hot! I just ran with it 77 and thought it felt so cool compared to our usual Texas temps


I am the biggest hot weather wuss ever but hopefully I make it up by running in really cold weather?! I hope that you get in some more 77 degree runs Stephanie. I don’t know how you do it in the Texas weather!


Yep I love hydrafacials. To me they are the only facial truly worth it. I notice a difference for a while after the facial where with a normal facial, I notice the difference for only about a day. I always buy my from the Beauty lab in SLC during black friday b/c they are buy one / get one free (it helps with the cost).


Really!?! This is so good to hear. I’ll have to get in Black Friday this year… and maybe try it once before that too because I REALLY want one. Thanks April and I hope you have an amazing day!


Random pet peeves: People who do not put their grocery carts away. This was an epidemic when we lived in SoCal but Iowans have shown themselves to be way more responsible with their carts. Also, 2 walkers who do not switch to single file when I approach them running. So I move to the grass or street and they continue on next to each other. I do not understand.


I just shook my head yes as I read your comment. Both things. I hope you have a great day and that people put their carts away at your grocery store!


Random pet peeve: guests who put their purse on my kitchen counter. ?

I guess you are house hunting for Bangs Friend?!??

Elmo’s songs are impossible to get out of my head. Recently my daughter sings Sofia the First intro song and multiple times yesterday I caught myself singing it out loud. Summer heats making us stir crazy!


Oh no. Lauren. I have totally done this before without even thinking. Thank you for saving my friendships hahaha I’ll never do it again! No to Bangs Friend but I keep trying to convince her! Okay, now you have that song in my head haha! I hope it starts to cool down for you. Have a beautiful day Lauren!


I have been scuba diving once.

I have had a facial ages ago but not a hydrofacial.

I love love running in the mountains! Random thought – I pay for races so I can wake up at 4 am and go run a race. There must be something wrong with me haha.

Also, I am definitely an over packer. My partner is a minimalist and he looks at me and shakes his head and goes..if you had less stuff you would have less trouble finding stuff. Good point.

Have a super day!


Is it your cute blonde cousin (I forget her name!!!!)???


My husband got me a hydrofacial for my birthday and I just don’t think it lived up to the hype–or the cost! I have pretty good skin even being in my 40s so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The experience was nice and relaxing–but I def didn’t see any amazing transformation in my skin. Maybe if I did them more regularly? But we need to eat and pay a mortgage :)


Just wanted to say how amazing it is that Brooke is loving horseback riding! I’ve done it my entire life and watched so many kids learn SO MUCH about responsibility, kindness, and patience from it. Plus they gain so much confidence – getting such a large animal to do what you tell it is huge for kids. It’s so great they are teaching her about grooming and basic horse care too. I’ve met adults who tell me they’ve “been around horses their whole life” who don’t know anything because all they did was ride and someone else did all the other work. Hope she sticks with it. My parents couldn’t afford lessons, let alone a horse, for me so I just hung around the barn and worked for riding time – maybe she can get into that when she is bigger! :)


The pic of you and your sissy is really beautiful.

My daughter started riding at age 2 (we lived on an acreage and I was an avid rider). At 17 she went to Germany with her horse and rode and trained with the Olympic eventing team. I am so proud of her, and super happy for Brooke and her love for horses….It is SO good for them!


My three year old asked for a poodle yesterday in the car. Pretty sure I begged for a poodle too when i was little except I wanted mine to be pink. I had a facial a few months ago. Just a regular one but I actually really enjoyed it. One of my pet peeves is when people hiccup loudly. I just can’t deal with the sound.


Random thought- I notice you wearing the Garmin for all your pics, do you still have & wear the Suunto or no? My birthday is around the corner and a new running watch is on the list. I’ve loved the look of the Suunto since you first did a post about it!


HEY!!! I still love my Suunto so much and I wish I could use it but I use the Garmin now because that is what works to send my coach all of my runs each day. It is set up to work with the Garmin. I wear my suunto most days for the rest of the day! It is awesome! Let me know if you get it… and happy birthday soon!


Can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE photos of you running with your nieces, with Brooke, with Knox, etc!? Amazing. It’s so great that you’re showing them that fitness can be fun from such an early age! Brava!



I have not been scuba diving – only snorkeling – but I really want to try it! Maybe when I go to Mexico this fall!
I have gone in for a couple of facials before but I’d rather get a massage! :) Never tried a hydrofacial.
Biggest pet peeves – we have a TON of road construction going on in town, and I swear suddenly people forget how to yield to others or respect other people’s rights on the road. My 5-10 min commute to work raises my blood pressure because of it!
Random thought – I am currently training for a new job I accepted that I am SUPER excited for, but I am working half days in my new world and half in my old… and it is HARD. I don’t know how people work multiple part time jobs because my brain does not enjoy shifting gears in the middle of the day.


Random: My family is headed to Beaver, Utah tomorrow! A quick 8 hour drive ;)
My husband is racing the Crusher in the Tushar Gravel bike race. 70+ mile course with over 10,000 feet of climbing.
Should be a blast ;)
Next venture, Andrew?? ;)


Oh that is so so exciting! I hope you guys love Beaver:) I’ll tell Andrew we should meet you all there next year!


I’ve gotten a hydrofacial once and my skin looked absolutely amazing, but I do warn you that it’s not a super comfortable experience. I’ve never had a regular facial before, so I’m not sure how it compares in terms of comfort or results, I just remember the hydrofacial feeling prickly and thinking “this really isn’t very fun at all.”

Also funny little tidbit: I took horseback riding lessons growing up and there was a horse at our barn, named Skye that looked EXACTLY like the one in the picture with Skye and Andrew! So weird!


No way… I love that the horse’s name was Skye! How long did you take lessons?! Okay, thank you for telling me about that… I wasn’t sure how it would feel!


Horses are awesome! My oldest started riding around 5 years old. Loved it and still rides regularly. My youngest started around the same age but it just wasn’t her thing.

Both my girls and myself turn bright red in the face when we are hot. It really scared my when it happened to my oldest when she was a baby. I freaked out thinking she had somehow gotten a sunburn.

I tried scuba driving once. It was in Hawaii actually. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t like the feeling of being weighed down in the water. Anxiety attack! I had to hang out on the boat while everyone else dove. The boat made me seasick. It was not a fun experience. :-(


My first guess was going to be Bangs Friend, but I saw the above comments. My second guess will be your brother since he is visiting!

My random thought is switching between both that I need to blog more, and I need to do more strength training.


If you enjoy getting the Elmo song stuck in Andrew’s head, go ahead and youtube “baby shark song”. It is just cruel. There is no stronger ear worm in the entire history of the internet.


I have to tell you… I just did this (I had never heard this song before) and I have to thank you…. HAHAHA!!! Andrew is so mad at me!


In my 4th grade spelling bee I spelled BREATHE wrong because I spelled BREATH. I still think I either misheard them or they misheard me because I know how to spell those words, I got into the spelling bee for spelling chlorophyll, and knew how to spell all the other words and probably would have won.

Now I am a respiratory therapist and have “Breathe” tattooed on my wrist, I will never make that mistake again.


” when we used to run together he would repeat over and over again ‘please turn red’ anytime we were approaching a stop light so that we could take a break without having to ask for one ha.”
lol this is awesome.

“Some days I feel like 88% of my day is purely picking up/wiping down/washing/putting things away… thank you running for giving me an hour or so of having nothing to put away ha. ”
i totally agree! and i love this sentiment of gratitude –

“PS the guy at the track doing 400m repeats didn’t know we were racing but we were… Even though he was WAY faster than me, it helped to have someone to attempt to chase after.”
this is too funny. i went to the track on July 4th and everyone was walking…!! they all looked at me like was nutso for running in the extreme heat. i do want to say when i run on a very popular running path, i am doing this, racing others. people will pull up on my shoulder, and i will outpace them and push harder, and soon enough i’m pulling away. that’s always pretty satisfying! and i’m pretty sure others are doing this to me, trying to race me – i totally see them as they pass me – lol.

and whoa your workout looks so so hard. way to go to crush it!

and i’ll guess that a family member is moving to where you are??

“Do you fall asleep during movies?”
no my husband does this all the time! he will suggest a movie and then pass out within the first 15 min. each. time.

LOL at your mom’s text msg!! even back then at 4 you were into your candy :) that’s awesome

“Do you overpack or underpack for trips? ”
overpack, but husband has been influencing me to the point where i don’t overpack too much. there have even been times i underpacked (like forgetting the kiddo’s underpants… :p)

“*Do you remember bikes with the banana seats? ”
yes! my first bike had one.

“*I want to get in the mountains more for my runs.”
this is my favorite mountain running video… it totally embodies what i think so many of us are up against when we choose to get out the door and run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQZOzJpaqA8

have a great day!


My guess if your Kentucky brother too ~ since he was in town recently? Also, in the picture of you and your sister getting ready to go scuba diving, you look EXACTLY like your Kentucky brother :) Whoever is moving, I am so happy for you!! That’s exciting!


Lol I HATE when people respond K. If my husband does it, I think he’s mad at me (he’s not). And my mom abuses the letter (e.g. we are texting and then I say I’m going to take a nap…5 min later she’ll text “K”…COME ON MOM ?). My husbands ankles crack too ? I always get up first on the weekends and I can tell when he’s up bc of the cracking.


Felicity was in time out the other day and screaming that she wanted a new mom. Ross asked her who her new mom would be and she didn’t even hesitate to answer: Michelle! (the first counselor in primary) I would use the excuse that she always has treats, but then again, so do I. lol.

Yes. I fall asleep in movies.

Elmo’s World is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. So do most of the musicals Anna sings. Ross and I find ourselves singing songs like Popular from Wicked as we are getting ready for bed and throughout the day because of Anna.

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