Silentish Saturday + a surprise + you have to watch this to get inspired.

Knox has turned into quite the photographer!

We asked Knox if he wanted to go for a long bike ride and he was all for it.

IMG 0546

5 miles total—>  we kept asking if he was tired and he kept saying that he wasn’t!

IMG 0544

Saw a bird or two along the way.

IMG 0573

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW (my sister’s husband was on tv!!).

IMG 0584

Rainy day.

IMG 0593

Went to go pick out granite!!

IMG 0605

And we ended up deciding on quartz instead for our countertops.

IMG 0599

Took the kids to get their wiggles out…

IMG 0611

And I used the massage chair there:)

IMG 0610

Egg, cheese and avocado croissants for dinner.

IMG 0621

Along with loads of pineapple.

IMG 0626

IMG 0623

Knox told me to check under my pillow because he left a surprise there:)  He knows I love hot chocolate.

IMG 0627

I’ve got a treadmill run this morning so I’m going to be watching the first four episodes of the Meb documentary!!!  You can watch them below or find theme here!  I can’t wait.


What are three things that YOU are doing today?!

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Taking Hope to our HS sectional swim meet.
Hopefully out to dinner. I’ll have to drop some hints to C all day.

Happy Saturday.


Hahaha I do the ‘drop hints’ thing too:) it will work! Have a blast and the swim meet! I hope you have a beautiful day Erica!


have a late breakfast (it’s 1:30 pm here)

do some yoga

grocery shopping

hopefully squeeze in a run while the sun is still up


Love your plans today Julia! Have an awesome weekend!!


That is so sweet of Knox to leave you a little surprise under your pillow- kids are just the best! That path looks so beautiful with all the leaves! This time of year is my favorite! Today is my birthday so we are doing some celebrating and having family Christmas pictures taken at a tree farm! It is my first birthday as a Mom to twin baby boys and it just feels so special! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


kATIE!!!! Happy happy happy birthday!!! Twin baby boys… wow! I am so happy for you, enjoy every second and I bet these pictures are going to be amazing!


I gotta get those croissants!

Three things I have going on today:
1. Run … Indoors … Because it’s POURING out. I was planning on a long-ish run (9-10 miles) but might just cut it short to 6 or 7. Some days you just aren’t feeling it!
2. Friend’s bday brunch
3. TBD – I made minimal commitments so gonna see where the day takes me! :)

Have a great weekend!


I hope your treadmill run is a great one Arthi! Enjoy brunch and doing whatever you feel like today!


Thank you, Janae!!


New countertops — how exciting! I hope you’ll do a before and after! Are you changing anything else (back splash, cabinets, paint, etc)? Today we are returning a carpet to target, playing kickball with friends, and having a cookout!


Thanks Dawn!!! Yes, we are doing a new backsplash and sink… but I think that is it for now:) your day sounds like a blast!!! Enjoy!


That’s so sweet of Knox! We used to have a sandwich maker and it’s amazing using it with the croissants. We took the kids to a jumping, zip line, rock climbing, indoor playground after school last night so it will be a chill weekend and church. We are riding off the high of the Astros’ win. Such great timing after Hurricane Harvey. The players show such comaraderie with each other and appreciate us fans so much. It’s an amazing time for our city. Have a great day, Janae!


We will hopefully be working on our camper again. We love the way it turned out! But now some of the windows are leaking and we have to reseal them. Let’s hope that goes smoothly.


You’ve got the sweetest little boy, leaving you hot cocoa under your pillow. :) When we were picking out stuff for our newly built home, the counter lady said quartz is very modern. Happy Saturday!


I a.m. prepping my kitchen for our new Quartz countertops installation next week!! So excited, as I was reading your post and you mentioned granite, I was going to suggest “check out Quartz “, guess mind control works!


Oh no way!!!! I want to see the before and after of your kitchen!!


Today I am going to one of my niece’s soccer game. Last one of the season!

My oldest daughter is on her way home from school. We have our company holiday party tonight. (Both of my daughters work PRN for the same company I do!) It should be a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the Christmas holiday season!

I know we will also do some shopping today. Her college town is pretty sparse when it comes to stores of any kind. When she is in town, we have to visit all her favorites here!

We are also celebrating a bit! Oldest also picked/changed her major (again!). She is really happy with her decision. And she was offered a part-time job right by her campus yesterday with a great/stable well-known company! She has been working at a server at a restaurant in the nearest big town, but it was 45 minutes away. I am so glad she no longer has that drive with the winter weather coming soon!


I love that Know left you hot chocolate under your pillow! So sweet!
I ran my fastest 5 miles in about a year (6:58 pace!!) and now we are running errands. My plans are to finish birthday shopping for my daughter (she turns 13 in two weeks!), work on Christmas shopping and watch Harry Potter. We are obsessed.
Happy Saturday!


Oh! And I forgot to say that we have quartzite countertops and love them! Great choice!


Oh yay!! Good to know, thank you Leanne! I can’t wait to get ours! CONGRATS ON YOUR FASTEST 5 miles in a while… you rocked it! Enjoy your weekend… it sounds perfect!


I’m supposed to run 20 this weekend in training for CIM but I strained my hip flexor somehow really bad and I can’t run, so not sure what I’m doing instead. Might have to defer. I’m so bummed and upset. ? I know there are worse things in the world but I felt like my training was going so well.

Can’t wait to see your before and after photos of your kitchen!

Have a great weekend!


Oh Laura, I am so beyond sorry about your hip flexor. This breaks my heart, please keep me updated with how you are feeling and what ends up happening. Yes, there are worse things but THIS IS REALLY HARD. I’ve had to miss key races too and it broke my heart. Thinking about you xoxo!


I cracked up at the bird picture. what the heck!! hahah, today I went shopping and still have to work on some papers and my devotionals! clearly I have my priorities straight ;)


Shopping always comes first:) Good luck tonight on the papers and devotionals! Thanks Bailey!


We went to St. Olaf to watch the state cross country meet. It was kind of chilly but so exciting to watch the kids run their hearts out!!


Oh I bet that was awesome and very inspiring!! Warm up with some hot chocolate and enjoy the rest of your day Kathy!


Dads Birthday Went out to lunch.
Art Show
Ran and Walked 6 Miles


Basketball- My 10 year had evaluations for a basketball team and a game for her YMCA team while functioning on 2 hours of sleep from her first slumber party.
Painting (lots and lots of painting)
Family movie night- taking a break from my girls nearly 3 week tech and tv ban (we are working on the you do what Mom and Dad have asked you to do the first time not the 10th time so they have to earn it back)


Workout in Open Gym — Warm up/Stretch, 5k Row, Dabble in Strongman stuff (did a 100lb Atlas Stone lift and some heavy single armed dumbbell clean + Jerks), then a 400m run, some GHD situps and hip extensions, and then a few walking lunches with a single 35lb dumbbell overhead.

Then Lunch with friends!! We wanted Crepes, but our favorite crepe place was closed for a local event :-(… so I settled for the place next door!

Movie time!! We saw Only the Brave and it’s super sad :(

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