Friday Favorites!

(Long-sleeve, bra, leggings, shoes, earwarmer)

Forty degrees in January feels VERY strange… I almost felt like I was on vacation.

Eight hilly miles with a focus on using my glutes to get me up the hills—> 8 miles @ 8:22 average.

This video is my favorite to learn how to use your glutes while running.

+15 minute legs and glutes at home.  Beck loves to be included in my strength training.

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These two bonded at Costco together.  Andrew is raising some kiddos that truly love this place.

IMG 9137

After school, we got in some riding because it was so warm.

IMG 9145

It was a good afternoon at home.

And a very exciting part of the day—> Skye wrote her name for the first time ever without any help!

IMG 1079We had leftover hearty minestrone soup with rolls for dinner and then made some chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert.

IMG 9148


Time for some favorite things!

*Our entire family loved Ron’s Gone Wrong on Disney+

*I decided that Bohemian Rhapsody is in my top 5 favorite movies ever.

*Lots of tv talk today but The River Runner documentary on Netflix was AMAZING (and my palms were sweating the entire time).

*It’s my sister’s birthday today!  I cannot wait to celebrate her.  I am so grateful that I get to have her as my big sis forever.

Screen Shot 2022 01 04 at 10 53 00 AM

*I have recently fallen in love with the Asics NovaBlast 2.  Asics were the first real running shoes that I ever wore!  These have a similar tilt/cushion as the Clifton 8s (this video does an in-depth comparison of the two shoes) which is what keeps my plantar the happiest.  I’ll write a full review of them soon once I get a few more miles in them but for now, they feel so fast for the amount of amazing cushioning they have.  They are light, smooth, and exactly what my feet need.  Also, obsessed with these seamless tights from Asics too in the picture below—>  high-waisted, so soft on your skin, and the lack of seams make them chafe-free.  PS my switch from Brooks has been 100% because of my plantar… my nieces are thrilled with the fact that they have a bunch of new running shoes from me because I have to be super picky with what I wear now because I can feel my plantar a bit in certain shoes and not at all in others like the NovaBlast!  I’m hoping that once more time passes since my injury, I’ll be able to wear everything again but it sure has been fun trying different types of shoes.

IMG 0514

*The #1 most played with toy at our house (by all four kids ha) from Christmas is this Thomas Train Tower just in case anyone needs a birthday gift idea for a child soon.

IMG 1080


First brand of running shoes that you ever used?

Stick to one running shoe brand or do you switch it around?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Please tell me your favorite cleaning product/gadget/tool… I’m really into them lately.

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I am still so jealous of the beautiful weather and views you enjoy while running. Please never stop posting scenic running pictures; I live vicariously through you as a runner! ;) Right now I tend to alternate between Hoka trail shoes (the Torrent, I think?) and the Brooks Adrenaline (I have two pairs). After an exhausting first week back teaching post-Christmas (lots of kids out so we’re doing hybrid in-person and virtual, which is rough on everybody), I am looking forward to relaxing, running, and reading this weekend. Thankful to have no big plans so I can stay in! Happy Friday!


Hey Emily! I need you to come out and visit Utah and I’ll take you on some trail runs. I must try the Torrent… you are tempting me to buy them online today! Emily, you are amazing. Teachers do not get paid what they should for what they do. I hope that next week the kids are doing a bit better and I cannot even imagine doing the hybrid schedule that you are doing. Thank you friend, enjoy all of the relaxation that you can get. Happy Friday to you!


I see your 40 degrees and raise you a 60 degree day in Philly. Unheard of for January here! We just won’t talk about the fact that it was the temp on the 2nd and today we have 2 inches of snow now ;)

This weekend I’m looking forward to going out to watch the Eagles game with one of my good friends! Neither of us actually care about the game but we thought it would be fun and we haven’t seen each other in weeks because of the holidays so we have to catch up


Hey Maureen! SIXTY DEGREES?! That is unreal… and now you have snow! Have the best time at the game, the whole atmosphere is the best… enjoy catching up! Happy Friday!


Asics were my first running shoe too! I’ve also been a Brooks fan since then, but this past year my family gave me a pair of Adidas running shoes and I’ve been loving switching between them and Brooks!

This weekend I am finally flying back to Maryland after 3 weeks with family in AZ. I’m sad to leave them, so I booked a facial as a Sunday treat once I get back.


Hey Mariah! I think Asics were a lot of people’s first shoes. Oh how I miss my Brooks! I have never tried adidas running shoes! I am so glad you were able to have that time with your family and I hope you feel peace and comfort on your way home. ENJOY THAT FACIAL… they feel so good!


My first actual running shoe was a brooks but I have slowly moved over to Asics and have loved them!
My favourite cleaning tool hands down is a microfibre cloth! It’s amazing for any cleaning but especially mirrors and the shower!


What are your favorite Asics?! AMEN TO THOSE CLOTHS! They are so great. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Would it be possible to post the video for running up hills with your glutes? It didn’t come through on my post. Thank you for your daily posts!


Hey Tiah! I am sorry that video to post! Here is the link and I hope you have a wonderful day!


We loved Ron’s gone wrong too!!! Waiting for sing 2 to come out so we can watch that!
My favourite cleaning product lately is ‘bar keepers friend’. I originally heard of it through an ig account gocleanco. She shares lots of great cleaning products/tips. My daughter has a table which she draws on and always get marker on it, it takes the permanent marker right out and my mom has an apartment she rents out, one of her tenants had a bad stain in the bathtub, my mom had professionals in and nothing worked, I told her about the bar keepers friend and it took the stain out. It’s great for bathrooms, sinks etc.

Which sneaker would you recommend for walking/on my feet a lot. I have bad knees/bad back. I do like the brooks ghost. Wondering if I should try the ghosts again or the cliftons or ascis? Have a great weekend!


Oh we are SO excited to see Sing 2 also! And now I am purchasing that bar keepers friend and following that account, thank you for the help! It sounds amazing. I mean… I have a new obsession with the Cliftons for walking too. I took them to New York and walked 10-13 miles a day with them! They are incredible. BUT I do love the ghosts so much too. Not sure if I would go with the Novablast from Asics for walking though! Let me know what you end up getting. Hope your day is a fabulous one!


Happy Birthday to your sister!!!
My first pair of running shoes were Saucony. I loved them. I was a devoted Saucony user for years, until they stopped/changed the model I wore. I have worn Asics over the years too, have had some good ones and not so good.
This is the last weekend with our oldest home from college, so we will enjoy every last minute we have. My goal is to make sure he gets all his favorite foods before he leaves… Ha ha
Have a fun day celebrating your sister and a really great day!


I ran in Nikes for years! And then the low drop shoes became popular and I switched to Kinvaras. I’ve tried to mix in a couple other brands but always get injured. I did recently buy a pair of Sketchers and really like them too. I try to switch out every other day but now that we haven’t been above 0 degrees with the windchill for over 56 hours, I’m on the dreadmill. And I only wear the Kinvaras on the TM for some reason.


Happy Friday, Janae!
I love that you always ask questions of your readers along with sharing your experiences and recommendations :o)
My first running shoes were New Balance. Later, I was a diehard Saucony fan for years and now I’m into Brooks (Glycerin). I’m always a little nervous when I first switch to a new shoe, but it has typically worked out well.
This weekend, we will be in Florida. Honestly, I’m not crazy about going with Covid raging out of control there, but we have some family that need us there. It will be nice to be outside in warm weather and sunshine for a few days though! Fingers crossed we stay healthy.
Hands down, my favorite new cleaning “toys” are E-cloths!! I have the ones for glass and stainless, along with some general cleaning ones. They are amazing and I highly recommend. Have an awesome weekend, Janae!


New Balance was my first love, then I had Brooks for years, and now switch between Ghosts, Saucony trail shoes, and Hoka Mach 4. The Machs are amazing, it’s a better version of Clifton’s in my opinion! The ghosts will likely continue to be my marathon race shoe, maybe, the Mach’s are awesome. I have issues with Hoka’s rubbing my big toe. I had the Hoka Bondis after my heel stress fracture and they gave me so many blisters. I like Brooks a lot but the Glycerins really beat up my feet, blisters and my feet just don’t feel right in them. I got my stress fracture in the Brooks Ricochet even though it remains my favorite shoe ever!! I highly recommend them for light runs or heavy walking days. I don’t know about you but it’s always scary to me to try out new shoes, I worry they will cause an issue!
My favorite cleaner is Puracy, I buy it on amazon with subscribe and save. It’s supposed to have not so many chemicals in it but it does kill ants instantly which makes us question some of that… But it definitely doesn’t have a potent smell and it cleans very well.
What am I looking forward too? Well today is a snow day for my kids and a virtual day for me vs snow day (so wrong). I am looking forward to being off this weekend. If you know a teacher please know we aren’t ok, it’s hard right now, really hard.


My favorite cleaning product is powdered tide! I follow @gocleanco on Instagram and she uses it for everything. A tiny bit + hot water + bleach to disinfect and you can clean ANYTHING. It’s seriously amazing plus leaves your house smelling so good! I got a ton of tips from her on other products and techniques to use and I’ll never go back :)

My first running shoes were Brooks and I still love the brand! I’ve also tried New Balance and like those a lot and recently got a pair from On that are pretty good as well. I love to switch it up!


Oh, please send some warm weather our way! It was -30 below here (without windchill!)

The first running shoes I wore were Pearl Izumi. I moved to Ascics and now have stuck with Mizuno for the past 8 years. They fit my foot so good, although they do not hold up to high mileage so I need a new pair about every month.

I am looking forward to going to my father-in-laws to celebrate Christmas.! My mother-in-law passed away last week (my husbands parents were divorced). I am hoping it will bring some brightness and happiness to the sad and emotional week. Also, I am looking forward to some above zero weather for a day!

Happy Friday, Janae!


I wore Saucony’s for the first 20 years of my running (one of the few companies that makes shoes small enough for me.) They made some major changes in 2016 and I switched to ASICS. I’m currently wearing the ASICS Gel-Nimbus.

We’ve had the flu since Tuesday (COVID test was negative) I’m hoping this weekend will bring health.

I would say my absolute favorite cleaning tool is the Swiffer Wet Jet. I hate old fashion mops that have to be put in a bucket/sink and love just pulling the dirty pad off the Swiffer and replacing it with a clean one. The pads also show just how dirty our floors get!


Oh Kathy, I hope you are all feeling better asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday, HRG Sis!! Hope she has a great day.

I think my first running shoe were Asics too, unless you count the Keds I wore for P.E. running through high school. How in the world did we run in regular street sneakers and no sports bras, hah? No wonder I hated running until college when a friend introduced me to a proper bra and shoes and invited me to run the local turkey trot. I was hooked and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been wearing Hokas for several years so may need to try those Asics to shake things up a bit.


AMEN to that…. I totally agree with you on that! Let me know if you try them, have a happy weekend!


first ever running shoe (never call them sneakers!) Mizuno, they were called Mondo Control, cause someone thought I needed motion control….now I seem to be able to wear anything and now I do…considering where I work, well, I seem to have way too much money, I buy a lot of shoes, a variety, right now, Brooks Adrenaline, though I love the Ghost and the Levitates…but I also have a pair of Hoka Arahis, On Cloud Swifts (which are amazing) and a pair of Saucony Peregrine Ice+ – I buy a lot of shoes…
I begin instructing a new virtual clinic tomorrow with 60 people in it so far, should be a fun Zoom call, and I need a good run Sunday……..


I don’t have a favorite cleaning tool or gadget, but I can recommend this cleaning youtube channel:
Aurikatariina deep cleans super filthy homes for free, often people who are struggling with depression. I love that she is super joyful about what she is doing, and she is supportive and respectful toward the people whose homes she is cleaning.


Hi Janae! Thanks for sharing your life- it’s so fun to follow along ?. My favourite cleaning tool lately has been a Shark Genius Pocket steam mop. I love that I don’t have to use the typical mop and bucket, don’t have to use any cleaning product other than just water, and love the fact that I just have to wash the dirty mop pad in the laundry withnhout having to touch it ! My lovely neighbour told me about it, and we haven’t used a mop and bucket since!


Gorgeous views! we had 70s the entire week of Christmas, which is heavenly, but brings around thunderstorms and tornados in the South. So yeah, Jan 1 was nice and warm, tornado watches all night, then by the morning of the 3rd it was only 20 something. Freaking crazy weather!


Up until recently my favorite shoe was the Brooks Glycerins but the Novablasts are giving them a run for the money. They are great. I had the first version as well and the current Novablast 2 are even better.

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