Friday Favorites!

7 miles @ 8:33 average + 10-minute upper body strength.  It was HOT for my run and so I am counting this as heat acclimation training.   I need to be doing this often because my next race is always a hot one!

We picked Brooke up from her family reunion and it felt so so good to squeeze here again.  We stayed and chatted with her extended family for a bit which was so great before setting out for a hike.

The two littles did not enjoy the hike after the first 21 minutes so we rushed back to the car to get in some air conditioning.

Roc Taco for the win.

Andrew and my brother went and played pickleball in 96° weather?!  Crazies.

We hung out at my brother’s house and Beck got in his nap.

My brother’s neighbor’s do the best thing ever–> they give out free lemonade every Thursday.  It brings the whole neighboorhood over to socialize and I want to copy this idea at home.

Let’s go over some of my favorite things from this week:

*Matt Wilpers talked about something during his Peloton ride that I loved… “Where are your eyes?”  As you are moving forward on your run, pay attention to where your eyes are looking and how that influences your mind/speed/form.  Are you looking down at the ground and hunched over a bit or do you have good posture while looking up ahead?  Where your eyes are looking will help determine how your run is going to go!

*The best chips you will ever eat in your entire life.  They are from TJ’s and I also need a full bag of the dill pickle chips.  Thank you, Jess, for introducing these into my life.

*The best face mask you will ever use in your life.  I don’t know very much about skincare (Courtney does and she is who recommended them) but never has my face felt as soft as it does after I use these masks.

*Need a big oversized shirt to go with some biker shorts?  These are my goto and I have them in a bunch of colors.

*Skye votes that the I Am Lil puzzles are the best and coming from the current puzzle master, that means a lot.

Have any favorites from this week?  

I need to know your #1 chip.  I also need to know any other TJ’s finds I must try.

Do you enjoy puzzles?  What size is your favorite?

Does your neighborhood/area do anything fun?

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Those puzzles look amazing. My daughter loves animals. What size do you wear in the Lulu tee’s? I’m wondering if I should size down where they are oversized.
Thanks for sharing! Always love your Friday favorites


For sure! I get them in size 6 which is what I wear in all of my tops from Lulu! Let me know what you think and have the best day, Jane!


I love those chips from TJ’s but my favorite are probably All Dressed (which is very hard to find in the states!!). If you like the pickle chips in that variety you would love Utz’s Fried Dill Pickle Chips. They’re amazing!!

The neighborhood that we just moved to is very social! I just joined a knitting club and a monthly bunco game. They also have weekly bonfires at different people’s houses and apparently go super over the top for Halloween! We also have a neighborhood swim club for the kids and at all of their meets they have food trucks and everyone goes to cheer them on!

Have a great weekend!


I MUST FIND THOSE CHIPS. I salivated just reading about them. Your neighborhood sounds like one big party. I love that so much! Thanks Gretchen, you too!


Re: TJs and non dairy ice cream, look for their novelty things like hold the cone (like drumsticks) bon bons, and ice cream sandwiches. I’ve recently cut out dairy and all of their nondairy ice cream is so good! The pints are good too but my husband doesn’t get into those, just the bon bons :)


Thank you for this tip, I’ve seen them and wanted to try them but didn’t know if they were good. I’ll be trying them, thank you! Have a great weekend, Kim!


Those puzzles look awesome!
How do they play pickle ball in that heat?!
What a cute idea to give out Lemonade! We live in the middle of a field so we have no neighbors. This is one big downside of living in the country, no neighbors. I am horrible at entertaining (it gives me anxiety). We recently got our driveway poured with concrete and I am designing a patio. It is my goal to have friends/family over at least twice this summer for s’mores around the fire…ease my way into entertaining;-).

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


I do not understand, I can barely walk to the car in that heat! I want to come be your neighbor, living in the country sounds amazing. So excited that the concrete was poured and I want to see a pic of what you do with the patio, so exciting and you are going to do great with your entertaining! Thanks Becky, you too!


I wish we lived closer so we could run off to St. George too! We love it there but haven’t spent significant time there since 2019 when my husband raced the Ironman there. Hopefully we will be back soon because we also need to see Zion and Bryce!

We aren’t huge puzzle fans, but love board games. I just got the kids Battle Ship (non computerized) because it helps them with graphing and coordinates.

My favorite from this week is that it’s our 16th anniversary today! I can’t believe it’s been so long LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Seriously so incredible that your husband did the Ironman here, SUCH a hard course. I think you guys need to come back and visit next time we are here:) I bet our kids would all love each other and Bryce and Zion are just the best. So smart to get battleships, I am copying you with that! HAPPY SIXTEEN YEARS. That is so exciting, go celebrate! Thanks Beth, you too!


Zapp’s Voodoo chips! Janae, you would love them!!


GRABBING THOSE ASAP, looking at the bag I fell like my kids will love them too:) Have a great Friday, Meghan!


Good morning, Janae! Again…Beck’s HAIR <3 <3 <3
I'm not sure I have ever met a chip I didn't like (they are truly dangerous!!), but we stumbled on Wise brand onion & garlic flavor. Holy YUM!!! Another thing to try from TJs are the almond butter covered almonds. They are crazy good and, apparently, TJs is introducing cashew butter covered cashews this summer :o)
Those animal puzzles are great! I don't have patience for jigsaw puzzles, but my fiance finds them relaxing. He likes 1000 piece puzzles and I keep offering to get him one that I saw once – it's a circle and all one color. He hasn't taken me up on it LOL!
We live in a very rural area, so we don't have neighborhoods like you do. However, our very small town does do some nice things a few times a year. The Christmas parade is quite good (they give everyone free hot chocolate) and this weekend, there is a strawberry festival. Happy Friday, Janae!


I cannot thank you enough for the recommendations, I cannot wait to try them both. I don’t think I have ever tried cashew butter so I’m excited for those too! A circle and one color.. that makes my brain hurt just thinking about it haha. Let me know if he ever agrees to try it. The Christmas parade and strawberry festival sounds so great! Thanks Janine, you too!


I recommend ravensburger puzzles. My boys have loved puzzles since tbey were little. They can do better than I can with puzzles. Those you have look hard because they aren’t rectangle shaped.


I’ll have to check those out! Thank you so much! I think that is what Skye has loved about them… they are the shape of the animals. Hope your Friday is off to a great start!


Oh those chips look interesting! I’ll have to pick them up on my next TJ run. Unless it’s chips and salsa, I’m not a always a huge chip person but my favorite chip-like snack from Trader Joe’s are their honey wheat pretzel sticks dipped into their pub cheese (from the refrigerated dip section).

Oh wow, those puzzles are cool! I’m more of a word puzzle person than a try to match the pieces though.


The Mudpuppy puzzles. 500 piece are a family favorite.


Aldi’s also carries dill pickle chips :)


I like this post a lot. Thanks.

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