My list of the best shows/documentaries to watch about running + MAKE THIS NOW + 4 random things to tell you.

Thank you to my treadmill for making it possible to still get in a nice workout on mornings where it isn’t possible for me to run outside.  This pic is from a few days ago but yesterday I was able to jump on my Nordictrack X22i (I was provided the product and compensation in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion!) for 4 miles of running + 1 mile of walking.   This treadmill is going to play a huge role in my coming back to training next year!  I foresee many mile repeats, long runs, hills, fartleks, tempos and easy miles (and I can’t wait for all of the cardio and strength training workouts that this treadmill offers from personal trainers on the 22-inch screen) happening here when (based completely on how my body recovers and what’s best for our family:) I start training for races again.

I watched the Meb documentary I was telling you about yesterday during my run and it was SO good.  If you need something to watch on your next treadmill run, I highly recommend his documentary (and not just because Meb and I are friends… I am positive I have snuck this picture below onto the blog at least two dozen times;).  It was really inspiring and left me crying during a few spots.


If you are anything like me, catching up on your favorite shows or watching documentaries is one of your favorite things to do on the treadmill.  I love it because I get two things done at once and don’t feel as bad about spending time in the morning watching tv… because running while watching tv feels much more productive for me;)  Outside of my normal tv shows that I’m obsessed with (This Is Us, Parenthood, Friends, Gilmore Girls), I have a few shows to watch while I run that really inspire me.  Almost all of these are documentaries.. I love learning about real people:

1.  The Barkley Marathon on Netflix!  These people are beyond amazing…  I can’t even imagine doing this race.

2.  The Jenny Simpson documentary Transcend that you can find here…REALLY GOOD.  The 2 episodes are available for free:)

3.  Spirit of the Marathon (I just rented it on Netflix one time to watch on my longer run on my treadmill).

4.  A Ballerina’s Tale (about Misty Copeland) on Netflix!  While this isn’t about running… the ups and downs she experiences are very relatable for any sport!  Her drive and determination is incredible!

5.  Run for your Life!  Perfect for today, this one is all about the New York City Marathon!  You can rent it for $2 on amazon (PS I just rent them onto my iPad and watch them)!

6.  Kara Goucher:  Driven (I love anything with Kara in it:)!  You have to get an account for this one but here is the link!

7.  Breaking2 Documentary on youtube HERE!  It is about 55 minutes long and really interesting!

8.  McFarland (you can also rent this on Amazon)!  This cross-country team is beyond inspiring!

9.  Running the Sahara on Netflix

10. LIFE IN A DAY (The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run)… I put it in this post.  A little over an hour and these women are something else!

And if you need some short videos for some inspiration to watch while on the treadmill or before… here, here, here and here are some great ones!

Actual picture from yesterday’s treadmill run.  Bumpin.

IMG 0647

It was just the three of us yesterday!  After my run, Saturday chores (oh how I disliked those growing up and swore I would never make my kids do those when I was a mom… and now I always make them do it:) and getting ready, we headed out to a few places.

IMG 0657

First, we went to the library to get some new books… looks like I will be learning all about Drones.

IMG 0661

While we were out we saw that a bakery was giving out free slices of cake because it was their birthday!

IMG 0668

We then met my mom at Chick-Fil-A.  The kids played while we talked—> perfect.  I still can’t handle chick-fil-a sauce because I think I ate too much of it during my first trimester and now I’m worried I can never eat it again.

IMG 0672

A few more errands in the rain and then we went home to hang out for the rest of the day!

IMG 0677

For dinner I made this Turkey and Fresh Veggie Chili and it was amazing.  I highly recommend it, plus it is really simple to make!

IMG 0683

Cheese and cilantro on top!

IMG 0684

And then a few bites in and Andrew had the idea to add avocado which was delicious, so do that too if you make this!  I’m already looking forward to the leftovers today… maybe even for breakfast!?

IMG 0687

With a lot of garlic bread on the side because I love bread with all of my heart right now.

IMG 0686

The kids went to bed early because they displayed every symptom possible of needing to go to bed early…. so we caught up on the Good Doctor (SUCH a good show).

IMG 0689


And to end the day, 4 random things to tell you!

*My current favorite snack… Andrew picked up these yogurts at Costco.  They taste delicious + some fruit and I’m all set to go!

IMG 0586

*One of my friend’s on Facebook posted this advice the other day and Andrew told me that it is the perfect advice for our marriage too:)  I’m still a little upset over my dream from this last Tuesday night.

IMG 0578

*GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE running the New York City Marathon today!  I cannot wait to watch and cheer you all on (and I better get to hear all about it)!  You can watch it here—>

A nice little picture of me and barleshambone right before the marathon started.  We bumped into each other while waiting in our corrals and then ended up running the entire 26.2 miles together and talking the entire time.  I highly recommend doing a marathon like that one day.

IMG 0590 2

*Happy Daylight Savings:)



What are your favorite things to watch either while running or about running?

What is your current favorite go-to snack?

Did you get an extra hour of sleep today or no?

What is your Sunday going to be filled with?

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Have you seen “From Fat to Finish Line?” It’s amazing and about a team competing the Ragnar Relay — and every member of the team has lost a serious amount of weight by running!

I love watching inspirational movies to motivate me to run — Spirit of the Marathon was the first movie to get me to want to run. Seriously. I’ve seen it a dozen times as well as the 2nd installment. The Barkley Marathons cracks me up — but those ultra trail marathoners are seriously on a whole other level!

I’m on a weird string cheese kick currently — I’ll snag a piece with some fruit. *obsessed*

I don’t do well with this daylight savings time stuff — once my body has had enough sleep, I’m up — regardless of the time. So instead of getting an extra hour of sleep, I was just up an extra hour earlier. I’m trying to be super quiet since hubby is really good at snagging that extra hour of zzzz’s.

I’m hoping to use today as a prep day for the week — menu planning, grocery shopping, stretching/foam rolling, fully recovering, and getting all the laundry done.

Have a great Sunday!!


Oh I totally forgot about that one! I am going to have to rewatch that one Susie, thanks! Now you have me wanting some string cheese with fruit haha! I was like you this morning, I had enough sleep so I just hung out in bed wide awake! Andrew is just like your husband too! Enjoy your prep day!!


Ugh daylight savings with kids! We should just do away with it I think!

Yesterday was the perfect day for soup! We had great tortilla soup and it was perfect for the cold rain.

Either I need to get out more on saturdays or I’m going to have to email you my number so that you can text me while you’re out and about and run across things like free cake. Lol! I can’t tell you how many times I see that place while parking at the library and thing “i should try that”.


I agree ha. YES, send me your number so I can text you anything fun that I find. Oh I need some tortilla soup, that sounds so good! Enjoy your Sunday Jenny!


I emailed you…I hope it woked


the spirit of the marathon is SO good! i need to watch it again – Dick Beardsley as featured in the movie is such an awesome guy :) I used to work at the running store that my sister was part owner in and it had his name (Dick Beardsley Running Company) – he’s such a down to earth guy and has had an amazing journey thus far in life – seriously! from farm kid, to addiction, to marathoner… so humble too! :)


Oh that is really cool Marti! Thank you for sharing!! I want to meet him! Enjoy your Sunday!


There’s supposed to be a Dick Beardsley documentary in the works, but it seems to be slow going.


I have driven through McFarland SO many times. The town looks exactly like the movie portrayed.

Up at 4:00 am for our 7:00 flight to Hawaii. Really glad for the extra hour! The NYC marathon will be over when we land.


Really?! Oh that is awesome… I want to go to McFarland:) I hope your flight was relaxing and that it went by quickly! So happy you are back in Hawaii Kathy!


I second the misty Copeland documentary! Ill a huge fan of her now. She is so relatable and inspirational at the same time. Also, I love your treadmill bump shots! And I’m so excited to watch the NYC marathon today as soon as we get home from church!!!


RIGHT!?!? I want to watch it over and over because it is so good! Have an amazing day at church and watching the marathon! THANKS DAWN!


Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurts are the best!! They are actually the only yogurt I will buy. Free cake = the best cake. I now want Chick-fil-A but it’s Sunday so they’re closed :( Am I the only one who that ever happens to?!

I don’t run on the treadmill a ton, but when I’m at hotels and in their gyms I tend to watch whatever show I’m currently watching on Netflix at that point. I’ve never though to watch something longer so thank you for sharing all of those documentaries!

My Sunday is going to consistent of leftover cake for a snack and/or dessert, a trip to the mall for some returns, and stalking the new Chip & Joanna line at Target and adding all of it into my online shopping cart :)

Have a great day love!


OH that has happened to us many times on road trips… we want chick-fil-a but then we realize it is closed on Sundays. The majority of restaurants in Utah (at least my area) are actually closed on Sunday too! Enjoy your trip to the mall and I CAN’T WAIT to check out their new line… so exciting. Enjoy Maureen and thank you!


I love Brooke’s eye roll in the cake picture .
You would love the movie ‘Running on the Sun’… it’s about the Badwater 135 mile race.
It is -20 celcius here and I have a race this morning.


Hahah she sure knows how to roll her eyes! Okay, I HAVE to watch Running on the Sun… that sounds amazing! AHHHH I hope your race goes amazing, let me know afterwards Jade!


Ok, where on earth did you get the adorable running tank with all of the runners on it? I need it!!!!


Here is the link:

It is so cute! Have a great day Bree!!


Thank you!!!!! I just ordered it! I’m officially a Janae wannabe- now to work on a happy marriage and your marathon times… :)


Oh that makes me so happy!!! HAHAH!!! Enjoy and let me know what you think of the tank!


Extra hour of sleep is a big ol no. I stayed up late (midnight) Sat night to get work done, because sleeping in was calling my name. My daughter woke me up at 5 AM. Why is it when you tell them a little longer all you here is “Is it time to get up now”, “what about now”, “now?”, OMG everyone just gets up then. lol
I have scheduled in a nap sometime today before I display all the same symptoms your kids did fore having to go to bed early. haha.
I LOVE the faces the kids are making in the cake picture. lol


Oh Michele, I hope you got in an amazing nap today! Thanks girl and enjoy the rest of your day!


First time commenter, but have been reading your blog since last Spring. I ran my 2nd Marathon in May, and used a lot of your advice as inspiration — so thank you!!! I actually ended up qualifying for Boston by 3 min 25 seconds, which ended up squeaking me in by 2 seconds!! So excited to go…will be taking my two daughters (ages 12 and 15). Anyway, I had to comment because I have been watching the Barkley stuff — Gary Robbins lives in North Vancouver (Canada), where I live, and my daughter and I recently saw him at his new movie “Where Dreams Go to Die” — so amazing! My husband and son saw him recently on a local trail — he is like a celebrity to me! haha.
Love your blog, and excited for your new baby!!


Wendy, thank you so much for your comment! You qualified for Boston on your second marathon, that is incredible! You better keep me updated with your training and how it goes next April. That is SO cool that Gary Robbins lives where you live and that you see him around. I want to see his new movie! Thank you and keep me updated with how you are doing!


NO extra sleep for me, had to get up and drive my BF to the airport this morning. Though I guess technically I got the extra hour but it didn’t feel like it hahahaha.


I actually managed to get a ton of extra sleep last night. I promise, the day will come. It may take until the kids are 10 or 11 but the day comes.
Of course, once I did get up I got to see the disaster my tween has made of her room!


Thanks for the documentary recommendations!

I really like the salted caramel Oikos with dried coconut chips! Also, peanut butter pretzels from Costco are currently my jam!

I sort of got an extra hour of sleep but I was still up at 4:50 to get a 20 miler in before church.

20 miles, church, piza at the park with our Sunday school class, and naps (yay!!!!!)


Did you ever see Run Mama Run? It’s a short series about Sarah Brown training for the 1500m at the Olympic trials while pregnant. She is amazing.

FYI on Triple Zero yogurt – it contains chicory root which is not recommended for pregnant women. You should definitely ask your doctor about it!


WHAT!?! AHHHH THANK YOU for telling me that. I will ask him tomorrow (actually I’ll probably just put a hold on it for the next 6 weeks)! THANK YOU Becca and I’m off to check out Run Mama Run, thank you and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Ali from Ali on the Run podcast interviewed Kara last week! Such a good episode.


You should also catch Running on the Sun, which is an older documentary about Badwater 135.


I love grapes always as a go to snack. I don’t watch anything while running because I usually run outside but will listen to music if I am on the treadmill. I didn’t really get an extra hour of sleep because I went trail running with my trail family. It was magical, it was autumn and snow and we got to play outside for 3 hours. Now, it is nap time and movie time. Happy Sunday!


I have seen ALL the running and cycling documentaries (only a small exaggeration, if any) and sometimes branch out to other sports and topics. If you haven’t already seen these you might like, on Netflix, Touch the Wall (swimmer Missy Franklin), Icarus (Russian doping scandal), and Finding Traction (ultra running). Also, on Amazon, Court and Spark, about making the US volleyball team. And if you liked McFarland USA, then The Long Green Line, a documentary about a high school cross country team and coach, is even better IMO. I could go on, but I’ll just mention an Australian biopic called Cliffy, on Amazon Prime.


Haha…the faces on the kids in the pic at the bakery! SO funny!

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