Silentish Saturday!!!

No running over here… my knee from my fall still wants nothing to do with running.  Yes, I’m already missing running and yes, I am beyond dramatic about a lot of things but especially running.

GOOD MORNING ANDREW (his favorite way to wake up;)

IMG 6422

Instead of running I went to the gym to do approximately 20 minutes of upper body weights… about 19 minutes longer than usual;)

IMG 6430

W/ a break to see where Andrew was mountain biking (oh how those trails are calling my name).

IMG 6428

Brooke dressed herself yesterday… looking quite like a runner.

IMG 6435

We had a bunch of errands to do so I told Brooke to pick what was for lunch while we were out:

1.  Smoothies.

IMG 6441

2. Pretzel bites.  Not going to lie, it was a delicious combo.

IMG 6439

Found two more battle wounds from my fall… I broke that same area of my arm when I was 9 participating in a rollerblading race against my brother (fun fact: don’t try running on grass in roller blades even if you are fighting for your pride of winning a race).

IMG 6446

Caught Andrew practicing the piano while listening to my podcast.

IMG 6443

PS You can listen to the podcast HERE!!!

Screen Shot 2017 05 26 at 8 15 46 PM

Testing out the watermelon (until Andrew put wrap on it).

IMG 6454

Off for a bbq.

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Hamburgers and a fire with a bunch of Andrew’s old co-workers.

IMG 6467

That’s my girl… a plate full of watermelon.

IMG 6469

+ brownies (with frosting… such a great addition).

IMG 6471 2

In bed before the sun went down watching Designated Survivor.

IMG 6473

Happy happy long run day (today or tomorrow)!  Enjoy my favorite type of run and I’ll be back to those next week!


Ever broken a bone?  Parents—>  any of your kids broken a bone?  How?

What is your run today?  I’m just gonna go ahead and live through you!

Brownie important opinion—>  WITH OR WITHOUT NUTS?!

-W/out nuts.  Always.  

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I broke my hand in high school when I was a diver–I smacked it on the diving board. :-o No run today, but I am biking 45 miles! I’m a little intimidated. Brownies definitely with nuts, but also without icing!


My daughter broke a bone in her arm, by her elbow, when she was trying to copy her older brothers. They would leap over the chair with one arm bracing themselves and their feet swinging out and over the side of the chair (ya I wasn’t home and …..) and she had to copy and yup, the arm slipped off the back of the chair, the feet didn’t come close to clearing the chair and when she tried to break her fall, she broke her arm. Frantic call from dad who was upstairs on a work call and then not….and then the rest of the Friday night in the orthoped emergency office getting her arm set. It was great, not.
No run for me today. Healing a stress fracture in the shin and am close to getting cleared to begin walking on a track or treadmill then 3:1 walk run ratio. Dying to run, dying. And am living thru others on your blog as well. Sorry about the sidewalk tripping you….has happened to me also…twice. It’s brutal.


I broke my pinky finger in elementary school……….don’t stand behind the pitcher in kickball and try to catch the ball………..too close and the ball is coming too fast!
I have a half in a week, so today is only 5 miles. The past few days have felt harder than normal though, because of the insane humidity and heat. My 12 miler on Tuesday was fabulous, but the short 4 milers the past few days have felt sooooo hard! My pace isn’t too much slower (maybe 20 seconds slower per mile) but it feels like I am dragging! I hope these tough runs during taper mean an awesome race!
Brownies without nuts when possible, but if the only brownie option is with nuts, I will gladly take it! Brownies are my favorite dessert! (A close second is the cherry pie I made the other day………… first pie attempt and it was so good!)

Have a good weekend and I hope your knee feels better soon!


I listened to the WHOLE podcast yesterday that you did with Lindsey–it was GREAT!

I am off to do a 90 minute orange theory class…sort of dreading it but will be thrilled when over:))

Have a great weekend.


Besides a couple of stress fractures, I’ve fallen and fractured my elbow. When I felt and had stitches on my knee, it was super achy for a couple of weeks. They said while doing the stitches they could see the bone. I hope you heal quickly Janae. I do think the best option is rest for now. Can’t go wrong with that!


I’m right there with you about no nuts in brownies. They just don’t belong in brownies!


without nuts! always without nuts! i never understood why they ruined the brownie by adding nuts. it doesn’t need it! but it does need frosting :)


I broke my toe back when I was a ballet dancer in high school. oddly enough, with a little tape and some extra toe cushion, it didn’t even bother me when I danced! finding the right pointe shoe is very similar to finding the right running shoe- if you manage to find the right pair, they’ll protect you through thick and thin!

and I will take brownies in any form whatsoever. Nuts, no nuts, caramels, mint chocolates, whatever! There’s no brownie discrimination in Boston!!!


Never broken a bone! So lucky. And neither has my daughter (I hope it stays that way!)

Run this morning was 5.75 miles along my favourite path while listening to your podcast! Halfway through!

Brownies without nuts. Always. Frosting is acceptable though.


No nuts!! Any space a nut is taking up is less room for chocolate.


I haven’t ran for 3 months with injury. A few days is nothing now :) Sounds like a knee contusion. Are you limping? It’a a matter of days. Can you bike or swim meanwhile if you need to get the heart rate up/sweat session?


Hi Janar
Sorry about you knee. Long run 12 miles today while listening to your podcast, loved it!.
I broke my pinky at the start of a 10k race tripped stepping up onto sidewalk and comp!eted the race with a second place in my age group. Went straight go emergency room from race. iThis past winter broke my hand dodging a car on a run in St. Thomas very dangerous running there. So lucky it was just a hand. Stuck to hotel treadmill after that?.
Never nuts in brownies.


Janae not Janar!!


Bummer about being sidelined. So sorry! :( I hope you heal up ASAP, but definitely take care of your body.

My only fractures ever were stress fractures. One in my foot 3 days before my first 5k…had no idea what it was. Then in my tibia, misdiagnosed (on a bone scan no less!!!), ran a 15k on that thing and cried most of the way. Fun fact, that same spot rebreaks if I run too much. I can actually feel it “pop” when it happens. Boo! Luckily, knock on everything wooden in site, no kids have broken bones. Yet. ;)

Um, no nuts. Ever. Because, why???

I’m probably going to head out for a short jog/run with one of my boys in just a bit. We’ll see how he’s feeling. Otherwise, solo jaunt on my favorite path through my small town.


I did something similar to me knees 2 years ago. It hurt like heck for a few days. My hands also took a beating so no weight lifting either. I had a stress fracture in my hip when I first started running but childhood traumas were sprains and cuts.

I ran 6 miles. It wasn’t very hot but it was very humid and I got very dizzy around mile 4. There’s a store near by so I grabbed a packet of salt to “enjoy” with my water. Live and learn, carry the electrolyte tablet or powder!

I like nuts but I’ll eat the brownie either way. No frosting on a fudgy brownie but yes on a cake-like brownie. My mother made the best darned brownies. (she was an amazing baker, better than my uncle who actually worked as a baker for a while).


Yup – sadly didn’t break the bone running. Years ago, I broke the fifth metarsal in my left foot getting out bed :p. It’s a long story. No run today – day off but 10 miles tomorrow hopefully. Brownies – definitely with nuts if I have a choice! I hope you are back to running soon and enjoy your weekend!


Ugggggg sorry.
no goooooooooooooood!
Did 5 miles this morning, you know my bugging foot. Strangest part is, running does not bother it, but it is waking up sore every.single.morning.


I recently broke two bones in my foot from a random fall and am about a month back to running. Finally! Wearing a boot is no fun.

Today’s run was a 5 mile easy recovery run. It feels so good to run again.

NO nuts in brownies, cookies or cakes. Nope!

I hope your knee heals quickly. Have a great weekend!


No diagnosed broken bones – but I’ve had a terrible fear of doctors for a long time, and would often pretend things didn’t hurt so much when I probably should have had it checked out. Not a good system, and one I’m still working on!
3.07 miles today – furthest I’ve had in a while, with one monster hill in there! It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I thought I was further along in my training . But, I’ll try it again next week, and see how it goes!
No nuts!


I hope you’re on the road again soon. I’ll be running six miles tomorrow in preparation for a 10K in two weeks. I’ve never had a broken bone, nor have my children (but one of my granddaughters has). Definitely brownies without nuts. Thanks, as always, for sharing your family with us. ~Christie


Good job taking care of yourself! Hopefully this extra rest time will get you running soon! I broke my rib, TWICE! And that was pretty horrible. I stay on the safe side now!


Ahhhhhhhhhh, I’m so sorry Janae!!! But glad nothing is broken. You will be back out there soon, I’m sure!


Broke my foot stepping down a step the wrong way. Apparently I broke it the most common way, go figure! Have had compression fracture in my hip when I was 21 and ignored pain while running. That took a year to heal, 6 months on crutches. Don’t ignore pain!!!
No nuts in any dessert.


No nuts in brownies!
I have had a fractured sternum and patella. My son has fractured his femur, my daughter had a distal humerus fracture falling off monkey bars and had to have emergency surgery as it was a compound fracture. Pins, cast, and eight weeks later she got cleared only to fall off a horse and fracture her wrist! Good thing the kids’ accidents all happened in public places or we might have had CPS knocking on our door.
No run today. My daughter has a baseball (yes, baseball – she plays competitive 13U!) tournament all day, birthday party tonight.


Wow! Brooke looks so much like Curly in that pic with you and Andrew! Have a great holiday. I’m sure your knee will be better soon.


I’ve never broken any bones.

30 mile bike ride today – gorgeous So Cal day for it!

My immediate response was no nuts in brownies. While I still stand by that decision, I do make Pecan Pie Brownies ( and they are amazing! No nuts IN the brownies, but gooey Pecan Pie mix on top!


I fractured a finger between two tennis rackets after PE in high school. One child has not broken any bones (knock on wood). Second child broke a wrist (taekwondo) and an ankle (don’t ask:).
Nuts in brownies? Good heavens, NO!!


Um, obviously without nuts. Nuts have no place in desserts (except pecan pie. I love it!!)


Eww. Obviously without nuts!
Hope you heal up fast!


You have such a beautiful family!

I had a compound fracture of my clavicle last year…crashed on a ride 2 weeks before St George 1/2 Ironman :-( Required surgery with a plate and screws…and surgery again 7 months later to take the hardware out!


I fractured my arm falling off a bike in college, and both my girls have already had broken bones, too. My oldest fractured her foot jumping off a rock climbing wall, and my youngest fractured her wrist when she fell roller skating. I guess we are a sports injury prone family! The cool thing about casts these days at least is a) they come in all kinds of fun colors (my daughters wrist cast was neon pink and green striped) and b) some are actually waterproof, and you can shower and even swim in them! Makes life so much easier when you don’t have that fear of getting the cast wet!


Brownies with RAISINS! ?


Can’t wait to listen to your podcast!


Definitely w/out nuts… add frosting and sprinkles or chocolate chips! ?


Thanks for sharing the podcast Janae! You are simply the sweetest!

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