Just a quick hello from us this Tuesday afternoon.

The usual morning cuddling:

Andrew and I hit up the treadmills at the gym so that we could run at the same time (indoors;).  I got in 8 miles @ an 8:06 pace and watched a few shows that I downloaded on Netflix (isn’t that amazing that you can do that now… I’m very happy with that addition and so are the kids for our upcoming road trips).

IMG 3485

We also got in 17 minutes of weights.  That is an achievement for me.  Six of those minutes were spent planking—> rotating between 1.5 minutes on my elbows in a normal plank and then 1.5 minutes of side planks (45 seconds on each side) X 2.

IMG 3488

PS I’ve been attempting to braid my hair for my treadmill runs so that it doesn’t get so snarly.  Mission accomplished.

IMG 3486

Lunch was actual perfection.  A turkey burger (we buy ours frozen at Costco) salad with avocado and sweet potato fries on the side.  Yes, my skin has a nice orange tint due to the high volume of sweet potatoes that I eat each day.  I can’t stop.

IMG 3501

We just got a new bottle of my favorite dressing which was perfect for my salad.

IMG 3503

My afternoon snack involved this goodness.

IMG 3338

Brooke is very excited about how independent she is these days.  She insists on getting herself dressed without my help now.  She figured out zippers which she has been practicing all day.

IMG 3500

She is also into styling people’s hair and she gave Andrew a fantastic new style today.

IMG 3507

Anytime I am doing something on the ground she finds a way to climb up to my shoulders in .02 seconds.

IMG 3509

The two of us were busy working on wrapping presents.

IMG 3513

And Andrew fixed his car… 30 degrees is perfect weather for that;)

IMG 3514

Beretta is off to spend a few days with Andrew’s brother while we are out of town.  We miss her already.

IMG 3520

That’s all I have for you today!  Thank you for your comments on this morning’s post and Andrew is working on a post about running with hypertension which will go up next week!  I’ve got a gift guide for you tomorrow and my sister will share her hair tips on Thursday!  ENJOY!!!

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Sweet potato is really a great and versatile food. I can make it more savory or sweet depending on where it falls in my menu. I used to do Weight Watchers back in the day and sweet potatoes were my dessert many nights.


Maybe that is why I love them so much… because they are dessert-like hahah! Hope you are having an amazing night Sally!


Sweet potato consumption seems to double as it gets cooler in our house as well :) happy Tuesday


I completely agree!!! Happy Tuesday to you too Karlie!


My hair is wavy/curly and if I run with it in a pony tail it gets snarled up then tends to break when I untangle it. I now run with my hair in a bun, no more tangles or broken hair.


I could eat sweet potatoes every day, multiple times a day. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. ;)


Wow it looks so cold!!! My friend told me it’s so freezing cold where she lives in Montana that the water bottle froze while she went inside to the school to drop off the kid!
I cannot imagine running outside or even walking in that kind of cold.
I bet the kids are super excited about going to see Mickey and Minnie!!

Sweet potatoes- yum!!! We love the purple ones :) so yummy!


Oh my gosh. I always try to braid my hair so it doesn’t turn into a massive disaster but it still manages to turn into a crazy mess


sometimes I wonder why I’m not orange from sweet potatoes, too.

So those little frosted gingerbread cookies….I’m so jealous. I may have to have my mom ship me a container of them. The frosted circus animal cookies don’t quite cut it.

Happy Wednesday (it’s wednesday here) and hope your Tuesday went well!!!!


I love running on the treadmill beside my boyfriend as well. He is so much speedier than me and I like being able to keep up, at least indoors. ;)


i eat sweet potatoes all week long too- so satisfying! and gingerbread cookies are my favorite.. now i’m hungry haha


I’ve been loving sweet potatoes this year! In NC we can get them grown locally — and they are so good!

I’ll pull up to a roadside vendor that’s right outside a farm – (think “back of pick up truck”) – and grab a bagful for just a few bucks! Even at the local stores sweet potatoes run for about 30 cents a pound — can’t beat that!


The braid is totally the way to go! I have to do that in the summer humidity to keep my ponytail from turning into a rat’s nest.


I always braid my hair for running. It just gets so tangled up otherwise!


I never braid my hair for running but it doesn’t usually get messed up when I run. I think that’s because I don’t wash it much and the large quantities of dry shampoo keep it in place. I do end up with enough hair for a toupee in my shower drain when I wash it. Sometimes I woder how I’m not bald.
I’m trying to get into sweet potatoes. I can only eat them every once on a while. I’m working on it.
I love gingerbread cookies. We are making them sunday. They are delicious with a bit of cream cheese icing.


I really like your blog, keep bloging like this.

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