How did this happen + 5 things I’m going to do for my running this year!

It feels good to put on running clothes again!  I walked another 2.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday morning and just 17 days until I’ll be running again (as long as everything is good to go)!

I listened to another Oprah Supersoul Conversation.  Something that stood out to me was something she talks about doing three times a day… SHE STOPS AND THINKS ABOUT WHAT IS GOING RIGHT!  Isn’t it a million times easier to look around throughout the day and see the things going wrong?  I LOVE the idea to stop and pay attention to all that is going right.  I tried it yesterday (I did it like 50 times because I was so excited about it) and it was amazing.

Let’s just go ahead and start today off with the most random story.  I was changing clothes yesterday morning which made the back of my earring pop off. They were new earrings from Andrew so I called him in to search the room for the back of my earring.  Neither of us could find it anywhere.  I jumped in the shower and felt something weird in my ear.  Yep, it was the back of my earring.  In my ear.  I do not even know how this happened but I’m blaming it on being tired…

IMG 5861

The girls were quite the fashionistas yesterday between Skye’s ‘Hug Life’ outfit…

IMG 5862

And Brooke’s Rudolph socks… she is all about picking her own outfits these days!

IMG 5866

We went out yesterday to hit up Target.  Brooke and I to ran in and grabbed a few things.  I love looking back and seeing Brooke telling her sister all sorts of stories!

IMG 5871 2

The Valentine’s Day candy is already out at Target.   Themed candy is my favorite but is this too soon?  I guess we are only about 1.5 months away (do not forget, my bday is the day before Vday;)!

IMG 5879

We got to see my nephews for a second while we were out too!

IMG 5881

And then it was back home for my favorite thing…

IMG 5890

I am getting really spoiled by this warmer weather and clean air… I’m just hoping it lasts for the rest of winter:)  We went to a park and Brooke played…

IMG 5894

while Andrew went on a 4 mile run.  He is still agreeing to do a marathon this year with me so that’s a big deal.

IMG 5896

This face.

IMG 5901

As far as meals went yesterday…

Breakfast along with a yogurt.

IMG 5885

A tuna sandwich (I’m weird and just mix the tuna with bbq sauce… but that’s just like a bbq chicken sandwich right?), salad and edamame.

IMG 5884

Andrew made the BEST dinner.  We are adding this to our list of meals that we want to eat frequently… he even fired up the grill!  Brown sugar pineapple chicken!

IMG 5898

Dessert came out of here!  Andrew’s parents gave this to us as part of our Christmas present and I’m grateful each day:)

IMG 5900

PJ time.  The time where Andrew and I cross every finger and toe that Skye will sleep well that night.

IMG 5909


The new year has all of us thinking about what we want to do with the next 12 months.  I’ll share a few things that I’ve been thinking about with my running that I want to do in 2018 and I’d love to hear yours!

1.  To take strength training seriously.  My quads are exhausted walking up the stairs right now (and that is how it should be… I just had a baby:) but I am excited to build some muscle again and my fastest friends are the ones that  put in the time for strength training.

2.  I really want to focus on the small successes.  It’s going to be a slow buildup and a marathon isn’t going to happen overnight so instead of just celebrating the big successes, I want to focus on the small blocks along the way.  That is going to make the process a whole lot more exciting!

3.  To remember this (from Marathon Man: My 26.2 Mile Journey)… TRUST THE PROCESS.  The body always responds!

IMG 0041

4.  While I am going to come back slow and smart with my training, I want to repeat to myself ‘I can do it now’… I don’t want to hold myself back.  Now is the time and rather than coming up with a billion excuses for not doing things, I want to remind myself that I can do it now!

5.   Getting back into running/training/workout/race shape is going to be hard.  It just is:)  Part of my running motivation throughout the year normally is to continue working hard just to avoid having to get back into running shape again ha.  It’s going to take a lot of work, patience and consistency to build up again but I want to really remember this quote with my training.   I love it:



A question from Andrew… would you rather live somewhere VERY hot or somewhere VERY cold?

Anything particular you are going to do for your running this year?

Favorite way to have your eggs cooked?  Favorite addition to your eggs?

Are your ears pierced..  if yes, when did you get them pierced?

-In my family we got to get them pierced when we turned 12.

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Hey Janae! Hope you are doing well :) Today is a special day for me…I am signing up for my first half marathon. I am so excited that you would think it is race day. I ran in some frigid temps last night but I had the best run I have had in a long time. I am super excited to start training and ultimately excited to achieve my goal of running a half marathon. You are a huge inspiration to me and many times you are my motivator. I enjoy reading your blog daily. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)


AHHH SHELBY!! I am so so excited for you! Please keep me updated with all of your training… you are going to do amazing! Also, which race did you sign up for?!


Thank you! I will keep you posted :) I am doing the Air Force half marathon in Dayton, OH! I am officially registered and ready to go. It feels real now!


Oh awesome!! You’ve got this!


I swear the back of earrings always manage to end up in the smallest places. Once I lost the back and couldn’t find it anywhere. The next morning when I showered, it fell out of my hair. How does that even happen?!

Like you, I’m going to add strength training into my workout routine. I know it’ll make my running and overall health better.

I always add Frank’s hot sauce to my scrambled eggs!


Brooke is getting cuter and cuter every day. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up…but I guess that is what happens LOL. I’m glad you are starting to feel better Janae and you are making such a good choice of slowly easing back into working out versus forcing yourself out there.

I got my ears pierced late…actually in college! IDK, it was just never something I was really into.

At diners I like omelets but by myself, I like scrambled…because that is all I can really cook LOL.


Glad you found the back of your earring—how funny where it was! To answer Andrew’s question, I would much rather live somewhere very warm. I HATE cold weather more than I can explain. I don’t even like snow.

I’m also going to try to be better about strength training this year, but I also want to remind myself that I don’t need to put SO much pressure on myself. Some days of running will be better than others, and I will definitely struggle along the way. And that’s OK. Running is something I love and not my entire life. Yes, I would love to race (and win) again, but it’s not the end of the world if every race isn’t a PR or if every workout doesn’t go according to plan. What’s important is that I continue to enjoy it and challenge myself.


We too had to wait until we were 12 in my family for ear piercing. I don’t know many people that had to wait that long, especially these days with people piercing babies ears.
I was working on pull ups the last few months, a non running goal that I wanted to master. But I’ve developed a slight tendinitis in my elbow and I’m not able to keep practicing right now or do any arm exercises, as it’s easily aggravated. Ever had tennis elbow? It’s annoying.


An answer to Andrew and a Q back at him.. : Easily somewhere hot (grew up in the sOuth, and this NE weather is just awful!) Q back to him: WHAT does the “Y” on all his Nike tees stand for??? He was wearing a “Y” Nike jacket in a ton of baby/hospital pics as well… Can not guess ??_?? ! Thanks!!


HEY!!! I will answer this question ha… So my brother-in-law works for BYU (the college that both Andrew and I went to) and he gives us all sorts of awesome gear! So the Y is from the free BYU stuff we get:) I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Ooooh!! That’s so awesome! I didn’t know that’s BYU’s logo! And that’s some pretty stellar high-quality gear for free!! What a university!

Hope you had a wonderful day yourself, and enjoying (hopefully!!) a peaceful and restful night!


Answer to Andrew’s question – I lived in both places (Went to school in Arizona and now live in Chicago). After my 3rd summer in Arizona, I was absolutely miserable and couldn’t take the summer heat anymore, therefore, I choose cold!!! Winters can be awful in Chicago (woke up today and it was -7 degrees out) but the rest of the year makes up for it :)


By FAR I’d rather live somewhere really hot. Cold weather makes me sad.

For running this year I’m just going to try to keep taking the time for myself to be consistent and try to get stronger.

I will eat eggs any way as long as they’re not over cooked. The smell of burning eggs has to be one of the worst.

Yes to the pierced ears … I think I was around 13 or so. And I almost passed out in the jewelry store because that’s just who I am. Haha


I was 13 when I got my ears pierced
cold weather over hot although i couldn’t live somewhere without seasons. I do enjoy a variety.
I’m with you on wanting to strength train more this year.


100% I would rather live somewhere very hot than very cold. I’m in New York (and grew up in CT) and I dislike the cold more every year.

I got my ears pierced when I was 12 as well…that’s the age we were allowed to get pierced ears in my family. I still remember my first pair of earrings (which I bought a year or more in advance of getting my ears pierced. :)).


Happy New Year, Janae!
We’ve had some crazy cold in Boston for the past 7 days. I ran in real feels of -15…I had icicles on my eyelashes. I’m looking forward to when it is in the 20’s tomorrow and will feel balmy! Even though I don’t love the cold, I hate being hot, so in answer to Andrew’s question, I would choose to live somewhere very cold over very hot, though reluctantly. Provided I have access to heat and warm water and hot coffee! :-)
I ‘ve been doing a running streak since October 12 (prior to that I ran 146 days in a row and ended with a 1/2 marathon). It’s a fun way to stay motivated! So happy you are looking forward to running again! I think you will be amazing. The 6 week break is key and also helps to get you hungry to run again!
As for eggs, I LOVED poached (so does my husband), but I have always struggled to make a successful poached egg, so I really only get them when we go out for breakfast. My favorite home cooked eggs now (which our kids love too!) is egg in a hole. You make a hole in your bread, and grill it with the egg cracked into the bread. It’s also fun because I use cookie cutters to make things like egg in a gingerbread man, egg in a snowflake etc! :-) It’s the little things that make us happy!
Enjoy your day!


HEY MARY!! Oh, that is crazy cold… icicles on your eyelashes!? CRAZY! I hope it starts to warm up for you asap! Way to go on your running streak… that is amazing! Keep me updated on how you are doing with that! I hope you get some amazing poached eggs asap and I LOVE egg in a hole, it is the best. Great idea to use a cookie cutters… I am going to do that for Brooke tomorrow:) I hope your day is amazing Mary!


Hi Janae! Thank you soo much for responding! you totally made my day! :-)
And by the way your family is beautiful and Skye is a doll! She’s starting to look so alert in your pictures! What a fun stage. Enjoy and have a great day!


Happy New Year Janae! That is so funny how the back of your earring was in your ear! How does that even happen?? Brooke and Skye are so adorable as always!

I would much rather live somewhere always warm! I live in the northeast and right now we are dealing with FREEZING COLD temperatures and I am not a fan!


Love your new approach to running! Our bodies are always changing and what worked for us at one point may not work for us now! I’m looking at my running a lot differently and trying to let go of my old expectations.
My answer to Andrew’s question would be somewhere cold, but after this major cold snap we’ve been having I think I need somewhere hot!
I got my ears pierced when I was 2…and I’ve had several piercings since!


Okay–great and timely question from Andrew as it has been SO SO SO COLD here in PA lately! I’m a summer girl. I have to go with very hot over very cold!!!!! At least then I can get up before the sun to run. The cold is just OMNIPRESENT and INCESSANT! lol It was ZERO degrees for my run yesterday!

Running and life goal (not a resolution! lol) this year is to SAY YES to things. New experiences, things that I may have been afraid to do before. I already kind of did this over break. An Instagram/Strava friend who I’ve never met (but I was pretty sure they weren’t a psychopath. ha ha) who is from my town contacted me to run over vacation. I was antsy about it b/c I normally run alone, but in the end, I said yes, and it was great. I need to get outside of my comfort zone.

Eggs–mainly scrambled, although I’ve come out of my shell a bit here as the years have gone by. NEVER NEVER hard-boiled though. Yuck!!!! ha ha


I’d rather live somewhere cold. Not a big fan of the heat but it’s been so chilly here in Ohio lately, I might amend that opinion soon. I like my eggs lots of ways, mostly over med/hard. My husband likes to add a little Worcestershire to his eggs. It’s pretty good actually! I have had my ears pierced since I was about 12 or 13 too. Then I added some more holes in my ears in college, a popular thing to do in the late 90s.


Very hot. Anything less that 85 degrees and I could almost put on a cover-up.
Mom did not want us to get our ears pierced. Got them on my second day of college……….my form of rebellion. ha.


I would say somewhere very hot. But that’s mostly because the wind chill is supposed to be -35 where i live today! That’s not even funny to me.

I love your perspective on getting back in shape. My daughter is 11 weeks old and I’m struggling at the gym (I do Crossfit). Movements and lifts that used to be easy are so hard. And my core strength is gone, and everything takes core strength. But instead of beating myself up I’m focused on the fact that my daughter was born healthy, I worked out until 39 weeks pregnant, I am her sources of food and nourishment, and I love being a mom. So the comeback will happen, it might just take a while!


I’m ready to live somewhere VERY hot *right now.* I’ve always preferred hot to cold, but I’ve been picturing the desert southwest since a trip there 2 years ago. And it’s currently 11 degrees. 11. That’s wrong.

I’m going to be more consistent with running this year. I’ve mostly switched to CrossFit, and I love it, but I miss running consistently.

Scrambled is the only way I can eat eggs. I used to like poached every once in awhile, but not anymore. And I can usually only stomach them with toasted bread of some kind–not sure why, but plain scrambled eggs just make me gag a little sometimes. When I was pregnant with my son, I HAD TO HAVE a scrambled egg on English muffin every morning.

I think I was about 7 when I got my ears pierced. My dad didn’t want me to get them done, so he said he would shave his head if my mom let me get them. He didn’t. But she took me to the pediatrician to do it instead of a jewelry shop.


Andrew! – this is interesting. I would always say that I like it to be VERY hot. But now that I have a dog and I realized I can wear 3 coats and be somewhat comfortable, I’d say if I HAD to pick an extreme, I’d pick VERY cold. I can imagine which you’d like Mr. Shorts all year! :)

Janae! – When I was younger the only way I would eat eggs was scrambled. Now I can’t meet an egg I won’t eat. Ha. I think my favorite way is hard boiled but it’s so hard to choose. I love eggs! :)


Themed candy is also a favorite of mine. This year for my running I am focused on getting back into half marathon shape by may! I just had a baby and am also waiting on the all clear from my doctor to get back to it too! Which, fun fact that I just realized from your cAndy discussion, my birthday is also February 13th and I also had my baby on December 8th! We named her Zoey and I’m hoping she turns out to be a runner like me!


I once lost a diamond stud in the shower and was devastated, only to find it later imbedded in a bar of soap! Strange things do happen!

I had hip surgery 11/29 and am just now learning to walk without crutches, which is incredibly humbling. My goal for this year is to ease back into running, hopefully when my doc clears me in April, in a way that is cautious and smart! That includes upping strength and cross training to stay strong and healthy. I’ve been forewarned that I probably won’t run marathons again, but trying to make the best of it. I’m declaring 2018 the year of my first triathlon, since Santa brought me a new bike!

Happy New Year to you and your adorable family! Skye is just precious!!


IN THE BAR OF SOAP!?! Oh that is crazy and I am so glad you found it. Steph, you are amazing. I am so sorry about your hip surgery and all that is going on because of it. I can’t wait to hear about how your first triathlon goes (you are going to do amazing) and YAY for a new bike. Please keep me updated on how your recovery is going! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hotter-easily, I’d rather live somewhere hotter.

My favorite eggs are fried or omelette.

I got my ears pierced when I was 12 too. That was the rule so that my mom knew we were old enough to be able to take care of them without help.


Ugh I hate losing earring backs! They’re so hard to find!
I’d rather live somewhere hot, it’s -13 here right now with a “high” of 1. This is how it’s been for the past week and I hate it!! I’m not made for this weather
I’m going to continue my cross training this year – that helped me a lot last year, so I’m going to keep alternating in strength training and other workouts in amongst running. I’d also like to explore some other running trails/paths nearby this year. I think I could run in my area blindfolded, so I need to get more adventurous!


Skye is beautiful!

Hot weather, for sure, because I’m always cold!
I had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago today…no more running for me :-( so emphasizing the things I can do is my priority. My goal is to ride a 100 mile bike event this fall!
I love eggs cooked pretty much anyway, but boiled is my fav
Think I always got my ears pierced at 12, but let my daughters get theirs pierced at 10.
Happy New Year!


I cannot get over how cute Skye is. And that candy tray you got for Christmas?! What an amazing idea! That is such a great gift idea for really any holiday that has a color scheme to it!

I have lost so many earring backs that I couldn’t even count. I end up buying a jumbo pack of them like once a year. I got me ears pierced when I was probably like 10 and then went on to get them double pierced on my own when I was like 18 and actually did my cartilage myself when I was a rebellious teenager :x


I would much rather live somewhere that is hot, which is good since I live in SoCal ;)

I am focusing on strength training and rest days.

I love eggs and I go back and forth between scrambled and over easy.

I got my ears pierced when I was 5. My daughter got hers around the same time, although I like the idea of waiting so that they can clean them on their own :)


Very hot or very cold? This is a hard one. I hate them both! I think I would have to say very cold because I HATE running/exercising in the heat. My body rebels. But if it has to be very cold, I would want to make sure there is sunshine. Part of the cold of January is the lack of sunshine – but the days are getting longer!!

I stopped running on September 17th – kind of by accident – I was so frustrated by all the heat and humidity and I stopped thinking that when the weather turned fall-like I would start again and it NEVER happened in October (this is New England – it was the hottest October in record) and then life got busy. So my goal is to get back into running – I love it and I miss it!

I got my ears pierced at a friend’s 12th birthday party – her dad was a doctor so he did it for all of us (4 of us). But I let my daughter get hers done when she was 7 1/2. And she actually got hers double pierced this past summer right before she turned 11. No more piercing until she is legally allowed to do it on her own.


Although I’ve probably never been in as good of shape as you were pre – baby, my fitness came back more quickly than I thought after my babies! You’ll be back before you know it! I’m so glad you’re taking more time to rest this time!


JAMIE… that is SO good to hear. Thank you for sharing and great job getting back so well after you babies. THANK YOU!


Hi Janae! Your little girl is so adorable and you both look great!!!
I’m currently 6 months pregnant (first time!) and I can’t wait to hold my little boy in my arms!
Though I kept on running so far, I’ve switched to fast walking and biking recently and I can understand how impatient you must be to start running again! It is great you are able to start again after only 6 weeks, here in France doctors recommend to wait 6 weeks before you start pelvic floor muscle training which can last for some weeks and then start training over again.
Anyway, thank you for your enthusiasm and motivation, I keep on reading your blog everyday and I love every bit of it!
I wish you and your lovely family a very Happy New Year!


I’ve always been a recreational runner but lately have dedicated more time and effort to speed and endurance. I don’t know what sort of strength training to do to add to this. Before, when I was just running way less seriously, I was doing some pretty intense leg and arm workouts. Now my legs are sore so many days that I can’t (and don’t want to) do that. Where do you get your strength training routines good for runners? Thanks


Hey Janice!! I am so excited for you to dedicate more time to your running:) As far as strength training routines go, a lot of them have been from coaches in the past! BUT a lot of times I just find great ones on Runners World or Womens Running… stuff like these:

I definitely don’t do anything too intense (to avoid being too sore) but this kind of stuff (I do a lot of bodyweight only exercises) will DEFINITELY help with your endurance and speed! Keep me updated on how it is all going!


I am a cold weather wimp down here in Texas! These 19 degree days have been killing me;) Although I really love the change in seasons….its so invigorating. So I would probably miss the cold if I never got it.


I cannot believe how cold it has been in Texas… that is CRAZY!!!


Your food always looks so delicious. I’m so jealous, I need to cook more this year. Also I love reading your updates on your exercise because it helps me put away my excuses because at the end of the day I have not just had a baby.

I would rather live somewhere very cold than hot. Bundling up is way better than wanting to peel my skin off.

This year I got a running journal. I really want to work on consistency. I’ve found it hard to keep up consistent running with grad school so I thought a journal would help.

I always like my eggs over easy seasoned with garlic powder. My favorite is adding a tomatillo salsa and black beans. But I rarely do this.

And lastly, I got my ears pierced when I was 5 for Father’s day or maybe it was his birthday, I can’t quite remember. The reason it was one of those days is because he always wanted to get my ears pierced. My grandma (his side) would have pierced them as a baby if my mom would have let her, my grandma was old world Argentinian so very common for Hispanic girls to get ears pierced as babies. My mother however is very white and American and was horrified by that idea. But at 5 I started to ask to get my ears pierced so my mom was like okay, she’s asking for it.


2017 was my injury comeback year. I ran 12 races 5K-1/2 distance and even had a 5K PR.
2018 I’m aiming to get faster and very possibly run a fall marathon.
Starting by reading Run Less, Run Faster then adopting the 3plus2 training method. I want to avoid future injury through smart training but I don’t want to sacrifice speed while I can still run fast(ish) for me.


WAY TO GO RACHELLE!! I am so glad you had such a great year 2017 (and congrats on the PR)! Loved hearing your plan… keep me updated on everything that is going on for you!


Nothing beats a scrambled egg with american cheese and ketchup -very childish, I know, but so so good!


I agree… heavenly! Now I want some right now:) I hope you are having a great day Kim!


A question from Andrew… would you rather live somewhere VERY hot or somewhere VERY cold? VERY cold! (we do a lot of snow sports.)

Anything particular you are going to do for your running this year? i’m going to try to get my mileage up for the year. i’m aiming for 700+ miles

Favorite way to have your eggs cooked? poached in eggs benedict or soft boil.

Favorite addition to your eggs? avocado with truffle salt!

Are your ears pierced.. if yes, when did you get them pierced? nope! they kept getting infected and i was done with it after the 10th time.


I’d rather have cold, because you can always add layers and I’m a total wimp with the heat. But this is coming from a CA girl, so my idea of extreme cold is 0 degrees. I’d probably change my mind if I experienced true cold that some of you in Alaska and the Northeast have, hah!

Favorite way to have eggs is poached, but I’m happy with fried or scrambled too and usually add sauteed veggies, greens and avocado. Now I’m hungry for eggs.

Got my ears pierced at 5, but that was only because my mom was tired of everyone telling her what a cute little boy she had. In my defense it was the unisex late 70’s.

And Skye has the cutest expressions lately, so adorable!


Ears pierced: first time 3rd grade (8 years old), second time 7th grade (12 years old). I can appreciate when people pierce a baby’s ears because then mom can easily care for them while they heal. Otherwise I think waiting until they’re older is the way to go. I think at 3-6 years old, they’re too young and it is easy for them not to let you care for them and problems ensue.


I am loving how alert and awake Skye is these days! She is so cute! I am SO jealous of your weather! I’m in Michigan and we’ve had single digits temps (and negatives!) for the last couple weeks and there is no warm up in sight :-(

I love your running goals for 2018 and I love how smart you have been with this comeback! Thanks for sharing them with us! Have a great day with your perfect family, Janae <3


I would like to live somewhere that’s a happy medium! Goodness, it’s been in the low teens and single digits in Arkansas the past few days and I’m about to turn into a real life popsicle. I have a new respect (as if I didn’t before!) for all the runner’s who run in below freezing temps! I feel like my blood would freeze if I went out in this stuff for a workout! The treadmill is my BFF in the winter that’s for sure!!

I’m definitely upping my game in my strength training too to help out my speed! It’s always on my goal list to improve!

I love adding cheese to my eggs sometimes and I’m all about both scrambled & over easy!

I have 2 piercings in each ear, plus one at the top of my right ear! I’ve had them pierced since I was about 8 years old! I feel naked without my earrings! HA!


Definitely somewhere really cold. It’s killing me that we are having such a warm winter. I’m so nervous that means summer will be crazy hot.
I am just looking to become stronger, more fit and just happy with my body and it’s capabilities. So that will be running, strength training, work out programs. Whatever I want to do to challenge myself!
I got my ears pierced at 3 weeks old. We do baby ear piercings in my family.
Enjoy all that yummy food! Also PS Brooke is looking SO grown up!


I literally spent last night googling “teaching in arizona” after day 6 in a row of sub-10 degree temperatures here in Boston. I already miss warm weather!!
I am focusing on yoga, strength training, and taking my rest days seriously for my running this year! I just did my 12 miler for my marathon training and I’m feeling great so far:)
I got my ears pierced when I was 8; I’d been asking for a while, and my mom surprised me one day after I’d done well on my report card (school/reading weren’t easy for me as a little kid, so this was a HUGE deal!) I loved it! Some of my cousins have their girls’ ears pierced at 6-12 months, but I liked that I was old enough to WANT those earrings and to choose it for myself.


I would normally answer Andrews question with a definite cold weather… but for weeks it’s been -40 (C or F) where I live and we have all been cooped up inside and it is not fun, so I am going to respond with the hot weather option.
Finding the back in your ear made me laugh so hard, having babies seem to steal all of our brain cells. :)


I live in Maine’s and this morning it was -27!!! It was WARMER in Alaska AND Antarctica!! But I would not be ok with living somewhere that is super hot all the time. I like the changing seasons and at least I know this will end at some point!!

My daughter is 3 and we just got her ears pierced on Christmas Eve Eve!! She was so excited and although they hurt for a second she was fine with it.

I can only eat my eggs scrambled dry (no running egg ew!!). I don’t think I really like eggs too much because I also salt, pepper and ketchup the heck out of them!

I’m in a weird place with my running this year. Nothing really sounds super awesome to chase to I’m going to change things up and start doing more trail running. In September I am doing the Kismet Trail Run (aka the Beast of the East) I’m doing g he short race, the Little Beast. It’s a 5 mile race UP a mountain. It’ll be my first and I hope to rock it!!


I’d rather live somewhere warm for sure. I live in the Bay Area now (which I feel has the perfect weather), but I grew up in CO and was always freezing. Always.
I’m committing to getting back into lifting regularly. I’m a teacher, so getting up early works best for me, just takes some discipline on my part to get up the first time my alarm goes off, instead of pushing the snooze button 3 or 4 times, like I have been. Running wise, I’d like to work on running longer distances this year. I love running on my treadmill best (weird, I know) but I do need to push myself to run outside more.
My friend pierced my ears for me when I was in 7th grade. Big mistake, as one hole is lower than the other. Not a huge deal, but it has always bugged me.
I love eggs so much! Anyway they are cooked is fine with me, but over easy is probably my favorite.


When I was pregnant with baby #4 I was obsessed with poached eggs on top of salad…….

I was 12 also. It was the *rule* growing up.

I think I’d rather live somewhere really cold, but are we talking year ’round or a season? I HATE heat with a passion so I think cold…..(but I hate shivering, too. I swear it makes my legs sore)

That candy container is dreamy!!!!


My honest answer would be what Goldilocks would say, “I want the weather to be just right!” but I guess I would pick cold over hot because you can always keep putting more clothes on. However it has been crazy cold in Indiana and I’m over it!
I’m weird about my eggs: I do NOT want them runny so scrambled is my preferred version. If I make an fried egg sandwich I have to break the yolk so that it is fried as well.
My 2018 running goal is to complete 23 half marathons so that I will reach my 150th lifetime half by the end of the year. Plus a ton of other distances. I had a bunch of fun with themed 5Ks last year.
I got my ears pierced at the age of 16 (if I remember correctly) and then pierced for a second time while I was in college but I don’t remember how old I was.


Ooh, that little face! Great running resolutions. Mine is to keep a good mental attitude while running is hard (hurt my knee somehow, just as I was getting back to a training plan!) and then to stay strong and injury-free. I’d like to manage a few more half marathons this year, but the jury is out on a marathon until I see how my knee and foot hold out.

I get soooo grumpy in the heat, though I’m not too good in the cold either! I’m going to cheat and say neither :) I got my ears pierced at around 16. I think I thought it was trendy before that, and I was very anti being trendy! I’m always losing earrings because the back comes off in my jumper or my hair. I’ve never found one in my ear though!

Eggs: I love them poached but they too often go wrong, so I always have them scrambled, which is pretty fine too :)


I usually find my earring back stuck to the bad of my earlobe when my earring falls out. Strange too.

I would love to know if you’ve been using the FIness pee stoppers now that you are back to exercising. I know your sister raved about them, but it would be great to hear your opinion if you need them now. Thanks!


HEY BECCA!!! I haven’t needed them for my walks yet but I’ll let you know once I’m running if I will need them and how they do! I did try them during pregnancy and they prevented any leakage:) Hope you are having a fabulous day!


Brooke looks so grown up in that photo with her Rudolph socks. How did that happen?

I’m all about scrambled eggs at home. There’s a breakfast restaurant that I go to every once in awhile that has the best omelettes. My favorite is their Mediterranean one that has spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese in it. If I could make eggs like that at home I would make them all the time.


The word VERY in Andrew’s question makes it harder but, I would still pick VERY hot….not humid hot by dry hot please.


Funny Andrew asks that question- I actually just visited Utah for the first time. I just got back. I was confused about how you were talking about how “warm” it was on the blog. I’m from the south and our definitions of “warm” are very different. I’ll take very hot any day of the week. Winter running up there kicked my butt. How do you even get enough air to breathe? I was walking up the stairs and it felt like a run. The running was also SO hard and SO cold. I don’t know how y’all do it. However, whenever you talk about summer running and it’s 97 degrees, 100% humidity, I get a chuckle :) Skye is precious and I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your holiday season.


You asked about favorite way to cook eggs. This is what I do, and it’s sort of my and my husband’s “traditional approach to making eggs.” This is how I do it for one person:
1. dice up 1-2 slices of thick-cut, uncured bacon
2. In a small bowl, crack and then mix up 2 large eggs
3. Slice and dice about 2/3 c of your favorite veggies (for me: sweet onion, mushrooms, roma tomato, orange peppers)
4. Shred about 2 tbsp of sharp white cheddar
1. heat a burner to about medium and put an 8″ skillet on it
2. add bacon. Stir. Cook until about 3/4 done (should still be super soft). Remove bacon from skillet and let the grease soak into paper towels. With a paper towel, mop up most of the grease from the skillet (but leave some–this is good for cooking everything else in!).
3. In the still-slightly-greased-up skillet (still with heat on the burner!), add veggies. Stir and let them cook until they’re softened.
4. When the veggies are about 3/4 cooked, add a big handful of raw baby spinach. Add the (grease-free!) bacon back into the skillet
5. When the spinach is all wilted, stir up your cracked eggs one more quick time and add to skillet. With a whisk or fork, stir the eggs, veggies, & bacon mixture all around and keep stirring till they’re MOSTLY cooked and scrambled!
6. When eggs are about 2/3 cooked, add a couple spoons of your favorite chunky salsa. Keep stirring the eggs. Let the juices from the salsa evaporate a little bit.
7. When the eggs are FULLY cooked, add the cheese, turn the heat off, and stir the scrambled egg mixture all together. Leave it alone for a minute so the cheese fully melts.
VOILA! Your egg/veggie/bacon scramble is all done! My husband likes to eat his rolled up in a tortilla with extra salsa and hot sauce for a breakfast burrito, and I like mine just with a fork and a bowl (and maybe a little garnish of green onion and some diced avocado for good measure)


Just saw a running movie I thought you might like, about a girls high school cross country team. A little bit on the cheesy side, but cute. It’s called “Remember the Goal.”


I absolutely would rather live someplace cold. Having lived in Brazil (HOT!!!) and Scotland (wee bit nippy!) I can tell you that you can always put on more clothing to be warm, but you can only take off so many clothes and you’re still hot.

I am going back to a personal trainer this year and hoping I can resolve my IT band issues by strengthening my leg muscles.

My FAVORITE way to cook eggs is to dice up some onion, green peppers, tomato, and garlic… saute them and mix in 3 eggs, scramble them all together and when they are about finished throw in some sharp cheddar and eat with wheat toast. Mmmm… I think that is what I’ll have for lunch tomorrow!

I’m latin, and we pierce our ears EARLY! I think mine were pierced at two weeks old. I have two daughters and my husband feels VERY strongly (against) about babies with pierced ears so neither of the girls have had theirs done yet. I DO know that when I get them pierced I will take them to a tattoo shop instead of one of those places at the mall because tattoo parlors have health inspections and have to clean their equipment after every piercing leading to less of a chance of infection.


I’ve lived in Minnesota and Texas and while I hated both what felt like six month cold winters and then six monthhot hot summers, I’d prefer the warmth. At least you can get outside early early in the day to play on 100+ degree days!

I was supposed to wait until I was 13, but when I was five my parents told me I could pick anything for my “quit sucking my thumb” prize. I took advantage and picked getting my ears pierced .. and they let me! Last summer we allowed our five year old to pierce her ears, but it was just too early for her (and for us – we couldn’t stay on top of her cleaning with so many little siblings around!) One earring fell out while she wasn’t paying attention and it healed over. She squeezed the other on so tight that her ear almost started growing around it! We will try again at some point down the road, although I don’t know when.


That is crazy and hilarious about your earring. The girls in my family had our ears pierced when we were 3. My sisters have done the same with their girls. I decided I would let my girls get theirs done when they sincerely asked for it to be done and I knew they were responsible enough to help keep them clean. Annabelle was 7. We shall see about Felicity.

I would rather love somewhere hot. I think. I don’t know. I hate extremes #highmaintenance

I love a runny yolk. Mmmm. Ross thinks I am super gross.

I put Valentines day decorations up on December 26th. Only because I took Christmas down and it seemed so bare without anything up!


1)”A question from Andrew… would you rather live somewhere VERY hot or somewhere VERY cold?”

2) “Anything particular you are going to do for your running this year?”
no particular running goals/plans except for “find what feels good”. if i manage to finally run 21k great. if i don’t also great. feeling good is more important (and maybe even more challenging) than hitting a certain goal.
also i want to keep up my yoga practice and i have found that yoga isn’t just great at helping me calm down, but all the stability training (think tree pose) and core strengthening (almost anything except shavasana/corps pose) it involves is great for running too.

3) Favorite way to have your eggs cooked? Favorite addition to your eggs?
no real general preferences here. some days i like them one way. some days i like them an other way. some days i dislike the way i liked them the day before.

4) Are your ears pierced.. if yes, when did you get them pierced?
got my ears pierced on the day before my forth birthday. i called it a pre birthday present. and it was my idea/wish and not something my parents imposed on me.



Love your blog! Where is the cute tank from?!

Happy New Year:-)


I’ve just started reading your blog (recommended by PBFingers’ Julie) and I love it! Super inspiring quotes for running, which I am working up to after an injury in Oct. BTW, our family also had a rule that we had to be 12 before getting our ears pierced! It was a rite of passage that everyone looked forward to. Again, thanks so much for sharing your life and words of wisdom!


Hey Juliet!!! I’m so happy you commented and I love Julie’s blog so much! I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Hey Janae! Who made your runner girl print tank top? I thought it was Brooks, but I can’t find it anywhere now! Thank you!!!


Hey Monica!! Are you talking about the on with the emojis? Here is the link:

Have a great day!


That’s the one! THANK YOU!

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