Sentence Per Picture + they are off!

Andrew and I got in a run together yesterday morning and we will get in another one on Thanksgiving morning!

Beretta joined us and we did 5 miles together at a 9:47 average pace (I didn’t need walking breaks yesterday wahoo)!

IMG 2225

We saw the most beautiful owl hanging out in one of the trees while we were running—>  the things we get to see on runs that we normally wouldn’t ever really see!

IMG 2228

Picked up Brooke and hit up some of our family spots;)

IMG 2244

Cafe Rio for the win.

IMG 2251

Definitely took advantage of some snuggle time before the crew left.

IMG 2253

Andrew and Brooke told the baby to make sure to wait until they get home before she is allowed to make an appearance.

IMG 2259

Two scenes from their trip (Andrew’s cousin drove them there) to California…  Brooke loves to place her little hand on Andrew’s.

IMG 2266

Quite the sunset from the road (I’m sleeping at my parents’ while Andrew is gone just in case I need a ride to the hospital;)!

IMG 2268

Got my eyelashes done (I’m sure you love my need to tell you all about my random details) and ate mashed potatoes for an afternoon snack.

IMG 2263

TALKED TO ALI… we did a podcast together and had a blast talking for almost two hours!

IMG 2267

My bff from California is in town visiting her in-laws and she invited me over for dinner (I have missed her cooking)!

IMG 2269

After dinner she and I went to the one and only… KNEADERS for dessert (they had boxes of pies all over the restaurant for pick-up today and I was quite tempted to grab a few)!

IMG 2270

Apple pie for me and a pecan treat for her.

IMG 2272

I’ve missed her.

IMG 2276

The pie was excellent.

IMG 2282

But the real highlight of the dessert was of course the hot chocolate.

IMG 2277

Missing these two already (Andrew flies back today)!

Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 9 58 51 PM

PS is there anyone on the planet besides Andrew that likes Boston Baked Beans—>  I guess they aren’t that bad but I would never think about buying them amongst the large selection of delicious candy available?!

IMG 2204

I want to do the Buffalo Turkey Trot one year (from this list of fun facts about Turkey Trots)!

Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 10 02 06 PM

I think I need to do the Feaster Five Road Race in Maryland too so I can go for the Apple Pie finishing prize.

Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 10 04 53 PM

Question for me this morning—>  to run on the treadmill while I watch This Is Us or to run around my parents’ house?!


Who is traveling for the holiday… road trip or taking an airplane? If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow—>  what food are you in charge of making/bringing? Where is your run happening today… inside or outside?  PS who watched This Is Us last night… was it a good one? What is your sentence for the day?!

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Love that turkey hat! And I love how all the bakeries prepare boatloads of pies during November ? hopefully baby listens and waits for her daddy and siblings!


That looks like such a beautiful place to run!! I’m flying home to Texas today for Thanksgiving, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Thankfully, I’m never responsible for bringing any dishes to the meal because cooking and baking definitely aren’t my strong suits. But I’m so beyond excited to see my family and friends again!!

Sentence for the day (actually the sentence for this week/month/year/life for me): Be bold enough to make your dreams come true.


We are not traveling this Thanksgiving — but instead are doing our own little “PJ Thanksgiving” where we stay in our PJ’s all day and cook up a big feast — then facetime with our families to feel like we’re sharing the mealtime togetherness.

My sentence for today is: “remember to try protein hot chocolate” — I read that you can mix up chocolate protein with already warmed milk for a protein shake that’s more like hot cocoa than a cold smoothie. I wanna try this!


My parents came to us for thanksgiving and my mom cooks for us!! My run will be with my 9 and 6 year old boys this morning! I’m so happy they love running!!


Oh that is SO great that your parents are there and that your mom is cooking! AHHH I LOVE that your boys run with you, that is so awesome Erin!


This is Us was a doozy. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks almost 10 years to the day. While I try not to think about it, because if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have my son, but it does make this time of hard sometimes. But at the same time I found out I was pregnant for the first time 12 years ago on Thanksgiving. So lots of emotions this time of year!

We are hosting and for the first year getting the kids involved with the prep. They don’t eat most of the food, but I am hoping that some cooking will change that.


Oh Jessey, that is so hard… I totally get it! I try hard not to think about mine too so I’m sure this episode is going to be hard to watch. I love that you found out about your first pregnancy 12 years ago!!! Oh I love that the kids are helping out with the prep and I hope they are more into the food this time! Have a beautiful day!


I can very embarrassingly say, this is the first time I have ever commented on the blog! I have been reading for years! I am a teacher and have a free period during the time that you post each morning! Each morning, I read and enjoy my third cup of coffee for the day!

I am in charge of making an appetizer this year for Thanksgiving! I am also going to attempt to make your smores bars! Wish me luck! Today I will be doing 5 easy miles on the treadmill awhile watching the Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving episode! I hope that baby waits for her brother and sister to return!!!


ABBY!!! Thank you so much for reading over the years and for your comment today… it means a lot to me! I’m glad I get to join you in the mornings! Let me know what you think of the smores bars… I hope you love them! Good call on the GG Thanksgiving episode! Thanks again Abby and have a beautiful day!


Of all the signs you expect to see at a restaurant on a table, “Closed for pies” is not high on my list lol. Both you and your friend’s desserts look amazing! Hopefully the baby doesn’t come before everyone is home, ah!

For dinner tomorrow, I’m in charge of a chocolate dessert. I wasn’t sure what to bring so I’m going to make truffles. Wish me luck since I’ve never made them before!!

Have a great Wednesday Janae :)


This year I’m making stuffing, and my moms pies are amazing and I will be attempting to make one to bring…little scary lol.

My computer broke over the weekend so now that I have it back I have a ton of catching up to do on it plus making pie…pray for me ha! It’ll be a busy day with all the kids home from school.


Flying to Jersey tomorrow morning (after I run my own treadmill turkey trot!). We usually drive to Michigan for Thanksgiving but my sis-in-law and brother are expecting their first baby and she’s too far along to travel so we’re heading to them!!

Baking up some chocolate chip Nutella filled cookies to bring along :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!


Yes, come to Buffalo for the Turkey Trot!! It was my first race ever, and I’ve done it every year since. Always just as a fun run because it is SO packed with people, but like a party the whole way. I’m doing it with my one and a half year old in the stroller this year – it’ll be the first time we do a race together!


Oh I love that it was your first race ever Mollie… that is awesome! I’m going to come one of these years. ENJOY it with your little one, how fun! I want to hear about how it goes. Have a great week!


Treadmill! I had a great 30 min elliptical while reading ( I read while on the elliptical) plus 3 mile treadmill run while watching New Girl on Netflix (Netflix is really the greatest “invention”) this morning. It is pouring rain here – not sure what it is like in Utah but I’m thinking it’s a joyous treadmill day :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


I do a race in DC in February over President’s Day weekend that gives full cherry pies to everybody who is top 3 in their AG. It’s only $10 to enter, too!


Fully cherry pies… yep, I am going to make it out one of these Februaries to do that:) Have a beautiful day Victoria!


I’m a yes on Boston baked beans! So good!
I’m in charge of bringing a pie. I was going to make one but at this point that might not happen.


I have to tell you that I just tried Café Rio for the first time while I was traveling and I now I get your obsession! It was so good. I am a total expert when it comes to queso and theirs is at the top of my list. I’m so sad I don’t have one in NY!
Happy Thanksgiving!


I love inning outside when given the chance! although today will be a treadmill run so I can hop off if my Achilles hurts. I’m planning on listening to my book :)

I’m driving about 4 miles to my sister’s house :) I am in charge of the turkey, roasted veggies, and a pie.

I’m excited for the memories I am making today!


I am traveling up the road about a mile to my parents house! :)
I am in charge of cornbread, potatoes, green bean casserole, and mac and cheese – can you tell I like to cook?!
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally a big night out where I live…not sure if that’s a thing everywhere else. But it usually turns into almost a high school reunion… lots of people back in town, so it can be awkward and entertaining and just overall a good time. I am looking forward to letting loose a bit tonight! So my sentence for today is: just get through the work day, get your run done, and go have fun!


Those eyelashes!!! *swoon* What do you do to them!? Mine are blonde and I would love some lash love!


Oh they are so fake! Thank you though! I get eyelash extensions and they are my favorite:) If you are in Utah I can give you my girl’s number…. she is the best! I hope you have a fabulous day Lauren!


I need to find a Kneaders and a Cafe a Rio. Your food always looks amazing! Run inside this morning because it was in the teens and I’m a woos. Road tripping tomorrow and I’m bringing salad.


IN THE TEENS!?!? AHHHHH that is so cold. Good luck with the road trip tomorrow and come hang out in Utah and I’ll take you to both Kneaders and Cafe Rio:) Have a beautiful day Ali!


I’m so happy that I only have one Thanksgiving to attend tomorrow. My brother is out of town with his in-laws, so we only have to make a short drive to my sis-in-law’s house.
I’m making a pie and some weird fruit salad that I always get assigned but NEVER eat! I’m also making a salad that I like.
Today is gym day, so my run will on the treadmill.
My sentence: Be thankful today and every day after that
Happy Thanksgiving!! Almost Baby Time!! I hope she listens and waits so everyone can be there!


I’ve done the Buffalo Turkey Trot several times–it definitely is a must do! It’s an absolute blast, tons of people in costumes and is just a great way to start Thanksgiving Day!


NOOOOO WAY… that is awesome! I want to come do it with you!


Question for me this morning—> to run on the treadmill while I watch This Is Us or to run around my parents’ house?!

run around your parents house, hands down

Who is traveling for the holiday… road trip or taking an airplane?

taking the train. i hope it isn’t too horrid (for me or my husband who will be picking me up from the train station :/

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow—> what food are you in charge of making/bringing?

hubs volunteered to make thanksgiving. we’re doing an extravagant meal that doesn’t include any of the normal thanksgiving food. hubs is making brisket, gratin, and salad. i helped him do the mac and cheese casserole – i did the prep work for him and set it up ready to be baked. hope it turns out well!

Where is your run happening today… inside or outside? PS who watched This Is Us last night… was it a good one?

sadly no run today. but will run Thu, Fri, Sat and hopefully Sun too. will be outside.

What is your sentence for the day?!

speed is your friend.


HEY!! I hope your train ride goes really well and I love the food that you guys are having at your Thanksgiving… sounds delicious! Enjoy your runs the rest of your week and great sentence… I can’t wait to get back to speed again next year:) Have a beautiful day!


thank you! i hope so too. and hope that the food is a hit. feeling bad for poor hubs right now. he’s trying to coordinate leaving the house, picking up the LO from school and driving to my folks with all the thanksgiving food –

yes i will definitely be enjoying the runs too :) and yes the sentence “speed is your friend” is something common in my other sports – that totally applies with running. in running i often hold back on speed – why? mostly fear of injury- but at times it’s good to trust yourself to know your limits and just GO – i think i need to embrace that more.

AND you’re totally busy making another human being! you will certainly be getting back to your speedy self postpartum. it boggles my mind you’re able to run so many miles while preggers. i’m astonished each day on your run report. it’s very inspiring. if we have another LO, i’ll be trying to do what you’re doing now!


I make roasted Brussels Sprouts with balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. I’m also making a chocolate truffle pie (and it’s on the healthier side) and bringing an apple crisp. Which reminds me I need to buy whipping cream this afternoon.

I have never had Boston Baked Beans and just had to look them up to see what they are. I’m really all about dark chocolate and would prefer that on my peanuts.


I think I need to be eating all three of the things that you are making for Thanksgiving right now… that all sounds so good Nina! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I live in PA, and I think I need Kneaders, Cafe Rio, and those Siggi’s (is that right??) sugar cookies in my life that you have out there!!! lol I don’t love pie, but Kneaders’ pie looks pretty amazing!!!!

I’m taking a dessert to dinner tomorrow! A former student was selling whoopie pies to raise money for a missions trip she’s taking, so I ordered a big box of different flavored whoopie pies from her. Yummmm.

I’m not running today—Bikram yoga on tap today. But, tomorrow I’ll be running my own turkey day run outside. I LOVE having off work and being able to run in the morning as opposed to after school, so I cannot wait for morning runs over vacation!!!!!! :)

Have the best Thanksgiving, Janae!!!!!


Watched This is Us on the treadmill at the gym last night. Good thing I was in public and had to keep it together. I’m pretty sure I looked like a very sad runner the whole time.

I’m making deviled eggs and maple balsamic glazed brussel sprouts and butternut squash tonight as my contribution to my family’s biggg get-together tomorrow. Just hoping I can get the deviled eggs to taste as least close to how my Mammaw made them! Have a great Thanksgiving with Andrew, Janae! Date day :)


Okay, I just finished the episode… that was intense!!! I did not keep it together:) Oh I LOVE deviled eggs and your brussel sprouts/squash dish sounds like HEAVEN! Enjoy the rest of your week Danielle!


Brooks hand on Andrews hand is the cutest! I think you should definitely watch this is us… I need to catch up on last night’s episode too! Have an amazing thanksgiving!


So exciting that Bangs Friend (that is what I will always know her as) is in town, it’s awesome that y’all stayed so close!
Way to go with the 5 miles, and Beretta is a champ! (What’s his longest run btw?)
I have 2 episodes of This is Us to catch up on today…I’m keeping the tissues handy :(
We are driving to my husband’s Aunt’s house tomorrow, she is an excellent host and has told us not to bring anything!
I got in a 4 mile walk with my dog and a great friend…we did a few sprints afterwards on the track and then I came home and did BBG legs…I will probably be sitting down the rest of the day hahaha
Hope you have a great day!


I have never watched This is Us although I am a huge fan of all the Holiday Baking shows they have on TV right now….


I love the black jacket you’re wearing! Where is it from?

I am in charge of Cheesecake, I will be making my Mama’s recipe. No run today, because Turkey trotting tomorrow, and I 100% think you should have your own podcast! Seriously I loved the one you did on “I’ll have Another with Lindsey Hein.”


Hey Anna!! The one from my run? It is one NordicTrack sent to me! Enjoy that cheesecake tomorrow (that sounds so goo) and your turkey trot. I want to hear all about it. AHHHH I think I might soon… podcasts are so much fun. Have a great night Anna!


Can you fix the ALI PODCAST link? I went to go listen to it – but it takes me to suede shoes instead…


I’ve lost my brain! I’m so sorry about that! FIXING IT NOW!


I tried the clock it too and it didn’t work..which Ali??

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