Seattle Day #2, Please Eat This & My Training Log!

Good morning everyone!  I hope your weekend has been great so far.  I head back home later today and can’t wait to see Andrew and the kids.   Let’s chat about day #2 of Seattle.

Things started off at 7 when I met a few of the Brooks Ambassadors for a 3 mile run.  Then we got on a bus and headed to where the Brooks Beasts (they are professional middle distance track athletes) work out!

Kristen, Jen, Sara, Noelle, Ashley, Brian, Jesica, Lora, Monica, Tina, Gina, Alex, Carlee, Tiffany, Jen, Natalie, Anne, Meghann.

IMG 4656

We did 5 miles with them and I asked them a million questions.  I was very relieved by the end that I didn’t accidentally trip one of them and cause an injury or something.  It was so fun to hear about the crazy workouts that they do to prepare for their workouts.  Hannah and Henry:

IMG 4630

Quite a beautiful scene to see:

IMG 2261

From there the Beasts took us into the gym where they work out and showed us one of their strength workouts.  The TRX bands are no joke.  They are sending us the workout and I’ll make sure to post it because it was killer.

IMG 4636

We jumped on the bus afterwards and drove straight to Cactus for brunch.  They set up a buffet so I didn’t even have to make the tough decision of whether I go for a sweet dish or a savory dish.  I just grabbed a plate of each.

IMG 4657

Please eat this if you ever get a chance.  Or if you find a good recipe for this… please send it to me right now.

Churro Waffle.  How have I not thought of this wonderful creation?  It was even better than a normal churro… Probably because I dipped each bite into syrup too.

IMG 4658

Quick showers and then we went on a walk.

IMG 4668

We went over to the Space Needle and walked all around the different surrounding areas.

IMG 4670

And then at 5 we took it to a boat to hang out for a few hours and eat dinner!

Facetune 30 06 2018 16 52 45

IMG 4688

IMG 4692

IMG 4715

FYI post written very late at night… I’ll be back to normal for tomorrow’s post.  Have a relaxing day!

I see them today!!

IMG 9329


Here’s what training looked like this last week!  It was my highest mileage week in a long time!

IMG 4559

Monday:  7 miles @ 8:40 pace.

Tuesday:  8.1 miles of running.

2 mile w/u

Set 1—>  Repeat 3 times:  400m interval pace, 90 second walk, 300m repetition pace, 2 minute walk.

Set 2—>  10 minutes at threshold

Set 3—>  Repeat 3 times:  400m interval pace, 90 second walk, 300m repetition pace, 2 minute walk.

2 mile c/d

Threshold pace= 6:41, 400m pace= 6:13ish, 300m pace=5:55ish

Wednesday:  6 miles @ 8:35 pace.

Thursday:  8.24 miles @ 8:27 w/ 4 x 20 second pick-ups at the end.

Friday:  10.25 miles total!  4 mile w/u, 3 x 1 mile @ 7:10 w/.25 recoveries, 2.5 mile c/d.  Average pace—>  7:50.

Saturday:  8 miles at I’m not sure what pace because I forgot to start my garmin again but we did an out and back so I know the distance:)

Sunday:  Off!

47.59 miles total and not enough strength training but I’ll get back to that next week:)


What is your Sunday filled with?

What was your best run last week?   Hardest run?

Sweet or savory breakfasts—> what’s your favorite? 

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Your trip looks so amazing! Im betting you got some great knowledge from the beasts and I can’t wait for you to post the workout. Trx bands are no joke but I’ve got diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia so I can’t do any kind of workout like that (too much pressure on my already weak/compromised core) but I can save it for future use :) And those red/white/blue shoes are seriously everything. I have never seen a churro waffle before but holy crap I need it!!! Glad you get back to your babies and home today ❤️


Truth: if I have a sweeter breakfast, I am WRECKED for the day. All I will want to do is eat sweets–and ONLY sweets–for the rest of the day! If I have a savory breakfast, though, I am more likely to make good decisions. Except there is this restaurant in Vegas that has the most ginormous cinnamon roll that’s really best eaten like a “breakfast appetizer” for the whole table…followed up by a savory breakfast! ;) When in Vegas, I can have the best of both worlds and not worry about it!!! Ha!!!

Your trip looks AMAZING. I love your RUN HAPPY tank–I have it in a pale aqua color, and I have been thinking about the grey tank. And I loved your picture of everyone’s foot in some sort of Brooks sneaker. That makes my heart happy. :)

A google search produced this result with 5 stars next to the recipe. The waffles may not look as thick as your picture, but I wonder if that’s just the waffle iron of the person who made the recipe (rather than a failing of the recipe itself):

Travel safe today! So excited for you to return home to the kiddos and to Andrew. It’s always the best feeling!!!


I need that cinnamon roll asap! I love the idea of a breakfast appetizer! Yum. THANK YOU for finding that… I can’t wait to make them for the kids. I hope your weekend has been awesome Stephanie and that this week is a great one for you!


Ok haha I immediately had to start googling and found an amazing looking recipe for churro waffles:
There were a ton but these just looked so darn good.


Tiffany, you are seriously the best. Those pictures made me drool. I’m going to make these! Diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia… I am SO sorry! You’ll have to keep me updated on how that is all going. Thank you so much and I hope you get a churro waffle asap:)


I love all breakfast. Sweet and savory together! Bacon, eggs, cinnamon French toast, waffles…I love all of it. (Its fast Sunday again haha)

I think this weeks hardest workout was the tempo run I did when it was 95 degrees outside. The heat was what killed me and I paid for it all the next day too!


AHHH I forgot it was fast Sunday… I should have told you not to look at the food picture:) Tempo in 95 degrees… HOW?!! You are so strong Jenny!


Cactus is right by where I live in Seattle. I knew that they did brunch… but I didn’t think a Mexican restaurant’s brunch would be something I’d be in to cause I’m all about sweet breakfast foods.

Apparently I was so so wrong. And I must try this churro waffle asap lol :)


YOU HAVE TO GO FOR BRUNCH and please let me know when you do… I’ll be very jealous but very happy for you! Have a wonderful day Staci!


Was just reading ur posts from the weekend and ur Friday favorites discussion about podcasts had me thinking… ( insert unsolicited advice/idea) YOU should start a podcast!! I would totally listen to a podcast of yours covering the topics u cover on your blog when I run! Not that u have all the time in the world (kids & baby & work etc :) ) but just an idea that I would totally love if you ever decided to do!! :) I hope Seattle is awesome and ur kids tackle u with hugs and kisses when you get home!


Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for your comment… this is actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I would have a blast doing this! I’ll keep you updated and your comment just motivated me big time!


Looks like an amazing week-end of running, eating good food and learning a million things! Sounds so interesting! I have done multiple 2-hour long workouts this week but the 3-mile run in 105F with humidity this morning felt like the hardest one! Humidity is really something…and it is supposed to stick around for a while. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right??!! Hope your trip back hope is a smooth one!


THREE MILES in 105 degrees with humidity… I would have died. Mel, you are STRONG! Thank you!!


Do you mind if I asks which flip flops you are wearing post run? Are these the OOFOS? I have debating picking up a pair.


HEY!!! Those are just my Rainbow sandals. They aren’t great after a run but my OOFOS are amazing. I say go for them, they feel so good and my feet feel so much better when I wear them.


If I am going out for breakfast, I always want something savory… with a side of pancakes. I need just a touch of sweetness!


This was a strange week for my running/training but that was due to some switch ups at the gym I attend and the classes that I generally take for cross training so that meant that I did a speed session of 6 miles on the treadmill tuesday and then I did 6.5 miles in the 100+ degree heat and humidity friday evening and then I was up bright and early (4:30am) this morning to get in 18 miles before the heat and humidity hit hard again. I definitely want to spend the day in bed tomorrow (hello 18 miles) but I gotta get back on the cross training train so Spin it is at 5am tomorrow morning! Woohoo!


i like savory breakfasts!

your trip looks amazing!!! enjoy!


So fun! I learned how to run (at the ripe old age of 36) in Seattle. It’s a glorious place to put in miles throughout the whole year! Was your boat dinner on the Royal Argosy? I was married on that boat in 2006. :) Thanks for sharing your Seattle adventures, it looks so fun.

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