Silentish Saturday–> RACE time!!!

My favorite Run Happy top is even joining me this fall for running.

Snuggled first.

IMG 9892

4.5 miles after Brooke went to school!

IMG 9885

I even went up a hill… it’s been a while since I have done that!

IMG 9880

Fruit sounded kinda good afterwards;)

IMG 9901

It’s amazing how they can ring those bells on their bikes for an hour straight without stopping.

IMG 9900

I ate some greens after a sandwich for lunch… out of a bag because I didn’t want to have to wash another dish.  Not sure why their are cords on the ground.

IMG 9911

Target to look at some baby stuff.

IMG 9912

Expo time… it was at the mall!

IMG 9921

Brooke’s favorite expo ever… they had hats for kids to decorate.

IMG 9929

Pretzel Bites to share while she played!

IMG 9935

Went to Costco to restock on my current need… chicken salad and croissants.

IMG 9945

Andrew worked on the nursery for a bit!

IMG 9946

WORLD SERIES… followed by STRANGER THINGS (after Brooke left…it was a good night for TV last night).

IMG 9950

Brooke’s dad got into town late last night so Brooke left later on…

IMG 9956

Time for the 5k!  PS they give gloves with their race bags, it’s amazing!

IMG 9940

Saw this really great idea from abountifulkitchen (she has the best recipes)!

Screen Shot 2017 10 27 at 6 38 16 PM


What are three things that your Saturday is filled with?!

Who else has started Stranger Things!?!

When was the last time you did a 5k?  It’s been years for me! 

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I just started Stranger Things last night! I made it through 1 1/2 episodes then fell asleep! Oops!! So good though!! We plan on watching more tonight too!

Good luck to you guys on your race!! It looks like so much fun!! I love when races give you gloves in your bag–that and chapstick are my favorites! I did a 5k earlier this year and they’re always such a blast!

Have an awesome weekend Janae!!


Glad you guys started it last night! That is about when I fell asleep too! Thank you so much Chelsea… oh the chapstick in the bag is the absolute best. Have a great day!


Two things:
1. I’ll be making chicken salad (always with grapes) today so thanks for that LOL.
2. Go Astros!!!!


ENJOY THE CHICKEN SALAD (thank you for agreeing it must include grapes) and I’ll cheer on the Astros for you:)


Dude, it was such a week leading up to our Halloween celebrations at my elementary school yesterday (I’m the P.E. Teacher, so I get to help decorate the Haunted Hallway and make the cutest Halloween-themed stations in the gym for the fun fair:). LUCKILY FOR ME, my husband had the best Friday night planned — PHO AND “Stranger Things”!

Also? I just put croissants and chicken salad on my Costco grocery list. Nom.<3

THREE THINGS TODAY: Four miler with Windy, my Husky! Cross-Country meet! Sophia (step-daughter) weekend ("It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" + hot chocolate!)! That was like, five, but meh. Math is hard.


OH I bet this last week has been nuts for you (AND SO FUN)! Please try the chicken salad and croissants from Costco. I haven’t had Pho in forever… thank you for the reminder! Sounds like a perfect day, enjoy Tiffany!


All packet pick ups should have fun kid thugs to do!

We have lots of errands to run and a primary program practice today. (I’m in the presidency too so I have to go)

I haven’t ever see stranger things. Is it just a Netflix thing? We don’t even have Netflix right now.


I AGREE… especially in Utah ha! Oh busy woman… I hope the practice goes great! It is just on Netflix I think, I’ll let you know if I find it anywhere else. Thanks Jenny!


I’m part of your chicken salad with red grapes too! I’ve had it for dinner two days in a row now (with a sweet potato cause I can’t eat bread) and it is so delicious! Plenty of activities with my son today. I am leaving for a work trip next week so I am spending every second I can with him ;-) Hope you have lots of fun at the race!


NO WAY… oh this makes me so happy! Keep enjoying it, so so good. Enjoy the time with your son this weekend, he is so lucky to have you as his mom! Enjoy Mel!


i can’t wait to get back into stranger things! i’ve been so excited!!! i love the red flannel top you are wearing, i have been looking to get something similar! today i am just getting some work done then going to binge watch netflix!


Let me know what you think of the second season.. so so good so far! Thanks Dawn!!


Have fun at the 5k! The expo seems like fun. :) I’ve been hearing a lot about “Stranger Things” but haven’t tried watching it yet. Happy Saturday!


Thank you so much Nicole! Check out Stranger Things… it is crazy! Enjoy your weekend!


You look so beautiful; love that first profile picture of you! I love the idea of decorating their own hat! We’re heading out to get bigger jeans for the kids. They’re on the small side and have had growth spurts the past few years and we’re loving it. My husband and I are going to work on their costumes; we grabbed all the materials last night. This is the first year the school is allowing them to wear costumes to school. I love making their costumes and skipped a few years so I’m super excited! Have a great day, Janae!


Oh thank you so much Marie! Oh fun… what are they going to be this year?! Gotta love the growth spurts and new wardrobes haha! Enjoy your Saturday Marie!


I’ll send you a picture of them after we’re done! ?


Three Things:
1. Ran 16.65 miles this morning (yes … the .65 miles have to be note because it was only supposed to be a 16 mile run but when you over estimate how far out you went … it just happens)!!
2. I plan to NAP for 2:15.05 the same amount of time it took me to run the 16.65 miles and I will start that nap after I make this comment.
3. Dinner Party with Bowling AND Cake tonight with my running friends. One of our friends is moving to Dallas TX from IL so we are doing a combo birthday/moving away party for him. I am excited BUT sad at the same time.


GO LINDSAY!!! That is an awesome run and you better count that .65:) I do that too haha! Enjoy every minute of your nap and have so much fun tonight… sounds like the perfect day!


Good luck at the race!
I AM SO STOKED FOR STRANGER THINGS! I’m glad I got my run in early because now I feel justified binge watching 3/4 of the season this afternoon.
Three things today: 5-mile run, baking some pumpkin zucchini bread, and finally sewing all the baby shower gifts for my cousin that I’ve been putting off for weeks.


My Saturday has included running, football, and Bible study.
I run 5ks more than any other kind of race. My mom and I did Race for the Cure this morning in the 35 degree weather!!! I know you’ve been running in this for weeks now but this was by far the coldest it has been yet! Before today I had not done a 5k since this summer.


Just binged half the season if stranger things! Had a 5k monster mash this morning. Way to warm here.


My three things: 1. Ran 7 miles – it’s been a while since I’ve done that! 2. Puppy play date with my parents dogs. 3. Vacuumed out my car…it was getting gross!
We watched the 1st season but haven’t started season 2 yet!
And I ran a 5K back in 2015??? I remember it being an awesome race because I got 1st female and a PR which never happens!
Can wait to read your race recap :)


I am so excited to watch season 2 of stranger things but my boyfriend and I are watching I together and we only get to see each other on weekends right now :( This weekend for sure!!!!


I want to hear your thoughts on season 2 when you guys watch it! Hope you and your boyfriend love it! Have a beautiful Sunday Ariana!


Hi there! My Saturday was filled with a meet your Muslim neighbors event to build community in our town and working on a Halloween costume for my lil girl who is almost 4 months old now! She is going to be an octopus- mostly just for pictures for grandparents:) It’s been so fun to read all your pregnancy updates. So excited for you for that little girl to arrive!
I LOVE the shoes you’re wearing in front of the Haunted Half sign- what kind are they?
Hope you’re having a beautiful sunday:)


Your community sounds incredible! I want a to see your little girl’s octopus costume too! Thanks so much Sarah! They are the Brooks Launch 4s! A favorite of mine! Have an awesome day Sarah!


I have that same green zip-up from Costco – I love it! I need it in more colors. Also, this season of Stranger Things is SO good so far. WE are 4 episodes in!


You could totally pull of the Brawny paper towel man with that flannel! Just in case you need a last minute Halloween idea for tomorrow night! ;)


Saturday was filled with NAPS, CHOCOLATE, and MOVIES!

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