15 Things from Runner’s Paradise!!!

1.  Day #1 (of 2) was a success at my coaching training!  My brain is fried from absorbing so much in the 9 hour session we had yesterday but it really was a runner’s paradise… learning and talking running all day long.  I’ve been running for more than half my life and it’s amazing how much I am learning and still have to learn!  If you have been wanting to do this certification, I highly recommend it so far (I’m going through RRCA).  I just can’t wait to practice what I learn… It reminded me of when I was going to college to learn how to be a teacher and I just couldn’t wait to do my student teaching and get out there and practice everything I was learning.

2.  The day started off at the hotel gym at 6:15 to get in a nice 5 mile run.  The hotel gym had the heater on but I’m sure that helped me to acclimate to the summer running up ahead:)

IMG 3537 2

3.  Brooke is so amused by hotels.  She explores the room as much as possible and was very excited about finding her twin;)

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4.  Class started at 8 (and because I am obsessed with being early to this kind of thing, we left in plenty of time) and these two dropped me off.

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5.  Rather than give you a review of everything I learned (it would take me approximately 50 pages…), I’ll share it over the months in different posts.  I have a strong feeling this book will be my go-to daily for years and years.  So much information.

IMG 3551

6.  The course went from 8-5 with a lunch break and a few five minute breaks throughout the day.  Next a few fun pictures of what Andrew and Brooke were up to.

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7.  It was raining in Boise for most of the day so they went to the Discovery Center.  Brooke really loved it!

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8.  They also made it to chick-fil-a and all of the bike shops:)

IMG 3927

9.  Before we knew it, it was 5 o’clock so they picked me up to go eat!

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10.  When we go somewhere new, we take our food choices very seriously.  Very seriously.  A few people recommended Bittercreek so we went there.  Andrew and I split the sausage pizza and cobb salad (minus the egg because Andrew can’t stand hard-boiled eggs).

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11.  Brooke was amazed by the kid’s box of activities that they brought to the table.  Such a good idea.

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12.  We take our food recommendations seriously but our dessert recommendations are even MORE serious.  A few of you told me to go to Cinnaholics.  I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that recommendation.

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13.  Brooke and I split this cinnamon roll that had streusel, cookie dough and strawberries.  So different than anything I have tried before and SO so so good!

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14.  We walked around The Village for a bit (I wish I had more time to explore Boise!!!)…

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15.  And then while we were outside it started hailing like crazy so we sprinted to the car.  It came out of nowhere!!!

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We got back to the hotel and hung out for a bit and then I got to work on my homework.  I wrote my first 12 week marathon training plan (a very rough draft) for a case study to bring to class!  It was seriously so much fun.  Gotta love when you find the stuff you really love doing!


Last ‘new to you’ place that you visited?

Would you rather have a cinnamon roll or a donut or a fresh baked cookie or a brownie (with or without nuts)?

Tell me about your weekend running!  Who is in taper mode right now?

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Can’t remember the last new to me place….probably means I need some adventure! Brownie, fresh, no nuts, though a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven is a close second.
No running for me right now as I am healing a stress fracture, :( Never had one before and I am determined never have one again so I am following doctor’s orders to the letter. But boy it seems like everyone is running now.
Enjoyed Andrew’s guest post and love Brooke’s little faces in all the photos.


fresh baked cookies are my favorite. I haven’t been anywhere too new to me but I was in Chicago last month for a quick weekend, I hadn’t been there in almost 20 years!


New to me place: Fat Matt’s BBQ in Atlanta – yesterday. So good.
Cinnamon Roll that tastes as good as it smells – I feel like they never taste as good as they should, but always smell outta this world.
Running – not running currently, haven’t since baby was 6 weeks old. Started running then and it causes trouble with nursing (milk blisters!) so I stopped. Kid is now 13 months and I haven’t MOVED much. In a funk of a workout and it’s neverending. Need to refresh/recharge/restart


He can’t stand hard boiled eggs?! WHAT. They are the best. I have them everyday. Last new to me place I visited was tiburon in Marin county. FRESH baked cookie, underdone and no nuts, but chocolate chips FOR SURE.


The last new to me place I visited was Venice, Italy last year around this time. Italy is so gorgeous and so rich in culture (and has good food,haha). I definitely hope to go back sometime!

Congrats on a great day 1 of coaching classes!!!!


I have been watching like a hawk for one of these courses to come close enough to me so that I can sign up! I am tapering for Boston :) Where is your cute jacket from?


I have a deep love of baked goods so it’s hard to choose! I really love cinnamon rolls with loads of frosting. (Once I was given the most beautiful cinnamon roll & took a huge bite & it was filled with RAISINS! Blech! ? It was traumatic.) I also love underbaked cookies & brownies with frosting!
That course sounds awesome!


Is the coaching course super intense because it’s short? I can’t imagine.

I’m the same way and love to try new things. I do like to explore new places. Im not sure the last “new” place I went but I visited my parents last month. I don’t like hard boiled eggs too.


Do you have sticky buns out west? I’d prefer a sticky bun with raisins and no nuts.


Crazy but I think the last new-to-me place I visited is Lucerne, Switzerland, which just means I haven’t gotten out much since last year. Brownie, for sure. No nuts. 7 miles this morning. That cinnamon roll looks crazy good!


I think i would have to go with the cookie.
I biked 10 miles yesterday and will be doing the same today. No running until my foot is better.

weather can be so unpredictable. Hail is really wild.


I’m so glad your training is going so well! I always love any type of school / training… Probably why I became a teacher :)


Last new to me place was Ireland and then certain parts of England (I had already been to London but Bath and Greenwich were new). I’m going to Boise for a race next month so I’ll have to try Cinnaholics!!
I would say brownie (without nuts. Yuck. Nuts do not belong in desserts) followed super closely by an amazing cinnamon roll.
I had the best run yesterday! The weather was great, I ran faster than I have in quite a while and it all just felt so good. Now I’m sore and that makes it even better.


Oh no hail is the worst! I went to Nauta (a tiny city in the amazon) last weekend! I choose cinnamon roll! My mom makes the absolute best homemade cinnamon rolls.


The last new to me place I went was Victoria in July. It’s on the west coast of Canada and so incredibly beautiful!


Last summer we visited a few new places. We like randomly finding new towns or things to do. Boise looks pretty, I have not been to Idaho.

My husband also dislikes hard boiled eggs, my love of them puzzles him. He especially dislikes my version of egg salad, I use avocada instead o mayo. (I despise mayo)

I prefer freshly baked cookies or gooey warm brownies.


so glad you’re loving the class!

i’d rather have a warm, soft chocolate chip cookie.

weekend run= 9 miles at 7:12 pace yesterday! it felt good and my achilles magically has seemed to heal itself!


Not sure the last new to me place. This weekend is normal running for me……….i have a half on June 3, so I had a few weeks after my March 5 half to run easy, but training is picking back up. Got a 10 miler and an 8 miler this week!

And you ask the hard questions in life! I can’t choose! It depends on the circumstances…………if the cinnamon roll is a fresh baked one (not the kind from a can at the grocery store) then maybe it, but if the donut is krispy kreme or a chocolate cake donut………..or if the fresh baked cookie is chocolate chip………………or if the brownie is undercooked and fudgy and has no nuts and is topped with vanilla bean ice cream……………………ok, brownie it is! Dang you made me want one now!


Cookies!!!!!! Followed by a scone (I snuck that in) then cinnamon roll NO RAISINS. Don’t freak out but a donut would be last. I”m only starting to like donuts because A) my kids like them B) They do go good with coffee on a road trip C)I’m “adventurous”

Feel free to “practice” coaching on us anytime! hehe.

Ran my usual loop yesterday and today was a 50mile bike ride with the boyfriend. My running legs have been acting up sore lately so I’m working on mixing things up a bit.

Have a great Sunday!


Before noon, cinnamon roll. After noon, cookie.


Your class sounds like so much fun! My weekend run included a half marathon that started and finished right outside of my apartment. Can’t get much easier than that! The course is super hilly, and I wasn’t able to train properly due to an injury, but was able to make it to the starting line healthy and ran based on how I felt. I may be in a body cast tomorrow, but am super proud of myself for finishing, and way faster than I anticipated. :) Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your class!


First we need to address Andrew not liking hard boiled eggs because that is a travesty. Also I’m sick or something is wrong with my body so I took the whole weekend off but I had a solid week of exercising so it’s okay. And the cinnamon roll is always a great choice but also so are the rest so maybe just a giant dessert with all of them included is my choice.


I think it’s so great that you are doing this training. Really awesome to read about you doing something that is such a perfect fit for you :) And very inspiring for others to really get out there and do what they love! Your blog is wonderful!


IF you have time you you must go to fanci freez and get a Boston shake (it’s a milkshake on the bottom and a sundae on top). It’s so good!!!


My weekend run was 8 solo miles (because all of my running buds were out of town). This was kind of a big deal for me because I have never run this far alone. Because I was alone and running on the road, I didn’t listen to any music; so also the longest run with no music :) It was therapeutic and it was the perfect weather; overcast and 45 degrees!! I live in NC, so the humidity has not set in yet – ha. It was fun in the fact that I went online and mapped out my run straight from my house for the 8 miles. That’s something I have never done before. So, Saturday was a day of firsts and it gave me the confidence to do more longer solo miles when necessary.
I love hearing about this coaching class you are taking and am SO looking forward to your future posts about what you are learning and how you are applying the concepts. You and Megan (Muncher Cruncher) have always posted workouts exactly when I need them, so I am excited for future workouts :)


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