Sentence Per Picture Afternoon!

Best part of Wednesday—> KNOX CAME HOME (and my breakfast was cheesy eggs with guac and salsa)!

Our morning started quite early… there is construction on a new house right by us and we get to hear all of the fun sounds nice and early;)

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An attempt at a self-ie with the sunrise.

IMG 3727

Okay, that is a little bit better….7.2 miles @ 8:14 pace.

IMG 3735

Got out the mat to stretch when I got home, turned around to get my water bottle and Beretta was there using my mat herself… she’s fast.

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Cauliflower Rice Bowl Day #2…. SO GOOD (salsa and ranch added after the picture).

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These pink sugar cookies are all around Utah and it is impossible to avoid them… I think they must be the official state cookie, it tasted delicious today.

IMG 3715

Makes me so happy to see them back together and all of their inside jokes.

IMG 3752

We cleaned the house;)

IMG 3774

A picture from yesterday that Megan sent me (with her sister… don’t they look a lot alike?)… Brooke loves being one of the girls!

IMG 3714

My current favorite casual shoes these days.

IMG 3776

Why wear one hat when you can wear two?

IMG 3780

Beretta just jumping on the trampoline like normal.

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Where you are going to find me the rest of the day… studying for the coaching certification test!!!

IMG 3769

PS I got these in the mail… if you are a night runner/early morning runner, these are a brilliant idea.

IMG 3773

PS I shared this on my Facebook Page yesterday but it is a post that I wrote a year ago about my past with an ED and what helped me to get out of it in case you are struggling and want to read it.  You can find the post here!

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What is your sentence of the day?!  

Anyone run in the dark… have anything that you use to make sure that you are SEEN!?!

How was your run…. what are the temperatures like where you are at?  

-I should have worn gloves on my run this morning but I was being stubborn because it is SPRING.

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I actually have those Brooks in a red and gold color which I like. I might get more colors too. They are comfortable but also cute (which is obviously important).

Today’s sentence…hmm…I had a terrible workout and put it behind me. I’ll stick with the positive of it’s my two year anniversary today though.


BOOO to having a bad workout Hollie… I’m sorry. You did the best thing possible and you aren’t dwelling on the workout. You are such a good example. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY anniversary!!!


Each state should totally have their own cookie. If that doesn’t get me out and wanting to travel the world, I don’t know what would.

Isn’t today’s weather amazing! I want these temps and sunny days year round.

No run today, but I did run yesterday on the treadmill while kiddos napped. I started watching Bates Motel and it is but makes the time fly by.


Would I like Bates Motel? I like creepy shows but not too creepy. I miss you. Let’s go get cookies and be outside together!


Those sneakers are pretty cute.

I use Run Lites gloves. They are super bright and come in fingerless as well as traditional. (seriously if you can’t see these you need to give up your license).

It was in the 70’s today, rainy this morning but beautiful in the afternoon.

My sentence for today: I will not worry about what I cannot control. If it’s out of my hands so be it.


Oh I like those RunLites! I need to get those!


Good call on the RunLites… I’ll have to look into those!!! Glad that you had a beautiful afternoon and I hope you are doing okay. I’m going to take your sentence for today and use it too! xoxox


Hello! Just wanted to offer a friendly warning about those shoe lights: they’re fantastic, but in my experience they fall off of your shoe sometimes. I lost a couple of them that way…maybe my feet hit each other sometimes when I run? I prefer clip-on lights that I can put on lots of different places. :)

Also, I took that coaching certification course in October (it was awesome!), and you shouldn’t stress about the test. As long as you paid attention in class, which I’m sure you did, you’ll do great. It’s not a tough one.

Love reading your blog! :)


Thank you Jess for letting me know! What clip-on lights do you recommend?

Congrats on taking the class last fall! Thanks so much… I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so I’ve been worried. Good to know! Enjoy your night!


My favorite lights are the LE Safety Warning Bike Lights. They’ve got three light modes and I clip them on to either my jacket, my shorts, or a reflective vest that I wear in the wintertime when ALL my runs are in the dark (ugh).

And I hear ya…I’m a perfectionist, too! But you’ll ace that exam, I know it! :)


Oh thank you Jess! I’m going to have to get those asap! Thanks so much!


The Tracer360 Visibility vest is so awesome! A little pricey but I got mine on Prime Day last year which helped. I need to get my dog one as well.


No problem! I hope they work out well for you!


Totally run with a headlamp. It is super attractive. ;) I live in the middle of nowhere, so traffic isnt an issue…more concerned with our animal friends. Bears are waking up … I enjoyed their sleeping months ;)

Awaiting an appointment to rule out a Navicular stress fracture on Friday….banished to the bike trainer. Perfect timing since it is now Spring and gorgeous! (Maybe still below freezing in the mornings…but we saw 56 today!!!


I LOVE headlamps… they do the job so well!

I am SO so sorry about what is going on with your injury. Please keep me updated with what is said on Friday. Glad you had some nicer temps today:)


I was running with clip-on LED shoe lights and an LED neon blinking light bracelet but it was taking me a few extra minutes to attach that gear on winter clothes. I was afraid to run with a vest because I thought it would be annoying or add extra bulk to my summer running gear. I found the Glowseen LED Reflective Safety Vest-USB Rechargeable on Amazon last week and it is working out great! I don’t even notice it and it is rechargeable, which is a big deal. I feel very seen in the AM darkness. I do need to get over my fear of ‘looking silly’ and when people make fun of me I need to ignore them.


Okay, that is AWESOME!! So glad that you found that… I love that it is rechargeable too! I’m going to have to look into that. I know what you mean about worrying about looking silly but I just think with these things… at least you are SEEN:) That’s the important thing! Enjoy your night Dawn and thanks for your comment!


I love the bright pink top you’re wearing in a couple of the pics. Do you know where it’s from? Thanks!


HEY KATE!!! I bought it at Gap Fit about 2.5 years ago! I am obsessed with it and bought it in three colors. They have awesome activewear. I hope you are having a wonderful evening!


That burrito bowl looks delicious. Knox is such a cool cat with his double hat and shark tooth necklace (dinosaur tooth? what is that!? haha)


HAHAH he told me it was a fossil that he dug up in his backyard at his mom’s house;) Not really sure what that necklace is but he loves it. I hope you are having an amazing and adventurous (of course you are) day Krista!


wait thats awesome hahaha the curiosity and excitement in kids is so fun


I don’t like running at night. Stuck to the treadmill tonight and got in a quick 3 miles before killing a huge plate of Chinese food. Now I don’t plan on moving for the rest of the night.


I feel like that is the best kind of night… run–> chinese food—> couch. Sounds great to me! Keep enjoying Michelle!


Hi! I ordered those sneaks! What jeans are you wearing in that pic? You are super cute, Janae!


My sentence of the day: pets on yoga mats = the cutest ever!

I typically avoid running in the dark but when I do I use a head lamp with a flashing red light on the bag + tons of reflective gear


How do I find old blogs without scrolling through all of them? I remember one recently about how YAsso 800s aren’t the best way to measure marathon fitness and there were other measures. If I remember the topic can I just do a search for it on your website?


I use the Night Runner shoe lights when I run. They are amazing!!! Absolutely incredible. I’ve even had a police officer stop me and tell me how visible I am when I wear them. One of the best features is the little red light that shoes from behind. Evidently it’s highly visible to cars. On really dark mornings, you create a little disco party for you and your running buddies! You will love them!


I run with a super stylish head lamp over a neon cap, and a reflective jacket with the amphipod reflective
vest overtop. I LOVE it b/c it is reflective and also has blinking LED lights in the front and back. oh..and it’s pink!
I also have the shoe clip lights that I just got. I don’t really think there is much more I
can do to be seen!

Sentence of the day…
Almost there!
Spring break starts for my son this afternoon. I am SO ready for it! A week of not packing lunches! WAHOO!
And a break from homework!


I haven’t ran in the dark in a while, but when I do, i have a few options that I usually include… I have the New Balance glow in the dark jacket that also has reflective designs all over the jacket. I’ll also wear a headlight or use my phone light. When I see cars come, I make sure to flash my light or move it around to catch their attention. I also have the brooks gloves (the one that also has a mitten cover) and it has a little led light which is also helpful. If it’s summer or winter and I need more layers than the new balance jacket (it’s more of a spring/fall jacket), I also have a reflective vest that I can put over whatever i’m wearing. You could say i’m a little cautious! haha When I run with my dog (which I usually do) she wears a led collar so that she is also seen. So many people I see out walking their dog or going for a run at night and they are usually wearing all black (or dark colors) and it’s scary when I’m driving bc I can barely see them! Some of our streets in my area don’t have sidewalks or the sidewalks are right next to the road (as opposed to having some lawn space in between).


Love dogs on yoga mats! ☺️

Do you like your rug? I think it’s the same one I just ordered from Target…

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