Silentish Saturday!

Seven easy paced miles for me (8:45 pace) the day after a speed workout sounded just perfect.

My first time trying cauliflower rice (we added coconut oil to ours) and it was delicious!  Topped with ground turkey with that sauce in the pic:)

IMG 1209

The kids wanted to do ‘science and potions’ so we made lava lamps.


Said our goodbyes to Knox for the weekend.

IMG 1223

Park day with a hunt for leaves.

IMG 1227

We glued above mentioned leaves to the paper in my attempt to be crafty with Brooke;)

IMG 1234

We went to visit Mer.

IMG 1243

IMG 1247

And then Andrew and I went on our weekly date and met Megan D (one of my favorite humans ever) and her husband for dinner.

IMG 1251

Andrew and I got three meals and then split them (from Around Eatery).

IMG 1253

IMG 1252

Of course:

IMG 1254


What is your Saturday going to consist of?

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So far, I’m planning a run, a soccer game, and a family get together! Hope your Saturday is great Janae!


Spinning, writing and possibly our last bbq diner this year! have a great day!


I’m going make 3 possibly 4 of my kids ride their bikes/be in the stroller and go for a “run” (there are serious portions of run mixed with pleading to keep going). Then I’m heading over to my sister’s house to help her clean up. And just for me I’m making leftover Halloween candy cookies.


Headed out for a long walk. Not cleared to run yet. Your kiddos doing science experiment almost made me cry. My kiddos are teens now. But I had a spot in my kitchen that contained a large towel, bowls, measuring cups, medicine droppers, food coloring…just random stuff. The kids would do science experiments often. Enjoy the messes!


It’s soooo nice out, but unfortunately we have got to get some much needed chores done inside. But we’ll take breaks out there. Later I’m getting together with my fitness group for a Wallyball game, which I have never played but looks a little scary! They told me I needed no skills to play, which is my kind of sport. Let’s hope they are not lying to me !! But it’s all worth it for pizza afterwards, one of my favorite food groups. Pizza is at the top of my food pyramid.


Workout, dinner with family, and hopefully early to bed! My four year old got up at 5 this morning. I need a nap that I won’t get……gonna mainline caffeine.


That salad you ordered looks delicious. Can’t go wrong with feta cheese!

Today I’ll be doing homework and then I might be getting together with my boyfriend tonight.


Looks like a great weekend! I just knocked out my last long run before my marathon next weekend (Richmond Marathon), and am going to run errands and do some organizing around the house with all my excess crazy taper energy! Tomorrow I’m meeting a girlfriend for lunch and foot massages!

Fall has FINALLY arrived in Atlanta. It’s been in the 60s every morning and it was around 51 this morning. Got me so excited for race day!!


“Adventure” run on the trails south of my house. After the three river crossings (shin deep), we decided to try new routes that would be more “fun” and probably drop the distance. They were more fun but added more hills and an extra 1.5 miles (9 miles total)! We would totally do it again, even in the snow, but may route around the river crossings until spring…that was a bit cold at 6000 feet altitude in November!


Costco, trader joes, lawn mowing and maybe a nap. Have a great day!


I just came back from runing. I experimented with a new route today and ended up getting lost and running one more mile than planned, but it was totally worth it lol.


It sounds like a perfect day. Around Eatery looks good. I’ve been craving a fresh salad lately. I’ve just been working today all day…fun. LOL


Our friends came into town from Chicago this weekend, so we worked out with them this morning (leg day + swimming). Now I’m on campus trying to get a few things done, but this evening we’re going over to our friends’ parents’ house for chili and a bonfire. I’m so excited! :)


Janae you look so cute in your date pic!!!! You always look cute but you and your hubs just look so relaxed and happy! Did 11 miles this morning, snuggled baby while he napped, and now to clean the house before going through my to do list! I am planning on a park date for baby and I (well toddler) since dad has to work today until 8pm!


Try this Chicken “Fried Rice”. It’s the best riced cauliflower I’ve ever eaten!! Better than the real stuff!!


How can you drink your hot cocoa through a straw? do you add cold milk or ice?

My weekend is for recovery! Hubby and I took two days of BootCamp class this week (Wen & Fri) and are FEELING IT today. We’re sore, but in a good way! It’s so nice to switch from hours and hours of solo running to 60 min group workouts with my favorite human :D

Since I had a meeting today, we got up early and had Cracker Barrel for breakfast (OMG their pancakes, bacon, and hashbrown casserole are the reason I’m not a size 2). Then my meeting and Panera for late lunch. After lunch, we were both so pooped that we went home for a nap! #adulting….


I hope that was the first of many many double dates together.


I love cauliflower rice!


My sister was dying to babysit on Saturday, so my fella and I got some quality time together. Is it lame that we just curled up on the couch and watched Netflix?


I went to brunch with some friends Saturday then we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather for the afternoon.


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