It’s GO Time–> Silentish Saturday!

4 miles @ 8:48 average pace with 4 x 15 seconds fast at the end.

Knox helped me give Skye a bath.

IMG 7477

Girl talk.

IMG 7473

Knox left with his mom and once Brooke was done with school we jumped in the car to head to Vegas.

St. George was a little hot for Skye.

IMG 7487

Road trips are tiring.  Grabbed some chicken sandwiches for lunch.

IMG 7483

It takes us about 6 hours to get to Vegas and then we went to the expo!

IMG 7502

IMG 7528

I love that they had hats for us in addition to the shirts!

IMG 7515

Got to meet some new friends!

IMG 7510

IMG 7519

Why Brooke loves going to the expos:

IMG 7526

IMG 7523

We also met up with my brother and his family too.

IMG 7514

Then we drove over to Andrew’s sister’s house.  Luckily they live close to the finish line.

IMG 7531

Legs, it’s time to do your thing!

IMG 7534


IMG 7535


What is your Saturday filled with?

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My Saturday is filled with catching up on work and helping at a tech rehearsal for a dance production. Maybe body pump if I can talk myself into it.



Hope your race is a wonderful experience. My little guy was sick most of the week so now that he is well I have to catch up on work, go grocery shopping but also keep some time for Saturday fun :-)


My Saturday is filled with soccer games!! At least the fields are dry enough to play! Their practices and games all got canceled this week. Good luck on your race!!


I keep seeing (what I think?) is a new rug. I love it!!! Where is it from?


It is new and we LOVE it! Here is the link, have a great day Stefanie!


Excited for you!! Hope it goes really well :) Why do your races start so early BTW? Is it because of the heat? I’ve never yet done a race with an expo – looks like fun :) It’s rainy here so we swapped football for a cinema trip and lunch and now we have friends visiting :)


It’s crazy how early they start right? Usually it is because they are a point to point course so you need to take a bus early to get to the starting line. Today, it was so nice to start early because it got HOT! Have an amazing day (sounds like a blast) Lys and thank you so much!


Looottts of projects to get done today and then a run. I was thinking about you last night and considered texting you good luck and then thought I better not risk waking you up with that early morning. I hope you loved it and did awesome!


Good luck to you and your brother today!!

I got my run in and then we are running errands and going car shopping for my husband. One of my least favorite things to do!


Have fun! I had to DNS this race, my first DNS ever!
Lesson learned, if I take on too much at once something will fall off the plate, in this case it was missing the alarm. Ouch. Should have known better, something always gives out when I’m overloaded.
I won’t make this mistake again!


I am so so sorry about your DNS! I hope that never happens again… I hope you are getting in some relaxation today and not feeling overloaded for much longer!


So, I stalked you. You did amazing today!! A big Congratulations! How did your brother do? This week end consists of running, spending time outside hiking with my two sons, dad and husband. The sad thing will be Sunday dropping my son back off at college where he leaves May 7 for a 90 day sea term. He will graduate next May and this will be his last sea term he gets to see 5 different countries in Europe but I wont see him again until August 12:((. Enjoy your kids they grow up so fast but I still have a teenager at home who actually likes hanging out and travelling with his mom and dad.


I hope you have a great time! I’ll be cheering you and your brother on virtually.


My Saturday was spent at a great 8 hr. Conference for church. Woke up early for a short run before the conference. Long day but great time to get closer to God. Pizza for dinner. Yum.
I love local races where either I live close tot the race or an stay with family nearby start or finish.


My Saturday was similar: I drove to Plovdiv, checked into my hotel, drove to race packet pickup, parks my car nearby, walked back to the hotel (500m), Naples, has dinner, lazed around, when I was about to hit the hay I realized my phone charger was in the car. Went back to retrieve it, completely amazed by how many people are still out and about at 9:30 p.m. 22 minutes from the start of the Plovdiv Marathon!!!! When I finish I hope to read your post about your race. Yahoo!!!


I’m going to watch my daughter try to help her 200m relay team qualify for the D3 championships today. She’s a freshman and got called up after blasting through a tough 100, 200, 400, 200, 100 workout last week. She doesn’t want me to come but I’m going going to sneak into the meet. Ssshhh.


Good luck. Have a great race. Enjoy your time with family. Can’t wait to hear abouti t.


It was so great to meet you at the expo! You are just as beautiful in person and have such a warm and open personality! I’m glad the wind cooperated… and I PRed!

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