(Run-On) Sentence Per Picture (with a 1/2 Marathon Interval Workout for You)!

Turns out that speed work outside isn’t really a thing when Utah gets dumped on with snow—>  and it is supposed to snow tonight even MORE!

Took my workout to the treadmill to get in some speed (half-marathon pace for me on this workout averaged to be 6:51) and I wore my Hyperion shoes for the intervals (gotta love light and fast shoes for speed) and this workout was tough/fun/hard/awesome (the many emotions that come during a run) for me and adjust the number of intervals etc to your fitness levels:

Screen Shot 2017 01 03 at 2 45 45 PM

Carefully testing out the new snow, she is a very cautious little thing!

IMG 5947

Beautiful winter wonderland everywhere you look… just trying to avoid being out in it;)

IMG 5949

Brooke had quite the orange lunch.

IMG 5957

I had a great lunch too…  zucchini/squash/eggs and bagel/blueberries/banana.

IMG 5959

Laughing over a video with a chicken wearing pants and shortly after Brooke tried to dress up Beretta.

IMG 5962

If Brooke finds something pink, it makes her life!

IMG 5966

Just a little flashback… how has she grown up so fast and I love my hair horns after a run.


Okay, just one more flashback of mini Brooke.


I came downstairs to this scene of Andrew doing school and Brooke’s arm wrapped around his.

IMG 5967

Hungry again, so I ate goldfish with Brooke.

IMG 5971

Andrew’s first pair of scrubs… he will be in the hospital two days this week!!

IMG 5939

I came across a chart that I made a few years ago in case you need it:)

Exalt LightGreen Background 758x1170


3-5 words that perfectly describe your day so far?

What shoes do you wear for speed work?

Favorite bagel and favorite bagel toppings?

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HOLY MOLY what an intense half marathon workout. It looks good though. For some reason running workouts at my half marathon pace overwhelms and intimidates me. I feel like it is because it’s normally much longer intervals versus 400s or something like that. I’ve been doing workouts in the Launch or the Ghost lately. I should use my racing shoes but I haven’t been. I love the extra cushion.


Well, your half marathon pace is a tad (I mean, a lot) bit faster than mine ha! Oh how I love the Launch… I’m hooked. Hope you are having an awesome day Hollie!!!


There’s a year round indoor farmer’s market near me that has a vendor who makes Montreal style bagels that are absolutely amazing! I was talking to the lady who works there once and she said they start making dough at 1 am and the first bagels come out of the oven at 4 am. My favorite bagel combination is poppy seed bagels with cream cheese. So delicious!


1 a.m…. that is incredible. Those sound amazing! So I might have to come to your indoor farmer’s market next week. K thanks;)


Jealous, I love Montreal style bagels which is not something you see in NYC.


First run of 2017 today! I have never switched up shoes for speed work. Should I? I love bagels…food for my soul! My favorite is a tie between an Everything bagel or Jalapeno Cheddar. I typically will do Jalapeno cream cheese or Eggs, Bacon and Avocado!


AHHHH yay for your first run in 2017.. I hope it was great! And now I want your bagel favorites now. So I do switch up my shoes for speed work once in a while. I don’t do it every time. I kind of want my body to get used to lighter shoes for race day so I use them every now and then but using the same shoe for everything also works well! I needed the lighter shoes to help me run faster today ha:) I hope you are doing well Tabaitha! xoxox


Toasted sesame bagel with vegetable cream cheese!!


I would love that combination right about now. Have an awesome night Sally!


Lazy describes my day so far! lol

I’m wearing the Brooks Pure Cadence 4 shoes for speed! Hated the 5’s…and this is my last pair of 4’s so I can’t wait for the 6’s to come out!


Ohmygosh little Brooke!!!! So adorable! Still is…

That snow!!! We’ve had rain for two days straight. Not quite as pretty.

And ah yes….scrubs….they are actually so comfy. I spent many years in them (and ps….don’t throw them out when he’s finished with them…they make for AMAZING pre-race throw away clothes!)

Three words: hot yoga, laundry, hot soup

So, we already discussed the raspberry/pb bagel thing….but either an everything or sesame seed bagel…toasted…topped with hummus and grape tomatoes, salt & pepper…
Or topped with feta, tomatoes, s & p.


Three words: work, work, work.

And we’re about to get a TON of snow here in Denver too. I think I will be signing up for a gym this week so I can get my runs in. I’m sure I’ll be the ONLY person in the world doing that, too ;)

I am SUPER excited to try that half marathon workout. Will have to figure out a time to work it into my plan before my next half in February (hopefully I’ll get some fitness back soon).

For my speed work right now I’m in the New Balance 1500v1. I usually need some stability, so they’re good for me. But I still can’t wear them for longer than 7 miles without some lower leg pain.

Also I’m a BIG fan of everything bagel with chive and onion cream cheese….but those are only for days I won’t see/stand close to another soul all day. Otherwise I’m a dull sesame girl with plain cream cheese!


I never thought to wear different shoes for different workouts/runs. There’s an idea! I’ve just recently set some new race goals (inspired by your recent post on how to be a faster runner!), and definitely considering getting some different shoes to change things up :)


I would love to more about your grocery shopping and your budget for family of 4. I’m working on my own


My day – sad vacation is over! But – it was great while it lasted!

My favorite bagel is asiago cheese – warmed and cream cheese on the side for dipping.

I love Saucony Zealot and Brooks Glycerine. I don’t really have a race shoe but am trying to do more shoe rotation. Thank you for sharing your marathon pace chart. I got into Chicago (super excited!!) so I’m going to make a goal to shoot for based on it!


Five (artistic/metaphorical and unfortunately literal) words to describe my day:

I put a fire out.


Ahhh, bagels are one of my favorite foods! So carby, so delicious. Favorite bagels are blueberry with strawberry cream cheese or everything with plain cream cheese or blueberry with almond butter. Mmm. Now I’m craving bagels.
Three words to describe my day?
1. Productive
2. Sweaty (yeah for workouts!)
3. Tiring (sad baby = sad mommy!)


Wow, I’m very impressed! 11+ miles HM speed workout on a treadmill?? This must be very tough especially for concentration and willpower. But I will definitely try this workout outside in the near future. Thanks!

I love to do speed workouts in my Asics Gel-DS Racer 11, sometimes even in Adidas adizero feather – the lighter, the better (btw these are my racing shoes as well). However, Hyperion are on top of my wishlist. I tried them on a few months ago and I urgently need them!


My three words are: why cold, why? It is unseasonably cold in our neck of the woods and I woke up to 10 below. I see treadmill in my future.


I have a pair of Skora Fit that are really light, but feel great on my feet…I try to use those for speed work, but I’m not too particular about it. I also have two pairs of Brooks Ghost, so I end up running in those a lot. My favorite bagel is 9 grain with peanut butter. And sometimes I’ll cut up a banana and put that on top as well. Yum. :)


Mini Brooke was the cutest baby:)


Thanks for the workout can’t wait to try it!

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