Know your limits with recovery and my race playlist!!

I don’t know why I expect my body to just bounce back right after a race because in real life it always takes me about a week or so to feel normal again.  In my strange brain I just think that if I take a day off, do some easy running and foam roll then I will magically be recovered and ready to hit some hard paces again.  Not the case.  I was reminded of this again today on my 6 mile run.  

About 25 minutes into the run I found a bench, a water fountain and some shade and parked myself there for a bit.  For the rest of the run I continued to take random breaks because I was just so beyond tired.  I called my coach right after the run and long story short—>  I’ll take the next two days completely off and go from there.  Nothing is injured… I just felt wasted from the start of the run until the end of the run.  There is no point physically or mentally to push through the fatigue at this point because that is when injuries (and a heck of a lot of frustrations) happen.

IMG 5977

I don’t think I was ready to run a 1:21 half quite yet but I did anyways (there is something about races that just make me GOOOOO).  Now I just need to be super smart about everything so that I can get back into training healthily during these next few crucial weeks of marathon training.  

Everyone is so different when it comes to race recovery.  Some of my friends are back running right away and some take a good amount of time again to feel like their normal runner selves.   I love having a coach because we can take our recovery plan day by day for the next little bit to figure out when I am ready to go again.  

Don’t get down on yourself if it takes you some time to get back into training after a race.  There are so many factors that go into recovery and sometimes it just takes your body extra time to feel good again out on the roads.  Listen to your body’s warning signs and if you really killed it in your race… then expect to take a good amount of time off afterwards.  

Screen Shot 2015 08 04 at 2 02 41 PM

Brooke loves to hide from me whenever she hears the garage door opening when I get back from a run.  She thinks she is pretty hilarious once I find her.

IMG 5980

Don’t have a foam roller handy?  Just grab a rolling pin:)  My mom told me that she got this rolling pin at her wedding—>  44 years ago!!!!

IMG 5993

You can also have your daughter crawl up and down your legs to replace going and getting a massage;)

IMG 5862

Brooke and I had some errands to run and while we were out we bumped (ha, get it) into my favorite trail running buddy, JESS.  Her baby is due any second now and I am anxiously awaiting meeting him and being able to run with her again (I’m selfish, I’ve just missed our runs together so much).    

IMG 5995

The Janae Special for lunch.  Steamed broccolettes, sweet potato, rotisserie chicken with bbq sauce and salsa and of course watermelon.

IMG 6004

I have fallen in love with the medal from the race on Saturday.  All of these words are part of my definition of running too.  

IMG 6006

Here is my playlist from the race!!  It isn’t a super long one so I just listened to it on repeat.  

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Bird Song by Florence + The Machine

‘Till I collapse by Eminem

Carry You Home by Zara Larsson

Say Geronimo by A Single Pill

Let Your Heart Go by T.I.

Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

Hard Knock Life by JAY Z (random, I know)

Pain by Jimmy Eat World


Story of My Life by One Direction

Immortals by Fall Out Boy

Trouble by Iggy Azalea

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon


I have even more questions than normal for you today:

Married peeps—>  how long have you been married?

How long do you usually take to recover from a race?  How many days do you typically take off?

What do you do with your race medals?  Display them or store them?

Who has a running coach currently or in the past?

What veggie do you eat most often?

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Okay the rolling pin idea is genius!! Why haven’t I tried that!? I’m not married yet but my wedding date is September 6th so it will be here very soon!!

I haven’t done a marathon yet so I’m not sure how long it will take my body to recover. After my half marathon I took one day off and felt pretty good but I kept my runs really slow for a week!


After that race you need to let yourself rest a little for sure! Love your sweet potatoes, those along with spinach and kale are probably my most repeated veggies. I store my race medals, in fact I should probably go check they’re still around!


I agree – recovery is so personal! I find that the longer I recover after a race, the stronger I am for the next one. It’s hard when you have the “post-race blues” but it pays off. I generally adopt the one day of recovery per mile of the race method (ex: 26 days of no/light/easy running after a marathon, 10 days of no/light/easy running after a 10-miler). Enjoy your fast finish time and well-deserved post-race break!


Good idea to take some time off! It’s easy to forget that a race is different than a training run. You may need more time off after a race because you pushed so hard.

My favorite veggies are sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers!

I have been married for 10 months. I’m still a newb :).


I’ve been married for 2.5 years. So far, so good. ;)

After a marathon I usually take a week off completely. Then I use another week to just get back into the swing of working out regularly again and start building mileage from there. If I’m not feeling 100%, I just back off a bit. You’re being super smart with taking the next couple days off to recover completely!

I love that medal, so cool! I have all of mine in a box in my closet. I don’t know what to do with them so they just stay there until I figure that out. Um, they’ve been accumulating there for 7 years.

Favorite veggie…carrots or brussels sprouts, or green beans. Or squash. I’m really not picky. I like them all!


My recovery definitely depends on the race distance and intensity. I always take at least one day off right after the race and then easy runs until my body is fully recovered.

My race medals are all in a box in my closet and shoved in a drawer in my kitchen. I don’t like to display them. I think some are even underneath the backseat of my car.

I used to have a running coach and am trying to decide what to do about that now…

I love almost all veggies! I eat carrots most often, though.


Girl, you’re amazing for running a half in that time. That’s not much more than my 10k time, haha. I’m a slow poke.

I think I probably eat asparagus, baby tomatoes and cucumber the most.

All of my race medals hang on the corner of my vanity. I should probably do something with them.


Good for you for knowing you were tired and admitting it to yourself! I think being honest like that takes a lot of courage! I know from experience that when I get tired like that I’m always more prone to injury. For my medals, I have a display case where I hang all of them so I can look up from my desk and admire them whenever I want to.


Been married for almost 6 years. October will be 6.

I want to come up with a great way to display my medals with out it looking tacky or cocky.

I used to use my moms rolling pin all the time too.

Favorite veggie is broccoli and tomatoes


I need a lot of recovery time! I think sometimes it’s more mental than physical. If I’ve trained for awhile and then given the race my all, I need a few extra days to just decompress mentally plus let the legs heal up. I think you are being very smart right now. I haven’t raced recently, but I’ve found quite a few days recently where I just stop mid-run and walk or take breaks. It could be the humidity, but sometimes it just happens, and it’s totally ok!

I have a medal hanger in my room with the treadmill so I can see them! I love my medals!!


Married: 7 years!
Race recovery: depends on the race. Even if I feel great, I’ll take it easy for at least a week after a marathon. A goal marathon usually requires two weeks of easy runs.
Medals: I’ve only kept two medals. I donate them to the children’s hospital.
Coach: I LOVE Mark Hadley at Maximum Performance Running
Veggie: Sweet potatoes and broccoli


I think recovery is key to becoming a faster stronger runner! After my marathon last fall, I took 10 days off (except for walking) and it was just what my body needed. I felt really thrashed afterwards.
We’ve been married 14 years! Just had our anniversary a couple of weeks ago!!
Favorite veggies right now: Kale, broccoli and spinach
My Mom has the same rolling pin from her wedding too!!
I store my race medals.
I have a coach, but we went on hiatus until I start running again :)


I take 5 days off after a half and will do longer after my first full in October. A few days of no running is worth preventing injury and burnout.
I’ll be one year married come September 20!
I can eat sweet potatoes, zucchini, and carrots without ever tiring of them.


I’ve been married almost 3 years….and like your friend Jess I am ready to have my baby at any moment now!!

Also, I absolutely love that race medal!! I need a race around me to have medals like that. I have all of mine hanging on the wall in front of my treadmill….it gives me something to look at/think about when I have to use the t-mill.


That is a very cool medal. I love it! I have been married for 16 years (together for 21 years which is almost 1/2 of my life). I eat the most of broccoli & carrots!


i love that you are so fast that your half marathon play list is that short!! enjoy the rest days!


Congratulations on our race! 1:21 is AMAZING! :)


Thank you so much Maddie! I really appreciate that.




I have been married almost 15 years :)
I always take 1 day off a week.
I usually take a day after a 5 or 10k…that is also my usual day off though. After a half I take 2 and then easy miles for the rest of that week and for a full I take 3 and then super easy and low miles for the rest of that week and the next if I need it.
You race amazingly well!!! My training times are not too much slower than yours and my half time is no where close to a 1:21!!!!!!
Green beans are my favorite veggie


Married peeps—> how long have you been married?
18 years this past July. We got married super young so it is kind of a source of pride that we have not only made it this long but thrived and still really like each other!

How long do you usually take to recover from a race? How many days do you typically take off?
It depends from race to race. I also ran Timp on Saturday and tried to run this morning but turned around and went back home after .5mile because I have an ANGRY right calf. I am training for NYC Marathon, so I figured better to take it easy today instead of pushing through and causing an injury that will make me miss more training later on.

What do you do with your race medals? Display them or store them?
My medals are displayed on a rack in my room. Running is a big deal to me so I hang them up to remind myself that I can do hard things!

What veggie do you eat most often?
Lettuce, in salads, almost everyday.


I am glad you were smart and listened to your body. That coach of yours, I’m sure, helps reassure you it is okay and normal too. I have never had a coach before. Maybe it would be a good thing for me/lead to less injuries.

My race medals are in a drawer and Evan LOVES to play with them. Weird kid.

I eat broccoli and cauliflower a lot. But I also put spinach in a smoothie almost every day. so it might be a 3 way tie. I also eat carrots in spicy avocado hummus on the daily.

I wish we could have played today. Monday wont be here soon enough and it will be the day after a weekend away camping so I might be a hot mess, but that is nothing new.

Ross and I will celebrate 11 years next month. Crazy sauce.


After my half, I did a slow short run the next day and then took a couple of days off (2 or 3) to completely recover. I do find in my running right now, I am running my fastest ever, that I need two recovery days a week, because my legs are done! I can’t imagine how many days off I would need if I ran at your pace. :)

We have been married for 12 years.

I used to hang my medals on some hooks in my closet, but we just moved so they are in a drawer right now.

I eat tomatoes, avocado and spinach as my salad for dinner many nights a week.


I did a 1.35 half last week and pushed myself hard considering I had sore guts as well. I was surprised and a little freaked that it took me a full week to recover! Not sure why I always expect to recover quickly like a training run. I saw the biggest turn around with my recovery when I upped my water intake a few days later – man I was thirsty!!! Feeling better now but listen to your body – it will feel normal again soon! Christina x


HUGE CONGRATS on your half last week Christina. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the tip to up the water… I will be copying you!


your music taste is exactly what I prefer :) can’t wait to add these to my Playlist! Just veggies I eat the most… Cucumber. Peppers. Mushrooms!


Married 6 years :)
Depends on the race…as a cyclist, we sometimes race back to back days in the fall (so no recovery-especially with a 2 year old). Running-4-5 days off.
We hang our medals in the office…but they are kind of a cluster.
Used to have a running coach, husband coaches me in cycling
ANY VEGGIE AVAILABLE! My daughter is obsessed with them all!


7 years. I also have hard knock on my playlist. It’s a great beat!


Good to know I’m not alone with that song… such a classic:)


Lots of fun questions today! I will be married 3 years (in November). It takes me about a week to recovery from a half marathon, if I run it hard. Not sure about a marathon because I usually don’t do any hard workouts for awhile after a marathon.
I have a medal display but I still haven’t hung it up! I’m trying to figure out where to put it in my new house. I am working with my first running coach for my November marathon! I definitely eat spinach and broccoli the most…like 2-3x a day.


Awesome job on the race! You are an amazing runner! Married 25 years not without its challenges and struggles to say the least. Not a big veggie eater but I make my kids eat them every day :)


my hubby and I have been married for 15 years, together 18. Best years of my life with a lot of ups and downs.

We usually take about 2 days off but for full marathons we take a full week. Running a full is no easy task so it takes us longer to recover.

HECK yeah!!!!! I wear my medal all week long

I wish I could afford a running coach., gotta save the money for running shoes

Asparagus and broccoli. Costco size

Btw. You did awesome on your half.


I pretty much eat lettuce in some way every day. Sometimes I just toss some on top of my meal.
I display my medals in my home office. I have cute holders from Sport Hooks.


My hubby and I have been together since high school, about 24 years now…we’ve been married for 9 (it took us a while to get to the altar).

Good for you for listening to your body and taking it easy. Recovery is so personal. I usually don’t take time off after my marathons because it feels better for my body to move. But I have to continually remind myself to S-L-O-W down and reign in the mileage so I don’t get injured.

My medals usually find their way into the closet, hanging on a hook. Except for the Tiffany’s finishers necklaces from the Nike Women’s series. Those I can actually wear out of the house!

Veggies…seriously everyday I eat some or all of the following: cauliflower, zucchini, spinach, kale, beets, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, arugula, mushrooms, string beans, peas, tomatoes (not technically a veggie), eggplant…I’m trying to think of a veggie I won’t eat, but nothing comes to mind!

BTW…I saw an Instagram post by Wild Friends (they make nut butters) and they suggested topping a roasted sweet potato with peanut or almond butter. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m intrigued. Let me know if you are brave enough to try it before I do!


You deserve a break Janae! Kick up those heels and cuddle your little Brooke.

Both my husband I (married 3yrs) keep our medals on coat hooks in our master closet. Seriously there are well over 100 b/t the both of us.

Off to Costco to pick bags of broccoli. I can’t get enough.


I love love love broccoli. Actually, I love any vegetable as long as its roasted:) not a huge fan of raw veggies!!
I usually take a week off after a half marathon. I love rebooting and starting fresh again after a week!
I love that race medal! What a great souvenir for a great run!


I took a week off after a marathon.
Married for 23 years! (LONGER THAN I HAVEN’T BEEN MARRIED!!)
about 3 months ago I was paired with a running buddy with the Irun4Michael group. So my medals go to Baby D, my running partner!!


I’ve been married 11 years. I give my medals to my 10 yr old daughter. She has diegeorge syndrome and has had multiple heart surgeries and has a hard time walking and I run for her so I give the medal to her.


I’ve been married 6 years now :) I hang my medals on cute display wooden boards with hooks that my husband made.


I’ve been married for just over a year! Usually after a marathon it 2 weeks before I’m completely back to normal and for a half marathon it takes about a week. I love the medal, by the way! I have a shelf in our office where I store the bib, medal, and LEFT SHOE from every race. I know that sounds totally weird, but yes I keep the left shoe of every half/full marathon I run! I veggie I eat most often is asparagus! I love it!


Today is our five year anniversary!!! Instead of the date night we had planned we are home taking care of our sick baby (he’s on the mend…just doesn’t want to be put down <3). I usually need a full week after a race to feel like myself again. And all of my race medals are now used for dress-up for my 3 year old who wears them all at once (there are about 20 of them) while singing "we will, we will rock you" and "we are the CHAMPIONS" :)


I looked for you at the Timp Race start. Meaning I kept my eye out. Was it freezing or what? I ran for a mile in my big sweatshirt. IT was a great race but I’m always sore. Even though I trained downhill and didn’t PR, I was still SO SORE!

My medals go in a box in my closet in hopes of spending money on a medal holder. I just haven’t found the right one.

Congrats on your race. That was SMOKIN fast!


Married 13 years.
Mine are stored in a Victoria secret box. (How’s that for random)
Been eating a lot of squash and mushrooms lately because I have a great sautéed recipe.


That medal is awesome – love it! I have most my medals at my mom’s displayed on a ballerina statute in my room:) I have a few others in my closet :/ I am looking for the perfect medal display – stay tuned. I’ve never had a running coach and I probably eat sweet potatoes, asparagus and broccoli the most. I don’t eat much meat so really I eat a variety of all sorts of veggies. I usually just feel it out and will start running again a few days (3-4) after a marathon but I am not speedy so my recovery time I think is much shorter.


It really depends on the race how long I need to recover afterwards. It’s usually a few days to a week for a half.

All my medals are in a box right now, but I have a medal hanger to put them on once we finally hang it up.

I eat a lot of broccoli rabe and asparagus lately.


Please give those amazing legs just at little rest :)
Almost 26 years that have flown by!


I’ve been married for a little over two and a half years. :) It’s funny that you asked about race medals because I just went to Hobby Lobby today to make a display for both my race bibs and my medals. I plan to keep my 5k, 10k, and half PRs on there as well because I can only imagine how satisfying it will be to update them. :)


I’ve been married for almost three years. It feels like a lot more though. We’ve been through a lot in such a short time. As for my medals I hang them up on my medal hanger. Since I’ve moved though, I haven’t really found a place to put them.


Been married 15.5 years. Sweet potatoes for sure! As long as guacamole and mango salsa are close by. Recovery is so personal. I think if I was a younger runner it would be easier. I did my first full in April at 41. I still think I’m struggling to recover! I start training again in 6 days. >shakes head< I've never had a coach but might consider it next go around. PS- congrats on that PR!!! Amazing!!!


Race medals???? My 7 year old daughter, Piper, wears them at will.


Married peeps—> how long have you been married? 29 years!

How long do you usually take to recover from a race? How many days do you typically take off? I have only done 5k’s so I don’t need a lot of recovery time. However, I am getting ready to do my first 10k in 6 weeks!

What do you do with your race medals? Display them or store them? Display them! I earned those suckers and they are next to pics of our kids. They were earned just like the kids – with blood, sweat and tears!

Who has a running coach currently or in the past? Nope. I am not that high a caliber of a runner…….yet.

What veggie do you eat most often? Sweet Potato!


I think that it is so smart to listen to your body so that you are healthy!!! Oh and I would love to know where you got your cute dress from? :)


Well done on your awesome half time – I can’t imagine running that fast, my last one took me just under 2 hours :)

I’ve been married for 5 years and have three kids (2, 3 and 4). Life is crazy!


That’s an incredible half time. Great effort.

Married for 8 days!!

My last half was one where everything fell into place and I felt amazing so ended up doing my fastest half yet at 1.31. I wasn’t sore or tired after it so I’ve wondered ever since if I should’ve/could’ve gone fastest. But if you’d asked me at the time I would’ve said I had one more power to give and nothing left in the tank. Interesting consideration for next time.


It can be so easy to forget that races are way harder than our normal training runs. Well done for being sensible and listening to your body to recover.


28 years here to my wonderful bride.

Wish I could get over these nagging overuse injuries to be racing.

Carrots win this one. I love most vegetables, though.

Thanks for keeping us aging running newbies smiling.


I took off a week after my half marathon in September! I definitely needed it – probably more mentally than physically for me though as I’m not nearly as fast as you are.

I’m currently training for my second half marathon now (which is end of September) and trying to break 1:45 but I fell on Sunday’s long run and bashed up both of my knees pretty badly. It’s really frustrating but I guess I have to wait it out before I can get going again.

On a more positive note, I’m in the UK and ordered one of your vests in the re-run so it should be arriving soon. Hopefully my knees will be better by then and I can go for a run in it!


Married 11 years, been a couple 21 years…yow!
Although technically they are fruit, I have always loved Tomatoes of all kinds. And Lima beans are another favorite.


I’ve been married almost 4 years, next month in our anniversary!!
I usually take about 2-3 days off but I try to make sure I stay active for the days off…no running but I will hit up the gym.
My bibs and medals are hanging on a wall hanger that I made and it’s in our bedroom right next to my husbands stuff he has hanging up from when he was a Marine.
I eat alot of cabbage, not because I love it but because it makes good salads which I eat almost everyday for lunch.


You earned the two days rest, and I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better after them. I love the new foam roller, I wonder what other kitchen utensils can be used to help running…

As for veggies, I seem to be eating sweet potatoes and broccoli a LOT these days..


A 1:21 half just blows my mind…my half finish time was 2:32!

I celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary last month.

I have all of my race medals displayed on a medal rack.

The veggie I eat most often is broccoli.


We have been married 12 years this month!

My recovery depends on my pain/stiffness level. Sometimes I’ll take complete rest days. Although for the sake of trying to loosen up the tightness in my joints and muscles I will do a short walk to warm up and get blood flowing then do some yoga type flow and stretching. If I’m not completely locked up and in so much pain using a toilet hurts then I like “active recovery” that involves NO running and instead other forms of low impact movement. Like slow work on the eliptical or walking, easy pace on a spin bike, etc. Nothing at full speed though! And I also always feel like it’s a good time to do some workouts that concentrate on arms and abs/core and kind of leave out the legs.

My most used veggie used to be broccoli…but lately it’s been zucchini and yellow squash!


I’ve been married for seven and a half years! Time really flies by.
It depends on the length of the race- for marathons, I usually take about a month off from anything too crazy. I’ll return to running after about a week, but throw in lots of other workouts and stay relaxed- slow and low mileage. :) The exception to that rule is when I ran two marathons, twenty days apart. I learned a lot about myself during that time.
I have a shelf with my race medals hanging from it at my race trophies on top. I put it on the wall by a bunch of pictures of me, my sole sisters/running partners, and my friends who come out to cheer me on!
I worked with a coach of sorts… I met her through my church, and she convinced me to run my first full. She worked with me and did long runs with me and talked me through it all! :) She never accepted any money, but I’m still thankful for her to this day!
I’m definitely a kale girl. I have kale in my smoothies almost every day! :)


rolling pin — brilliant!


Love that medal! I have one of those ladder display things in my living room and rotate through which medals I hang on the shelves!

I usually take about 4-5 days off after a marathon (no running at all) … I’ll do yoga or swim laps but I feel like a running break really helps me mentally.


LOVE that medal too!!!! My husband and I have been married 11 years but about to be 12 on August 30th. I do display my medals – I found a kitchen cupboard door from a store called RESTORE here in Houston (it is a store that has all kinds of items from Habitat for Humanity homes – the money is used to do more Habitat work). I painted it with black chalkboard paint, then added cup hooks on the bottom and voila’ instand medal display. I use the door part to write my current PR’s in chalk….love it!


Lose Yourself is my favorite running song. I’ve also just started using the Spotify running app which is really cool since it syncs the music w the pace you are running.


I love the medal, so inspiring!


I’ve only been running since 2013 so I’m not too experienced. But my halves have always been scheduled in the fall so I usually just end up taking the whole winter season off. =/ I’m going to try not to do that this year.

I actually got rid of my medals, they’re just not compatible with moving a lot. I will be holding onto my NYC full marathon one though.

Idk about the veggie. I’m going to say carrots or broccoli. This reminds me I need to eat more veggies.


So excited for your friend to get to have her baby!!


-6 years married! Together 14 years :)
-It takes me a few days to recover. I ran 10 miles on Sunday and had such a knot in my quad, it just went away today.
-I hang my bibs and medals in our office


Married 10 years on August 12th! The best decision I ever made was marrying my husband. He actually got me into running and racing. Store the metals. Broccoli is the veggie I eat the most. And 7 days off after a race. I think you push harder on races and that requires a good recovery time.


Thank you for this great reminder to listen to your body after you race. I raced on Sunday and it left me beat up in comparison to my teammates. Today while everyone else was able to do speed work, I had to bow out and take more time to recover. Needless to say, thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only one (although maybe it is a woman thing as I only had my male teammates to compare?).

As for coaches, they are amazing. They keep me in check and push me correctly. BTW you changed coaches, no? This one (male) seems to work better for you. And thank you for motivating me to run faster from a far!


– I’ve been married 5 years.
– I don’t take off a set period of time. I go by feel. I’ve had a few marathons where I have started running after a one day break (normally easily) and I’ve had at least one marathon where I needed to take a few weeks off completely. This weekend’s half was done on concrete with a boatload of hills so I took two days off and have been running easy since (3-6 miles, recovery pace). I’ll probably do some light speed work tonight.
– Parsnips.


5.5 years
depends, I might do a short shake-out run the next day, otherwise 2 days off.
I hang my medals on the corner of my mirror
I really like broccoli lately


I’ve been married for 8 years!

I just recently made my own race bib and medal holder:

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