Sentence Per Picture!!!!

Day #2 of strength training with my sister—>  back and chest and due to the fact that I was sore from the day before, that was hard.

And then we ran together side by side on treadmills for a few miles.

IMG 5603

Waffles are a big thing over here right now and Brooke is also pretending to be Beretta below:

IMG 5586

Costco Maple Syrup on top…

IMG 5588

Her current favorite facial expression to make.

IMG 5572


IMG 5608

I always get really excited to see how the kids fall asleep each night and how many toys are surrounding them (they slept in our room last night because we had company staying in their rooms).

IMG 5582

She looks at that doll the same way I did as a little girl (we got all of my old dolls for Brooke to play with).

IMG 5512

Knox got a haircut!!

IMG 5623

Did you see how this amazing 85 year old man broke 4 hours in the marathon?  WOW!!!


It’s almost our 6 month anniversary and I just came across this picture from before our pictures… ps my wedding shoes hadn’t arrived yet in below picture:)

IMG 0845

Afternoon snuggles!

IMG 5616

And now we are making dinner for BANGS FRIEND… she is in town and for once I am cooking for her instead of me eating all of the food in her house.

IMG 5620

Fish tacos and chocolate goodness for dessert.

IMG 5622


Have a sentence of the day to share with me?

What are you making for dinner tonight?


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Waffles are always a huge thing in our house. It’s been my staple breakfast before running, races and life for so long. I know it works though.

I’m not sure what I’m making for dinner tonight. I should figure it out soon.


I hope to someday visit a diner with you and eat a waffle (that is, after a run or race or something too:)


Waffles are the best! I don’t have a waffle iron (I really need to buy one), so I like to get waffles when I go out for breakfast.

I think we’re ordering dinner tonight. I’m not sure what though.


YES, get a waffle iron… so so easy!

Hope you had a wonderful night Fiona and a great day tomorrow!


We had steak and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

So, are you sprinkling the chocolate chips on the ice cream or do you have something more exciting planned?

Knox is quite the handsome dude!


We made chocolate chip cookies for dessert with the ice cream:) Thank you, I sure think he is too! Sounds like a perfect dinner!


Currently waiting at the pizzeria for my pie to be done. We will be scarfing down pizza before going to the movies. A divide and conquer nite. Oldest with her dad for Star Wars and youngest with me for Sing. :)


Oh I bet that pizza was AMAZING!! Sounds like the perfect night and I hope you enjoyed Sing (I would love to hear what you thought of it if you get a second:)!!! Thanks Sally!


Just got back. It was really good! So cute and funny. Plus there was a trailer for another despicable me movie. I love minions!! :)


We have been riding the leftovers train. I had grilled chicken, gluten free pasta with vodka sauce, and broccoli.

I can’t wait for vacation!


Leftovers are the best… NO WORK:) That sounds like a delicious meal! Enjoy every second of vacation Nina! You deserve it!!!


Burgers and couscous salad for dinner.

Your wedding dress was perfect.


Oh thank you Lew! I sure loved it:) Your dinner sounds delicious!


love breyer’s blasts flavors!


Just got a new belgian waffle maker for christmas- can not wait to put that bad boy to use ;)

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