Silentish Saturday!!

Seven miles with these two running around the basement.

I am trying out the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer (sent to me by NordicTrack) and I’ll write a full review with all of my thoughts soon!  So far, so good!  We gave my mom my old treadmill so she can get all of her walking in (she walks daily for miles and miles now) all year round!

Photographer:  Brooke.

IMG 1952

Andrew took the kids to play while I made a podcast (I’ll link to it on Monday:).

IMG 2004

A predictable lunch with my pants unbuttoned… also with the garlic butter I do not add jam to my grilled cheese.  The garlic butter is too good on it’s own.

IMG 2003

Off to our 21 week appointment/ultrasound.

IMG 2008

Andrew was laughing so hard about something random in the waiting room that he was crying.  The ultrasound lasted almost an hour and everything on the baby is looking really great and healthy!  I’ll talk more about that on my next HRG Baby post.

IMG 2015

Brooke was at my sister’s house so we went on our weekly date.  Onions rings for an appetizer.

IMG 2024

Salad with more toppings than lettuce for my meal.

IMG 2025

And a bbq chicken quesadilla for Andrew.

IMG 2028

Went back to my sister’s house to pick up Brooke and hang out with them.

IMG 2040

Ate some heavenly blackberries from my sister’s garden.

IMG 2037

In bed by 6:30 and no that clean laundry on the bed never got folded yesterday… maybe today.

IMG 2044 JPG

Of course we watched an Air Bud featured film;)

IMG 2048 JPG

And more fruit.

IMG 2049 JPG

Looked at pictures from the ultrasound of her baby sister.

IMG 2054 JPG

I took a ‘nap’ until about 8:30 and then at 9:30 this arrived.  Andrew ordered pretzels to be delivered to our house.  Carbs brought straight to me and eaten in bed.. does it get any better?  (These are from Ellens Pretzels)

FullSizeRender jpg


What is your Saturday run?  Have a race this weekend?  Long run?  Fun run with friends?

What are three things that you are doing today?

When was the last time you ran on a treadmill?

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Those pretzels look good! I am running today, distance to be determined by the heat I guess! And 3 things: running, work, taco night with the husband! I ran on my treadmill last week, but I seriously can’t do more than 3 miles on it…………it gets sooooooooooooo boring! I am working on it though!


UT county has so many good delivery places! We need them up here! Haha
I’m getting ready to leave in my 10 miler. I love that I’m at a point where they not only sounds doable but totally normal. I missed this.
After that I’m getting back in bed for a nap ;) and then who knows what else!
I ran on a treadmill on Wednesday. Iike then for speedwork since I can set it for a certain pace and push myself but be aware of how hard I should be going too.


Any salad with more toppings is a good salad in my book.

I like that black top in your first photos. Where is it from?

I’m running consistently so I would say that’s a win in my book. No long run just consistently running which is a win in my book.


onion rings are my favorite – those look terrific! I am the queen of the not folding the clean laundry :)


I live near Baltimore and we don’t have any awesome delivery places for cookies and pretzels. I obviously live in the wrong part of the country.
3 things…..first run in two weeks; did ten miles. It was slow but nothing hurt. I’m so happy. I have hopen for my 8/19 and 9/23 races. Pick up my girls from their sleepover; and the post office to return some misses with online shopping. It’s not an exciting day except for the run. I’m so happy about the run.
Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be thinking about delivery pretzels and cookies. I should start a business doing that here.


Come visit Utah and I’ll order these pretzels for you:) WAY TO GO ON YOUR TEN MILES that were pain free! I can’t wait to hear about how your races go! Enjoy that post run (for the first time in two weeks) high!! Okay, seriously though you should start a business in Baltimore doing this because they sell out every single night here! Thanks Lee!


Brooke is becoming quite the photographer!

And OMG now I want huge onion rings and pretzels. Yum.


OMG those pretzels!!!! I am drooling right now… they look beyond amazing. Put those on my “must eat these when I back in the US” list.

Ran 5 easy miles this morning. Did some laundry… now reading while relaxing in my hammock.

Last time I was on a treadmill was in May. I went to Zambia for a training and practically kissed the door of the gym when I saw it. Haven’t seen a gym in Malawi, I just run outside or use my laptop for workout videos. I usually hate the treadmill but I was on that thing every day we were in Zambia… they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s so true!


I need to mail some to you Kristina!!! Enjoy your reading morning:) Okay, I loved hearing about how excited you were to see a gym in Zambia! I hope you have a beautiful day!


We need to go back to school shopping so I’m not sure a run will happen, but lots of walking I’ll for sure.


I just came home from my run and looking at those pretzels makes me really hungry.

I also love that Brooke is taking you pictures right now:)

Three things I’m doing today is runnin (which is done), spending time with my boyfriend, and work on my blog.

Last time I ran on a treadmill was almost a month ago. The treadmills at my gym are just too harsh for my shins. So I’ll avoid them as much as I can now. However, last year I spent basically the entire summer running on treadmills. I don’t know how I did it lol.


Ultrasounds are the best :) My mom just gave me a Costco membership and we’re going today, I will look for that garlic butter!


Even though I did’t hit my paces for part of the run, the 5 miles went well! I wish I lived near somewhere that delivered pretzels to me, how cool! So glad to hear that baby is healthy and growing. Brooke is a good photographer, the picture of you running is great.

Have a great Saturday :)


Ooh, those pretzels!! I did my weekly long run today – furthest ever at 24km. I concentrated hard on form and my calf/Achilles weren’t too bad, yay! Two more things: took my little boy to a soft play party, and did some shopping for a picnic tomorrow :) I haven’t run on a treadmill in years! I gave up my gym membership when I got more into running.


I have a treadmill but I rarely use it – I much prefer running outside. I used to run on it all the time and watch Law and Order SVU marathons. I’m hoping to get in a run this evening sometime when it cools down – I’m in the mood for some easy miles!
3 Things: see my parents (check), eat a tomato sandwich (check), clean the house (half check – I’ve only done the downstairs!)
Can’t wait to listen to your podcast!!
Have a great weekend :)


Wow, Brooke takes incredibly excellent photo’s! Also the way she loves seeing pics of her little sissy… that would make me very emotional <3. I need that pretzel on the left right now, I can't find pretzels like that anywhere around here where I live.


I want to live where you live! Your restaurants look amazing and the food delivery like pretzels and those big chocolate chip cookies you’ve talked about before! I love some good food like you and you’ve got it surrounded around you!


I ran today with some friends and xc runners. We’re showing them new routes so they can lead next time :) Today, I am practicing on my new (to me) scooter/moped, hanging at the pool with the littles, and a taco truck for a work dinner tonight!

The last time I ran on a treadmill was out of town on Tuesday morning near Universal Studios Hollywood. The hubs and I were doing 800s and as soon as I warmed up and sped up the treadmill both his and mine tripped a breaker. I thought I was going to fly off the back! Whew.


I stuck to spinning this week, but I just got the okay to start run-walking! Super glad this stress fracture is healing nicely:)
Today I am visiting my dad, lounging around and eating great food:) so glad to be back on the east coast after a long 2.5 weeks away at camp!!!
I haven’t hit a treadmill since the first week of June, but I will probably spend some time on my gym’s treadmill as I ease back into running, since it’s a little easier on the bones compared to the sidewalks.


I would NEVER EVER recommend a Nordic track treadmill to anyone. I had my treadmill for less than a year, and it’s already broke 2 times. Nordic track has horrible customer service! They first time it took two months to fix and this time its already been 3 months and it’s still broken. They never return calls and keep ordering the wrong parts. To be fair I wasn’t sponsored or sent a free treadmill by Nordic Track, so mine is not top of the line like janae’s, but you sould think it would last more than a year before breaking.


Jen! Thank you for your comment! I am SO sorry about the experience that you have had! I’m going to send your comment to the people I work for and see what they can do!!!!!


I love love love all of your food pictures! Reading your blog always makes me hungry! Lol! I can’t wait to read about the ultrasound … why do you make us wait until Wednesdays?!! Lol!!
Saturday I got to summit a mountain with a friend during a half marathon which ended up to be closer to 14 miles than 13.1!
I guess it’s a little challenging to route a perfect 13.1 when the last mile up is mostly rock climbing and walking across what felt like a mini glacier.
After the half, I zoomed home to my boys to take them to the lake and then we ate the most amazing burgers EVER! They really weren’t any different than anything I’ve eaten before but after running up a mountain and swimming, they tasted like heaven!

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