SEATTLE–> Silentish Saturday!!

Made it to Seattle!  Brian, Monica, Tina, Ashley, Gina, Alex, Sara, Jen, Carlee!

First things first—>  My long run for the week.

IMG 4397

I got up with the sun to get in my 10.25 mile run even though my bed was really wanting me to stay there instead.

IMG 4382

4 mile w/u, 3 x 1 mile 7:10 (my coach gave me the range of 7:10-7:26 for these and I felt good so I hit the 7:10s) w/.25 mile recoveries, 2.5 mile c/d.

IMG 4403

Skye was giving me the silent treatment for leaving.

IMG 4416

The crew drove me up to the airport and then they hung out at my in-laws house for the day.

IMG 4427

It felt strange to be at the airport with just two items and not with 12 bags, three carseats, a stroller and little legs running all around me.

IMG 4428

Ashley had donuts from Top Pot waiting for us!

IMG 4434

IMG 4440

Brooks headquarters!!

IMG 4445

We learned all about how shoes are made and all of the exciting things coming out…  I can’t wait to share it all with you soon.

IMG 4479

IMG 4494

Anne checking out our awesome room!

IMG 4495


IMG 4500

Dinner views:

IMG 4499

Turns out… I hate oysters ha.

IMG 4502

Ready for all of the sleep!

IMG 4509

I am a Brooks Ambassador and they have paid for this trip!


What are you up to today?  

Ever been to Seattle?  Anyone live close to Seattle?

Oysters—>  Yes or no?

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I used to live just a bit south of Seattle! The weather was awesome for running almost all year round – if you didn’t mind a little rain.

I am getting ready to go for a run outside in 80+ degree with 80+% humidity in Nebraska. I’ve been getting heat acclimated but this run is still going to be rough.


I’ve never been to Seattle but I keep hearing about it recently and think we should probably go. I’ll have to start talking Trevon into that.

I’ve never had an oyster but I don’t have to try that to let you know I don’t like it haha. Any seafood makes me want to puke. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never had fish that didn’t taste fishy to me. Even when people say “oh this isn’t fishy at all…” well, yeah it was Lol!

Have fun on that trip with all you girls!


How fun! I’m in Portland, so only 3 hours South of Seattle. We go about once a year for a Mariners’ game. Definitely lots of fun tourist attractions and great food!

I’ve never had the guts to try oysters! I’m thinking the texture alone would be gross, but I like most seafood.

Today, we’re off to visit some friends and their new baby boy! Very excited! Have a fun weekend in Seattle!


Have a wonderful time! I love Seattle!!! And, it’s such a foodie town ? Oh, and Hi Monica
We have some good friends that live in Gig Harbor, which is south. That whole area is just so pretty to me. So much green!!
I love oysters too, but no one else I know does, ha.
Can’t wait to hear all about the fun stuff you’re doing up there!


Seattle looks amazing…on my bucket list for sure along with Alaska!
My parents are in town visiting, it’s amazing to have them for 2 weeks since we have not seen them in 9 months…you are CRAZY blessed to have your parents so close! We went to the symphony in the park last night with amazing fireworks.
I’ve been getting some great runs in even with them here. They go to the pool and I go to the treadmill then join them in the pool later!! It’s been amazing and we are having a house full on Wednesday!!
I can’t do oysters & neither can my hubs!! The texture I can’t take it!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!!!


Will Skye drink your pumped milk from a bottle when you’re gone? And you will just have to pump?
It must be cooler weather there by the looks of pictures.


I live an hour north of Seattle! Actually, I live in the same town Gina does! She coached me to a PR in the marathon a couple of years ago :) Hope you all have so much fun in the northwest! It’s so wonderful here :)


I live west of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula…..I don’t think I could be paid enough to eat oysters. Love it when I order Brooks, they arrive the next day!


Oysters are my favorite. We are going to Hilton Head SC in a few weeks and I can’t wait to eat all of the oysters!. It’s soon hot here in Illinois so it was a pool day and now a movie. Have a great time on your trip. Those donuts look amazing FYI.


OMG I live right up the street from the Brooks headquarters! We’ve just started blogging our own adventures and you’ve been a major inspiration. I wish I had your speed, but I’ll settle for finishing. We’re training for a trail ultra.

we’re over at



Ran a 1/2 marathon on the top of Lolo Pass today with my brother who is visiting. So great to catch up on everything over 13.1 miles. It was the perfect temperature and a beautiful day!

Going to Seattle in a family trip this week over the 4th. It’s my kid’s first time!

Oysters, yes. However, they have to be cooked (preferably in garlic butter) with lots of french bread.


I’m going to Seattle on Mon! We are going to visit friends until the 5th and then up to Banff. I have only been to Seattle once and it was SO long ago… but it’s such an awesome city. Have such a great time!!


yes to oysters! <3 so yum!

yes i've been to seattle quite a bit! to visit friends and also to go ski/backcountry. it's great for biking around town too. love it there!


I live in Seattle!! (well technically, “the east side”) – it’s the BEST!
And NOOOOOOOO on oysters! (I love most seafood but NOT oysters!)

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