Workout of the week (for you) + a family party + flashback.

In case you missed out last week… the top three most visited posts were:

*How we spent the last day of the year + most importantly…

*Skye/Postpartum Update & I would really love tips from some running moms.

*Junk OUT + Thursday Things + you SHOULD do this challenge!


Are you ready for another week?  I hope this week is an excellent running/life/work/food/family week for you!

A Sunday sister picture…

LRG DSC02437

That kind of reminds me of a Sunday picture of my older sister and me from back in the day!

IMG 6471

Brooke might only be five years old but she sure does an excellent job as my sidekick taking care of Skye.  Each week she is more and more interested in being a part of everything Skye does.

IMG 6436

I didn’t make it into the Sunday morning family picture yesterday due to the fact that I had a nice layer of spit up covering my hair and most of my shirt;)  But Andrew with the rest of his girls sure look great!

LRG DSC02456

Skye and I hung out at home (I’m guessing from her facial expression she doesn’t always love my kisses) while Brooke and Andrew went to church.

IMG 6446

Lots of cuddling occurred for three hours straight and it was amazing.

IMG 6451

After church these two built Skye’s changing table!

IMG 6468

And then yep, more cuddling… it’s going to be hard to go back to a normal life schedule again ha.

IMG 6482

Last evening my family had a birthday party for my brother-in-law, sister and niece so Brooke and I went for a few minutes to celebrate.


MY MOM’S LASAGNA!!  It makes an appearance at pretty much all of our birthday’s because we all love it so much!

IMG 6483

We opened presents after dinner and my sister got a few of her dream presents including SLING… she loves Sling and it makes it so she can watch HGTV.


For dessert we had ice cream and these cookies that are another family favorite (they have cornflakes in them)!


He takes his ice cream eating pretty seriously.


Then we came home (and brought food for Andrew to these two)!


PS I am so happy that January 7th this year was so much better than January 7th last year.  If you remember, last year we were at the hospital for my dad after he took a really bad fall on the ice and hit his head.  You can read more about it here but he has had an awesome recovery from that this year and only has trouble remembering a few things anymore.


I want to start something new on the blog and include a workout of the week (plan on a new one most weeks:)!   I’ll include all sorts of different types of running workouts for you to try out and please tailor them to your fitness level and for whatever distance you are training for!  I’ll share workouts that I’ve done in the past, ones that I want to do in the future and ones that I think you might love!

If you are just beginning with speed work maybe cut the workout down and start with the six minute interval. If you are in need of more of a challenge you could base the paces off of your half marathon pace!  PLEASE LET ME KNOW when you try one and how it goes for you.  Keep me in the loop!

2 On And Off Intervals 01


Who is currently including speedwork into their workouts each week?  If so… what was the last speed workout that you did?  

If you have a race this year… when does training for that start up?

Have any goals for your running this week?

What do you think is the absolute best type of cookie ever?

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Thank you, Janae! I was just thinking workouts like these would be a such a great idea. Have you thought about posdibly doing something like this, leading up to a goal race with a HRG meet up?
Speed Work was my 2018 resolution, which was derailed by a nasty flu and broken treadmill. Grr.
Training for a spring half starts today. It’s snowing sideways and half the city is without power so I’m trying to come up with plan b, maybe run up and down the stairs in the building after work.
Any cookie with frosting is clearly the best.

And Beretta needs her own blog already. ;0)


I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! I want to do Chicago one year so let’s plan on that! I am so sorry about your flu and broken treadmill… lame! Go for the stairs and let me know how it goes! Thanks Northanon!


I’ll have to try that workout! I’ve been slowly incorporating speed workouts into my training again, so I definitely need new ideas! My most recent speed workout was more of a progressive tempo. I had to take it easy last week and wasn’t able to do much running because of the flu (ugh), but I’ll start rebuilding again later this week.

The best cookies are sugar cookies (especially from Tiff’s Treats), and I also love a good snickerdoodle, as long as there isn’t too much cinnamon. I especially love cookies that aren’t cooked ALL the way through. Now I really want a homemade cookie. :)


I love that idea for workouts of the week Janae! Would you be willing to include strength training ones for people that don’t belong to a gym or have any weights at home? Maybe with household items that can replace weights instead?
I’m so happy your dad is doing better now from his fall! Falling on ice is no joke. I fell over a week ago and still have bruises and a giant cut on my knee.
My favorite cookie is graham cracker chocolate chip. They stay moist and chewy forever!


My favorite cookie is macadamia nut and white chocolate! Or snickerdoodles too! I have the Sarasota 4-mile bridge run this weekend but I have not trained due to a nasty ankle injury. I will just walk it and have fun because they welcome walkers. That way my body can keep healing and I can meet the goal of completing it. Have you ever run Donna’s Race in Jacksonville? We are scheduled to do it next month as long as my ankle heals (the half only not the full). I will try to train before then. They keep the half course open for 7 hours just the same as the full (or so we are told) so we should be okay.


I was just thinking about how fast last year went Janae. I’m glad this year has been much better for you and you’ve gone through so much.

My goals for running is to get outside more since it won’t be a negative “feels like” temp. I’ve been making the best of the situation but still not my favorite thing Lol.


I love how Brooke is your little helper. My sister and I are 5.5 years apart, but I had this idea in my head that when I got a sister, she would immediately play with me, not the whole baby stage thing. I think after I realized that I didn’t want much to do with her haha. We get along better now at least.


I LOVE the workout of the week – thank you! Also, I remember you talking about pool running on a post…I’m going to try and do some pool running, due to an injury. Do you have any tips? I bought an aqua belt and I’m excited to get started! I see a PT today about my injury, so hopefully I’m on the road to recovery! But man, I miss running…


Thank you for this workout! I love when you post different workouts, whether they are running ones or something else. I am currently in the middle of marathon training for the LA Marathon on March 18 (3rd time running LA :) ), but I plan on doing a few half marathons this year too. I can’t wait to start plugging in more speed work!
My training last week was a little off, with a couple of missed runs, because we were out in Colorado visiting my family for New Year’s. After living in SoCal for the last 23 years, Colorado felt super cold last week!! But, that’s ok. I’m back on track this week ;) So, my running goal this week, and the rest of this training cycle, is consistency and strength!
The best cookie for me has to be a really good chocolate chip cookie :) Those always hit the spot!
I love seeing all your pictures of the family, especially seeing Brooke and Knox interacting with and getting to know Skye! So sweet!
Have a great week :)


Love the workout of the week idea! Especially because the East Coast is under arctic conditions and it’s super icy/ snowy by me- so treadmill runs are becoming more of a norm lately. I’ve been taking a little break from speed work but my track group is starting up tomorrow. We usually do hill work for about 6 weeks to kick off the season and then head to the track at the end of Feb. I do not love hills but they definitely make us stronger! I don’t have any set races on the calendar right now, which is a first in a while for me! But I’m really enjoying other types of workouts right now (bootcamps, spinning, and I just got back into boxing) so I figure I’ll keep going with that until I get the urge to train for something again. Hope you’re having a great day and getting lots of Skye cuddles in!


I’m so glad your dad is doing so well! How scary although that was so sweet about him wishing your sister a happy birthday. The kids are back to school today. :(


Oh I do not like that the break is over. I hope you have a beautiful day though! Yes, we were kidding around this year that he needed to wish her happy birthday as many times as he did last year:) Thanks Marie!


nice workout! i’ll try it out this week.

Who is currently including speedwork into their workouts each week? If so… what was the last speed workout that you did?
i plan to – first one will be tomorrow. for this training cycle. last speed workout was an inadvertent speed workout – mostly sped b/c it was so cold!

If you have a race this year… when does training for that start up?
training has already started but i’m seriously dragging my tail on this. i wasn’t feeling all that well between christmas and new years, but kept working out – and then after new years, it’s been a stressful week, so i’ve not run at all…! it’s also been a cold week (like 10F or colder) – i gotta get back in gear.

Have any goals for your running this week?
to get 20 miles in! but i will be happy with 15. it’s been tough to make the time this past week.

What do you think is the absolute best type of cookie ever?
chocolate chip


Love this idea! I just had a baby in November and have just recently started walking on the treadmill. One of my brothers and I are doing a half marathon in Lawrence, KS this fall. Not sure if I will do any other races- I will wait and see how I am feeling- but excited to get back into working out!


AHHH congrats Jamie! I am so excited for your half with your brother (running with family is the best) and enjoy those treadmill walks! Keep me updated on everything! xoxox


Those pictures of Brooke/Skye and you/your sister are adorable! How lucky Skye is to have such a doting older sister like Brooke!

I’m slowly incorporating speedwork in as I gear up to tackle my goal of running a sub-30 5K this year! I’m following a really gradual training plan, so I won’t be tackling it until May, but the plan is in full swing. Plus I go to Orangetheory twice a week, which is pretty much all speedwork during the treadmill sections ha! Hoping the combination turns me into a speed demon (double ha!) ;)


My running goal this week is to go for a run. I went for a walk last week and it made me itch to start running again. I’m a little nervous; I had a baby in November and haven’t ran since last May!


Come on, Let’s do this. I’ve got you.
Meet me back here in an hour and tell me how it went.
Are you in?


I have to wait until my husband is home but I hope your run went well!


I have been doing a lot of speed work lately. I never did a ton of it before but I’m really happy with the huge difference it’s made in my running.

I’m looking for a 10k to do. Just not sure which one yet. So if you have a favorite let me know.


Oatmeal raisin, salted caramel and lavender cookies. I need to do speedwork again haha. Running goals – finish off the lululemon strava challenge and build up my long run.

I do have races coming up in July and training has started..I have a race called 50/50 in August where I get to run 50 miles one day and 50km the next so no slacking for me.

Have a great day and also Skye is so adorable:)


Your mom’s lasagna looks incredible! We had lasagna for dinner last night too.. We’re in the sane wave length! I’m very glad this year is sooo much better for you than this time last year!!!


I’m so glad that your dad is doing well!!

No real speed for me right now ;) I ran a marathon in December and I’m really focusing on strength work right now. I would like to do a few 5 & 10ks in the spring though.

I have a 1/2 in April and a full in October, so I’ll use my April as base for my marathon and I’ll really kick it into gear in June/July-ish.

Goals for running this week are really just to have some fun and to run with other people! Ha. It’s a bit harder now that school has started back up because a lot of our groups are running at 5am, which makes me run like crazy to get to work by 7 ;)

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie!


It sounds like your dad is doing pretty good. It must be such a relief for you and your family. It’s so scary and stressful when a family member goes through anything medical related.

I think I’d have to go with shortbread as my favorite cookie. I usually only make them at Christmas, which is probably a good thing or else I would eat way more than I should.


YES! Love the idea of sharing workouts – I’m definitely saving this one for a later workout this month. Thank you! I am ready for some speed workouts.
So happy about your dad! And I love all your family time. Beretta is precious.
My husband’s homemade chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite cookies ever.


Thanks for sharing the workout and the idea of a workout every week. I’m going to try and implement those because I need some ideas. I want to get faster and know that i need to do speed work but never knew where to start.


You are so welcome! Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Did this workout today! Loved it! My pace is slow but was able to complete the entire thing ending up at 8.0 on the treadmill!


Way to go Whitney!!!! You rocked it! Keep me updated with how you are doing! Thanks for letting me know:)


AH! I can’t wait to try out that workout!! I’m all about some new speed workouts so I’m definitely giving this a try! Thank you!!

My absolute favorite cookie is the Chick-Fil-A chocolate cookie, does that count?! HA! SO amazingly good!!

I am starting to train for the Little Rock Half Marathon which is in March!

Happy Monday Janae!!


I love the idea of a workout a week. I did this workout today! My hope is to follow your instructions because I never warm up or cool down. I’m so impatient :) Thanks for sharing!


I absolutely love the idea of a workout every week! I need to start doing speed work and this will help so much! As a newbie to speed work… silly question … but how do you remember the times and paces? My watch only allows to put in he same time for intervals. Do you carry a paper? Write it on your hand? Ideas would be great! Haha!


I love the idea of a workout of the week! Also, I think snickerdoodles are the best! :)


I tried your workout this morning and I loved it! It was just the inspiration I needed to have a great speed workout. Thank you and please keep them up. Have a wonderful day.


Oh this makes me so happy! I am glad you loved it:) I will keep posting them weekly and thank you so much for letting me know how it went! Have a fabulous weekend Kerry!


Just did this workout and loved it! First time I did something like this and was able to program it into my watch so I would know when to speed up and when to rest. THANK YOU!!!!


WAY TO GO JOAN!! I am so glad you loved it and that you were able to program it into your watch. Thank you so much for letting me know! enjoy the rest of your day!


I love the idea of a workout of the week! Thank you!


I did your workout this morning and loved it! It went so well that it got me thinking I should try to do another half-marathon or two this year. I keep trying to break 1:30, but haven’t succeeded yet.

I’ve read your blog for a long time, and am so impressed by your dedication and hard work. Thank you for sharing the workout! I would love to try more.


Oh this makes me so so happy Katherine! WAY TO GO on rocking your workout and you WILL break 1:30 and I want to hear all about it:) I hope you are having a beautiful day and thanks again for writing me!


You may have answered this question before … but I just have to ask … is there a reason why you tend to either leave Skye in the car or at home with one of the parents instead of everyone going together as a family? I know she is a new born but it seems a little like you’re not getting all of the family time you could be having if you went together. Of course there might be something I am missing … but hopefully you’ll have some amazing insight! :)


Great question! Our pediatrician recommended leaving skye at home as much as possible for the first twoish months! Right now is rsv season and so taking her out puts her more at risk! We absolutely cannot wait to all go out together more soon!! Have a great Friday Lindsay!

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